Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. #24

  • CF
  • B/T: L/L
  • 6' 2" /230

Ken Griffey Jr. MLB Career Stats

9801 .284 630 1836 184 .907

Ken Griffey Jr. Bio

  • Full Name: George Kenneth Griffey Jr.
  • Nickname: Junior
  • Born: 11/21/1969 in Donora, PA
  • Draft: 1987, Seattle Mariners, 1st rd. (1st overall)
  • Debut: 4/3/1989
  • Last Game: 5/31/2010
  • Hall of Fame: 2016
  • Relationship(s): son of Ken Griffey, father of Trey Griffey
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MLB Career Stats 9801 1662 2781 630 1836 184 .284 .370 .907


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*Since 2006

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Ken Griffey Jr. Awards

Hall Of Fame

Year Team
2016 Seattle

Uniform number retired

Year Team
2016 Seattle


Year Team League
1997 Seattle AL

All-Star MVP

Year Team League
1992 Seattle AL

NL All-Star

Year Team League
2000 Cincinnati NL
2004 Cincinnati NL
2007 Cincinnati NL

AL All-Star

Year Team League
1990 Seattle AL
1991 Seattle AL
1992 Seattle AL
1993 Seattle AL
1994 Seattle AL
1995 Seattle AL
1996 Seattle AL
1997 Seattle AL
1998 Seattle AL
1999 Seattle AL

AL Silver Slugger

Year Team League
1991 Seattle AL
1993 Seattle AL
1994 Seattle AL
1996 Seattle AL
1997 Seattle AL
1998 Seattle AL
1999 Seattle AL

MLB Rawlings All-Time Gold Glove

Year Team League
2007 Seattle AL

Rawlings AL Gold Glove

Year Team League
1990 Seattle AL
1991 Seattle AL
1992 Seattle AL
1993 Seattle AL
1994 Seattle AL
1995 Seattle AL
1996 Seattle AL
1997 Seattle AL
1998 Seattle AL
1999 Seattle AL

NL Comeback Player of the Year

Year Team League
2005 Cincinnati NL

Home Run Derby Winner

Year Team League
1994 Seattle AL
1998 Seattle AL
1999 Seattle AL

Home Run Derby Participant

Year Team League
1990 Seattle AL
1992 Seattle AL
1993 Seattle AL
1994 Seattle AL
1997 Seattle AL
1998 Seattle AL
1999 Seattle AL
2000 Cincinnati NL

AL Player of the Month

Month Team League
04/1990 Seattle AL
04/1997 Seattle AL

NL Player of the Week

Week Team League
05/13/2007 Cincinnati NL

AL Player of the Week

Week Team League
04/22/1990 Seattle AL
08/18/1991 Seattle AL
07/25/1993 Seattle AL
05/26/1996 Seattle AL
04/06/1997 Seattle AL
09/07/1997 Seattle AL
05/10/1998 Seattle AL
07/05/1998 Seattle AL

MLB Players Choice AL Outstanding Player

Year Team League
1997 Seattle AL

MLB Players Choice NL Comeback Player

Year Team League
2005 Cincinnati NL

Mariners MVP

Year Team League
1990 Seattle AL
1991 Seattle AL
1993 Seattle AL
1997 Seattle AL
1998 Seattle AL
1999 Seattle AL

Reds Ernie Lombardi MVP Award

Year Team League
2005 Cincinnati NL

Reds Joe Nuxhall Good Guy Award

Year Team League
2005 Cincinnati NL

WBC All-Tournament Team

Year Team League
2006 United States WBC

Ken Griffey Jr. Leaderboards

Batting Average

Season AVG Rank
1990 .300 7th in AL
1991 .327 4th in AL
1992 .308 8th in AL
1993 .309 14th in AL
1994 .323 9th in AL
1996 .303 25th in AL
1997 .304 15th in AL
2005 .301 12th in NL

Home Runs

Season HR Rank
1990 22 12th in AL
1991 22 24th in AL
1992 27 8th in AL
1993 45 2nd in AL
1994 40 1st in AL
1996 49 3rd in AL
1997 56 1st in AL
1998 56 1st in AL
1999 48 1st in AL
2000 40 9th in NL
2005 35 7th in NL
2006 27 20th in NL
2007 30 14th in NL

Runs Batted In

Season RBI Rank
1990 80 17th in AL
1991 100 8th in AL
1992 103 12th in AL
1993 109 10th in AL
1994 90 7th in AL
1996 140 5th in AL
1997 147 1st in AL
1998 146 3rd in AL
1999 134 3rd in AL
2000 118 9th in NL
2005 92 17th in NL
2007 93 25th in NL

Stolen Bases

Season SB Rank
1991 18 22nd in AL
1993 17 23rd in AL
1996 16 21st in AL
1998 20 23rd in AL
1999 24 16th in AL

On-base Plus Slugging

Season OPS Rank
1990 .847 8th in AL
1991 .926 4th in AL
1992 .896 5th in AL
1993 1.025 3rd in AL
1994 1.076 3rd in AL
1996 1.020 8th in AL
1997 1.028 2nd in AL
1998 .977 8th in AL
1999 .960 12th in AL
2000 .942 17th in NL
2005 .946 7th in NL
2007 .869 25th in NL

On-base Percentage

Season OBP Rank
1990 .366 17th in AL
1991 .399 8th in AL
1992 .361 21st in AL
1993 .408 6th in AL
1994 .402 15th in AL
1996 .392 20th in AL
1997 .382 16th in AL
1999 .384 25th in AL
2000 .387 24th in NL
2005 .369 22nd in NL
2007 .372 25th in NL

Slugging Percentage

Season SLG Rank
1990 .481 9th in AL
1991 .527 6th in AL
1992 .535 4th in AL
1993 .617 2nd in AL
1994 .674 3rd in AL
1996 .628 5th in AL
1997 .646 1st in AL
1998 .611 3rd in AL
1999 .576 7th in AL
2000 .556 15th in NL
2005 .576 4th in NL
2007 .496 24th in NL

Runs Scored

Season R Rank
1990 91 9th in AL
1992 83 22nd in AL
1993 113 6th in AL
1994 94 3rd in AL
1996 125 5th in AL
1997 125 1st in AL
1998 120 4th in AL
1999 123 5th in AL
2000 100 22nd in NL


Season BB Rank
1991 71 22nd in AL
1993 96 8th in AL
1994 56 23rd in AL
1996 78 23rd in AL
1997 76 16th in AL
1998 76 19th in AL
1999 91 14th in AL
2000 94 12th in NL
2007 85 10th in NL


Season H Rank
1990 179 5th in AL
1991 179 11th in AL
1992 174 12th in AL
1993 180 8th in AL
1994 140 5th in AL
1997 185 6th in AL
1998 180 15th in AL


