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  • LF
  • B/T: R/R
  • 6' 4" /240
  • Age: 38


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Matt Holliday 2018 Stats

51 .294 2 3 0 .870

Matt Holliday MLB Career Stats

7007 .299 316 1220 108 .889

Matt Holliday Bio

  • Full Name: Matthew Thomas Holliday
  • Born: 1/15/1980 in Stillwater, OK
  • Draft: 1998, Colorado Rockies, 7th rd. (210th overall)
  • High School: Stillwater, OK
  • Debut: 4/16/2004
  • Relationship(s): brother of Joshua Holliday
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2018 Stats 51 3 15 2 3 0 .294 .419 .870
MLB Career Stats 7007 1157 2096 316 1220 108 .299 .379 .889

Matt Holliday 2018 Splits

Last 7 Games 16 0 2 0 0 3 7 0 .125 .263 .125
Last 15 Games 34 1 8 1 1 7 13 0 .235 .366 .382
Last 30 Games 51 3 15 2 3 11 17 0 .294 .419 .451
Last 7 Games 16 0 2 0 0 3 7 0 .125 .263 .125
Last 15 Games 34 1 8 1 1 7 13 0 .235 .366 .382
Last 30 Games 51 3 15 2 3 11 17 0 .294 .419 .451
Last 3 Games AB R H HR RBI BB SO SB
9/19 @ LAD 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9/21 @ ARI 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
9/22 @ ARI 3 0 0 0 0 1 2 0
Last 3 Games AB R H HR RBI BB SO SB
9/19 @ LAD 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9/21 @ ARI 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
9/22 @ ARI 3 0 0 0 0 1 2 0
2018 Games by Position: 1B (1) LF (13)

Matt Holliday Statcast Averages

Year Team LG PA HIP Avg Exit Velocity (mph) Avg HR Distance (feet) Avg Launch Angle (deg)
2018 Rockies NL 62 34 91.0 420 11.5
MLB Avg - - - - 88.4 398 12.4
Year Team LG PA HIP Avg Exit Velocity (mph) Avg HR Distance (feet) Avg Launch Angle (deg)
2018 Rockies NL 62 34 91.0 420 11.5
MLB Avg - - - - 88.4 398 12.4


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Matt Holliday Stats

*Since 2006

Matt Holliday Advanced Stats

*Since 2006
*Since 2006

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Matt Holliday 2018 Projections

Rest of Season
3 12 2 4 5 1 0 1 2 1 0 3 0 0 .333 .385 .667 1.051
25 63 5 19 28 3 0 3 5 12 0 20 0 0 .302 .413 .492 .905
Rest of Season
3 12 2 4 5 1 0 1 2 1 0 3 0 0 .333 .385 .667 1.051
25 63 5 19 28 3 0 3 5 12 0 20 0 0 .302 .413 .492 .905


Matt Holliday Zone Charts

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Matt Holliday Awards

World Series Championship

Year Team League
2011 St. Louis NL

NL All-Star

Year Team League
2006 Colorado NL
2007 Colorado NL
2008 Colorado NL
2010 St. Louis NL
2011 St. Louis NL
2012 St. Louis NL
2015 St. Louis NL


Year Team League
2007 Colorado NL

NL Silver Slugger

Year Team League
2006 Colorado NL
2007 Colorado NL
2008 Colorado NL
2010 St. Louis NL

Home Run Derby Participant

Year Team League
2007 Colorado NL
2010 St. Louis NL
2011 St. Louis NL

NL Player of the Month

Month Team League
09/2007 Colorado NL

NL Player of the Week

Week Team League
07/31/2005 Colorado NL
09/24/2006 Colorado NL
07/29/2007 Colorado NL
09/16/2007 Colorado NL
04/13/2008 Colorado NL
06/21/2010 St. Louis NL
09/02/2014 St. Louis NL

Astros Darryl Kile Award

Year Team League
2010 St. Louis NL

AFL Hall of Fame Member

Year Team League
2014 Mesa AFL

Matt Holliday Leaderboards

Batting Average

Season AVG Rank
2005 .307 7th in NL
2006 .326 5th in NL
2007 .340 1st in NL
2008 .321 3rd in NL
2010 .312 5th in NL
2011 .296 17th in NL
2012 .295 15th in NL
2013 .300 12th in NL

Home Runs

Season HR Rank
2006 34 12th in NL
2007 36 4th in NL
2008 25 25th in NL
2010 28 13th in NL
2011 22 23rd in NL
2012 27 14th in NL
2013 22 19th in NL
2014 20 25th in NL

Runs Batted In

Season RBI Rank
2005 87 22nd in NL
2006 114 9th in NL
2007 137 1st in NL
2010 103 7th in NL
2012 102 7th in NL
2013 94 9th in NL
2014 90 8th in NL

Stolen Bases

Season SB Rank
2008 28 9th in NL

On-base Plus Slugging

Season OPS Rank
2005 .866 24th in NL
2006 .973 6th in NL
2007 1.012 3rd in NL
2008 .947 5th in NL
2010 .922 5th in NL
2011 .912 7th in NL
2012 .877 8th in NL
2013 .879 9th in NL
2014 .811 19th in NL

On-base Percentage

Season OBP Rank
2006 .387 14th in NL
2007 .405 7th in NL
2008 .409 4th in NL
2010 .390 6th in NL
2011 .388 6th in NL
2012 .379 8th in NL
2013 .389 10th in NL
2014 .370 9th in NL

Slugging Percentage

Season SLG Rank
2005 .505 21st in NL
2006 .586 5th in NL
2007 .607 2nd in NL
2008 .538 8th in NL
2010 .532 7th in NL
2011 .525 13th in NL
2012 .497 18th in NL
2013 .490 12th in NL

Runs Scored

Season R Rank
2006 119 5th in NL
2007 120 3rd in NL
2008 107 8th in NL
2010 95 11th in NL
2011 83 23rd in NL
2012 95 7th in NL
2013 103 3rd in NL
2014 83 15th in NL


Season BB Rank
2008 74 17th in NL
2010 69 18th in NL
2011 60 20th in NL
2012 75 5th in NL
2013 69 11th in NL
2014 74 8th in NL


Season H Rank
2006 196 5th in NL
2007 216 1st in NL
2008 173 16th in NL
2010 186 3rd in NL
2012 177 10th in NL
2013 156 24th in NL
2014 156 23rd in NL


Season 2B Rank
2006 45 9th in NL
2007 50 1st in NL
2008 38 18th in NL
2010 45 2nd in NL
2011 36 9th in NL
2012 36 14th in NL
2013 31 23rd in NL
2014 37 11th in NL


Season 3B Rank
2005 7 7th in NL
2006 5 24th in NL
2007 6 12th in NL

Games Played

Season G Rank
2006 155 23rd in NL
2007 158 13th in NL
2010 158 9th in NL
2012 157 7th in NL
2014 156 9th in NL

At Bats

Season AB Rank
2006 602 14th in NL
2007 636 9th in NL
2010 596 10th in NL
2012 599 12th in NL
2014 574 20th in NL

Plate Appearances

Season PA Rank
2006 667 21st in NL
2007 713 7th in NL
2010 675 7th in NL
2012 688 7th in NL
2014 667 7th in NL

Total Bases

Season TB Rank
2006 353 4th in NL
2007 386 1st in NL
2008 290 17th in NL
2010 317 4th in NL
2012 298 6th in NL
2013 255 19th in NL
2014 253 21st in NL


