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Curt Schilling MLB Career Stats

569 216-146 3.46 3261.0 3116 1.14

Curt Schilling Bio

  • Full Name: Curtis Montague Schilling
  • Born: 11/14/1966 in Anchorage, AK
  • Draft: 1986, Boston Red Sox, 2nd rd. (39th overall)
  • College: Yavapai College
  • Debut: 9/7/1988
  • Last Game: 9/25/2007
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MLB Career Stats 216 146 3.46 569 436 22 3261.0 3116 1.14


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Curt Schilling Awards

World Series MVP

Year Team League
2001 Arizona NL

World Series Championship

Year Team League
2001 Arizona NL
2004 Boston AL
2007 Boston AL

AL All-Star

Year Team League
2004 Boston AL

NL All-Star

Year Team League
1997 Philadelphia NL
1998 Florida NL
1999 Philadelphia NL
2001 Arizona NL
2002 Arizona NL


Year Team League
1993 Philadelphia NL

Roberto Clemente Award

Year Team League
2001 Arizona NL

The Hutch Award

Year Team League
2001 Arizona NL

Babe Ruth Award

Year Team League
2001 Arizona NL

Lou Gehrig Award

Year Team League
1995 Philadelphia NL

NL Player of the Week

Week Team League
05/27/2001 Arizona NL
08/05/2001 Arizona NL
08/17/2003 Arizona NL

SI's Sportsman of the Year

Year Team League
2001 Arizona NL

MLB Players Choice NL Outstanding Pitcher

Year Team League
2001 Arizona NL
2002 Arizona NL

Diamondbacks Pitcher of the Year

Year Team League
2001 Arizona NL

Red Sox Pitcher of the Year

Year Team League
2004 Boston AL

Curt Schilling Leaderboards

Earned Run Average

Season ERA Rank
1992 2.35 4th in NL
1996 3.19 7th in NL
1997 2.97 9th in NL
1998 3.25 9th in NL
1999 3.54 7th in NL
2000 3.81 14th in NL
2001 2.98 2nd in NL
2002 3.23 10th in NL
2003 2.95 5th in NL
2004 3.26 2nd in AL
2006 3.97 13th in AL


Season W Rank
1992 14 12th in NL
1993 16 8th in NL
1997 17 5th in NL
1998 15 14th in NL
1999 15 13th in NL
2001 22 1st in NL
2002 23 2nd in NL
2004 21 1st in AL
2006 15 14th in AL

Winning Percentage

Season WPCT Rank
1992 .560 17th in NL
1993 .696 7th in NL
1997 .607 13th in NL
1999 .714 4th in NL
2001 .786 1st in NL
2002 .767 3rd in NL
2004 .778 1st in AL
2006 .682 5th in AL


Season SO Rank
1992 147 13th in NL
1993 186 4th in NL
1996 182 10th in NL
1997 319 1st in NL
1998 300 1st in NL
1999 152 16th in NL
2000 168 14th in NL
2001 293 2nd in NL
2002 316 2nd in NL
2003 194 5th in NL
2004 203 3rd in AL
2006 183 5th in AL


Season SV Rank
1991 8 19th in NL
2005 9 15th in AL


Season WHIP Rank
1992 0.99 1st in NL
1993 1.24 13th in NL
1996 1.09 4th in NL
1997 1.05 4th in NL
1998 1.11 3rd in NL
1999 1.13 5th in NL
2000 1.18 6th in NL
2001 1.08 3rd in NL
2002 0.97 1st in NL
2003 1.05 2nd in NL
2004 1.06 2nd in AL
2006 1.22 6th in AL

Batting Average Against

Season AVG Rank
1992 .201 1st in NL
1993 .259 21st in NL
1996 .223 5th in NL
1997 .224 4th in NL
1998 .236 8th in NL
1999 .236 5th in NL
2000 .255 17th in NL
2001 .245 13th in NL
2002 .224 8th in NL
2003 .230 8th in NL
2004 .239 4th in AL

Games Started

Season GS Rank
1993 34 7th in NL
1997 35 1st in NL
1998 35 1st in NL
2001 35 1st in NL
2002 35 2nd in NL
2004 32 20th in AL
2006 31 25th in AL

Complete Games

Season CG Rank
1992 10 2nd in NL
1993 7 2nd in NL
1994 1 21st in NL
1996 8 1st in NL
1997 7 3rd in NL
1998 15 1st in NL
1999 8 2nd in NL
2000 8 1st in NL
2001 6 1st in NL
2002 5 3rd in NL
2003 3 7th in NL
2004 3 5th in AL
2007 1 17th in AL


Season SHO Rank
1992 4 3rd in NL
1993 2 3rd in NL
1996 2 2nd in NL
1997 2 5th in NL
1998 2 5th in NL
1999 1 8th in NL
2000 2 3rd in NL
2001 1 7th in NL
2002 1 10th in NL
2003 2 4th in NL
2007 1 5th in AL

Innings Pitched

Season IP Rank
1992 226.1 10th in NL
1993 235.1 6th in NL
1997 254.1 3rd in NL
1998 268.2 1st in NL
2000 210.1 15th in NL
2001 256.2 1st in NL
2002 259.1 2nd in NL
2004 226.2 3rd in AL
2006 204.0 15th in AL

Strikeouts per Nine Innings

Season K/9 Rank
1992 5.85 17th in NL
1993 7.11 7th in NL
1996 8.93 5th in NL
1997 11.29 2nd in NL
1998 10.05 2nd in NL
1999 7.59 10th in NL
2000 7.19 17th in NL
2001 10.27 3rd in NL
2002 10.97 2nd in NL
2003 10.39 3rd in NL
2004 8.06 6th in AL
2006 8.07 5th in AL

Strikeout/Walk Ratio

Season K/BB Rank
1992 2.49 15th in NL
1993 3.26 5th in NL
1996 3.64 6th in NL
1997 5.50 2nd in NL
1998 4.92 4th in NL
1999 3.45 9th in NL
2000 3.73 4th in NL
2001 7.51 1st in NL
2002 9.58 1st in NL
2003 6.06 1st in NL
2004 5.80 1st in AL
2006 6.54 1st in AL


Season H Rank
1993 234 5th in NL
1997 208 11th in NL
1998 236 7th in NL
2000 204 24th in NL
2001 237 3rd in NL
2002 218 8th in NL
2006 220 13th in AL

Home Runs

Season HR Rank
1993 23 8th in NL
1997 25 5th in NL
1998 23 22nd in NL
1999 25 22nd in NL
2000 27 19th in NL
2001 37 1st in NL
2002 29 5th in NL
2006 28 10th in AL
2007 21 21st in AL

