Rafael Palmeiro

Rafael Palmeiro #25

  • 1B
  • B/T: L/L
  • 6' 0" /215

Rafael Palmeiro MLB Career Stats

10472 .288 569 1835 97 .885

Rafael Palmeiro Bio

  • Full Name: Rafael Palmeiro
  • Born: 9/24/1964 in Havana, Cuba
  • Draft: 1985, Chicago Cubs, 1st rd. (22nd overall)
  • College: Mississippi State
  • Debut: 9/8/1986
  • Last Game: 8/30/2005
  • Relationship(s): father of Patrick Palmeiro, father of Preston Palmeiro
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MLB Career Stats 10472 1663 3020 569 1835 97 .288 .371 .885


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Rafael Palmeiro Awards

AL All-Star

Year Team League
1991 Texas AL
1998 Baltimore AL
1999 Texas AL

NL All-Star

Year Team League
1988 Chi Cubs NL

AL Silver Slugger

Year Team League
1998 Baltimore AL
1999 Texas AL

Rawlings AL Gold Glove

Year Team League
1997 Baltimore AL
1998 Baltimore AL
1999 Texas AL

Home Run Derby Participant

Year Team League
1998 Baltimore AL
2004 Baltimore AL

AL Player of the Month

Month Team League
07/1993 Texas AL
06/1998 Baltimore AL
06/1999 Texas AL
08/1999 Texas AL

AL Player of the Week

Week Team League
07/12/1992 Texas AL
07/04/1993 Texas AL
08/01/1993 Texas AL
08/22/1999 Texas AL

Rangers MVP

Year Team League
1990 Texas AL
1999 Texas AL
2000 Texas AL

Rafael Palmeiro Leaderboards

Batting Average

Season AVG Rank
1988 .307 2nd in NL
1990 .319 3rd in AL
1991 .322 7th in AL
1993 .295 20th in AL
1994 .319 10th in AL
1995 .310 13th in AL
1998 .296 24th in AL
1999 .324 10th in AL

Home Runs

Season HR Rank
1991 26 15th in AL
1992 22 18th in AL
1993 37 5th in AL
1994 23 10th in AL
1995 39 4th in AL
1996 39 9th in AL
1997 38 6th in AL
1998 43 6th in AL
1999 47 2nd in AL
2000 39 8th in AL
2001 47 3rd in AL
2002 43 3rd in AL
2003 38 5th in AL

Runs Batted In

Season RBI Rank
1990 89 8th in AL
1991 88 20th in AL
1992 85 19th in AL
1993 105 12th in AL
1994 76 18th in AL
1995 104 10th in AL
1996 142 4th in AL
1997 110 10th in AL
1998 121 8th in AL
1999 148 2nd in AL
2000 120 10th in AL
2001 123 6th in AL
2002 105 13th in AL
2003 112 7th in AL
2004 88 22nd in AL

Stolen Bases

Season SB Rank
1993 22 15th in AL

On-base Plus Slugging

Season OPS Rank
1988 .785 15th in NL
1990 .829 13th in AL
1991 .922 5th in AL
1992 .786 24th in AL
1993 .926 6th in AL
1994 .942 10th in AL
1995 .963 7th in AL
1996 .927 17th in AL
1998 .945 12th in AL
1999 1.050 2nd in AL
2000 .954 12th in AL
2001 .944 10th in AL
2002 .962 7th in AL
2003 .867 21st in AL

On-base Percentage

Season OBP Rank
1988 .349 15th in NL
1990 .361 21st in AL
1991 .389 11th in AL
1993 .371 19th in AL
1994 .392 20th in AL
1995 .380 24th in AL
1998 .379 18th in AL
1999 .420 9th in AL
2000 .397 17th in AL
2001 .381 15th in AL
2002 .391 9th in AL

Slugging Percentage

Season SLG Rank
1988 .436 17th in NL
1990 .468 11th in AL
1991 .532 5th in AL
1993 .554 6th in AL
1994 .550 10th in AL
1995 .583 5th in AL
1996 .546 14th in AL
1998 .565 11th in AL
1999 .630 2nd in AL
2000 .558 14th in AL
2001 .563 7th in AL
2002 .571 6th in AL
2003 .508 23rd in AL