Season SO Rank
2007 126 18th in NL
2012 132 17th in NL

Hit by Pitch

Season HBP Rank
2006 15 4th in NL
2007 10 16th in NL
2008 8 21st in NL
2010 8 14th in NL
2011 8 16th in NL
2012 9 13th in NL
2013 9 14th in NL
2014 17 3rd in NL
2015 6 24th in NL
2016 8 23rd in NL

Matt Holliday Latest Transactions

Team Date Transaction
August 23, 2018 Colorado Rockies selected the contract of LF Matt Holliday from Albuquerque Isotopes.
August 3, 2018 LF Matt Holliday assigned to Albuquerque Isotopes from Grand Junction Rockies.
August 1, 2018 Grand Junction Rockies activated LF Matt Holliday.
July 29, 2018 Colorado Rockies signed free agent LF Matt Holliday to a minor league contract.
July 29, 2018 LF Matt Holliday assigned to Grand Junction Rockies.
November 2, 2017 DH Matt Holliday elected free agency.
September 1, 2017 New York Yankees activated DH Matt Holliday from the 10-day disabled list.
August 29, 2017 New York Yankees sent DH Matt Holliday on a rehab assignment to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.
August 18, 2017 New York Yankees sent LF Matt Holliday on a rehab assignment to Tampa Yankees.
August 6, 2017 New York Yankees placed DH Matt Holliday on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to August 5, 2017. Left lumbar strain.
July 14, 2017 New York Yankees activated DH Matt Holliday from the 10-day disabled list.
July 8, 2017 New York Yankees sent DH Matt Holliday on a rehab assignment to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.
June 28, 2017 New York Yankees placed DH Matt Holliday on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to June 25, 2017. Viral infection.
December 7, 2016 New York Yankees signed free agent DH Matt Holliday.
November 3, 2016 LF Matt Holliday elected free agency.
September 30, 2016 St. Louis Cardinals activated LF Matt Holliday from the 15-day disabled list.
August 13, 2016 St. Louis Cardinals placed LF Matt Holliday on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to August 12, 2016. Thumb fracture.
September 15, 2015 St. Louis Cardinals activated LF Matt Holliday from the 15-day disabled list.
July 30, 2015 St. Louis Cardinals placed LF Matt Holliday on the 15-day disabled list. right quadriceps strain
July 17, 2015 St. Louis Cardinals activated LF Matt Holliday from the 15-day disabled list.
June 9, 2015 St. Louis Cardinals placed LF Matt Holliday on the 15-day disabled list. Strained right quadriceps
July 27, 2013 St. Louis Cardinals activated LF Matt Holliday from the 15-day disabled list.
July 20, 2013 St. Louis Cardinals placed LF Matt Holliday on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to July 12, 2013. Strained right hamstring.
November 2, 2011 St. Louis Cardinals activated LF Matt Holliday.
June 16, 2011 Matt Holliday roster status changed by St. Louis Cardinals.
June 2, 2011 St. Louis Cardinals placed LF Matt Holliday on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to June 1, 2011. Left quadriceps strain.
January 8, 2010 St. Louis Cardinals signed free agent LF Matt Holliday.
November 5, 2009 LF Matt Holliday elected free agency.
July 24, 2009 Oakland Athletics traded LF Matt Holliday to St. Louis Cardinals.

Matthew Thomas Holliday Bio Info

Full name is Matthew Thomas Holliday…he and his wife, Leslee, have three sons, Jackson, Ethan and Reed, and one daughter, Gracyn. Comes from a baseball family…his grandfather, Don, signed with the Yankees, but did not appear in a game and instead fought in World War I…his father, Tom, is in the Oklahoma State Baseball Hall of Fame and is one of the school's former baseball head coaches…his brother, Josh, was named the head coach at Oklahoma State University in June 2012, following a lengthy career as an assistant coach for several top collegiate baseball programs…his uncle, Dave Holliday, currently serves as a Major League scout for the Braves after working with the Rockies since 1995. Earned All-American honors out of Stillwater High School as a senior in both football and baseball and was also named the region's Gatorade Player of the Year in both sports…was recruited out of high school to play quarterback at Oklahoma State University, but instead signed with the Rockies as a third baseman…competed for the 1997 USA Junior National Team. Was voted by his teammates as the 2010 recipient of the Darryl Kile Award, presented annually to the St. Louis Cardinals or Houston Astros player who best exemplifies Kile's traits of "a good teammate, a great friend, a fine father and a humble man"…in 2012, was named Missouri Athletic Club "Sports Personality of the Year." Teamed up with David Freese in 2012 to form "Homers for Health" to help raise money for kids at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center. Was elected into the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame in 2014 and inducted in 2016.


Leads all active Major League left fielders in hits (1,995), runs (1,104), home runs (295), RBI (1,153) and doubles (448) and ranks second in batting average (.303). Was the only Major Leaguer to record at least 20HR, 30 doubles and 75RBI each season from 2006-14…is one of just 19 players in Baseball history to have at least nine such seasons in their careers. Is one of five players in Baseball history to record at least nine consecutive seasons with at least 80R, 20HR, 30 doubles and 75RBI (which he accomplished from 2006-14), joining Albert Pujols (10), Manny Ramírez (10), Stan Musial (10) and Miguel Cabrera (nine). Is one of six players all time to post at least a .290 batting average and 400AB in each of his first 10 Major League seasons, joining Joe DiMaggio, Albert Pujols, Al Simmons, Ichiro Suzuki and Paul Waner. Has hit at least 20HR in a season 10 times in his career…has hit at least 20 doubles in a season 12 times in his career…joined Miguel Cabrera as one of two Major Leaguers to collect at least 75RBI in each of 10 straight seasons from 2005-14. Among Oklahoma-born players in Major League history, ranks fifth in home runs behind only Mickey Mantle (536), Willie Stargell (475), Joe Carter (396) and Johnny Bench (389). Since 2013, has hit .349 (148-for-424) with 33 doubles, 16HR, 202RBI, 66BB and a .442 OBP with RISP. Had 102 game-winning RBI over his eight seasons with St. Louis (2009-16), tied with Ray Lankford for second most in franchise history since the stat began being kept in 1974, trailing only Albert Pujols (204). Has appeared in 72 career postseason games, advancing to the World Series three times (2007, '11 and '13) and winning a World Series championship with the Cardinals in 2011…his 13 career home runs during the playoffs are tied for 14th-most all time…has played in the postseason in seven of the last 10 years. Has made 12 career Opening Day rosters (2005-16) with the Rockies, Athletics and Cardinals.