Curtis Montague Schilling Bio Info

Curt and his wife Shonda have four children: Gehrig (5/27/95), Gabriella (5/22/97), Grant (10/3/99), and Garrison (6/27/02)...attended Yavapai Junior College in Prescott, AZ, where he helped team advance to the 1985 Junior College World Series...graduated from Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix in 1985...born in Anchorage, is one of nine Alaskan-born players in Major League an avid history buff, who is particularly interested in the World War II era...Curt's father Cliff served over 20 years in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division ("Screaming Eagles") prior to his passing in makes his year-round home in the Boston area...In September 2006 launched 38 Studios, LLC, a company dedicated to producing innovative massively multiplayer online games (MNOs)...based in Maynard, MA, 38 Studios' ( 1st title will feature the artistic vision of Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn) and celebrated author R.A. Salvatore (creator of Drizzt, one of modern fantasy's most memorable characters)...together with a growing team of experienced industry professionals, 38 Studios is now in preproduction on its premier title...Has been extensively involved in community and charitable endeavors throughout his career...Curt and his wife Shonda have worked tirelessly on behalf of numerous charitable causes with a particular focus on raising funds for research as well as elevating awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and melanoma...the Schillings have been responsible for generating over $8 million for the ALS Association over the last 14 years, beginning in 1992, when they adopted the Philadelphia chapter of that organization to benefit from their fundraising and public awareness efforts...that year they created "Curt's Pitch" (, a pledge drive for Phillies fans to donate to the ALS Association based on Curt's annual strikeouts and wins totals...that program continued when he went to Arizona and is now operated in conjunction with the ALS Association of Massachusetts...has held the Curt Schilling ALS Golf Outing in the Philadelphia area for the last 13 years and has hosted the Curt Schilling FORE ALS Golf Tournament in Arizona...In September 2002, Curt and Shonda, a survivor of melanoma, directed their energy at prevention and awareness of melanoma by launching SHADE, The Curt and Shonda Schilling Melanoma Foundation of America (, which has raised over $2 million through their fund-raising October 2003, the SHADE Foundation received the "Excellence in Cancer Awareness Award," presented by Congressional Families for Cancer Awareness...since 2004, over 25,000 youngsters in New England have participated in the SunWise with SHADE Poster Contest which generates awareness for the need to practice responsible sun behaviors...SHADE has also provided over 100 playground shade covers across the United States. Curt donated $500,000.00 to the Jimmy Fund on the day he was traded to the Red Sox...also contributed $1 million to 3 organizations: United Way ($500.000) and the ALS Chapter of Philadelphia and Phoenix ($250,000 each) when he signed a contract extension with Arizona in 2001. Has received numerous honors for his initiatives...was named as the winner of The Sporting News #1 Good Guy of the Year Award in 2004...was included in Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2004 program on ABC-TV...was the recipient of the 2001 Roberto Clemente Award, presented by Major League Baseball to the player who best combines excellence on the field with devotion to community service...that same year, received the Branch Rickey Award from the Rotary Club of Denver, the Hutch Award from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, and the Jim "Catfish" Hunter Humanitarian Award from the North Carolina ALS Association...won the Philadelphia Sportswriters Association Humanitarian Award in 2000 and was selected as the 2002 Philanthropist of the Year by Worth 1996 received the Phi Delta Theta's Lou Gehrig Award, which is presented annually to the major leaguer who best exemplifies the character of the Hall of Famer and fraternity member, and was named as Baseball's Most Caring Athlete by USA Today Weekend. 2007 SUMMARY: Ranked 4th on the Red Sox in wins (9), starts (24), innings (151.0), and strikeouts (101) while spending 7 weeks on the disabled list...Had the 2nd lowest ERA among Boston starters (3.87, minimum 10 starts), his best since 2004 (3.26)...Was the 3rd time in the last 5 seasons has won 8 or fewer games.

SEASON RUNDOWN/INJURY: Lost season opener at Kansas City on April 2 (5 ER/4.0 IP), the 1st time had pitched as few as 4.0 innings in a start since July 18, 2001 at San Diego (2.0 IP) and just 15th time in career...Went 4-0, 2.70 (18 ER60.0 IP) in next 8 outings before defeat at New York on May 23...Was 2-0, 2.14 (5 ER/21.0 IP) in next 3 games to improve to 6-2, 3.49 through June 7...Issued 19 hits and 12 runs in 9.1 innings in losses to Colorado on June 13 and at Atlanta on June 18...Was placed on the disabled list June 22 (retroactive to June 19) with right shoulder tendonitis...Was 10th DL appearance of major league career...After working 15.0 scoreless innings with 18 strikeouts in 3 rehab starts for Triple-A Pawtucket from July 21-31, was activated on August 6...Lost at Los Angeles Angels that night, then was 3-3, 3.02 (17 ER/50.2 IP) in 8 starts the rest of the year...Lost 3 straight decisions over 4 starts from August 30-September 16, despite a 3.60 ERA in that span before ending regular season with a victory over Oakland on September 25.

A NEAR NO-NO: Worked 8.2 no-hit innings on June 7 in Oakland before Shannon Stewart singled to right to end the bid...Retired the next batter Mark Ellis for a 1-0 victory to complete the 3rd one-hitter of his ML career, the others Sept. 9, 1992 vs. the Mets and April 7, 2002 at Milwaukee...Was his 1st CG since Aug. 3, 2004 at Tampa Bay, a span of 64 starts, and 1st CG SHO since May 14, 2003 at Philadelphia... Marked the longest no-hit bid of his career, having gone 7.1 innings twice, Sept. 16, 1997 vs. the Mets in Philadelphia and May 26, 2001 at San Diego...Was the 28th regular season one-hitter by Boston since 1950, 1st since Hideo Nomo on May 25, 2001 vs. Toronto...Shannon Stewart also had the lone hit in that game, a 4th inning double... At 40 years, 205 days of age, Schilling was the oldest Sox pitcher in that span with a CG one-hitter...Was the longest no-bid to be ended for a Sox pitcher since Rick Wise lost a no-hit bid with 2 out in the 9th on July 2, 1975 in Milwaukee... The previous one was Billy Rohr's 8.2 no-hit innings on April 14, 1967 at Yankee Stadium...Win ended a 4-game Boston losing streak, the 3rd time that Schilling had ended a team losing streak of 4 or more games with the Red Sox.

MISCELLANEOUS: Allowed 2 runs or less 12 times, going 7-2, 1.32 ERA in those contests...Also permitted 5 or more earned runs 6 times, going 1-4 8.63 ERA in those starts...Issued just 8 walks in final 15 starts (93. 0 IP)...Opponents batted .275 but just .245 with men on base...Worked 1st 8 innings of 8-0 victory over Los Angeles on April 20 with string of 16.0 scoreless innings over 3 starts, April 8-20...Worked 7.0 or more innings 5 times in season's 1st 6 starts but on just 3 occasions in final 18 outings...Was 6-1 in 9 starts following a Red Sox loss...Boston was 13-11 in his 24 starts.