Runs Scored

Season R Rank
1991 115 2nd in AL
1992 84 21st in AL
1993 124 1st in AL
1994 82 9th in AL
1995 89 17th in AL
1996 110 13th in AL
1997 95 24th in AL
1998 98 23rd in AL
2000 102 24th in AL
2001 98 19th in AL
2002 99 17th in AL
2003 92 20th in AL


Season BB Rank
1989 63 23rd in AL
1991 68 24th in AL
1992 72 20th in AL
1993 73 22nd in AL
1996 95 9th in AL
1998 79 15th in AL
1999 97 7th in AL
2000 103 8th in AL
2001 101 5th in AL
2002 104 3rd in AL
2003 84 9th in AL
2004 86 6th in AL


Season H Rank
1988 178 3rd in NL
1989 154 24th in AL
1990 191 1st in AL
1991 203 3rd in AL
1992 163 24th in AL
1993 176 11th in AL
1994 139 7th in AL
1995 172 9th in AL
1996 181 14th in AL
1998 183 11th in AL
1999 183 15th in AL
2001 164 22nd in AL


Season 2B Rank
1988 41 2nd in NL
1990 35 12th in AL
1991 49 1st in AL
1993 40 3rd in AL
1994 32 5th in AL
1995 30 19th in AL
1996 40 10th in AL
1998 36 21st in AL
2002 34 23rd in AL


Season 3B Rank
1988 5 23rd in NL
1990 6 12th in AL
1992 4 19th in AL

Games Played

Season G Rank
1988 152 21st in NL
1989 156 13th in AL
1990 154 21st in AL
1991 159 7th in AL
1992 159 6th in AL
1993 160 2nd in AL
1994 111 12th in AL
1995 143 8th in AL
1996 162 2nd in AL
1997 158 6th in AL
1998 162 2nd in AL
1999 158 8th in AL
2000 158 11th in AL
2001 160 7th in AL
2002 155 16th in AL
2003 154 25th in AL
2004 154 14th in AL

At Bats

Season AB Rank
1988 580 15th in NL
1989 559 25th in AL
1990 598 12th in AL
1991 631 8th in AL
1992 608 12th in AL
1993 597 11th in AL
1994 436 12th in AL
1995 554 9th in AL
1996 626 7th in AL
1997 614 8th in AL
1998 619 8th in AL
2001 600 15th in AL

Plate Appearances

Season PA Rank
1988 629 21st in NL
1989 632 24th in AL
1990 651 20th in AL
1991 714 7th in AL
1992 701 9th in AL
1993 686 8th in AL
1994 498 12th in AL
1995 624 14th in AL
1996 732 3rd in AL
1997 692 10th in AL
1998 709 6th in AL
1999 674 21st in AL
2000 678 21st in AL
2001 714 5th in AL
2002 663 19th in AL
2003 654 25th in AL

Total Bases

Season TB Rank
1988 253 13th in NL
1990 280 7th in AL
1991 336 2nd in AL
1992 264 19th in AL
1993 331 4th in AL
1994 240 5th in AL
1995 323 2nd in AL
1996 342 6th in AL
1997 298 11th in AL
1998 350 7th in AL
1999 356 2nd in AL
2000 315 16th in AL
2001 338 4th in AL
2002 312 10th in AL
2003 285 19th in AL


Season SO Rank
1997 109 24th in AL

Caught Stealing

Season CS Rank
1998 7 25th in AL

Hit by Pitch

Season HBP Rank
1989 6 9th in AL
1991 6 12th in AL
1992 10 6th in AL
1998 7 24th in AL