Voted as a starter on the National League All-Star team, his 7th career All-Star honor and 2nd time in his career to be voted a starter (2011). Did not play due to injury…Reached base safely in a National League and franchise record 45 consecutive games to begin the season (4/5-6/1), surpassing Albert Pujols who reached in 42-straight to begin 2008. Over the 2014-15 seasons, the streak was 47 games, the longest by a Cardinals since Jim Edmonds reached in 47-straight during 2004…With runners in scoring position, hit .408 (20-49) with 4 HR and 31 RBI. Leads the majors with a .379 BA (124-327) with RISP over the past three seasons…Had 6 game-winning RBI and 7 go-ahead RBI. Has 93 GW RBI for his career with the Cardinals, 3rd all-time since the stat has been tracked…Missed significant time while on the disabled list twice with a right quadriceps strain; missed 31 games from 6/9-7/16, then missed 41 games after a re-injury from 7/30-9/14. Was first injured while pursuing a ball in left field at COL (6/8). Left game on7/29 vs. CIN after re-injuring himself while running to first base…Played in just 11 games between 6/9 and 9/14 spanning his time on the D.L. (HR, 5 RBI)…Ranked 4th in the National League in on-base percentage (.419) at the time he was first injured on 6/8…His 73 games played were, by far, the fewest in his career and first time with under 100 games in a single season…Had 4 pinch-hit appearances (0-3, HBP) to end the season after coming off the D.L., and started six games…All 4 of his home runs and 22 of his 35 RBI came on the road…Tied his career high with 4 hits 4/21 at Washington, the last day of a 12 game-hitting streak (4/5-21) in which he batted .425 (17-40,7-RBI)…Collected a RBI triple on 6/7 vs. LAD in the 8th inning that tied the game at 2-2; it was his 1st triple since 2013…Had a season high 4RBI in two games, 5/12 at CLE (3R-HR) and 7/21 at CWS (grand slam, 6th career). His home run at CWS on 7/21 was also his 275th career home run, 12th among active MLB players…Had 2 doubles 9/26 vs. MIL to give him 1,900 career hits.


Led the Major Leagues with a single-season high 23 game-winning RBI and the National League with 31 go-ahead RBI (3rd MLB)...Has 87 GW-RBI for his career with the Cardinals, tied for 3rd all-time (Jim Edmonds)...Led the National League in batting average with runners in scoring position at .361 (56-155). His .374 BA w/RISP over the past two season, ranks 2nd only to Michael Brantley (.375, CLE)...Led St. Louis in RBI (90), total bases (253), OPS (.811), at-bats/HR (6.38) and 3-hit games (12)...Ranked among N.L. leaders in RBI (90, 8th), doubles (37, T11th), walks (74, 8th), runs (83, T15th) and on-base pct (.370, 9th)...Amassed a .322 on-base percentage with two strikes (10th, NL). Was 4-8 (.500, T4th) with 8 RBI when bases were loaded...Tied for 3rd in the N.L. with a single-season high 17 hit by pitch...Concluded his 9th consecutive season with 20 or more home runs, 30 or more doubles, 75 or more RBI and 80 or more runs, becoming the 5th player in MLB history to post nine consecutive seasons of those totals joining Albert Pujols (10), Manny Ramirez (10), Stan Musial (10) and Miguel Cabrera (9)...Collected 75 RBI for the 10th consecutive season, tying Miguel Cabrera as the only two players in MLB with 75 RBI in each of the last 10 seasons (2005-2014)...Led the team with 5 outfield assists and his 150 games in left were tied with Justin Upton (ATL) for the most at that position...Reached base safely in his first 30 home games, the longest streak by a Cardinals player since Solly Hemus (33 in 1953)...The streak extended back to 9/6/13 for 42 straight...After the All-Star break had a team-high 14 home runs (T4th N.L.) and 45 RBI (T4th)...Collected his 1,000th RBI on 6/16 vs. NYM. Hit his 400th double and scored his 1,000th career run 7/18 vs. LAD...Collected 23 RBI in August, T3rd most in the N.L. Picked up a season high 4 hits 8/11 at MIA...His season long hit streak was 10 games, 8/18-29 (12-40, .300, 3-2B, HR, 10-RBI)...Named National League Player of the Week (8/24-30) batting .370 with 4 HR, 13 RBI and .889 slg pct. (OPS, 1.322). Had all four game-winning RBI during the four Cardinals wins...Had one multi-home run game on 8/30 [Game 2] vs. CHI and totaled a season-high 5 RBI...Tallied three RBI in three consecutive games 8/30-9/1, becoming the first Cardinals player since Scott Rolen (8/11-13/2002) and first STL outfielder since Enos Slaughter (5/7-10/1950) to do so...Playing in his 6th career postseason, was a combined 9-37 (.243) with one double, one home run and 3 Division Series Game 1 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers went 2-2 in the team's 7th inning and collected his total RBI for the postseason (3), leading off the frame with a single and hitting a 3-run homer to cap the inning at 8 runs...In DS Game 4 he led off the Cards 7th with a single and scored on Matt Adams' 3-run HR...Went hitless in the first two games of the League Championship Series vs. San Francisco, but was 5-14 (.357) in the final three games of the series...Went 3-5 in LCS Game 4, his 5th career 3-hit postseason game, T4th-most among active players...singled in both LCS Game 3 and Game 5.


Batted .300 for a 7th season and first since 2010 with the Cardinals. Since he broke into the majors in 2004, has the 8th highest batting average at .311... Scored 100 runs in a season for the 4th time in his career, first as a Cardinal and most recent since 2008 with Colorado... Collected 75 RBI for the ninth consecutive season, tying Miguel Cabrera as the only two players in MLB with 75 RBI in each of the last nine seasons... Ranked among N.L. leaders in runs (103, T3rd), RBI (94, 9th), walks (69, 11th), on base pct (.389, 10th), slugging (.490, 12th) and game-winning RBI (15, T4th). Led MLB with 31 GIDP, establishing a Cardinals single-season record... Batted .318 in home games, 9th in the N.L. His 53 RBI at home ranked 4th in the N.L... Batted .390 with runners in scoring position (48-123), ranking 3rd in the league... Played in 141 games, starting 136 in left field. Led all National League left fielders with a .995 fielding percentage... Posted a 12-game hitting streak from 8/3-15 (.452, 19-42); had an eight game streak 4/6-15... Tied for the longest home hitting streak in the N.L. at 19 games (7/7-8/27), batting .424 (28-66) w/ 6HRs, 22 RBI during stretch... Placed on the disabled list on 7/20 (retroactive to 7/12) with right hamstring tightness and missed 10 games, coming off 7/27... Knocked in a run in seven straight 8/21-27, the team high for consecutive RBI games in 2013... Finished the season reaching safely in his last seven plate apps. and homered in his last two games. Hit his 250th career home run on 9/27 vs. Chicago... Scored in a team-high eight consecutive games to end the season (9/17-end of season)... Had 56 RBI vs. N.L. Central opponents, most in the MLB. His 12 HR vs. N.L. Central teams ranked T3rd in MLB... Scored 23 runs in June, leading all of MLB; his 2nd-highest monthly total since becoming a Cardinal (May 2012; 25)... Had 23 RBI in September, his most in 2013 and 3rd in the N.L./MLB. His 44 RBI since 8/1 ranked 3rd in MLB, 2nd in N.L... Batted .319 in July, .320 in August and .378 in September (3rd, NL). Had four game-winning RBI in August (T1st, NL) and 21 RBI in August (T2nd)... Recorded six hits during the Division Series vs. Pittsburgh, picking up two hits in three games...had double and single in Game 1 win...his 2-run home run in DS Game 4 provided the only two runs in the 2-1 win at PIT...had two hits and scored both times in Game 5...blasted 2-run HR in League Championship Series Game 4 win at Los Angeles Dodgers...had 3 hits, including two doubles, scored and picked up an RBI in Game 5...had hits in 4 of 6 World Series games vs. Boston (6-for-24)...his solo HR to deep left-center in the 9th inning of World Series Game 1 was the only Cardinals run...tripled in WS Game 2 and scored the first run of the game - it was his first postseason triple...had two hits and 3 RBI in WS Game 3: RBI single in the 1st and drove in 2 on a double in the 7th... homered in Game 5, his 2nd of the WS.