POSTSEASON PROWESS: Is 11-2 with a 2.23 ERA (33 ER/133.1 IP) in 19 career post-season starts with the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox...His .846 winning percentage is the highest in history among pitchers with at least 10 post-season decisions while his ERA is 3rd lowest among post-season hurlers with at least 100.0 innings...Also ranks among the all-time post-season leaders in wins (T5th), strikeouts (8th, 120), and innings (8th)...Has held opponents to .212 batting average, 4th lowest among pitchers with at least 100.0 IP...Is 5-0, 2.19 (9 ER/37.0 IP) in last 6 playoff games since loss to the Yankees in Game 1 of the 2004 ALCS and is 11-1 in last 16 starts beginning with a win in Game 5 of the 2003 World Series. Is 4-0, 0.93 (4 ER/38.2 IP) in 5 career Division Series starts, joining John Smoltz (7-0) and Pedro Martinez (4-0) as only pitchers with 4+ wins without a loss in DS play...His ERA is 2nd lowest in DS history among pitchers with at least 25.0 IP to Mariano Rivera (0.38) and is tied for 5th in wins...Is tied for 14th all-time with 4 World Series victories...With the Red Sox, is 6-1, 3.28 (17 ER/46.2 IP) in 8 post-season starts, tying Martinez for 1st in wins...Ranks 6th in innings and is 7th in strikeouts (29).

Was 3-0, 3.00 (8 ER/24.0 IP) with 16 strikeouts in 4 starts in the 2007 postseason... Worked 7.0 shutout frames to win the 3rd and deciding game of the Division Series at Anaheim...Was 2nd playoff series clinching win, the other in Game 5 of the 2001 NLDS...In the ALCS against Cleveland had no decision in Game 2 (5 ER/4.2 IP) and earned a 12- 2 victory in Game 6 (2 ER/7.0 IP), both at Fenway Park...Was a 2-1 winner in Game 2 of the World Series over Colorado (1 ER/5.1 IP)...Earned 1st career WS victory on October 21, 1993...At 40 years, 11 months, 11 days, was the 2nd oldest pitcher in history to start and win a World Series game behind Detroit's Kenny Rogers (41 yrs, 11 mos., 12 days) in 2006 and 3rd oldest overall with a WS victory. 2006 SUMMARY: Returned from injury-plagued 2005 to rank fifth in the American League with 183 strikeouts and sixth with a .682 winning percentage...compiled the lowest ERA among Boston qualifiers at 3.97, 13th in A.L...led Red Sox in strikeouts and was second in wins (15), starts (31), and innings (204)...led the Majors with a 6.54 strikeouts to walks ratio and an average of 1.24 walks per 9 innings...named by Boston BBWAA chapter as Red Sox' Comeback Player of the Year.

SEASON RUNDOWN: Started strong, going 4-0, 1.61 in his 1st 4 starts, 1st time in career had earned victories in each of 1st 4 outings...began 4-0 overall for 3rd time...went 1-2, 6.20 (17 ER/24.2 IP) in his next 4 games to lift ERA to 3.76 through May 10...was 5-0 in next 9 starts, May 16-June 29 and 8-1, 3.52 (37 ER/94.2 IP) overall in 14-start span through July 25...was the 1st major league pitcher to record both 8 and 9 victories and tied for ML lead with his 13th win on July 25...went just 1-4, 5.44 (30 ER/49.2 IP) in his next 8 outings before winning in final appearance on September 28.

FOR OPENERS: Earned the win on opening day, April 3 in Texas, holding the Rangers to 5 hits and 2 runs in 7 innings...was 1st opening day start with Red Sox, his 6th overall, and 1st since 1999 with 3-0, 2.93 (13 ER/40 IP) in 6 opening day assignments.

MEDICAL WATCH: Aggravated a strain of his right latissumus dorci muscle on August 30 in Oakland and did not pitch again until September 20...was hit in area of the right biceps by a Jim Thome line drive on July 9 in Chicago and left the game...did not miss a turn.

BY THE NUMBERS: Went 9-1, 3.06 (32 ER/94 IP) in 14 starts at Fenway Park and 6-6, 4.75 (58 ER/110 IP) in 17 road outings...was 12-4, 3.83 in night games and 3-3, 4.38 in the daytime...opponents batted .276, .277 versus lefthanded batters and .275 against righthanded hitters...held opponents to a .205 (15-73) average with runners in scoring position and 2 outs...worked 7 or more innings 17 times with high of 8 frames on 3 occasions...has made 52 starts since his last complete game, August 3, 2004 at Tampa Bay...pitched 7 shutout innings on July 15 against Oakland and allowed one or 2 runs in 14 other starts.

OF NOTE: Reached the 3,000-inning mark, June 13 at Minnesota and made his 400th career start, July 9 at Chicago White Sox...threw Red Sox season high 133 pitches on April 25 in Cleveland...issued 3 homers in an inning for 2nd time in career, July 30 vs. Angels (3rd inning)...tied the A.L. record by issuing 10 extra base hits (9 doubles/1 homer) on August 10 at Kansas City...became 1st A.L. pitcher to allow as many as 9 doubles in a game since Washington's Earl Whitehill issued 10 in 1935. 2005 SUMMARY: Despite 76 days on the disabled list, made 32 appearances (11 starts), finishing 8-8 with 9 saves and a 5.69 ERA in his 2nd season with the Red Sox...went 4-5 with a 5.87 ERA (45 ER/69.0 IP) in 11 starts, which bookended 21 bullpen outings in which he went 4-3 with 9 saves in 11 opportunities and a 5.18 ERA (14 ER/24.1 IP).

A TALE OF THREE SEASONS: Began the year on the D.L. as he continued his recovery from off-season surgery on his right ankle...was activated April 13 and made 3 starts, going 1-2 with an 8.15 ERA (16 ER/17.2 IP) before returning to the D.L. April 29 (retroactive to April 24) with a right ankle bone bruise...was activated July 13 and went into the Boston bullpen, assuming the role of closer due to Keith Foulke's knee problems...between July 14 and August 21, made 21 relief appearances, going 4-3 with 9 saves in 11 chances and a 5.18 ERA (14 ER/24.1 IP), working regularly from the pen for the first time since 1992 with the Phillies...on August 25, returned to the starting rotation, where he closed out the regular season by going 3-3 with a 5.08 ERA (29 ER/51.1 IP) in 8 starts.

CLIMBING THE CHARTS: With 87 strikeouts in 93.1 innings, climbed into a tie with Mickey Lolich for 16th place on the all-time strikeout list...ranks 5th among active pitchers behind Roger Clemens (4,502), Randy Johnson (4,372), Greg Maddux (3,052) and Pedro Martinez (2,861).

INSIDE THE NUMBERS: Completed at least 6.0 innings in each of his last 7 starts...the Red Sox scored 46 runs in his 4 wins as a starter (11.5 per game)...opponents hit .314 (121-for-385) with 12 homers, including a .343 average (61-for-178) and 8 homers by right-handed hitters...the opposition registered a .423 average (55-for-130) when hitting one of the first 2 pitches of an at-bat and a .259 average (66-for-255) thereafter...of the 12 homers he allowed, 6 came among his first 15 pitches of a game.

MORE 2005 HIGHLIGHTS: Picked up his first victory of the season on Patriots Day, winning a 12-7 shootout with the Blue Jays...allowed 5 runs on 10 hits in 5.0 innings, striking out a season-high 10...the 10-K game was his 91st all-time, 6th-most in major league history, 4th among active pitchers...moving to the pen, picked up his first relief wins since April 27, 1992 with Philadelphia at San Diego...his saves were his first since May 3, 1992 with the Phillies at San Francisco...September 10 at Yankee Stadium, beat the Yankees 9-2 for his first win in his 4th start since returning to the rotation...allowed 2 runs on 5 hits in a season-high 8.0 innings...2 starts later, limited the Devil Rays to 2 runs on 5 hits in 7.0 innings in a 15-2 win at Fenway...after a no-decision against Toronto, won his final start of the season on the final day of the season, beating the Yankees 10-1 October 2 at Fenway...gave up a run on 8 hits in 6.0 innings.