Rafael Palmeiro Bio Info

Was a 3-time All-America at Mississippi State University...Finished 2nd in the nation in homers (29) and was 3rd in RBI (94) in 1984 while batting .415...Became the first triple crown winner in Southeast Conference history that year...Played at Mississippi State with Will Clark, Bobby Thigpen and Jeff Brantley...Returned to MSU last November for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Palmeiro Center, a $3.8 million indoor practice facility for the Bulldogs' baseball and football teams, including office space for the baseball coaches and the women's athletic program...Earned 3 letters at Miami's Jackson HS (graduated '82)...Was MVP his senior year...In his final 3 seasons of his first tour with the Orioles, was spokesman for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation's "Walk to Cure" program, making a $100 contribution for each home run...Has his own website, www.raffy25.com, with proceeds from auctions and merchandise sales benefiting The Lena Pope Home of Fort Worth and Foster Home Recruitment Awareness program... With the Rangers, hosted the "Raffy Readers" reading program the last four years...Was a 2003 nominee for the Branch Rickey Award, given annually to players, managers and front office personnel who "contribute unselfishly" to their community...Worked with the Coors Brewing Company on 21 Means 21, a program designed to increase awareness of underage drinking in Hispanic markets...Has participated in singer Garth Brooks' Teammates for Kids Foundation by making a personal challenge commitment... Has also provided the support for building a youth baseball field in Colleyville, TX, where he lives...Received MLB's "21" Award in honor of Roberto Clemente in 1992...Was reunited with his brother, Jose, in April, 1992 for the first time in 21 years...Jose had remained in Cuba when rest of the Palmeiro family came to Miami in 1971...Is one of 8 Cuban-born players on the Orioles all-time roster... Has maintained his full-time residence in Texas since 1989...Was honored by appearing on the front of Wheaties cereal boxes, unveiled September 16, 2003 in Texas...Rafael and his wife, the former Lynne Walden, were married on December 14, 1985, and have 2 children, Patrick Ryne (3/6/90), whose middle name is after former Cub teammate Ryne Sandberg, and Preston Connor (1/22/95). THE '85 DRAFT: Palmeiro was part of what many scouts consider the best draft ever in June 1985...Among the first round picks that year, in addition to Palmeiro (22nd pick overall by the Cubs), were current teammate B.J. Surhoff (1st, Brewers), college teammate Will Clark (2nd, Giants), Bobby Witt (3rd, Rangers), Barry Larkin (4th, Reds), Barry Bonds (6th, Pirates), Pete Incaviglia (8th, Expos), Chris Gwynn (10th, Dodgers), Walt Weiss (11th, A's), Tommy Greene (14th, Braves), Brian McRae (17th, Royals), Joe Magrane (18th, Cardinals), Gregg Jefferies (20th, Mets) and Joey Cora (24th, Padres)...Other notable picks that year included Randy Johnson (Expos, 2nd round), David Justice (Braves, 4th round), Bobby Thigpen (White Sox, 4th round), Mike Devereaux (Dodgers, 5th round), Jeff Brantley (Giants, 6th round), Deion Sanders (Royals, 6th round), Brady Anderson (Red Sox, 10th round), Bo Jackson (Angels, 20th round), Lenny Webster (Twins, 21st round), John Smoltz (Tigers, 22nd round) and Mark Grace (Cubs, 24th round)....Palmeiro, Clark, Thigpen and Brantley played together at Mississippi State University. 2005 Reached the 3,000-hit plateau with a double off Joel Piniero on July 15 in Seattle. Palmeiro drove in six runs on July 9 against Boston. Played just seven games after serving a 10-day suspension for a positive steroid test. 2004 Returned to the Orioles after a 5-year absence and had 23 home runs and 88 RBI, breaking a string of 9 consecutive seasons with at least 35 home runs and 100 RBI. Played in 154 games, marking the 15th straight year he has played at least 150 games...He and Cal Ripken are tied for the 3rd-most consecutive seasons of 150 or more games, behind Pete Rose (17) and Eddie Murray (16). Played in 122 of the