2012 Outfielder finished the year as one of the National League's top offensive players. Ranked among National League leaders in batting (.295, 15th),OBP(.379, 8th), RBI(102, 7th), hits (177, 10th), HR (27, T14th), walks (75, 5th), doubles (36,T14th),runs (95,T7th) and SLG(.497, 17th). Was All-Star replacement for Yadier Molina, going 1-1 with an RBI and run scored. It was his sixth All-Star selection. Played in 157 of 162 games. Did not miss a game until 6/6; missed 6/9&6/10 with back spasms, then did not miss a game until 9/5 (low back tightness). Did not play the final game of the season, 10/3. Led the Cardinals with 55 multi-hit games (4th, NL) and had 12 three-hit games (T15th). His 13 GWRBI were 2nd on the team to Beltran (14) and ranked 12th in the N.L. Batted .363 in both June (5th in NL)& July (10th). His 22 July RBI were 2nd in the N.L. and his 5 game-winning RBI ranked 1st in the league during August. Reached base by hit or walk in 41 straight starts, 6/22-8/8. Had a six-game RBI streak, 6/30-7/5. Led his teammates with a 15-game hitting streak 6/27-7/16 (.390 BA, 12 RBI). Hit the longest recorded home run at Busch Stadium III, a record 469 ft. on 7/20 vs. CHI. Had his 17th career 2-HR game 8/1 at COL& matched his season high with 5 RBI(also 6/16 vs.KC). Had 2nd 4 hit, 4 RBI game of the season&6th career on 8/26 at CIN, missing cycle by a was the fourth 4 RBI game without a HR in his career. Recorded his 1,500th career hit on 8/31 at WSH. Hit HR #25, a 2-run shot at WSH on 9/1, marking his 5th season with 25 HR.Picked up 2 RBI on 9/24 at HOU for the 5th 100-RBI season of his career. 2012 POSTSEASON: Had two hits in the Wild Card game at Atlanta, including a 6th-inning solo home run...picked up 3 hits and 2 RBI in Division Series Game 3 at Washington and had 2 RBI in Game 5,one on an RBI double...played in six of the seven League Championship games against San Francisco...had 2 hits and 2 RBI in LCS Game 4, knocking in Cards first run of the game...was a late scratch from the lineup and missed LCS Game 6 with a low back strain. 2011 Earned All-American honors out of Stillwater High School as a senior in both football and baseball and also was the region's Gatorade Player of the Year award in both ... was recruited out of High School to play quarterback at Oklahoma State University, but signed with Colorado (Pat Daugherty) ... competed for the 1997 USA Junior National Team ... was selected in the seventh round of the 1998 June draft ... started his pro career as a third baseman and didn't move to the outfield until High-A in 2001 ... is the son of current North Carolina State associate head baseball coach and former Oklahoma State head coach Tom Holliday ... is a nephew of Dave Holliday, a Special Assistant to Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd ... brother, Josh, is the assistant baseball coach at Vanderbilt University ... was voted by his teammates as the 2010 recipient of the Darryl Kile Award ... he and his wife, Leslee, have two sons, Jackson (12/4/03) and Ethan (2/23/07), and a daughter Gracyn (11/7/09) ... they make their year-round home in St. Louis. Season of strange injuries continued when he left the game in the top of the 8th inning on 8/22 vs. LAD when a moth flew in his right ear while playing left field. ... Career home run #200 came on 9/1 at MIL, also his 20th of the season and 6th straight season with 20+ homers. ... Recorded 21 multi-RBI games, including a season-high four-RBI on 7/5 vs. CIN. ... Led the National League with a .408 average (31-76) during March/April. ... Was third on the team with 40 multi-hit games, seven of the three-hit variety. Had three hits 4/14 & 4/17 at LA as part of eight-game hitting spree (4/14-22) in which he hit .517 (15-29) with five doubles, a home run and seven RBI. ... Reached base in seven-straight PAs 4/26-27 at HOU. ... Batted third for first time in 2011 on 4/26 and hit third in 17 starts (19-64, .297). ... Was a .300 hitter (111-370) in his regular fourth slot in the every-day lineup. ... Singled twice and had three RBI during a nine-run sixth inn. at HOU on 4/28. ... DH'ed the three games at KC (5/20-22) and played sparingly until a left quad strain landed him on the disabled list from 6/1-15. ... Missed 12 games on DL before returning on 6/16 at WSH where he homered in his first at-bat and went 2-for-3. ... Had two two-run game-winning hit/HR vs. KC (5/21@, 6/18 vs.). HR on 5/21 was a 433 ft. shot into the left field fountains at KC. ... His seven game-winning RBI for the season were fourth on the club and his 20 go-ahead RBI ranked 3rd. ... Was ejected in the eighth inning on 6/25 at TOR by home plate umpire Marvin Hudson, his first ejection since 9/9/10 at ATL. ... Hit two home runs with four RBI on 7/5 vs. CIN, his 16th career multi-HR game. ... Went 2-5 with fourth HR of the week 7/8 vs. ARI ... had RBI in four straight games 7/5-8. ... Was scratched from the lineup with back tightness, 8/10-11. ... Drilled a three-run HR following an IBB to Pujols 8/25 vs PIT. He was 3-for-7 with 1 HR and 7 RBI in 2011 following IBB to Pujols (career: 11-33, .333, 4 HR, 22 RBI). ... Departed the game 9/13 with an inflammed tendon in right middle finger, suffered while swinging bat while on-deck in ninth inning. Started just three games the remainder of the regular season. 2011 POSTSEASON: Played in 16 of 18 postseason games, batting .294 with a home run, five RBI and 10 walks ... missed starting the first three games of the Division Series with a tendon injury in his right hand ... pinch hit in the ninth of Game 1 and had pinch-hit single in 8th in Game 3 ... started D.S. Games 4 & 5; singled, hit by pitch & scored twice in Game 4 ... batted .435 (10-23) during the League Championship Series, ranking 3rd in MLB in BA and hits (10) for the series ... homered in Game 4 of NLCS vs. Randy Wolf, a solo shot with one out in the 4th inning; also doubled later in the game ... had three hits in Game 5 of NLCS and recorded hits in 5-of-6 consecutive ABs into Game 6 ... scored three runs in NLCS Game 6 ... doubled and scored in World Series Game 1 ... scored three times in WS Game 3 (FC, BB, E) and had OF assist w/ an inning-ending DP throwing out Mike Napoli at the plate in the fourth inning ... walked seven times in the World Series, tied with Ian Kinsler for the WS lead and most since Barry Bonds' 13 in 2002; it was also the most walks for playing in only six games since Albert Belle drew seven walks in 1995 ... was taken off the World Series roster prior to Game 7 after suffering a right hand injury trying to avoid an out at 3rd base in Game 6. 