Season 2B Rank
1990 28 24th in AL
1991 42 4th in AL
1992 39 5th in AL
1993 38 6th in AL
1994 24 23rd in AL
1997 34 22nd in AL


Season 3B Rank
1990 7 8th in AL
1992 4 19th in AL
1994 4 14th in AL

Games Played

Season G Rank
1990 155 15th in AL
1991 154 17th in AL
1993 156 12th in AL
1994 111 12th in AL
1997 157 8th in AL
1998 161 4th in AL
1999 160 3rd in AL

At Bats

Season AB Rank
1990 597 14th in AL
1993 582 15th in AL
1994 433 15th in AL
1997 608 11th in AL
1998 633 4th in AL
1999 606 14th in AL

Plate Appearances

Season PA Rank
1990 666 16th in AL
1993 691 7th in AL
1994 493 13th in AL
1997 704 6th in AL
1998 720 3rd in AL
1999 706 8th in AL

Total Bases

Season TB Rank
1990 287 4th in AL
1991 289 10th in AL
1992 302 6th in AL
1993 359 1st in AL
1994 292 2nd in AL
1996 342 6th in AL
1997 393 1st in AL
1998 387 2nd in AL
1999 349 3rd in AL
2000 289 22nd in NL
2005 283 13th in NL


Season SO Rank
1994 73 23rd in AL
1997 121 14th in AL
1998 121 14th in AL
1999 108 21st in AL
2000 117 18th in NL

Caught Stealing

Season CS Rank
1989 7 22nd in AL
1990 11 13th in AL
1993 9 20th in AL
1999 7 24th in AL

Hit by Pitch

Season HBP Rank
1993 6 24th in AL
1996 7 20th in AL
1997 8 12th in AL
1998 7 24th in AL
2000 9 16th in NL

Ken Griffey Jr. Latest Transactions

Team Date Transaction
June 2, 2010 DH Ken Griffey Jr. retired.