season's first 125 games, making 4 starts as a designated hitter...Beginning August 26, played in 32 of the last 37 games of the season, making 15 starts at DH. Hit safely in 19 of his first 24 games, batting .322 with 21 RBI...Batted a combined .227 in May, June and July, including a .185 average in June. Average fell to a season-low .242 on July 7...Was batting .247 at the conclusion of the Orioles' 12-game losing streak on August 27, then hit .303 (33-109) with 9 home runs and 25 RBI over his last 30 games as the Orioles won 21 of their last 34 games. Had a season-high 11-game hitting streak, May 22-June 3, during which he hit .357 (15-42)...Had an extra-base hit in 6 straight games, August 29-September 5, going 10-for-23 with 4 doubles and 2 home runs. Hit his 200th home run as an Oriole on September 13 at Toronto...Became the 3rd player in ML history to have 200 home runs with more than one club, joining Mark McGwire (Oakland & St. Louis) and Jimmie Foxx (Philadelphia & Boston). Hit a pinch-hit, game-tying home run in the 9th inning on September 23 at Boston...Was his 549th career homer, passing Mike Schmidt for 10th place all-time...Ended the season with 551 career home runs. Has hit at least 20 homers in each of the last 14 seasons, starting in 1991, tying the 5th-longest such streak ever with Eddie Matthews and Mike Schmidt...Only Hank Aaron (20 years), Babe Ruth (16), Willie Mays and Barry Bonds (15 each) have done it longer. Had a pair of 2-home run games, giving him 34 for his career...Homered twice in the first game of a doubleheader on June 12 vs. San Francisco to tie and pass Mickey Mantle for 11th place on the all-time list with 537...Also hit two home runs on September 29 vs. Toronto. Homered on September 4 & 5 at New York, his first home runs since August 1...Had 10 home runs in the second half, with 9 coming in September...Matched the club record for homers in September set by Brady Anderson in 1996. Became the first non-All-Star Game participant to take part in the All-Star Home Run Derby in Houston...Reached the semifinals and led all participants with 9 homers in the first round. Tied for 2nd in the AL with 15 intentional walks, including 3 on July 2 at Philadelphia...Ranked 6th in the AL with 86 walks and 3rd with 9 sacrifice flies. Singled for his 2,900th career hit on September 7 vs. Minnesota and finished the year 33rd on the alltime list with 2,922 hits. Doubled on September 27 vs. Toronto to pass Carl Yastrzemski for 8th place on the all-time extra-base hit list and finished the season with 1,161 XBH...Doubled on October 2 to move past Dave Winfield for 11th on the all-time total bases list with 2,122. Doubled on August 31 at Tampa Bay to move into 15th place on the all-time list and finished the season with 572 doubles. Passed Honus Wagner for 16th place on baseball's all-time RBI list on July 5 and finished the season with 1,775 career RBI. Homered on April 21 vs. Tampa Bay, his first at Camden Yards since 5/23/99...Is the all-time leader with 113 home runs at OPACY (110 as an Oriole). Batted 7th in the order on August 23 at Oakland, the first time he hit lower than 6th since 6/20/92, when he hit 8th in one game for Texas. Has played 154 games in each of the last two seasons, his fewest since 1990...Has never played in fewer than 152 games in any of 14 full big league seasons and over the last 14 seasons (1991-2004) has played in 97.8% of his team's games (2153 of 2201). 2003 Recorded his eighth consecutive season of at least 38 home runs and 100 RBIs ... Hit his 500th career home run against Cleveland's David Elder on May 11 ... Finished the season with a career total of 528, good for 13th all-time ... Also ran his career RBI total to 1687, which placed him 20th on the all-time list ... Hit .246 with 21 home runs and 55 RBIs before the All-Star break, .278 with 17 home runs and 57 RBIs afterward ... Palmeiro's best month was August, when he batted .347 with eight homers and 24 RBIs ... Was granted free agency by the Rangers on Oct. 27. 