IN THE POSTSEASON: Having beaten the Yankees on the final day of the regular season to help the Red Sox secure a playoff spot, did not pitch in the ALDS vs. Chicago...was scheduled to start Game 4; however, the White Sox completed a 3-game sweep. 2004 SUMMARY: In his first season with the Red Sox, led the majors with 21 wins and posted an A.L.-best .778 winning percentage (21-6) en route to his 6th career All-Star selection...was named Red Sox Pitcher of the Year by the Boston Baseball Writers after turning in a heroic post-season performance in helping the Red Sox to their first World Championship since 1918...finished 2nd to Minnesota's Johan Santana in A.L. Cy Young Award voting...ended the regular season with a 3.26 ERA and limited opponents to a .239 average in 33 starts...ranked among the league's top 10 in wins, winning percentage, ERA, strikeouts, innings pitched, opponents average, walks per 9 innings and strikeouts per 9 innings...the Red Sox were 25-7 in his 32 starts (with wins in his last 9 in a row and 10 of his last 11)...22 of Schilling's 32 starts were quality starts...received an average of 6.9 runs of support (221 runs in 32 starts)...ended the year on an 8-game winning streak...was 8-0 with a 2.42 ERA (18 ER/67.0 IP) over his final 9 starts...his last loss came August 9 vs. Tampa Bay.

A CHECK OF THE LEADER BOARD: Ranked among A.L. leaders in victories (first with 21), winning percentage (first at .778), ERA (2nd at 3.26), strikeouts (3rd with 203), innings pitched (3rd with 226.2), opponents average (4th at .239), strikeouts per 9 innings (tied for 5th at 8.1), complete games (tied for 5th with 3) and starts (tied for 8th with 33)...led the majors with an average of 7.54 runs worth of support per 9 innings pitched...averaged 5.8 K's for every walk allowed, the best ratio in the A.L. and 3rd-best in the majors behind Milwaukee's Ben Sheets and Arizona's Randy Johnson...was 2nd in the A.L. to Johan Santana and 4th in the majors, allowing just 9.77 base runners per 9 innings.

SEEING STARS: Was named to his 6th career All-Star Game, his first in the A.L...traveled to Houston, but did not appear in the Mid-Summer Classic to rest his ailing ankle.

BIG WINNER: With an 11-4 win September 16 vs. Tampa Bay, Schilling became the first 20-game winner in baseball in 2004, reaching 20 wins for the 3rd time in his career, the 3rd time in the last 4 years...he won 22 games in 2001 and 23 games in 2002 for Arizona...with the 46th 20-win season in club annals, Schilling became just the 8th pitcher in Red Sox history to win 20 in his first season in the last 37 years, 6 other pitchers have won 20 for the Sox: Jim Lonborg (1967), Luis Tiant (1973-74, 1976), Dennis Eckersley (1978), Roger Clemens (1986-87, 1990), Pedro Martinez (1999, 2002) and Derek Lowe (2002).

BESTING THE BEST: Finished the year 12-0 with a 2.94 ERA (32 ER/98.0 IP) in 14 starts against clubs that ended the year with a better-than-.500 record...was a combined 6-0 with a 2.86 ERA (16 ER/50.1 IP) in 7 starts against playoff teams New York (2-0, 4.82), Minnesota (1-0, 1.29), Anaheim (2-0, 2.30) and Atlanta (1-0, 1.00).

ABOVE AVERAGE: Opponents hit just .239 (206-for-861), 4th-best in the league...lefties batted .238 (110-for-462) with 6 homers...righthanders hit .241 (96-for-399) with 17 long balls...held the opposition to a .217 average (81-for-373) after the All-Star foes to a .271 on-base percentage (2nd in the A.L. to only Minnesota's Johan Santana at .249) and a .387 slugging percentage (5th in the A.L.).

STOPPER: Went 10-3 with a 2.86 ERA (34 ER/107.0 IP) in 15 starts after a Boston his last 8 starts after a Sox setback, went 7-0 with a 2.05 ERA (14 ER/61.1 IP).

HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE: Led the American League and tied Houston's Roger Clemens for the major league lead with 12 home wins...finished 12-1 with a 3.45 ERA (49 ER/127.2 IP) in 18 starts at Fenway Park and 9-5 with a 3.00 ERA (33 ER/99.0 IP) in 14 starts on the road...finished 4th in the A.L. in road ERA...opponents hit .238 (116-for-488) with 15 homers at Fenway and .241 (90-for-373) with 8 long balls on the road.

HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY: Led the staff and tied for 5th in the A.L. with 3 complete games...allowed a run on 5 hits, walked none and fanned 8 May 8 vs. Kansas City...gave up just a run on 6 hits, walked one and registered 10 K's July 3 at Atlanta...went the distance August 3 at Tampa Bay, surrendering 2 runs on 6 hits with a walk and 7 punch outs...worked at least 7.0 innings in 23 of his 32 starts, at least 8.0 in 8.

ANY TIME, ANY PLACE: Was remarkably consistent with a 3.45 ERA at home and a 3.00 mark (4th-best in the A.L.) on the road...was 7-0 with a 2.71 ERA during the day (the 2nd-best ERA in the league) and 14-6 with a 3.48 ERA at night (tied for 5th in the A.L.)...was 11-4 with a 3.16 ERA before the All-Star break and 10-2 with a 3.38 ERA after the break.

DOWN BY WAY OF THE K: Struck out 203 in 226.2 innings, an average of 8.1 K's per 9 innings...with Pedro Martinez (227 K's), gave the Red Sox their first pair of 200-strikeout pitchers ever...fanned 10 or more 4 times...fanned a team season-high 14 September 21 vs. Baltimore...the last Red Sox to fan as many as 14 was Pedro, who punched out 14 Blue Jays July 1, 2002 at Fenway.

EVERYTHING'S UNDER CONTROL: Issued only 35 walks in 226.2 innings, an average of 1.4 per 9 innings, the 3rd-best ratio in the league...did not issue a walk in 13 of his 32 starts and walked one or none in 22...walked more than 2 only 3 times, never surrendering more than 4 bases on balls in a start...did not walk a batter over 5 consecutive starts (36.1 IP) August 20-September 10.

INSIDE THE NUMBERS: Finished 8-4 with a 3.84 ERA (51 ER/119.2 IP) in 17 starts when pitching on regular 4-day rest and 13-2 with a 2.61 ERA (31 ER/107.0 IP) in 15 starts when pitching on 5 or more days rest...finished 1-2 with a 5.00 ERA (15 ER/27.9 IP) in 4 starts against Toronto and 20-4 with a 3.02 ERA (67 ER/199.2) against all other foes...the Jays hit .306 (34-for-111)...everyone else hit .229 (172-for-750)...beat 14 teams at least once and 5 times 2 or more times...earned 4 wins in 5 starts against Tampa Bay...opponents were 6-for-7 in stolen base attempts...threw a total of 3,412 pitches, an average of 15.1 per inning...his average of 106.6 pitchers per game was 2nd to only Oakland's Barry Zito in the A.L...induced 12 ground-ball double plays.