George Kenneth Griffey Jr. Bio Info

George Kenneth Griffey Jr...resides in Orlando, FL with wife Melissa and sons Trey Kenneth and Tevin Kendall, and daughter Taryn Kennedy... graduated from Moeller High School in Cincinnati in 1987...played 3 years of football and 4 years of baseball...named his prep league's Player of the Year in 1986 and 1987...was the Mariners Roberto Clemente Award winner in 1996, 1997 and 1998, and the Reds Clemente award recipient in 2000 and 2006...finalist for the 2005 and 2006 Hutch Awards for exemplifying the spirit, courage and integrity of Fred Hutchinson...on the national board of directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America...received the 1994 Celebrity Recognition Award from the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the A. Bartlett Giamatti Award from the Baseball Assistance Team (BAT) in recognition for his "caring for fellow citizens"...annually sponsored Christmas dinners for 350 kids from the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Clubs in his first tour with the 1989, a Ken Griffey Jr. Chocolate Bar was introduced and sold over one million bars...toured Japan with a group of Major League All- Stars twice; was MVP in 1990 and also participated in 1992... in 2007 hosted his Stars & Strikes Celebrity Bowl that raised $100,000 for Cincinnati Children's Hospital...following the 1993 season made his acting debut in the movie Little Big League...also had a part in the 2001 movie release Summer Catch and in episode 52 of The Simpsons...featured in several Nintendo video 2008, released a series of charity wines to support The Ken Griffey Jr. Family Foundation, a fund that supports several causes, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and several children's hospitals across the United States...hosted This Week in Baseball on Aug. 10, 2002...played for Team USA in the inaugural World Baseball Classic in 2006...named to the WBC All-Tournament...received the first Living Legend Award presented by the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory...the award was created to honor those whose careers in baseball and life outside the game have taken on a legendary quality because of their talents, achievements and personal conduct...named an American Public Diplomacy Envoy by Condoleezza Rice in Nov. 2008, traveling to Panama on behalf of the State Department...prior series vs. Mariners at Safeco Field in 2007, signed 1,000 baseballs that were sold for $100 each, with proceeds benefitting Children's Hospitals in Seattle, Orlando and Cincinnati...sold all 1,000 balls from the Mariners Team Shop in about 9 hours. 2009 Appeared in 117 games, including 102 starts (DH-91, LF-8, RF-3)...hit .214 (83x287) with a .411 SLG% (19 2B, 19 HR)...Ranks 5th all-time with 630 home runs (3rd among LH hitters)...first in club history with 417 HR (29 HR at Safeco Field)...Led team with 63 walks, including 43 prior to the All-Star break and 20 following the ASG...Batted .268 (45x168) with 13 HR in 54 home games, compared to .174 (38x219) with 6 HR on the road...Hit 9 of 19 home runs over the final 2 months of the season (HR/13.67 AB)...Hit a solo home run at New Yankee Stadium on July 1, 44th different Major League Ballpark he has homered one shy of the all-time record held by Sammy Sosa...15 of 19 home runs came off first-time victims...has hit a HR off 407 different pitchers, 2nd only to Sammy Sosa (449)...Joined Alex Rodriguez with home runs July 1 at NYY...only 2nd game in ML history in which 2 players, each with at least 550 career homers, hit home runs...other was in a Braves-Giants game in 1971, when Hank Aaron and Willie Mays both homered...HR #8 June 23 vs. San Diego was the 5,000th HR in Mariners history...HR also tied Lou Gehrig on all-time hits list (currently 46th with 2,763)...Became only 12th player in Major League history to notch double-digits in home runs 20 times in a career (every year but 2002)...Hit 4 homers in Interleague play...ranks 2nd with 54 HR in Interleague play (Thome, 55)...Recorded 3 extra base hits (2 2B, HR) June 2 vs. Baltimore...since 1954, Griffey has the 3rd-most (tied) career games with at least 3 XBH: Manny Ramirez (24 G), Willie Mays (23 G), Griffey Jr. (22 G), Alex Rodriguez (22 G)...Hit walk-off single in 14th inning Aug. 12 vs. CWS in 1-0 victory...9th career walk-off hit (last: 6/30/08 vs. PIT w/CIN)...6 of 9 game-ending hits have come in extra innings...Hit game-tying, 2-run pinch-hit HR June 19 vs. Arizona (off Tony Pena)...6th career pinchhit HR (first since 9/25/06 vs. CHI w/CIN)...among the 25 players with at least 500 home runs, only Willie McCovey (16), Ted Williams (7) and Mark McGwire (7) have more PH HR...Made 2nd career start in LF June 13 at Colorado...had appeared in 3 previous games in LF in career (last: GS 8/23/02 at HOU)...Made 12th Opening Day start for the Mariners (1989-99, 2009), and first in right field... made 11 consecutive OD starts for the Mariners in CF (1989-99)...Hit a solo home run on Opening Day (4/6) at Minnesota...was his 8th career Opening Day homer, all coming in his 12 seasons with the Mariners (also: 1990, 1993, 1995, 1997-2, 1998, 1999)...tied Frank Robinson for the most OD homers in ML history...Singled in his first home at-bat April 14 vs. LAA, his first at-bat as a Mariner at Safeco Field since Sept. 26, 1999...Hit HR#2 April 15 vs. LAA, his 400th homer as a Mariner...became first player in Major League history to hit 400 homers with one team (SEA) and 200 with another (210 with CIN)...was wearing #42 for Jackie Robinson Day...Hit game-tying 2-run home run May 10 at Minnesota... 7th career homer on Mother's Day (T2nd in ML history) and 100th career home run off a rookie pitcher (off LH Jose Mijares)...Drove in only run in Mariners 1-0 victory over the Angels on May RBI leader (1,829), but only 2nd time in career to drive in only run in a 1-0 win (last: 8/8/07 vs. LAD w/CIN). 2008 Combined to hit .249 (122x490) with 30 doubles, 18 home runs and 71 RBI in 143 games with Chicago (AL) and Cincinnati...became the 6th player in history (3rd left-hander) to reach the 600-home run milestone June 9 at Florida (off M. Hendrickson)...acquired by the White Sox from Cincinnati on July 31 in exchange for RHP Nick Masset and INF Danny Richar...according to the Elias Sports Bureau, only Willie Mays had more home runs at the time of an in-season trade in 1972 (646)...fell short of the 20-homer mark for the first time in a full season since his rookie year in 1989 (16 HR in 127 games)...143 games played were his 2nd-most since 2001 (144 in 2007)... became the 18th player in baseball history with 5,000 total bases with a home run on July 4 vs. Washington (5,001)...made his White Sox debut on Aug. 1 at Kansas City, going 2-for-3 with 2 RBI...first start as an AL player since Oct. 3, 1999 (SEA at OAK)...hit his first home run with the White Sox on Aug. 20 vs. Seattle, tying Sammy Sosa (609) for 5th place on the all-time list...hit his 500th career double on Sept. 14 (G#2) vs. Detroit. 