2002 Rafael finished 3rd in the American League with 43 homers and a career high 104 walks and also placed among the league leaders in intentional walks (4th, 16), slugging (6th, .571), extra base hits (7th, 77), on-base percentage (9th, .391), and total bases (10th, 312). He led the Rangers in doubles (34), sacrifice flies (7), game-winning rbi (14), walks, and intentional walks and was 2nd in batting (.273), runs (99), total bases, homers, rbi (105), slugging, and on-base percentage. Rafael started 95 games at 1st base and 55 as the designated hitter...Rafael became the 1st player in major league history to hit at least 38 home runs in 8 consecutive seasons and now ranks in the top 50 all-time in 8 offensive categories...Posted a .273 batting average for the 2nd consecutive season, matching 3rd lowest of his career...Hit .208 (10-48) in 1st 12 games of the year, then had a .329 (24-73) figure over next 25 games, rising to .281 through May 7...Batted .241 (33-137) in next 40 games and was at .260 on June 28...Had a .263 average through Aug. 8, then hit .339 (43-127) in his next 36 contests, improving to .282 on Sept. 16...Had a .174 (8-46) average in final 12 games...Hit safely in season best 11 straight games, Sept. 6-16 and had a 10-game hitting streak, April 15-26...Batted just .220 (35-159) against lefthanded pitching, the 2nd lowest mark of his career (.213 in 1997)...Hit .295 (114-387) vs. righthanders and .296 (84-284) at The Ballpark in Arlington. ..Missed 4 games with a strained right calf, May 13-17...Made 20 consecutive starts as the dh, May 12-June 12 due to his injured calf and a sprained left ankle...Had his 2500th hit, a double, April 16 in Anaheim; his 1500th rbi, May 27 vs. Minnesota; and his 1000th extra hit, a double, June 15 at Houston. 2001 Rafael started 113 games at 1st base and 46 as the designated hitter. He ranked among the American League leaders in homers (3rd, 47), extra base hits (4th, 80), total bases (4th, 338), walks (5th, 101), rbi (T6th, 123), slugging (7th, .563), and games (T7th, 160). Rafael led the Rangers in walks and game-winning rbi (15), and was 2nd in games, at bats (600), runs (98), hits (164), doubles (33), homers, rbi, and slugging...2001 was the 7th consecutive season that Rafael has hit at least 38 home runs, tying Babe Ruth for the longest such streak in major league history... His .273 average was his lowest since 1997 (.254) and 3rd lowest of his career...Went 6-30 (.200) in his 1st 9 games and batted .239 (26-109) in 1st 28 contests through May 6...Had a .320 (16-50) average in next 13 games, improving to .264 on May 20...Was 6-41 (.146) over next 12 games, dropping to .240 on June 3...Batted .318 (41-129) in next 35 games and was at .271 through July 14...Hit at a .239 (37-155) clip in the next 41 games, falling to .260...Beginning Aug. 27, batted .328 (38-116) in final 31 contests...Had season high 9-game hitting streak, April 22-May 3...Had 4 hits, Sept. 28 at Anaheim...Was selected as the Rangers player of the month for September-October after batting .330 with 11 homers and 24 rbi...Hit .286 (50-175) with 18 homers and 38 rbi in 46 games as the dh, tying for 4th in the league in homers...Batted .397 (23-58) with men on 3rd base...Was 7-12 (.583) with the bases loaded, tied for 3rd highest average in the A.L....Joined Alex Rodriguez (162) to give the Rangers 2 players with at least 160 games played for the 1st time ever...Among active players is 3rd in doubles and rbi, 4th in at bats (8446), runs, hits, and total bases, 5th in games, and 6th in home runs and sacrifice flies (91-tied)...Is tied for 54th all-time with 9 grand slam homers...Has the most homers in history among all players whose last name ended in "P"...Over the last 10 years (1992-2001), ranks 3rd among all major league players in rbi (1134), is 4th in hits (1680), and is 5th in homers (374)...In the last 5 seasons (1997-2001), places 5th in homers (214) and rbi (622). 2000 Was 8th in A.L. in homers (39) and walks (103) and ranked 10th in rbi (120). ..Led the Rangers in all 3 categories as well as games (158), at bats (565), runs (102), hits (163), slugging (.558), and on-base percentage (.397).