MORE 2004 HIGHLIGHTS: In addition to his season-ending 8-game winning streak, longest by a Red Sox pitcher in 2004, won 4 in a row twice: May 19-June 10 and June 22-July 18...fanned a team season-high 14 in a no-decision September 21 vs. Baltimore...worked 8.0 scoreless innings, allowing 3 hits and one walk...left with a 1-0 lead after 8, but Baltimore scored twice in the 9th...the Sox won it in the bottom of the inning on a 2-run single by Mark Bellhorn.

IN THE POSTSEASON: Pitching with a detached tendon in his right ankle--that would require off-season surgery--went 3-1 with a 3.57 ERA (9 ER/22.2 IP) in 4 post-season starts to help the Sox to the World Series championship...was a 9-3 winner in Game 1 of the ALDS at Anaheim, allowing 3 runs (2 earned) on 9 hits in 6.0 innings...walked 2, fanned 7 and allowed solo homers by Troy Glaus and Darin Erstad...bothered by the ankle, dropped a 10-7 decision in Game 1 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium...was roughed up for 6 runs on 6 hits in 3.0 innings, walking 2 and striking out 1...after having the tendon sutured to the ankle bone, returned to dominate the Yankees in Game 6, a 4-2 win...surrendered only one run on 4 hits in 7.0 innings...walked none and fanned 4...gave the Sox a 2-0 lead in the World Series with a 6-2 win over the Cardinals in Game 2 at Fenway...allowed one unearned run on 4 hits in 6.0 innings, walking one and striking out 4...again, had the tendon sutured to his ankle the day before pitching...had the ankle surgically repaired November 8 in a procedure performed by Dr. George Theodore. 2003 SUMMARY: In his final season with Arizona, overcame a host of injuries to post a 2.95 ERA, 5th-best in the N.L. and Schilling's lowest since 1992, his first season as a major league starter...finished 8-9, striking out 194 (5th in the N.L.) and walking only 32 in 168.0 innings...ranked among N.L. leaders in ERA (5th at 2.95), strikeouts (5th with 194), strikeouts per 9 innings (tied for 2nd with 10.4), walks per 9 innings (2nd with 1.7) and opponents average (8th at .230)...was limited to 24 starts by a pair of D.L. stints due to an appendectomy that sidelined him for 15 days in April and a fractured bone in his right hand that sidelined him May 31-July 11...returned to post a 2.67 ERA over his final 13 starts despite pitching through a bone bruise on his left knee, right hamstring and groin problems and a cervical strain in his neck during the season's final 2 months...threw 3 complete games and 2 shutouts...went 7-3 with a 2.18 ERA in 12 road starts, posting the 3rd-best road ERA in the majors...was 1-6 with a 3.69 ERA in 12 starts at home.

IN MEDICAL NEWS...: Was admitted to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis April 19 and underwent an appendectomy...was on the D.L. April 18-May 2, missing 14 games...went 3-1 with a 1.40 ERA (6 ER/38.2 IP) in 5 starts upon his return heading into a May 30 outing in San Diego...having worked 6.2 innings of 4-hit shutout ball, he was struck on the right hand by a 7th-inning line drive off the bat of Sean Burroughs...the shot fractured the 3rd and 4th metacarpals in his right hand (it was actually the 2nd time Curt was hit in the game, as Ramon Vazquez lined the first pitch of the night off of Schilling's hand)...returned to the D.L. May 31-July 11, missing 38 games...Curt's left knee locked up in the 8th inning of his August 17 start at Atlanta...a precautionary MRI revealed a bone bruise, which did not prevent him from making his next start...September 1 vs. San Francisco, he tweaked his right hamstring and groin but remained in the game...he developed stiffness in his neck and shoulder during his next start September 6 at San Francisco and missed his September 11 start vs. Los Angeles with a cervical strain in his neck.

MORE 2003 HIGHLIGHTS: After starting 0-2, Schilling earned his first win with a complete-game 4-hitter April 17 vs. Colorado...walked none and rang up 10 K's while pitching with symptoms that wound up being appendicitis, which would sideline him April 18-May 2...was 1-2 with a 5.01 ERA through 5 starts before tossing consecutive shutouts May 9 at Pittsburgh and May 14 at the Pirates gem, a 5-0 win, surrendered 4 hits, walked none and fanned 10...5 days later, pitching at Veteran's Stadium for the final time, he threw a 2-hitter for a 2-0 win...walked none and struck out a season-high 14...the back-to-back shutouts gave Schilling 20.0 consecutive scoreless innings from May 3-19, the longest run by an Arizona starter in 2003...had last thrown 2 straight shutouts July 22 and July 27, 1992 with the Phillies...on the D.L. May 31-July 11, he made a pair of rehab starts for Triple-A Tucson before returning July 12 vs. San Francisco, his final start before the All-Star break...posted a 1.26 ERA in his first 7 starts after the break (July 17-August 17), but went just 3-2 as the D-Backs scored 3 runs or less in 6 of those games...posted consecutive 2-0 victories August 12 at Cincinnati and August 17 at Atlanta...threw 7.0 shutout innings with 11 K's against the Reds in his first start at Great American Ballpark...5 days later, hurled 8.0 innings of one-hit shutout ball, striking out 12, to out-duel Greg Maddux...Curt's left knee locked up between pitches in the 8th inning, but he finished the inning...a precautionary MRI revealed a bone bruise, which did not prevent him from making his next start August 22 against the Cubs, when he matched his season-high with 14 strikeouts over 8.0 innings but lost 4-1...September 1, he blanked the Giants over 8.0 innings on 5 hits with 10 K's, though he tweaked his right hamstring and groin during the start but remained in the game...he developed stiffness in his neck and shoulder during his next start September 6 at San Francisco, when he allowed 4 runs on 6 hits in 6.0 innings in a no-decision...he missed his September 11 start vs. Los Angeles with a cervical strain in his neck, then returned to action September 16 and recorded his 8th win, limiting the Dodgers to a run on 8 hits over 7.0 innings...he was a 6-4 loser September 20 in Milwaukee in what would be his final appearance with Arizona...after the D-Backs were eliminated from the division race, Curt was scratched from his final scheduled start due to the injuries that plagued him over the season's final month. 2002 SUMMARY: Went 23-7 with a 3.23 ERA in 36 games (35 starts)...finished 2nd to Randy Johnson in N.L. Cy Young voting and placed 10th in MVP balloting for the 2nd year in a row...was named to his 5th All-Star team, selected to start his 2nd All-Star Game...for the 2nd straight year, took home N.L. Pitcher of the Year honors from The Sporting News.

TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER: Ranked among N.L. leaders with 1.15 walks per 9 innings (first), a career-best 23 wins (2nd), 10.97 K's per 9 innings (2nd), 259.1 innings (2nd), 35 starts (2nd), 5 complete games (3rd), a .767 winning percentage (3rd) and a 3.23 ERA (10th).