2010 In his first full season with St. Louis was selected as a National League All-Star and finished among N.L. leaders in most offensive categories...Earned a Lousiville Silver Slugger award, finishing 5th in batting in the N.L. at .312. Was also named to The Sporting News All-Star Team and received 10 votes in the N.L. MVP voting for a 12th place finish on the N.L. MVP list...Was selected to the National League All-Star team, his 4th ASG app. Went 1-for-1 in the game with a single and a run scored after entering the game in left field in the 5th inning...Finished 3rd among National League players with 186 hits and T2nd with 45 doubles (45 doubles T2nd highest in his career)...Also ranked 4th with 317 total bases, T4th with 52 multi-hit games, 6th in on base percentage (.390) & extra base hits 6th (74), 7th in slugging (.532) and T7th with 103 RBI...Led all left fielders in the NL with eight outfield assists, the first time a Cardinal led LFers in OF assists since Bernard Gilkey (19 in 1993). He was 2nd in putouts (261) and 4th in fielding pct. (.989) among NL leftfielders...Had 29 go-ahead RBI, ranking T7th in the Majors and his 17 game-winning RBI finished second on the Cardinals and T3rd in the league...When batting with two outs, Holliday led the National League with 50 RBI, batting .318 (3rd) with 13 HR (4th)...Batted .318 on the road (3rd in NL) and smacked LHP at a .344 clip (2nd in NL)...Hit in the #2 slot for 10 games 6/14-25 and batted .400 (16-40) with 5 HR and 11 RBI...Had team best 16-game hitting streak (second longest in his career) from 9/9-24, batting .431 (25-58) with 2 HR and 12 RBI...Narrowly edged Albert Pujols for the team lead in batting at .31208 (vs. .31175 for Pujols). Also led the club with 45 doubles and 12 infield hits...Was named the National League Player-of-the-Week 6/14-20, batting .435 for the week with four home runs and eight RBI...He drove in eight of the Cardinals 12 runs during their 6/18-20 weekend series vs. the Athletics...Hit two home runs vs. OAK (6/20) and at COL (7/7), giving him 15 multi-HR games in his career...Hit home runs in four consecutive games 6/18-22...Battered his former teams (OAK & COL) with a .487 average (19-39), seven HR's, 13 RBI and nine runs scored in 10 games...Batted .364 in Sept./Oct. games, ranking 2nd in the NL (C. Gonzalez, .378). 2009 Ranked among N.L. leaders in several statistical catagories following 7/24 trade from OAK with .357 BA, 13 HR, & 57 RBI...Following the All-Star break, finished among the majors Top-10 in BA (.357-6th), HR (16-T9th) and RBI (66-2nd)...Had 12 GWRBI with Cardinals in just 63 games, finishing 2nd to Albert Pujols (19)...The Cardinals were an N.L. best 39-26 (.600 win pct.) following his acquisition...Batted .385 (50-130) with nine home runs and 35 RBI in his 34 games played at Busch Stadium...Reached base 2 or more times in each of his first 9 games with St. Louis, becoming the only Cards player since 1954 to do so...He hit safely in each of his first 9 games with the Redbirds, the longest such streak by a new Cardinal since Charley Smith (1966) & Alvin Dark (1956) hit safely in their first 10 games to begin their STL careers...Collected his 1,000th career hit with a 3rd inning single on 9/3 vs. MIL and hit his 150th career HR on 9/4 at PIT...Signed the largest player contract in Cardinals franchise history on 1/7/10 agreeing to a seven-year deal with an option for 2017...he also announced a change in uniform numbers from #15 to #7. 2008 Named a National League All-Star and was honored with a Louisville Silver Slugger Award for the third consecutive season...hit .321 with 38 doubles, 25 home runs, 88 RBI, 107 runs scored and 28 stolen bases...led the Rockies in doubles, total bases (290), on-base pct. (.409) and slugging pct. (.538)...2008 marked his third straight season to hit over .320; ranked third in the NL in average and has finished among the top three in the NL in hitting each of the last two seasons...ranked eighth in the NL with 107 runs scored for his third straight season of 100 or more runs...led the Rox in runs in each of the last three seasons...also posted his third straight season of 35 or more doubles and has at least 20 doubles in each of his five seasons in the majors...had a career-high 28 stolen bases and has four consecutive seasons of 10 or more steals...recorded the first 25-homer, 25-steal season by a Rockie since Larry Walker in 1997 (49 HR, 33 SB) and one of four in the majors in 2008 (Hanley Ramirez, Grady Sizemore, Carlos Beltran)...ranked third in the NL in stolen base percentage (28 for 30, 93.3%)...hit safely in 61 of 73 home games and batted .332, which was the sixth best home average in the NL...from June 8 to August 6, he led all NL hitters with .371 average...finished Interleague play with the fifth-best average in majors (.408)...had a season-high 14-game hitting streak from June 27 to July 10, hitting .415 (22 for 53) in that span...also had an 11-game hit streak from June 14 to 24 and 10-game hit streaks from May 13 to 24 and August 19 to 29...finished with six home runs against the Marlins, which tied for his most homers against a team in any season (LA, 2007)...crossed home plate in 15 consecutive games from July 27 to August 10 (20 runs scored in that span), tying the Colorado record set by Dante Bichette (September 10, 1993-April 14, 1994)...fell three short of the modern MLB record (since 1900) -- 18 games by Red Rolfe (1939) and Kenny Lofton (2000) matched Houston's Lance Berkman for the longest streak of that type in the majors in 2008...had a hit in his first five games against New York, extending his hitting streak against the Mets to 24 games (July 25, 2005 to June 22, 2008) was the longest such streak by any player against the Mets, topping the mark of 22 set by Matty Alou from 1971-73. 2007 One of the National League's top hitters for the duration of the season, Holliday batted .340 with 36 home runs and 137 RBI in 158 games for Colorado...selected to the All-Star team via player voting for a 2nd consecutive year, and also participated in the Home Run Derby as part of All-Star festivities...led the National League in average (.340), hits (216), RBI (137), extra-base hits (92), total bases (386), and doubles (50), ranking among league leaders in home runs (4th, 36), slugging (3rd, .607), and runs (3rd, 120)...established career highs in average, home runs, RBI, hits, walks, doubles, extra-base hits, on-base pct., runs scored and slugging...led all Rockies in average, RBI, extra-base hits, total bases, doubles, home runs, slugging, and runs...his hit total was T2nd-highest single-season mark ever by a Rockie...was twice named NL Player of the Week, in weeks ending July 29 and Sept. 16...his average never went below .327 after the first 15 games of the year...had season-high four RBI in a game on four occasions...was the first player to reach both the 50- and 100-hit marks this season...had five different four-hit games, all matching his career high...posted two-homer games on May 12 vs. San Francisco, Sept. 11 at Philadelphia, and Sept. 19 vs. Los Angeles...pieced together four hit streaks of at least 10 games this season, including career-high 17- game hit streak Aug. was the longest hit streak by a Rockie in '07, longest by a Colorado player since Todd Helton's career-high 17-gamer from June 15-July 2, 2003...Holliday also had a 15-game hit streak May 22-June 7...his 38-game on-base streak from July 22-Sept. 2 was the second-longest in the big leagues this season behind only Kevin Millar's 52-game streak from June 20-Aug. 25...hit safely in 25 straight at Coors Field from May 16-July 6, tied for the fourth-longest home hit streak in team history...batted .301 against left-handers, .351 vs. right-handers...had a .380 average in day games, second-best in the majors/NL...hit .367 (47-for-128) with 11 home runs and 37 RBI in 31 games vs. NL East opponents...hit over .300 in every month except July (.287)...homered against 16 different teams in '07...batted .440 (11- for-25) in six games against the Mets...hit four home runs in four games at Citizens Bank Park...batted .470 (54- for-115) with 13 HR, 13 doubles, and 36 RBI when putting the first pitch in play, the second-highest average in the Majors on the first pitch among players with 100 AB...hit primarily in third spot in batting order over final five months after hitting fifth throughout April...batted .378 (42-for-111) when leading off an inning...had a .990 (3 e/306 tc) fielding pct. in 157 games/157 starts in left field this season...hit .395 (45-for-114) with 11 doubles, four home runs, and 23 RBI over his first 27 games through May 1...led Majors in hits and ranked second in big leagues in average at that point...batted .250 (19-for-76) over next 19 games from May 