Won his 2nd consecutive and 3rd overall Rangers Player of the Year Award...Tied club record by reaching base safely 6 times (3 hits/3 walks) in a 9-inning game, Aug. 31 vs. Cleveland. 1999 Returning to Texas after a 5-year absence, Rafael turned in the best performance of his career. He was 2nd in the American league with 47 homers, 148 rbi, 356 total bases and a .630 slugging percentage. He also was 4th in the league in intentional walks (14), 5th in extra base hits (78), tied for 7th in sacrifice flies (9) and walks (97), tied for 8th in multi-hit games (56), was 9th in on-base percentage (.420) and 10th in average (.324)...Rafael led the Rangers in extra base hits, homers, rbi and slugging and was 2nd in batting, hits (183) and sacrifice flies. He was the most productive designated hitter in the league, starting 129 games at that position while still recovering from off-season knee surgery...Led all major league players in the 1990's with 1526 games and was 2nd with 1747 hits...Was named the 1999 Major League Player of the Year by The Sporting News in a vote of major league players...Is the 1st player in franchise history to earn the honor and the oldest recipient (35) since Pittsburgh's Willie Stargell in 1979 (37)...Was selected as Rangers' Player of the Year by Dallas-Fort Worth Baseball Writers Association of America for the 2nd time (1990)...Was named as the designated hitter on the A.L. Silver Slugger team and the 1st baseman on the A.L. Rawlings Gold Glove team, joining teammate Ivan Rodriguez as one of 5 players to earn both awards last season...Was 2nd Silver Slugger selection (1998) and 3rd straight Gold Glove Award...Finished 5th in voting for the BBWAA A.L. MVP award, earning 193 points/4 1st place votes...Named the A.L.'s 1999 Outstanding Designated Hitter, the 1st time a Ranger player has won the award and the 1st time in league history a player has won both a Gold Glove and Outstanding dh honors in the same season. Was a member of The Sporting News' A.L. all-star squad for the 2nd straight season at 1st base and was named as the dh on major league all-star teams selected by Associated Press and Baseball America...Was also chosen as the A.L. Player of the Year by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association...Finished 2nd to Manny Ramirez for Major League Baseball's A.L. Hank Aaron Award...His .324 average was a career high (.322 in 1991)...Was 6th .300 season, 3rd as a Ranger (1990-91)...Had a slow start, batting .226 (7-31) in 1st 10 games, April 5-16...From then on, hit at a .330 (176-534) pace in last 148 contests...Batted .434 (53-122) in the 1st 33 games of that span to improve to a season best .392 (60-153) on May 24...Had a .282 (31-110) mark in next 30 games and was at .346 (91-263) on June 27...Hit .404 (19-47) in next 12 contests, June 28-July 11, and was at .355 (110-310) at the all-star break...Produced a .286 (73-255) average in 73 2nd half games...Beginning Aug. 31, hit .328 (21-64) in next 18 games and was still as high as .336 (179-533) on Sept. 22, but went 4-32 (.125) in last 10 outings, Sept. 24-Oct. 3...Hit safely in 114 of 158 games and went as many as 3 straight games without a hit just twice...Had 4 hits 3 times with season best 11-game hitting streak, June 2-15, at .386 (17-44)...Had the A.L.'s 5th highest average with men on base at .364 (100-275) and ranked 6th with men in scoring position at .358 (58-162)...Batted .404 (40-99) in May, the highest mark ever by a Ranger in that month...Batted .323 (95-294) on the road, A.L.'s 8th best...Originally sustained injury to right knee while working out in mid-February...Underwent arthroscopic surgery on Feb. 10 to repair torn cartilage...Reinjured the knee while jogging in Spring Training and underwent a 2nd surgery on March 7...Returned in time to play in final 3 exhibition games...Missed no time in the regular season, but was limited to designated hitter duties for much of season...Did not make 1st start at 1st base until June 5 at Arizona. 1998 Ranked 6th in the A.L. in homers (43) and was 8th in rbi (121)...Also placed among league leaders in games (T2nd, 162), total bases (7th, 350), extra base hits (T7th, 80) and at bats (8th, 319)...Topped Baltimore in at bats, runs (98), hits (183), total bases, homers, rbi and walks (79) and tied for the team lead in games (162) and doubles (36)...Selected as the 1st baseman on both the A.L. Silver Slugger and Rawlings Gold Glove teams, one of only 3 A.L. players to win both...Was named to The Sporting News A.L. all-star team and was Baltimore's Most Valuable Oriole for the 3rd time...Was the A.L. Player of the Month in June, batting .357 with 12 homers. 1997 Topped the O's in homers (38), rbi (110), and total bases (298) and ranked 2nd in runs (95) and hits (156)...Ranked 6th in A.L. in homers and 10th in rbi...Had career low .254 average...Batted just .206 in June, lowest for a month since April, 1993 (.183)...Was hitless in 20 straight at bats from May 4-7, 2nd longest drought of career to 0-25 in 1989...Batted .270 (10-37) in 10 post-season games with the Orioles...Lone homer came in Game 4 at Cleveland's Jacobs Field. 