THAT'S A WINNER: With 23 wins in 2002 and 22 in 2001, Schilling's total of 45 wins over the 2 seasons matched teammate Randy Johnson for most in consecutive seasons by any hurler since Baltimore's Jim Palmer won 45 games in 1975-76, most in the N.L. since Steve Carlton won 47 games for the Phillies in 1971-72...since the institution of divisional play in 1969, Schilling joined Palmer, Jim "Catfish" Hunter, Wilbur Wood, Mickey Lolich, Fergie Jenkins and Mike Cuellar as the only hurlers to win at least 22 in consecutive seasons.

ALL-STAR STARTER: Started his 2nd career All-Star Game (also 1999 at Fenway Park)...allowed one hit, walked none and fanned 3 in 2.0 scoreless innings in the July 9 Mid-Summer Classic at Miller Park in Milwaukee...the lone hit he allowed was a one-out single in the 2nd on an 0-2 pitch by Boston's Manny Ramirez.

300 K'S: With 313 strikeouts, topped 300 for the 3rd time in his career (also 1997 and 1998) major league history, only all-time strikeout king Nolan Ryan (6) and Randy Johnson (6) have more 300-K campaigns...Sandy Koufax also had 3...Schilling and Johnson became the first teammates in history to each record 300 strikeouts in the same season...Schilling hit the milestone when he fanned Milwaukee's Jorge Fabregas on September 15...he finished with the 2nd-highest strikeout total in the majors at 316, 99 more than the nearest N.L. hurler (Kerry Wood) and 77 ahead of A.L. leader Pedro Martinez.

EVERYTHING'S UNDER CONTROL: Schilling finished the year the M.L. leader in walks per 9 innings (1.15), surrendering only 33 free passes in 259.1 innings...through August 21, the day of his 21st victory, Schilling had surrendered only 20 walks all year...his walk total finally surpassed his win total when he issued 3 bases on balls August 26 at Los Angeles...finished with 32 starts in which he walked 2 or fewer, including 15 with no walks.

QUICK START: Opened the season 12-1 with a 2.79 ERA through 14 starts, walking only 10 in his first 103.2 innings...he issued only 8 free passes through his first 103.1 innings, but on June 8 in Boston he walked 2 in the 8th inning, starting with a free pass to Johnny Damon to snap a streak of 44.0 consecutive innings (165 batters) without a walk.

9 IN A ROW: With a 3-2 win over Pedro Martinez June 8 at Fenway Park, Schilling had a career-best 9-game winning streak...posted a 2.78 ERA (23 ER/74.1 IP) during the 10-start tear, which began April 23 at Atlanta...lost consecutive starts after his June 8 win, then ran off 6 straight wins June 30-July 27.

MORE 2002 HIGHLIGHTS: Hurled his 2nd career one-hitter in his 2nd start April 7 in Milwaukee...established a single-game personal best with 17 K's in the game...the lone hit he allowed in the 2-0 victory was a 3rd-inning single by Raul Casanova...posted a 5-0 record and a 2.80 ERA (14 ER/45.0 IP) in 6 starts in May...walked only 2 and struck out 62 in 45.0 May innings to earn the N.L. Pitcher of the Month recognition, the 3rd time in 4 years he had won the league's May honor...was again named N.L. Pitcher of the Month in July, when he went 5-0 with a 1.64 ERA (7 ER/38.1 IP) in 5 starts, walking 5 and punching out 37 in 38.1 innings...started a 6-game winning streak with a complete-game 5-hitter in a 5-2 win June 30 at Cleveland...the win also began a stretch in which he went 11-2 with a 2.16 ERA June 30-September 10...his ERA stood at 2.76 on September 10, but he went 0-2 with a 7.77 ERA (21 ER/24.1 IP) in his last 4 games (3 starts)...his final appearance of the season was a one-inning relief outing September 29 vs. Colorado, his first bullpen appearance since May 13, 1992 with Philadelphia...had made 308 straight starts.

NUMBERS, PLEASE: Recorded 14 double-digit strikeout games...was 6-2 in 9 starts after an Arizona loss after going 13-1 following a setback in 2001...went 11-2 in 14 starts against the N.L. West...offensively, Schilling established a career high with 15 hits, eclipsing his previous best of 14 with Philadelphia in 1997.

IN THE POSTSEASON: Started Game 2 of the NLDS vs. St. Louis, allowing a run on 7 hits with a walk and 7 strikeouts...left the duel with Chuck Finley trailing 1-0...the D-Backs tied the game in the 8th, but St. Louis rallied for a run in the 9th and held on for a 2-1 win. 2001 SUMMARY: Capped a remarkable season by sharing World Series MVP honors with Randy Johnson as the tandem pitched the Diamondbacks past the Yankees to the world championship...went 22-6 with a 2.98 ERA and 6 complete games in 35 starts...fanned 293 and walked only 39 in 256.2 innings...finished 2nd to Johnson in N.L. Cy Young voting and came in 10th in the N.L. MVP All-Star for the 4th time, Curt led the league in wins (tied with Matt Morris), starts, complete games and innings, ranked 2nd in ERA, strikeouts, walks per 9 innings (1.37) and winning percentage (.786) and finished 3rd in strikeouts per 9 innings (10.27)...the D-Backs were 27-8 in his starts...went 13-1 with a 1.72 ERA when starting the day after an Arizona loss...was 11-1 vs. the N.L. West.

AND THE WINNER IS...: Was lauded extensively for his achievements on and off the field in 2001...won the Roberto Clemente Award, presented by John Hancock...shared Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year honors with teammate Randy Johnson...Curt was also named 2001 Man of the Year by The Sporting News, only the 5th pitcher to win the award joining Denny McLain in 1968, Tom Seaver in 1969, Ron Guidry in 1978 and Nolan Ryan in 1990...also won Denver's Branch Rickey Award, the Hutch Award and the Jim "Catfish" Hunter Award for combination of excellence on the field and devotion to community service.

DYNAMIC DUO: Finished 2nd to teammate Randy Johnson in N.L. Cy Young balloting, the first time since 1956 that starting pitchers from the same club finished 1-2...Schilling fanned 293 and Johnson punched out 372, as the duo combined for a major league record 665 K's to break the mark previously held by Nolan Ryan and Bill Singer, who totaled 624 for the 1973 was also the first time a pair of teammates ranked 1-2 in strikeouts since Dizzy Trout and Hal Newhouser turned the trick with the 1944 Detroit Tigers.

SEEING STARS: Schilling was named to start the All-Star Game, but passed the honor to Randy Johnson after pitching at home against Oakland just 2 days prior to the Mid-Summer Classic...although he did not pitch in the game at Safeco Field in Seattle, it was the 4th time 5 years Schilling had been named to the National League squad.