2007 Produced his ninth 30-homer season and his 11th 90-RBI season...led all Major League right fielders in homers... missed the Reds' last 10g because of a high left groin strain suffered on 9/19 at Chi...led all National League players in All-Star fan voting (2,986,818)...also was voted to the team by the players...was the Reds' only representative in SF...was a finalist for the Sharp presents Hank Aaron Award...was named to the Rawlings Gold Glove All-Time Team as voted by fans...ranked among the National League leaders in walks (85, 10th), intentional walks (14, 7th) and sac flies (9, T7th)...led the club with 116 starts batting third in the order and 131 starts in RF...from 4/19-4/21 missed 3g while battling the effects of the digestive condition diverticulitis...on 4/27 was diagnosed with pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the pleural cavity surrounding the lungs) May was selected by fans as the MLB Clutch Performer of the Month Presented by Pepsi after hitting .306 and ranking second in the NL in HR (10, Mil's Fielder 13) and T8th in RBI (22) a 10-game stretch from 5/1-5/10 hit .432 with 5hr...according to Elias Sports Bureau, was the first time since May 1999 he hit at least 5hr with such a high batting average over a 10-game span...from 5/7-5/13 was NL Player of the Week after hitting .400 and leading the league in HR (3) and RBI (9)...won the weekly award for the 10th time in his career, the first time as a Red...his 8 interleague homers tied NYY's Alex Rodriguez for most in the majors in 2007...made 131 of his 134 starts in RF (3gs at DH)...prior to this season, in his career had made 4 apps/1 start in RF (start on 8/4/04 at SF, 8/27/02 vs StL, 9/26/98 vs Tex, 5/3/94 at Bos)...made his first 18 starts batting fourth or fifth in the order (.254, 1hr, 9rbi) and, beginning 5/3, his last 116 starts of the season batting third (.276, 29hr, 84rbi)...recorded 6 stolen bases (last on 7/17 at Atl, 2sb), his highest total since 2000...on 4/24 at StL hit his 564th career HR (off Kip Wells), his first of the season and second career as a right fielder, to move past Reggie Jackson into 10th place alone on the all-time list...on 5/10 vs Hou hit his 569th HR (off Matt Albers), tying Rafael Palmeiro for ninth all-time...on 5/22 vs Wsh hit his 573rd HR (off Matt Chico), tying Harmon Killebrew for eighth all-time...from 6/7-6/9 homered in 3 straight games...on 6/24 at Sea hit his 583rd HR (off Miguel Batista), tying Mark McGwire for seventh all-time...on 7/6 vs Ari hit his 586th HR (off Micah Owings), tying Frank Robinson for sixth all-time...on 7/16 at Atl moved past Robinson (off Oscar Villarreal)...from 6/22-6/24 played in Seattle, his first visit there since he was traded from the Mariners to the Reds following the 1999 season...the 3 sellouts at Safeco Field totaled 138,343 in paid attendance...finished the 3-game series 5-for-13 (.385), including 3 hits and a pair of solo HR in the series finale's 3-2 loss...his homers were the 583rd and 584th of his career, tying and then passing McGwire into seventh place alone on that all-time list...his first homer produced career RBI 1,653, passing Tony Perez into 18th place alone on that all-time list...his 2 extra-base hits gave him 1,078 for his career, tying Cal Ripken for 17th all-time...Sea was the 29th team against which he had homered...prior to that series opener sold 1,000 autographed baseballs for $100 each, with proceeds benefitting Children's Hospitals in Seattle, Orlando and Cincinnati...sold all 1,000 balls from the Mariners' team shop in about 9 hours...on 4/15 wore uniform #42 in recognition of Jackie Robinson the 2-1 win at SD on 5/15 snapped the 1-1 tie with a 12th-inning HR off Heath Bell... on 6/13 vs LAA scored his 1,500th career run (61st player)...on 6/19 at Oak, his 582nd homer produced his 1,652nd RBI (his 500th RBI as a Red), tying Perez for 18th on that all-time list...on 7/18 at Atl singled off John Smoltz for his 2,500th career hit...on 8/8 vs LAD drove in the game's only run with a third-inning, RBI-single off Chad Billingsley... on 8/14 at Chi left the game as part of a double the National League's 5-4 loss in the All-Star Game drove in a pair of runs with an RBI-single and sac fly and threw out Alex Rodriguez at the plate...spent most of spring training recovering from a broken left hand suffered in December and didn't appear in an exhibition game until 3/24 (6g in RF, 1g at DH) September his Stars & Strikes Celebrity Bowl raised $100,000 for CIncinnati Children's Hospital. 2006 In 109g ranked second on the club in HR and third in RBI...missed 22 of the Reds' last 24g after he dislocated the second toe of his right foot jumping into the outfield wall on 9/4...made the first of those 2 apps in the eighth inning of a 5-4 win vs Cubs on 9/25, when he snapped an 0-for-12 skid with a dramatic pinch-hit, 3-run HR off Scott Eyre that erased a 4-2 deficit...was the 563rd HR of his career, tying Reggie Jackson for 10th on the all-time list...produced 2hr and 7rbi in his first 8g of the season before he suffered a strained biceps tendon in his right knee on 4/12 at Chi...went on the disabled list 5 days later... missed 26g until he played again on 5/11...on that day came off the DL to hit a game-ending, 3-run HR in the 12th inning of the 5-4 win vs Wsh (off LHP Joey Eischen) May led the club in RBI (21)...his 15-game hitting streak from 8/13-8/30 (.383, 3hr, 6rbi) was 1 shy of his career high and the longest by a Reds batter all season...also led the club with 99 starts batting third and 100 starts in CF...made his first 97 starts batting third before hitting cleanup on 8/28 at LAD...hit fourth in 3 straight games and then again on 9/4 vs SF...entered the season having homered in 41 different parks and in every existing facility except Det's Comerica Park and StL's new Busch Stadium...homered in each of those parks to tie Fred McGriff's Major League record (43 parks)...on 5/20 at Comerica hit his 15th career grand slam (off Joel Zumaya), his first since 7/28/00... on 6/5 at Busch tied McGriff's record with a pair of homers, including a solo shot off Jeff Suppan and a 3-run HR off Jason Isringhausen in the ninth that erased a 2-run deficit in the Reds' 8-7 win...was his 53rd career multi-homer game and his 51st 2-homer game...on 6/6 at StL singled off Chris Carpenter in his 8,000th career at bat...on 6/19 at NYM, with his father in attendance, hit the 700th Griffey homer (Senior 152, Junior 548)...from 6/25-6/29 homered in 4 straight games, 1 shy of the team record he shares with Ted Kluszewski and Johnny the 6-5 victory on 7/21 vs Mil produced a 2-run single in the ninth for his sixth career game-ending hit...on 8/13 at Phi singled off Ryan Madson to produce his 1,600th career RBI...on 8/16 at StL homered off Jorge Sosa for his 1,041st career extra-base hit, tying him with Pete Rose for 20th on that all-time a member of Team USA was named to the World Baseball Classic all-tournament team (6g, 11-21, .524, 4r, 22tb, 3hr, 10rbi, 3bb)...although Team USA was eliminated in the second round he still ranked among the event's statistical leaders in hitting (.524, 2nd), on-base percentage (.583, 2nd), slugging percentage (1.048, 3rd), hits (11, T4th), home runs (3, T3rd), RBI (10, T1st) and total bases (22, 2nd)... was the club's nominee for both the Roberto Clemente Award and the Hutch Award for his humanitarian and charitable efforts...was Seattle's winner of the Hometown Hero Award presented by the Winter Meetings in Orlando received Baseball America's Lifetime Achievement December suffered a broken left hand but was expected to recover fully by spring training 2007. 