2-23, dropping season mark to .337...over the next month from May 24-June 21, compiled a .420 (42-for-100) average with nine doubles, five home runs, and 25 RBI to raise season figure from .337 to .366 through end of Yankees series...would hit just .222 (24-for-108) over next 27 games from June 22-July 24, dropping sea-son average from .366 to .327, lowest point after season's first 15 games...beginning with a four-hit game July 25 vs. San Diego, would hit .361 (86-for-238) his final 60 games to finish at .340...matched club record on April 21 vs. San Diego with two outfield assists in one inning...became fifth Rockies player with two outfield assists in one frame...hit a walk-off two-run homer in 11th inning on April 29 vs. Atlanta, the first and only walk-off homer of his was the first walk-off homer by a Rockie since Aug. 8, 2005 (G1) vs. Florida, when Dustan Mohr homered in the 11th inning of that contest...had gone 20 consecutive games without a homer before that long ball...also homered two days later on May 1 at San Francisco, an opposite field shot at AT&T Park off Russ Ortiz...went 7-for-8 with four doubles, two RBI and walk in span of two games June 6-7 vs. Houston...recorded five straight multi-hit games from June 13-17, batting .571 (12-for-21) with two HR, four doubles, seven RBI, and nine runs scored in those five contests...during that stretch, homered over Green Monster off Josh Beckett on June 14 at Fenway...on June 20 vs. New York-AL, Andy Pettitte held the Rockies scoreless for 5.2 innings before Matt Holliday's two-run, go-ahead homer down the left field line in the sixth, giving the Rockies a 2-1 lead that the club would not relinquish...hit three-run homer off Tom Glavine on July 2 vs. New York-NL, fueling Rockies' 6-2 win that night...went 0-for-2 as a pinch-hitter/rightfielder in All-Star Game on July 10 in San Francisco, his second All-Star appearance...he has played right field in both of his All- Star efforts, something he has still never done in the regular season... grounded out to first against Justin Verlander and struck out against J.J. Putz...received a Major League-high 725 votes in player balloting, 42 more than any other player in either league, this despite finishing fifth in fan voting...a day-of addition to the Home Run Derby roster on July 9, Holliday was one of four semifinalists in the event (13 total HR)...he was the first Rockie to compete in the HR Derby since Todd Helton in 2001, although the Rox had players in the event each year from 1996-1999 (plus 1994) six-game homestand July 23-29, hit .364 (8-for-22) with four homers, 10 RBI, 9 runs scored, a .481 OBP, and 1.000 slugging pct...helped Rox take series from both Padres and Dodgers in that homestand, and was named NL Player of the Week for his efforts...Rox overcame a 5-2 deficit with a five-run eighth inning on July 23 vs. San Diego, aided by Holliday's three-run game-tying homer off Scott Linebrink in that frame...hit two-run homer in ninth inning on Aug. 24 vs. Washington, keying what would be a 5-run frame in Rockies' record-matching come-from-behind win over the Nationals...had another extremely productive September, a career-long trend, as he hit .367 with 12 home runs and 30 RBI in the final month...was named NL Player of the Month for his efforts...hit 11 home runs in a span of 12 games from Sept. 9- 20...joined Alex Rodriguez (April 7-20) as only big league players with that many homers in a 12-game span in 2007...was the first NL player to accomplish the feat since Braves' Javy Lopez, May 22-June 11, 2003...Lopez was in spring training with the Rockies this season...after never having homered in three consecutive games in his career, homered in four straight Sept. 9-12, then homered in three more consecutive games Sept. 18-20...named NL Player of the Week for week ending Sept. 16 after leading league in home runs (6), RBI (11), runs (11), and total bases (31)...was on base when Todd Helton hit his dramatic 2-run walkoff homer on Sept. 18 vs. Los Angeles (G2)...homered twice off Brad Penny on Sept. 19 vs. Los Angeles, becoming just the second player ever with multiple homers off Penny in one game (also former Red Sox Gabe Kapler, June 29, 2003 vs. Florida)...missed consecutive games Sept. 22-23 at San Diego with strained left oblique, only time to miss consecutive games in 2007...although not 100 percent, came back and went 11-for-27 (.407) over team's final seven games, hitting safely in all seven contests...scored winning run in Rockies' Wild Card tiebreaker win on Oct. 1 vs. San Diego...following the season was named to the Sporting News' NL All-Star team...was the only Rockies player to receive any of the awards by Sporting News. 2006 In his third major league season, Holliday established career highs in nearly every category while also ranking among league leaders several was his first true full season in the big leagues, as he was not on the Opening Day roster in 2004 and endured over a month on the disabled list in 2005...the 26-year-old was among the league's top batters for most of the season, and was selected to the N.L. All-Star roster for the first time...named to N.L. Silver Slugger team, joining Larry Walker, Ellis Burks, and Dante Bichette as only Rox outfielders to accomplish that feat...batted .326 with 34 home runs, 114 RBI, 45 doubles, and 119 runs scored in 155 games for Colorado...became just the 19th player ever to compile the following totals in one season: 195 hits, 115 runs, 30 home runs, 45 doubles, 110 RBI...had the 5th-best average in the N.L., ranking among the league's top eight in that category for a second consecutive season...hit .339 (169-for-499) over his final 131 games beginning May 1, the fourth-highest average in the majors in that span...only players with a higher average in that stretch were the A.L. and N.L. batting champs, Joe Mauer (.352) and Freddy Sanchez (.345), as well as Miguel Cabrera (.341)...also ranked among league leaders in extra base hits (T2nd, 84), total bases (4th, 353), slugging (5th, .586), runs (T5th), hits (T5th, 196), OPS (6th, .973), multi-hit games (T6th, 58), doubles (T9th), RBI (T9th), and home runs (12th)...ranked among league batting average leaders at home (3rd, .373), at night (4th, .328), vs. right-handers (6th, .325), and in day games (10th, .318)...had eight outfield assists, T10th in the league...led all Rockies in home runs, runs, extra base hits, total bases, and multi-hit games, and tied for club lead with 10 steals...grounded into 22 double plays, T3rd-most in the league...swung at first pitch of an at-bat 44.8% of the time, the fifth-highest percentage in the majors and third-highest in the N.L...stole home on Aug. 9 at Los Angeles as part of a double steal, one of just 11 players in the majors to pull that trick in '06...was the first Rockie to steal home since Greg Norton in 2001...was named as a reserve on the N.L. roster for the 77th All-Star Game July 11 in Pittsburgh, his first career selection...he made the team in voting by his peers, as he finished fifth among N.L. outfielders in balloting by players and coaches...went 0-for-3 in the game and played in right field, something he has never done in the regular season...compiled 34 RBI in September, the most for any National League player in the final month in 21 years, since Gary Carter had 34 RBI for the Mets in September of 1985...Holliday surpassed his own club record of 32 September RBI in 2005, as the 34 RBI matched the fourth-highest total by a player in any month in Rockies history...Holliday has 66 RBI in September the last two years, most in the majors...hit .281 (50-for-178) with runners in scoring position, .200 (13-for-65) with RISP and two