MORE 2001 HIGHLIGHTS: Was 10-1 with a 2.60 ERA through 13 starts...April 10 vs. Los Angeles, tossed the first complete-game 2-hitter in team history...needed only 1 hour, 53 minutes to post a 2-0 win over Kevin Brown...walked none and fanned 10...earned his first 2 career N.L. Player of the Week honors...tossed back-to-back complete games against the Giants May 21 and Padres May 26 to earn the weekly the win in San Diego, Schilling had a perfect game for 7.1 innings before Ben Davis broke up the bid with a bunt single...was again named Player of the Week for his work at home against Montreal on July 31 and the Mets on August 5, when he allowed only 2 earned runs in 17.0 innings with 21 K's...was named N.L. Pitcher of the Month for May, after going 5-1 with a 2.35 ERA...rang up his 2,000th strikeout September 18 at Denver, punching out Juan Uribe.

NUMBERS GAME: Worked at least 7.0 innings in 29 of his 35 of the outings in which he didn't get to the 7th was when an electrical box exploded in the top of the 3rd July 18 in San Diego, shutting down a bank of lights and forcing the game to be suspended until the next day when Randy Johnson picked it up and completed a combined one-hitter for a 3-0 win...was tagged for a career-high 37 home runs, 31 of which were solo shots...a Barry Bonds grand slam on July 26 snapped a streak of 19 consecutive solos allowed, the longest streak in major league history, 2 more than Jose Rijo (1993) and Mark Leiter (1995).