2005 Won the Ernie Lombardi Award as the Reds' Most Valuable Player and was a unanimous selection for the Joe Nuxhall Good Guy Award, both as voted by the Cincinnati chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America...received National League Comeback Player of the Year Awards in voting by fans (presented by Viagra) and in voting by his peers (Players Choice Award, The Sporting News)...for the eighth time in his career was recognized by The Sporting News as an All-Star...was a finalist for the National League's Hank Aaron Award presented by CENTURY 21 and the 2005 Hutch Award for exemplifying the spirit, courage and integrity of former Reds manager Fred 2004 appeared in just 3g after the All-Star break because of a torn right 2005 hit .301 with 30 doubles, 35hr and 92rbi in 128g and 126 starts...produced 30 homers in a season for the eighth time in his career and 90rbi for the 10th time...began the season still recovering from that August 2004 radical right hamstring surgery and in 22g in April hit .244 (1hr, 9rbi) his last 106 apps of the season beginning 5/1 hit .313 (34hr, 83rbi) and in his last 85g beginning 5/25 hit .333 (29hr, 65rbi)...hit safely in 19 of his last 20g of the season (.410, 10hr, 14rbi), including 10 multi-hit games during a 15-game hitting streak from 8/14-8/30 (.444, 8hr, 12rbi) that ranked as his longest as a Red and the longest by any Reds batter in 2005...missed the Reds' last 26g of the season because of a sprained right foot suffered while rounding second base in the 12th inning of an 8-3 victory on 9/4 at the time of that injury was leading the Major Leagues with 18 homers after the All-Star break and overall was leading the Reds in RBI, total bases and slugging percentage, was tied for the club lead in homers and multi-hit games, ranked second in runs and hits and was third in apps...finished the season leading the team in slugging (.576) and 2-hit games (33)...ranked among the National League leaders in slugging (4th), home BA (.325, 6th), home runs (7th) and BA vs RHP (.314, 7th)...homered once every 14.0 plate apps, fourth-best in the May ranked third in the Major Leagues with 26rbi (Bobby Abreu & Derrek Lee, 30rbi) July hit .300 (9hr, 20rbi) and ranked T3rd in the National League in consecutive weeks from 8/15-8/28 finished second in the National League Player of the Week voting and then finished second in the NL Player of the Month for August voting (.355, 10hr, 19rbi)...put together 3 of the Reds' 5 longest hitting streaks of the season, including the 15-gamer and a pair of 13- game stretches (4/24-5/9, 5/25-6/10)...from 6/21-7/22 reached base safely in 25 consecutive games (.345, 9hr, 19rbi)...didn't hit his first home run of the season until his 22nd game and 80th at bat (4/30 at Mil off Victor Santos), both career highs to begin a the 11-8 victory on 6/19 vs Atl hit his fifth career homer on Father's Day, a 3-run shot in the eighth inning off Adam Bernero that snapped the 8-8 tie...on 6/28 and 6/29 missed a pair of games at StL with the flu...on 7/4 at SF recorded his first career homer on the Fourth of the 4-3 victory on 7/8 at Ari produced his 1,500th career RBI with a 2-out, 3-run HR off Armando Almanza in the eighth inning that tied the score at 3-3...on 8/25 at Wsh's RFK Stadium homered off Livan Hernandez for his 40th ballpark and scored his 1,400th career run...on 8/28 at Pit doubled off Kip Wells for his 1,000th career extra-base hit...his homer off Tim Hudson on 9/2 at Atl was his 535th career HR and 2,300th career hit off his 340th pitcher in his 41st different ballpark...on 9/ 4 at Atl hit his 536th HR (off Horacio Ramirez) to tie Mickey Mantle for 12th on the all-time list...the Reds went 22-11 when he homered...17 of his 35hr tied games or put the Reds ahead...led the club with 60 starts batting fourth in the order...also hit second (23g) and third (43g)...made 124 starts in CF and 2 starts at DH...had 43 multi-hit games, including 10 3-hit games...on 9/26 had arthroscopic surgeries to clean out both his left knee and the seeping wound at the point of incision of his August 2004 right hamstring surgery (Dr. Timothy Kremchek)...following the season agreed to participate in the inaugural World Baseball Classic, scheduled for March 2006, if selected to the U.S. team. 2004 Was selected to the All-Star starting lineup for the 12th time, tied with Ozzie Smith for third on that all-time list (Cal Ripken Jr. 17, Rod Carew 15) ceremonies at the All- Star Game in Houston participated in ceremonies honoring the 14 living players who hit at least 500 home runs...on 8/16 had season- ending surgery to repair a complete tear of his right hamstring (Dr. Tim Kremchek)...the 2-hour procedure included the insertion of 3 screws that attached the tendon to the bone and the debridement of scar tissue in the affected area...suffered the injury on 8/4 at SF while making a sliding play in the outfield...also was on the DL from 7/11-8/2 with a torn right hamstring...produced 20hr and 60rbi in 83 apps and 78 starts...led the club in hitting with RISP (.329)...made 80 apps and 77 starts prior to the All-Star May led the Major Leagues in homers (10) and finished second in RBI (29)...made a team-high 76 starts in CF, 1 start in RF (8/4 at SF) and 1 start at DH (6/11 at Cle)...was his first career start and fourth career appearance in RF...made 31 starts batting third, 44 starts batting fourth 3 starts batting fifth...made his starts batting fifth in 3 consecutive starts, on 5/6 vs Mil and 5/7- 5/8 vs SF...hit fifth in the order for the first time since 6/22/90 at Tex...missed Opening Day with a strained right calf, an injury suffered during a spring training game on 3/29...missed the game on 4/23 at Pit to attend the funeral of his grandfather, Curtis Littleton...from 5/5-6/13 played in 36 consecutive games, his thirdlongest streak since joining the Reds (73g, 6/2-8/23, 2000; 52g, 4/ 3-5/31, 2000; 36g, 7/28-9/4, 2001)...that streak was snapped on 6/14 at Phi, a scheduled day off that was used to play a game rained out on 4/14...on 5/6 at Mil batted fifth and hit his first homer since 4/16 (16g, 67ab)...was his longest power drought by game since 8/28-9/20, 2001 (16g) and his longest by AB since 5/ 9-5/30, 1993 (79ab)...on 5/31 at Fla hit his 494th career homer, passing Lou Gehrig into 20th place alone on the all-time list...on 6/ 6 vs Mil hit a pair of homers, including his 100th as a Red (off Livan Hernandez)...was the 50th multi-homer game of his career...with his parents in attendance on 6/20 at StL hit his 500th career homer (solo off Matt Morris)...was his fourth career homer on Father's Day and career hit number 2,143, the exact number produced by his father in 19 Major League seasons...the ball was caught and returned by 19-year-old Mark Crummley of Mt. Carmel, IL, whom Griffey rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip for 4 to the All-Star Game festivities in Hou...on 7/10 at Mil, the secondto- last game of the season's first half, suffered a torn right hamstring chasing Brady Clark's triple...didn't play again until 8/4 at SF, when he made his only appearance of the season in that 8/4 game recorded his 400th career double (off Brett Tomko) but later left with the torn right hamstring...didn't make another start the rest of the season but played in the Reds' next 2g as a pinch hitter (8/5 at SF, 8/6 at Col)...the 2 pinch-hit apps were his last apps of the season...on 8/12 went on the 60-day DL and 4 days later had season-ending hamstring surgery. 