outs...batted .355 (49-for-138) with 10 HR and 41 RBI in 33 games vs. N.L. East clubs, even compiling a 19-game hit streak against the division at one point...batted .255 (27-for-106) over first 25 games through May 1...despite the low average, still managed 24 RBI in that span, including season-high five RBI on April 15 vs. Philadelphia...beginning with a 2-homer game on May 2 at Atlanta, batted .410 (77-for-188) over his next 50 games through June 27 to raise season mark from .255 to season-high .354...from June 28-July 27, had a .209 (19-for-91) average over 23 games to drop season mark to .319, lowest figure all year after May 16...would bat .336 (73-for-217) over final 57 games to finish at .326...hit walk-off, two-out RBI single in 11th inning on April 18 vs. San Diego, a 3-2 Rockies victory...while he hit mostly cleanup or 5th all season, Holliday batted third in the order during Todd Helton's disabled list stint in late April and early May...his two multi-homer games in '06 came in a span of seven games, and occurred in consecutive road games May 2 at Atlanta and May 8 at St. his first 3 games at new Busch Stadium May 8-10, went 7-for-12 with three homers...was hit on right hand by pitch from Jason Schmidt in fourth inning on May 26 at San Francisco, suffering bruised right thumb...would eventually leave that game in the 5th inning and miss the following night's contest...hit .400 (38-for-95) with eight HR, nine doubles, and 15 RBI in May, yet did not win the N.L. Player of the Month Award...the award went to Pittsburgh's Jason Bay, who batted .321 but hit 12 home runs...became just the third Rockie to hit .400 or better in May, joining Todd Helton (.512 in May 2000) and Vinny Castilla (.400 in May 1993)...matched the franchise single-game record with career-high three doubles on June 27 at LA of Anaheim...went 0-for-13 over three games from July 19-22, only time all year to go hitless in three straight...hit safely in career-high 11 straight from Aug. 8-22...left game on Aug. 14 vs. Arizona after being hit in left wrist by Claudio Vargas pitch and would miss final three games of that series...his homer Sept. 3 at Los Angeles, estimated at 481 feet, hit off a fence beyond the Dodgers' bullpen in left field and nearly went out of the stadium...homered in eight of club's 14 home games in September...during four-game series Sept. 7-10 vs. Washington, went 9-for-16 with 3 HR and 10 RBI...his long ball Sept. 19 vs. San Francisco off Matt Cain was estimated at 478 feet, the longest at Coors Field in '06...hit 30th homer on Sept. 21 vs. Atlanta, first career 30-homer season...also hit second career grand slam in that series, on Sept. 24 off Braves' Chuck James...was named N.L. Co-Player of the Week for Sept. 18-24 along with Braves' Andruw Jones after batting .400 (10-for-25) with four HR and 12 RBI for the week. 2005 Matt batted .307 with 19 home runs and 87 RBI over 125 games in his sophomore season, establishing career highs in nearly every category except doubles...was the most home runs and RBI in any season in his pro career...made 123 starts in left field...spent over a month on the disabled list from June 9-July 18 with a fractured right pinkie finger, sustained while making a head-first dive on June 4 vs. Cincinnati...despite the time missed, still posted a .307 average that was the 7th-highest figure among National League qualifiers...had 64 RBI after the All-Star break, the 2nd-highest total in the National League and T4th-highest total in the majors after the ASG...was the 5th-highest post-ASG RBI total in Rockies history...led the National League with 32 RBI in September, 2nd-most in the majors for that month and a club record for September...surpassed previous September record of 28 RBI by Dante Bichette in Sept. '95...that month included an 8-RBI game on Sept. 20 vs. San Diego, matching a franchise was the 2nd-most RBI by any major league player in a single game in 2005, trailing only 10 RBI by the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez on April 26 vs. LA of is the most RBI by an NL player in a game since Pittsburgh's Jason Bay had 8 RBI on July 2, 2004 vs. Milwaukee...batted .357 at home, the highest among major league qualifiers...led team in steals (14), including 2 of team's 4 steals of 3rd base...led Rockies with 7 triples, T7th-most in NL...batted .324 vs. lefties, 10th in NL...among Colorado batters, ranked 2nd in runs scored (88), home runs, RBI, extra base hits (50), and total bases (242)...had 13 go-ahead RBI, 3rd-most among Rockies...had an RBI every 5.51 at-bats, best average among Rockies and 14th in the NL...batted .324 (34-for-105) vs. lefties and .302 (113-for-374) against right-handers...led all major league batters with a .357 average at home...had a .391 average (45-for-141) with runners in scoring position, including a .339 mark (21-for-62) with RISP and 2 outs...hit 6 of his 19 home runs on the first pitch of an at-bat...batted .387 (43-for-111) in 29 games against NL Central clubs...went 7-for-14 during a 3-game series at Turner Field from Sept. 26-28...had a .972 (7 e/248 tc) fielding percentage as his 7 errors were T3rd-most among NL outfielders...batted .324 (24-for-74) with 2 doubles, 3 triples, and 13 RBI over his first 18 games through April 24...beginning with a 4-hit game on May 13 vs. Arizona, hit .333 (30-for-90) with 4 home runs and 9 RBI to rise from .255 to .291 before his stint on the DL...hit his first home run of the year on May 17 vs. San Francisco off Noah Lowry after no home runs in his first 119 at-bats of the season...the homer snapped a 138 at-bat drought dating back to 2004...each of his 19 home runs came in his final 93 games...had a 9-game hit streak from May 27-June 4 at .441 (15-for-34)...posted 2nd career multi-homer game, first of '05, on June 2 vs. St. Louis, going 3-for-3 with 2 homers and a double...was his first career game with 3 extra base hits...was placed on the disabled list on June 10 (retroactive to June 9) with a fractured right pinkie finger...sustained the injury while making a headfirst dive on June 4 vs. Cincinnati, but it was initially diagnosed as a sprain...started each contest in 3-game series vs. Chicago (AL) from June 6-8, going 0-for-9, but exited final game of that series after 3 innings...the Stillwater, Oklahoma native was sent to Double-A Tulsa on a rehab assignment from July 11-17, batting .538 (14-for-26) with a grand slam and 6 RBI...was activated on July 19 and went 0-for-4 that night at Washington...from July 20-30, batted .442 (19-for-43) with 4 home runs and 10 RBI to rise from .285 to .313...never went more than 2 consecutive games without a hit following his return from DL...homered twice on July 30 vs. Philadelphia, 2nd multi-homer game of the year and 3rd of his career...was named the NL Player of the Week for July 25-31, first time in his career to receive the award...batted .444 with 3 HR, 8 RBI and an .852 slugging percentage for the week...beginning July 20, hit .323 (90-for-279) with 15 home runs and 64 RBI over his final 70 games of the year...hit a walk-off RBI single in the 10th inning on Aug. 10 vs. Pittsburgh...had career-high 10-game hit streak from Sept. 11-21 at .410 (16-for-39)...streak included the 8 RBI game on Sept. 20 vs. San Diego in the Rockies' 20-1 win...homered twice in that game, his 3rd multi-homer effort of the year and 4th of his was his 2nd career game with 3 extra base hits...hit safely in 7 straight to end the season at 12-for-32 (.375), rising from .302 to .307...hit .365 (23-for-63) with 4 home runs, 7 doubles and 15 RBI over 21 games in spring training...led team in homers and RBI, and tied for team lead in doubles for the spring. 