IN THE POSTSEASON: Helped the D-Backs to the World Championship, finishing 4-0 with a 1.12 ERA in 6 post-season starts...allowed 6 earned runs in a post-season record 48.1 innings pitched...also established major league post-season records for starts (6) and strikeouts (56) while his 3 complete games tied the record...fired a 3-hitter for a 1-0 win over St. Louis in Game 1 of the was his 2nd consecutive post-season complete game shutout going back to the 1993 World Series, when he blanked Toronto on a 5-hitter in Game 5 as a was also the first 1-0 complete game win in Division Series history and the first in any post-season series since Jack Morris' Game 7 win for the Twins over Atlanta in the 1991 World 72 walks and 26 K's in the series...cruised to a 9-1 win in Game 1, allowing a run on 3 hits over 7.0 innings, extending his personal post-season winning streak to 5 consecutive starts dating to Game 5 of the 1993 World Series...then worked 7.0 innings in Game 4 at Yankee Stadium, leaving the contest with a 3-1 advantage after allowing only 3 hits and a walk with 9 K's...the Yanks rebounded to win 4-3 in 10 innings...Curt took the ball in Game 7 and entered the 8th inning in a 1-1 deadlock, but Alfonso Soriano staked New York to a short-lived 2-1 lead with a one-out homer that ended Schilling's night...the D-Backs scored twice in the 9th off of Mariano Rivera to win 3-2. 2000 Began the year on the D.L. recovering from off-season arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder and ended the year a Diamondback, traded to Arizona July 26...between the 2 stops, went 11-12 with a 3.81 ERA in 29 starts, throwing 8 complete games and a pair of shutouts...fanned 168 and walked only 45, an average of 1.93 walks per 9 innings, 5th-fewest in the N.L...recorded his 100th career win in his 2nd start of the year, a 6-0 win May 6 in Atlanta...his last start as a Phillie was a complete-game 3-hitter in a 4-1 win July 23 at was his 2nd complete game in 3 starts and occurred in a stretch in which he went the distance in 6 of 9 starts, 4 of them with Arizona...made his Diamondbacks debut July 28 at Florida, scattering 6 hits over 8.0 innings in a 4-1 win...his 11-2 win over the Cubs on August 18 climaxed an 11-start stretch in which Schilling went 8-3 with a 1.90 ERA (19 ER/90.0 IP). 1999 Despite missing the last 2 months of the season with shoulder problems, finished 15-6 with a 3.54 ERA in 24 starts for the Phillies...ranked 2nd in the N.L. with 8 complete games, was 5th with a .714 winning percentage and a .237 opponents average, 7th with a 3.54 ERA, 8th with 2.2 walks allowed per 9 innings and 10th with 7.6 K's per 9 innings...made only 5 starts after the All-Star break, yet led the Phillies in complete games and strikeouts (152), tied for the team lead in wins and ranked 2nd in innings pitched (180.1)...made his 5th Opening Day start for the Phils, his 3rd in a row, most by a Philadelphia righthander since Robin Roberts started 12 in a row from 1950-61...threw 5 consecutive complete games May 7-29, going 3-1 with a 2.22 ERA (11 ER/44.2 IP)...joined Tommy Greene of the 1993 Phillies and Pat Hentgen of the 1996 Blue Jays as one of only 3 pitchers in the 1990's to turn the trick...was named N.L. Pitcher of the Month for May, finishing 5-1 with a 2.42 ERA in 6 starts...recorded his 1,500th career strikeout June 3 vs. San Francisco, fanning Rich Aurilia...his 13 wins before the break were the most by a Phillie since Steve Carlton won 14 in the first half in 1980...was chosen by N.L. manager Bruce Bochy to start the All-Game at Fenway Park, his 3rd straight All-Star selection...starting against Pedro Martinez, took the loss, allowing 2 runs on 3 hits and a walk, while striking out 3 in 2.0 innings...missed his July 28 start vs. Florida with tendinitis in his right biceps, his first missed start since May 14, 1996, a streak of 117 consecutive starts...lost 8-2 to Arizona August 7, then went on the D.L. with inflammation in his right shoulder...was activated September 3, beating the Reds 10-2 that time out, dropped a 10-2 decision September 8 vs. Houston...fanned just one, his fewest since April 24, 1994, and was shut down for the remainder of the season...underwent an anterior thermal capsular reduction and posterior capsule release on his right shoulder on December 13...the arthroscopic procedure was performed by Dr. Craig Morgan. 1998 Went 15-14 with a 3.25 ERA in 35 starts, named to his 2nd straight All-Star team...led the majors in complete games (15) and innings (a career-high 268.2), and topped the N.L. in strikeouts (300) the time he was just the 5th pitcher in M.L. history to fan 300 in back-to-back seasons joining J.R. Richard, Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax and Rube Waddell...Randy Johnson has since fanned 300 in a major league-record 5 straight seasons...Schilling's complete game total marked the most by a Phillie since Steve Carlton went the route 19 times in 1982...they were the most by a Philadelphia righthander since former Red Sox Jim Lonborg's 16 in 1974...Curt fanned a season-high 15 April 15 at Atlanta...his 300th and final strikeout victim was Florida's Kevin Orie on September 26...pitched for the major league All-Star team that toured Japan after the season. 1997 Earned his first All-Star selection and finished 4th in N.L. Cy Young voting...went 17-11 with a 2.97 ERA in 35 starts, tied for most in the league...led the majors with 319 strikeouts, most ever by an N.L. righthander...broke J.R. Richard's mark of 313 when he fanned Devon White September 26 at Florida...shattered Steve Carlton's club record of 310 K's by ringing up Sammy Sosa September 21 at Chicago...recorded 17 double-digit strikeout games, and set a then single-game best with 16 K's September 1 vs. the Yankees...ranked among league leaders in starts (first), K's per 9 innings (2nd with 11.29), innings pitched (3rd with 254.1), complete games (3rd), walks per 9 innings (4th with 2.05), wins (5th), winning percentage (5th at .714), hits per 9 innings (5th with 7.36) and ERA (9th)...he was the Phillies' Opening Day starter for the 3rd time and earned his first season- opening win, combining with Ricky Bottalico on a 3-0 victory at Los Angeles, the Phillies first season-opening shutout since 1984...fanned 3 in 2.0 shutout innings in his All-Star debut at Cleveland...stole the first base of his career on August 22 vs. the Dodgers. 1996 Began the year on the D.L. as he recovered from the previous season's right shoulder surgery...made 4 minor league rehab starts before debuting for the Phils May 14 vs. the Giants...worked 7.0 innings of 5-hit shutout ball in the 7-0 win...despite missing 6 weeks, he went on to lead the league with 8 complete games, including a pair of shutouts...finished 9-10 with a 3.19 ERA in 26 starts...he drove in a career-high 3 runs on July 4 vs. Florida...struck out 7 consecutive batters August 26 at San Francisco, the first pitcher to do so since Roger Clemens (1992) all, chalked up 182 K's in 183.1 innings of work. 1995 Had his 2nd straight season cut short by injury, going 7-5 with a 3.57 ERA in 17 starts...was 4-0 with a 2.69 ERA through his first 9 starts before suffering his first loss on June 13...was among the N.L. leaders in innings, strikeouts and average against when he missed his July 23 start due to tendinitis and inflammation in his right shoulder...received a cortisone injection from Dr. Craig Morgan August 4, but the discomfort continued...underwent season-ending arthroscopic surgery performed by Dr. Morgan August 23 to repair a superior labral tear and an anterior posterior (SLAP) lesion and clean up some fraying of the rotator cuff and removing a bone spur from the right shoulder. 1994 Was limited to 13 starts in an injury-plagued and strike-shortened season, finishing 2-8 with a 4.48 ERA...made his first career Opening Day start for the Phillies and began the year 0-7 with a 5.40 ERA through 9 starts, his longest career losing that point, went on the D.L. for the first time in his career May 16-July 25 with a tender right elbow...had a bone spur removed from the elbow May 20...his injury troubles continued when he had surgery on his left knee June 10 after a freak incident when the knee popped as he got up from a seated position...went 2-1 with a 2.63 ERA (8 ER/27.1 IP) in his final 4 starts. 1993 Helped the Phillies to the National League pennant, finishing 16-7 with a 4.02 ERA in 34 starts...tied for 2nd in the N.L. with 7 complete games...was 4th in the league with 186 strikeouts, 6th with 235.1 innings pitched, 7th with 34 starts and 8th with 16 victories...was the club's Player of the Month in April (4-1 with a 2.54 ERA) and September (4-1 with a 3.47 ERA)...started Game 1 of the NLCS against the Braves and set a record by fanning the first 5 batters he faced...did not figure in the decision in what would be a 10- inning 4-3 win for the another no-decision in Game 5, yet wound up the series MVP without earning a his 2 starts, threw 16.0 innings, posting a 1.69 ERA while striking out 19...he started 2 games in the World Series against the Blue Jays, losing Game 1 8-5...allowed 7 runs (6 earned) on 8 hits in 6.1 innings...rebounded to throw a 5-hit shutout for a 2-0 win in Game 5...walked 3 and punched out 6. 1992 Went to spring training with Houston, but was traded to the Phillies April 2...went 14- 11 with 2 saves and a career-best 2.35 ERA in 42 games (26 starts)...led the major leagues with a .201 opponents average allowed, while ranking 2nd in the N.L. in complete games (10), tied for 3rd in shutouts (4) and 4th in ERA...his 2.35 mark was the lowest ERA by a Phillies righthander since Jim Bunning's registered a 2.29 mark in 1967...after starting the year with 16 relief appearances (2-2 with 2 saves and a 2.86 ERA), Curt earned a 4- 3 win in his first start since 1989, beating the Astros May 19 at Veteran's Stadium...allowed just 3 hits in 6.0 shutout innings...tossed his first career shutout June 8, a 3-hitter over Pittsburgh...fired back-to-back shutouts July 22 vs. San Diego and July 27 vs. the Mets, part of a 29.0-inning scoreless streak July 22-August 1...fired a one-hitter September 9 vs. the Mets, beating Sid Fernandez 2-1...the lone hit was a Bobby Bonilla solo homer on a 3-2 pitch leading off the 5th inning...Schilling walked none and fanned 8...only one other man reached for the Mets in the game: Chico Walker was awarded first base on catcher's interference with 2 outs in the 4th. 1991 Traded by Baltimore to Houston January 10 in a 4-player deal that also sent Steve Finley and Pete Harnisch to the Astros for Glenn Davis, Curt worked exclusively in relief for the Astros, appearing in 56 games and 13 more with Triple-A Tucson...posted a careerbest 8 saves for the Astros, opening the year as closer...converted 5 of his first 6 chances, then struggled in May and June and was optioned to Tucson June the time he was sent out, was 3-5 with 5 saves and a 4.86 ERA in 28 games...was recalled August 2 and pitched in 28 games the rest of the way, posting 3 saves and a 2.98 ERA (14 ER/42.1 IP). 1990 Was 4-4 with a 3.92 ERA in 15 games (14 starts) Triple-A Rochester, when he was recalled by the Orioles on June 29...made 35 appearances for Baltimore, all in relief, going 1-2 with 3 saves and a 2.54 ERA...earned his first major league save June 29 vs. Minnesota and his first win July 11 vs. Kansas City...did not allow a run in 20 of his first 23 outings, posting a 1.27 ERA...had a stretch of 20.0 consecutive scoreless innings July 27- September 4...was 1-0 with 2 saves and a 1.31 ERA through August before going 0-2 with a save and 6.17 ERA in 13 September outings. 1989 Spent most of the season at Triple-A Rochester, where he led the International League in innings pitched (185.1), while tying for the top spot in wins (13), starts (27), complete games (9) and shutouts (3) for the Red Wings...earned a September recall, and went 0-1 with a 6.23 ERA in 5 outings (one start) for the Orioles. 1988 Started 8-5 with a 2.97 ERA in 21 games (17 starts) with Double-A New Britain, but was traded to the Orioles July 30...went 5-2 with a 3.18 ERA with Double-A Charlotte to earn his first major league promotion...debuted with a no decision in a 4-3 win September 7 vs. Boston...starting against Bruce Hurst at the old Memorial Stadium, allowed 3 runs on 6 hits in 7.0 innings, walking 5 and striking out 2...had a 1-0 lead into the 4th, when he allowed a solo homer to Ellis Burks with 2 outs...gave up 2 more runs in the 5th on a Dwight Evans double...lost his next 3 starts, posting a 15.25 ERA (13 ER/7.2 IP). 1987 Went 8-15 with a 3.82 ERA in 29 games (28 starts) for Single-A Greensboro...led the league with 189 K's in 184.0 innings...was 4th with 7 complete games...fired 3 shutouts. 1986 Signed by the Red Sox as a 2nd-round pick in the January draft, Schilling debuted with Elmira of the short-season Single-A New York-Penn League...led the club with a 2.59 ERA in 16 games (15 starts)...finished 7-3 with 2 complete games and a shutout.