2003 On 7/18 had season-ending surgery on his right ankle (Dr. Timothy Kremchek), an injury suffered while running out a double on 7/17 vs Hou...on 7/19 went on the 60-day disabled list...on 8/4 had surgery on his right shoulder (Kremchek) to repair a dislocation suffered while diving for a ball on 4/5 vs Chi...appeared in 53g, including 46 starts... missed 32g while on the disabled list with the shoulder injury (4/6-5/12) and beginning 7/18 missed the last 68g of the season while on the DL following ankle surgery... was expected to miss 6-10 weeks with the shoulder injury but returned in 37 days...on Opening Day vs Pit recorded the first hit at new Great American Ball Park, a first-inning double off Kris Benson...the baseball was sent to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown...had hit safely in each of his first 5g of the season when he suffered the right shoulder injury... from 7/8-7/12 homered in 5 consecutive games (5hr) to tie the club record shared by Ted Kluszewski (8/11-8/15, 1954, 5hr) and Johnny Bench (5/30-6/3, 1972, 7hr)...that streak ended on 7/17 vs Hou, the first game after the All-Star break, when he suffered the season-ending ankle injury...on 7/9 at Hou made his first start of the season and 28th career appearance batting cleanup...beginning 7/9 hit fourth in his last 5 starts of the season (5-16, 4hr, 5rbi)...made his other 41 starts batting third...made 43 starts in CF and 3 starts as the designated hitter...recorded his only triple on 6/24 at StL...finished the season with a 6-game hitting streak (.316, 5hr, 6rbi), his longest of the year...on 6/7 vs Tor produced his only sac bunt of the season and eighth of his career. 2002 In his third season with the Reds was limited to 70g and 51 starts because of 2 separate stints on the disabled list, from 4/8-5/23 with a torn patellar tendon in his right knee (missed 41g) and from 6/25-7/21 with a torn right hamstring (missed 25g)...the injuries were not related...also missed time with injuries to his left quadriceps muscle and left hip flexor..suffered the patellar tendon injury during a rundown on 4/7 vs Mtl, the Reds' sixth game of the season...returned to action on 5/24 and appeared in 10g, including 9 starts, before he suffered the right hamstring injury on 6/7 at Ana...missed 8 straight starts with the strained hamstring, then played in 10 more games/5 starts before he aggravated the injury on 6/23 vs Oak...went on the 15-day the disabled list the next day...was reinstated on 7/22 and in 44g and 31 starts the rest of the season hit .276 (6hr, 19rbi) August and September was bothered by a sore left hip and sore left quadriceps his last 20g of the season beginning 8/25 hit .189 (1hr, 2rbi), including a pair of season-high 0-for-19 skids (8/24-8/29, 9/21-9/28)...finished the year with 1 hit in his last 21ab, dropping BA from .290 to season-ending .264...made 50 starts in CF and his only career start in LF (8/23 at Hou)...was his only appearance of the season in part of a defensive switch on 8/27 vs StL made his only appearance of the season in RF...from 7/22-8/4 batted cleanup in his first 9 starts after he was reinstated from the DL (12-35, .343, 2hr, 8rbi)...overall made 41 starts batting third and 10 starts batting fourth (last, 8/27 vs StL)...entered the 2002 season with 17 career apps batting cleanup (last, 7/5/01 vs Pit)...on 6/18 vs Sea collected the 2,000th hit of his Major League career, an infield single off Joel Pineiro...became only the 29th player in history to record at least 2,000 hits and 400 homers...was the fourth active player to reach those totals (Bonds, McGriff, Palmeiro) the 13-inning, 6-4 victory vs LA on 8/1 hit a 2-run, walkoff HR off Omar Daal...on 8/19 vs Hou hit the fourth pinch-hit HR of his career (3-run off Ricky Stone)...on 9/18 at Pit became just the eighth player to homer into the Allegheny River (off Josh Fogg)...from 7/26-8/4 had a season-high 8-game hitting streak...had 10 multi-hit games, including eight 2-hit games and a pair of 4-hit games (8/23 at Hou, 9/19 at Pit). 2001 Led the Reds with 22hr and with 65rbi ranked third behind Sean Casey (89rbi) and Dmitri Young (69rbi)...was bothered all year by a torn left hamstring...during spring training suffered from soreness in his left hamstring, an injury dating back to 9/11/00...while rounding third base on 3/26 vs the Royals at Baseball City suffered a partial tear of that same muscle...because of the injury made his first 16 apps of the season as a pinch hitter (0-12, 3bb, 2ibb, 5k, 1hbp) until he went on the disabled list on 4/29...was reinstated from the DL on 6/15 and that night vs Col made his first start of the season in the Reds' 65th game...hit safely in his first 9g after coming off the DL (.371, 2 2b, 2hr, 8rbi, 7r) 95g after he returned from the DL hit .295 with all 22hr and 95rbi...missed an Opening Day start for the first time in his career...did not make the All-Star team for the first time since his rookie season (1989)...finished fifth in the All-Star voting among NL 31 years, 261 days old became the youngest player in baseball history to hit 450hr when he homered off Russ Ortiz on 8/9 vs SF...Griffey (11hr, 29rbi) and Adam Dunn (12hr, 27rbi) combined for 23hr and 56rbi in August...for the first time in the Reds' 133-year history, they had 2 players with at least 11 homers in a calendar month...their 23 homers is a club record for a pair of Reds teammates in any month and the most in the majors since Tex' Rafael Palmeiro (15hr) and Ivan Rodriguez (12hr) combined for 27 homers in August 1999...the previous club record was held by Ted Kluszewski (13hr) and Jim Greengrass (9hr), who combined for 22 homers in August the bottom of the 11th inning of the 5-4 victory on 8/20 vs StL snapped the 4-4 tie with an inside-the-park homer off Andy Benes...was the Major Leagues' first extra-inning, inside-the-park homer to end a game since Phi's Bobby Abreu did it in a 10-inning, 2-1 victory on 8/27/00 vs SF...was the third inside-the-park homer of his career and the first by a Red since Chris Stynes on 6/6/98 vs Cle off Jaret Wright...led the club with 90 starts in CF...also started a pair of games at DH (7/6-7/7 at Min)...made a team-high 91 starts batting third in the order and 1 start batting fourth...on 7/5 vs Pit hit cleanup for the only time all season and for the 17th time in his career...through 88g on 9/4 was hitting .302 (19hr, 52rbi), his highest BA since 8/30/99 (.303 for Sea)...beginning 9/5 hit .229 (3hr, 13rbi) in his last 23g of the season...hit .310 with RISP...began the season 0-for-13, his longest hitless skid of the season, until he singled off Ron Villone on 6/15 vs Col...on 9/22 at Mil recorded his first sac bunt since 1996...from 8/1-8/11 had a season-high 10-game hitting streak (.333, 5hr, 11rbi)...from 8/17-8/23 recorded at least 1rbi in a season-high 7 straight games...had 29 multi-hit games...had 3 bunt hits...finished the season 3-for-24 in his last 7g, dropping BA from .297, and went hitless in his last 10ab to drop BA from .294. 