1996 Was named Most Valuable Oriole...In addition to setting club mark for rbi (142), paced Baltimore in homers and walks (95) and ranked 2nd in runs (110), hits (181), total bases (342), and doubles (40)...Ranked among the league leaders in rbi (4th), extra base hits (T5th, 81), total bases (7th), and homers (T9th)... Tied club record with 5 hits on May 17 vs. Seattle and collected 1500th career hit, May 20 against California...Missed only game of year on July 22 at Boston with sprained right hand...Combined for a .206 (7-34) average in 9 post-season games...Homered in Game 4 of Division Series vs. Cleveland and in Games 1 and 2 of ALCS against New York. 1995 Ranked among the A.L. leaders in total bases (2nd, 323), extra base hits (T3rd, 71), homers (T4th, 39), slugging (5th, .583), hits (9th, 172), and rbi (10th, 104)...Topped club in hits, homers, and rbi...Was named as 1st baseman on USA Today Baseball Weekly's A.L. All-Star team and captured 1st Most Valuable Oriole award...Hit .334 with 24 homers and 57 rbi in 76 games after the All-Star break, hitting safely in 62 of those. 1994 In 1st year with Baltimore, placed among the league leaders in doubles (5th, 32), total bases (5th, 240), hits (7th, 139), average (9th, .319), and slugging (9th, .550)...Average is 6th best in team history...Reached base safely in 101 of 111 games, including 32 straight, April 19-May 28...Had career best 24-game hitting streak, April 23-May 22...Drove in tying or lead run 20 times. 1993 Led the American League with a club record 124 runs scored and was also among the leaders in games (T2nd, 160), total bases (4th, 331), extra base hits (4th, 79), homers (5th, 37), and multi-hit games (9th, 52)...Set club record for homers by a lefthanded batter...Became just the 6th player in major league history at the time with 40+ doubles, 30+ homers, and 20+ stolen bases in the same season, joining Chuck Klein (Phillies, 1932), Willie Mays (Giants, 1959), Hank Aaron (Braves, 1965), Howard Johnson (Mets, 1989), and Joe Carter (Blue Jays, 1991)...Was a career best 22 for 25 in steal tries, an 88% success rate that ranked 2nd best in the majors...Hit .392 in June and July and was the A.L. player of the month for July, hitting .426, best ever for Rangers in that month, with 11 homers and 34 rbi. 1992 Was the Texas team leader in games (159, T6th in A.L.), at bats (608), runs (84), hits (163), and walks (72)...Hit .268, a decrease of 54 points from 1991, the 4th largest in A.L. among players with 100 or more games in both seasons...Was the A.L. player of the week for July 6-12. 1991 Led the majors in doubles (49) and placed in majors'and A.L.'s top 3 in total bases (2nd, 336), runs (T2nd, 115), extra base hits (T2nd, 78), and hits (T3rd, 203)...Was also among the A.L. leaders in multi-hit games (5th, 59), slugging (5th, .532), batting (7th, .322), and games (T7th, 159)...Set then club records for doubles and runs and tied team mark for extra base hits...Established his still standing career bests for hits and doubles...Led the A.L. in batting for a total of 30 days...Named a reserve to A.L. All-Star team, going 0-1 with a walk. 1990 Was named the Rangers' player of the year...Was the American League leader in hits (191) and singles (136), finished 3rd in batting (.319), and was also among the leaders in multi-hit games (T5th, 52), total bases (T7th, 280), rbi (T8th, 89), and extra base hits (T10th, 55)...Had major league high 6 games with 4 or more hits. 1989 Was 2nd on the club in games (156), at bats (556), and walks (63)...Was leading the A.L. in batting at .361 on May 28 before hitting .235 in last 110 games...Was A.L. player of the week for May 22-28 with .542 batting average...Hit .376 in May, 2nd best ever by a Ranger in that month, to earn team player of the month honors. 1988 Cubs: In 1st full major league season in 1988, finished 2nd in the N.L. in batting (.307) and doubles (41) and was 3rd in hits (178)...Had more walks (38) than strikeouts (34), fanning just once every 17.1 at bats, league's 2nd best ratio...Led the league in hitting for final 2 weeks in May...Was 0-1 with a walk in All-Star Game...Was a member of Major League Baseball All-Star team for 7-game Japan tour in November...Started 1987 at Iowa before recall by Chicago on June 16...Appeared in 45 games in the outfield and 18 at 1st base...Hit .381 with 5 homers in last 16 games...Was purchased by Cubs from Pittsfield on Sept. 8, 1986 and made big league debut that day, singling off the Phillies' Tom Hume for 1st hit...Homered the following day against Philadelphia's Kevin Gross...Made 29 major league plate appearances before he swung and missed a pitch against New York's Dwight Gooden on Sept. 17...Homered off Gooden in next at bat.