2004 Having never played a game above Double A, Matt was scheduled to spend much of the year at Triple-A Colorado Springs but injuries to Preston Wilson and Larry Walker put a wrinkle in that plan...originally called up as just a temporary replacement, Holliday made his Major League debut on April 16 and never relinquished his spot as the team's left fielder throughout the rest of the season...Matt batted .290 with 31 doubles, 14 homers and 57 RBI in 121 games...was named to Baseball America's All Rookie Team, Topps' Major League Rookie All-Star Team and finished fifth in the rookie of the year voting with three third place votes...he ranked among the top five NL rookies in doubles (t-2nd), extra-base hits (3rd-48), onbase percentage (3rd-.349), runs scored (t-3rd-65), batting average (4th), RBI (4th), slugging percentage (4th-.488) and total bases (4th-195)...his 14 home runs tied David Wright for fourth among NL rookies and were the second most by a rookie in franchise history, trailing only Todd Helton's 25 in 1998...Matt also joined Helton as the only Colorado rookies to ever surpass 30 doubles and 50 RBI...started 109 games in left field, the most outfield starts by a rookie in club history... showed consistent improvement with the glove, as he committed five of his seven errors in the first 27 games but only two in his final 88 games, including a 75-game errorless streak from May 17 to Aug. 28...made his ML debut as the starting left fielder on April 16 at St. Louis, going 0- for-3 with a walk...after beginning his career 0-for-7 in his first 8 plate appearances, Holliday rebounded to go 12-for-19 (.632) with three doubles, two homers, seven RBI and three walks in his next 22 trips to the plate...singled off Woody Williams for his first hit on April 18, then belted his first career home run on April 22 vs. Los Angeles off Jose Lima...on April 27 vs. Florida, Matt teamed with Jeromy Burnitz and Charles Johnson to record the sixth back-to-back-to-back home runs in franchise history...wound up hitting .375 for the month of April but would hit only .242 in May, dropping that season average below .300 for good...recorded his first career multi-homer game on May 18 at Cincinnati, both on back-to-back shots with Burnitz...they became the first teammates in franchise history to hit back-to-back homers twice in the same game and first in the majors since Seattle's Mike Cameron and Bret Boone did it twice in the same inning on May 2, 2002...belted a grand slam on June 12 at Tampa, erasing a 5-1 deficit with one swing off Rob Bell...became just the third rookie in franchise history to hit a grand slam, joining Jim Tatum (5/4/93) and Jay Gainer (9/20/93), who both did it as a pinch hitter during the 1993 campaign...started 15 consecutive games in left field for the Rockies from June 5-20...made his 61st start in LF on July 1 vs. Milwaukee, breaking Quinton McCracken's rookie franchise mark of 60 outfield starts set in 1996...went 8-for-his-first-13 in July on his way towards a .357 batting average for the month...belted his 14th and final HR on Sept. 7 vs. San Francisco, passing Jose Ortiz (13 in 2001) for the second most home runs by a Colorado rookie...injured his left elbow while diving for a ball in the ninth inning on Sept. 12 vs. San Diego...a MRI the following day revealed a mild sprain, forcing Matt to sit out the remaining 20 games of the season...prior to joining the big league club, Holliday played in six games for the Class AAA Sky Sox and hit .364 with 2 homers and 4 RBI. 2003 Spent his second straight year at Double-A where he quietly enjoyed a solid season...although he hit just .253, Matt led Tulsa with 72 RBI...tied for the team lead with 28 doubles and his career-best 132 hits trailed only Cory Sullivan (167) on the squad...also set personal highs in games (135), extra-base hits (45) and total bases (206)...Tulsa's everyday leftfielder, Holliday ranked T2nd in the Texas League with 15 outfield assists...reached base safely in 19 straight games beginning June 1, including a 13-game hitting streak, June 6-23 at .302 (16-for-53)...had a power drought in mid-year, as he went homerless in 32 straight contests from June 4-July 10 and hit just one HR over a span of 54 games, May 12-July 10...played for Mesa in the Arizona Fall League following the season where he was so impressive that he earned himself a spot on the USA Baseball Olympic Qualifying Team...he accompanied Team USA to Panama where they were defeated and eliminated from advancing to the 2004 Summer Games...batted .333 in the Arizona Fall League with three HR and eight RBI...with Team USA, he hit .143 (1-for-7) with a solo homer. 2002 Increased his average for the fourth straight year, batting .276 (128-for-463) with 10 home runs and 64 RBI in his first year at AA-Carolina ... named a mid-season all-star by the Southern League ... ranked fifth in the league with 79 runs scored ... set a career high and led the Mudcats with 16 stolen bases ... got hot halfway through the year as he hit .327 (39-for-119) in a five-week stretch from May 30 to July 4 ... was the Southern League's "Hitter of the Week," June 21-27, going 9-for-24 (.375) with a homer and 8 RBI ... earned weekly honors again July 12-18, when he scored seven runs and drove in 10 ... included in that stretch, a career-best six-RBI game on July 14 vs. Birmingham ... collected a season-high four hits on June 7 at Tennessee and July 21 at Tennessee, the later of which he scored five runs in ... batted .235 in Carolina's playoff series against Jacksonville with two RBI. 2001 In his second season with Salem, Holliday played in 72 games before having season ending elbow surgery in July...his final appearance of the year came on June 27 when he walked once as the designated hitter...he was named the Carolina League Player of the Month for June, batting .324 (22-for-68) with three doubles, seven homers, 22 RBI and scored 15 runs...also in June, he notched seven multi-games in 21 outings...Matt saw his first career action as an outfielder, appearing in 30 games as the left fielder without an error (35 total chances)...42 of his 72 games for Salem came as the designated the DH, he batted .313 (46-for-147) with eight doubles, a triple, 10 homers and 35 RBI...he hit .088 points higher on the road (.322) than at home (.234) for the season...with RISP, Holliday was 29-for-85 (.341) and drove in 40. 2000 Of the 123 games Holliday saw action in, 112 came at third base for the hot corner, Matt finished the season with an .893 fielding percentage, committing 32 errors in 300 total chances, but turned a personal high of 13 double plays...with the bat, he set career highs in RBI (72), triples (2), at-bats (460), hits (126)...he tied his career high in doubles with 28, previously set in 1999...July was his best month of the season, when he batted .327 (34-for-104) with 10 doubles, a triple, a homer and 29 RBI...on July 4, Holliday smacked a grand slam, his only of the season...when batting sixth in the line up, he hit .394 (28-for-71) with seven doubles, two triples, three homers and 19 RBI. 1999 For Asheville, Holliday scored 76 runs on the year, setting a career high...he also set a career high in homers with of those homers was a grand slam, coming on May 22...with the bases loaded, he was 3-for-9 with 11 RBI...on the year at third base, he had a fielding percentage of .871 with 57 putouts. 1998 In his inaugural campaign as a professional, Matt helped lead the Rockies' Arizona Rookie League team to a 42-14 record and win the league championship...he saw action in 32 games and batted .342 (40-for-17) with four doubles, a triple, five homers and 23 RBI...the five homers were the third most in the league.