2000 In his first season with the Reds led the club with 40hr, 118rbi, 100 runs scored, 289 total bases and 94 walks...had at least 100rbi for the fifth straight season and for the eighth time in his career...was voted to the All-Star Game's starting lineup for the 11th consecutive year, his first as a National League player, but did not play in the game because of tendinitis in his right knee...ranked ninth in the National League in both HR and RBI...ranked fifth with 17 intentional walks and T5th with an RBI every 4.4ab...with 12hr in June tied Bal's Albert Belle and LA's Gary Sheffield for the Major League July led the National League with 29rbi...hit the 13th and 14th grand slams of his career (4/11 at Col off Gabe White, 7/28 at Mtl off Mike Johnson)...18 of his 40hr tied games or put the Reds ahead...throughout the season was hampered by hamstring injuries...on 9/11 vs Cubs suffered a partial tear of his left high hamstring and did not start another game the rest of the season...after that injury made 3 pinch-hit apps (2-3, solo HR)...made his last appearance of the season on 9/23 vs Hou (PH, singled) his first 96g of the season through 7/21 hit .235 (30hr, 78rbi) his last 49g of the season beginning 7/22 hit .337 (10hr, 40rbi), including .327 in August and .385 in September...didn't miss a start until 6/1 vs Mtl, the club's 53rd game...made 140 of his 141 starts batting third in the order...on 6/13 at SF batted cleanup for the only time all season, for the 16th time in his career and for the first time since 8/11/96 vs Min...produced 5 of the Reds' 10 multi-homer games and 2 of their 6 grand slams...had a pair of season-high 11- game hitting streaks...from 5/26-6/3 went 0-for-18, his longest hitless skid of the season...on 6/3 vs Min snapped that 0-for-18 skid with a homer off Sean Bergman...had 35 multi-hit games...from 4/5-4/12 had at least 1 RBI in 8 straight games (14rbi), 2g shy of the club record for RBI in consecutive games (10g, Joe Morgan, 1975, 17rbi)...from 7/23-7/30 had an RBI in 7 straight games (13rbi)...on 4/6 vs Mil, in his fourth game, snapped an 0-for-10 start with an RBI-single off Jaime Navarro for his first hit as a Red...on 4/9 vs Cubs, his 2-run HR off Lexington native Scott Downs was his first homer as a Red and the 399th of his career...on 4/10 at Col (off Rolando Arrojo) became the youngest player in baseball history to hit 400hr...was 30 years, 141 days old and hit it on his father's 50th birthday...was his fourth career homer on his father's birthday (2000, 1994, 1992 and his first career HR in 1989)...on 4/20 vs SF had his first 2-HR game as a Red...on 7/5 at StL popped out in his first PH appearance since 9/24/92 at KC... on 7/8 vs Cle had 2hr and a career-high 8rbi, the most by a Reds player since Dave Parker had 8rbi on 9/15/87 at Atl...on 7/9 vs Cle was ejected by HP umpire Justin Klemm for arguing balls and strikes... from 8/18-9/1 had his longest homerless streak of the season (12g, 52ab), then in his next 11g produced 5hr and 9rbi...on 9/19 at SF hit his 40th HR of the season, a pinch-hit homer off Livan Hernandez... was his third career pinch-hit homer and his first pinch-hit base hit since he singled off Chi's Bobby Thigpen on 4/13/92. 1999 Was voted to the AL All-Star team for the 10th time, leading the Major Leagues with 2,928,055 votes ... was voted Player of the Year by the Seattle Chapter of the BBWAA ... was named to The Sporting News AL All-Star team for the seventh time ... won his seventh Silver Slugger Award and 10th Gold Glove ... was named to the AP ML All-Star team ... was voted Players Choice Player of the Decade ... hit 48 HR to become the first player since Harmon Killebrew (1962-64) to lead the American League in home runs in 3 consecutive seasons ... was among the league leaders in HR (1st), RBI (3rd), runs (5th), total bases (349, 3rd), extra-base hits (77, 6th), and HR/at-bat ratio (12.6, 4th) ... also led the league with 17 intentional walks ... had 100 RBI for the seventh time ... stole a career-high 24 bases ... had 4 multi-HR games, giving him 40 career multi-HR games (38 games w/ 2 HR) ... hit seventh career opening night HR on April 5 at the Kingdome; 7 Opening Day HR ranks second in ML history ... belted grand slam home runs in consecutive days April 29-30 to become only the 28th different player in ML history and second Mariner (Blowers) with GSHR in consecutive days ... tied career-best with 6 RBI including GSHR #11 Apr. 29 ... sets club record on April 30 by accumulating 11 RBI in 2 days in addition to hitting career GSHR #12 ... drove in 14 RBI in 3 games April 28-30, setting club record for RBI in three consecutive games ... from 5/9-5/26 had career-high 16-game hitting streak (27-63, 429, 8HR, 21RBI) ... hit HR #20 on May 31, the 3rd time in career with 20 HRs before June 1; is the only ML player to do it more than once ... hit final Kingdome home run June 27 off Texas' Aaron Sele; later in that game took a home run away from Juan Gonzalez ... hit his first SAFECO Field home run July 18 vs. Arizona, giving him a home run in 23 different ML parks ... stroked career-hit #1,700 off of Chicago's Jamie Navarro Aug. 11 ... won All-Star Game home run contest for third time in his career ... launched 5 HR in interleague play to give him 19 career against the NL ... is 75-for-92 (82%) in stolen base attempts over last 4 seasons ... Owns 3 ML home run records:, including most HR through the end of April (13, 1997), most consecutive games hitting HR in each game (8, July 20-28, 1993), and most 3-run HR in a season (13, 1996) ... holds AL record for most HR through the end of May (19, 1998) and is tied for AL record for most HR through July ... hit 198 HR in the Kingdome, including 20 into third deck in RF ... with 398 career HR is tied for 32nd in history ... holds Mariners franchise records in nearly every offensive category, including games, at-bats, runs, hits, home runs, RBI, total bases, extra-base hits, and slugging percentage ... career batting average of .299 is third in Mariners history, behind Edgar Martinez (.320) and Alex Rodriguez (.308) ... has won 10 consecutive Gold Gloves (1990-99) and 7 Silver Sluggers (1991, 1993-94, 1996-99) ... has been voted to starting lineup in each of the last 10 All-Star Games (1990-99), winning the ASG home run-hitting contest 3 times (1994, 1998-99). 1998 Had second consecutive MVP-type season ... matched career-high with 56 home runs (also: 1997) and 146 RBI was one off career-high ... led the Majors in homers off LHP (21), road homers (26), and inter-league homers (10) ... among the AL leaders in homers (1st), RBI (3rd), runs (3rd), total bases (2nd), slugging percentage (3rd/.611), extra base hits (3rd/92), and intentional walks (4th/11) ... was one of only two Mariners (Alex Rodriguez) to play in all 161 games ... hit two home runs April 13 (off Cle's Burba & Mesa) to become second youngest player in ML history to 300 HR (see box) finished May with 19 home runs, breaking Babe Ruths AL record for most HR through May 31was named AL Player of the Week from June 29-July 5 (2nd in 98, 9th of career)set Mariners club record with six consecutive extra-base hits (two HR, triple, three doubles) on July 1-2had 35 HR and 79 RBI at the All-Star ... was 2x3 and won the home run contest at the All-Star Gamehad two HR July 14 off Texas Burkett & Bailes; 1st HR was career hit #1,500hit HR #41 July 30 vs. Cleveland, equaling AL record for HRs before Aug. 1 (also Babe Ruth, 1928 and Jimmie Foxx, 1932) had four RBI on Sept. 25 vs. Minnesota, giving him 1,003 in his career and making him the fourth youngest player ever to 1,000 RBI ... swiped 20th base of the year (a new career-high) Sept. 16 at Oakland becoming the third player ever in the 50 HR-20 SB club (also Willie Mays (51 HR, 24 SB in 1955) and Brady Anderson (50 HR, 21 SB in 1996) ... hit two-HRs off A's Witasick and drove in his 140th run for the third consecutive season on Sept. 22; joined Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig as only players to record 140+ RBI in three straight seasons ... hit HR #56, equaling career-high & becoming fastest in ML history to 350 (see box), on Sept. 25 vs. Texas ... named Co-Player of the Year by the Seattle Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America ... homered vs. every opponent, a total of 18 clubs ... named to post-season All-Star team by AP and The Sporting News. 1997 Became just the 13th unanimous MVP selection in baseball history after posting the best season ever by a Seattle player and one of the best years all-time ... at end of 1997 season, his 56 home runs was 7th most in history, the 3rd-most since 1961, and his 147 RBI was 6th-highest total in previous 48 years ... had 393 total bases, the 29th most in ML history ... led the Majors in RBI and was second in home runs, total bases, slugging percentage (.646), and extra base hits (93) ... led the AL and was fourth in the Majors in runs ... also led the AL in IBB (23) and was second in SF (12) ... became just the sixth Major Leaguer (ninth time) to hit more than 100 HR over 2 consecutive seasons ... had eight multi-HR games (seven 2-HR games and one 3-HR game) ... had a club record 147 RBI and notched his fourth 40+ HR yearstarted season with a bang, connecting for a pair of home runs off New Yorks David Cone in first two at-bats of season on Opening Night in the Kingdome ... became the 34th player in ML history to hit multiple home runs on Opening Day ... had second career 3-HR game April 25 at Toronto, connecting twice off Roger Clemens and once off Mike Timlin; third HR was #250 of his career ... became the fourth youngest player in history to reach the 250-HR plateau despite missing 201 games to injuries and strikes ... his 13 HR in April was a ML record and as many or more than Pittsburgh & Philadelphia team totals ... blasted HR #20 at Anaheim, an estimated distance of 490 feet though the ball was never located ... collected HR #25 on June 2 vs. Toronto, and missed by one game equaling the fastest 25 HR in history; the quickest-ever to 25 was Babe Ruth in 1928; he did it in team game #55 ... matched Jimmie Foxx for the second-quickest to 25 in ML history ... hit ninth career grand slam June 21 at Texas (off Bobby Witt) tying Alvin Davis for most in Seattle history; blast also put him over 800 RBI ... hit HR #30 July 5 at Anaheim, becoming just the third player ever to record two seasons with 30+ HR prior to the All-Star break (also Willie Stargell and Mark McGwire) ... hit HR #50 Sept. 7 at Minnesota off Bob Tewksbury; became just the 15th player in history with 50 or more home runs in a season ... hit 53rd longball Sept. 19 at Oakland (off Aaron Small); solo shot broke his own club record for RBI (140) in a season ... homered off every AL team, as well as San Diego and LA ... named to post-season All-Star team by AP and The Sporting News; TSN also named him ML Player of the Year. 1996 Depite missing 20 games with broken hamate bone in right wrist, he posted a MVP-type season (finished fourth in the voting with 188 points and four first place ballots) ... set (then) franchise records with 49 home runs (third in AL) and 140 RBI (5th in AL) and ranked among the league-leaders in runs (5th), total bases (342/6th) slugging percentage (.628/5th), and extra base hits (77/8th) ... homered into the deck above the Hard Rock Cafe at Torontos SkyDome (off Giovanni Carrara) April 12 ... HR #6 (off Toronto's Juan Guzman) April 20 gave him 1,879 total bases, tops in Seattle history (passing Alvin Davis, 1,875) ... hit 200th career home run May 21 at Boston (off Vaughn Eshelman) to become seventh youngest in history to reach 200 HRs ... May 24 vs. NY was first career three-HR game; had club-record five runs and six RBI (matched career-high) ... stole 100th career base June 2 vs. Boston to become the first Mariner with 100 steals and 100 homers ... broke the hamate bone in his right wrist June 19 in his first at-bat, had surgery to remove the bone and was placed on the 15-day DL June 20 ... missed 20 games (June 20-July 13) on the DL; team was 12-8 without him ... became Seattle's all-time hit leader Aug. 19 with career hit #1,164, passing Alvin Davis ... had two-run homer washed out by rainout Sept. 6 at Cleveland. 1995 On Opening Day hit a game-winning, 3-run, third-deck shot off Detroits Sean Bergman ... made an amazing catch crashing into the right-center field wall on a drive off the bat of Baltimore's Kevin Bass on May 26, but fractured both bones in his left wrist ... underwent three-hour surgery the next day and had a four-inch metal plate and seven screws attached to the wrist ... surgery was performed by hand specialist Dr. Ed Almquist and team physician Dr. Larry Pedegana in Seattle ... was expected to miss three months, but returned two weeks early on Aug. 15 ... played one game at triple-A Tacoma Aug. 13 on an injury rehabilitation assignment ... missed 73 games due to the injury (Mariners went 36-37 during his absence) ... went 1x4 in his first game back Aug. 15 at Minnesota, the next night he collected career hit #1,000 with a single off Frankie Rodriguez, becoming the seventh-youngest player in history to reach the 1,000-hit plateau ... hit a ninth-inning, two-run HR off John Wetteland to beat New York on Aug. 24 for his first ever game-ending hit ... passed Alvin Davis to become the all-time Kingdome HR leader with #102 on Sept. 26 off California's Rich Monteleone ... had an outstanding post-season, hitting a combined .364 with six home runs and nine RBI in 11 games ... hit two home runs in Game 1 ... singled and scored winning run from first base in the 11th inning of Game 5 of the Division Series ... his five home runs in the Division Series tied Reggie Jackson's mark for most home runs in a post-season series (Jackson had five in the 1977 World Series; Juan Gonzalez, Texas, hit five in the 1996 DS) his six total HRs tied the record for most in a post season (also Bob Robertson, 1971 Pirates and Lenny Dykstra, 1993 Phillies) ... had surgery Dec. 3, 1995 to remove the plate and the seven screws. 1994 Earned first AL home-run crown in Mariners history ... ranked among league leaders in grand-slam HR (2, T1st), home-run ratio (2nd, 1:10.8 AB), intentional walks (2nd, 19), total bases (2nd, 292), runs (3rd), slugging percentage (3rd, .674), extra-base hits (3rd, 68), hits (T5th), RBI (T7th), and batting average (8th) ... etched his name in the ML record books by breaking Mickey Mantle's mark for home runs thru May 31 with 22 (old was 20 in 1956) and Babe Ruth's record for HR thru June 30 with 32 (old was 30 in 1928 & 1930) ... had 20 RBI in April, a new club record for the month (old was 19 by Jeffrey Leonard in 1989) ... hit the 150th HR of his career on May 20 vs. Texas (off Roger Pavlik); at 24 years and 5 months of age, was the third-youngest player ever to reach that milestone (Mel Ott at 23-6 and Eddie Mathews at 23-10) ... on June 13 at Texas, hit grand-slam HR off Bruce Hurst and collected career-high six RBI ... hit a solo shot off Kevin Brown at Texas on June 15; blast was #161 in his career, as he became the club's all-time HR leader (Alvin Davis held record with 160) ... tied club record with 5 hits on July 2 at New York (ninth time, second by Griffey) ... amassed an all-time record 6,079,688 ASG votes (old mark was 4,292,740 by Rod Carew in 1977) ... won ASG's home-run hitting contest ... finished second in AL MVP balloting, behind Frank Thomas ... following the season, was named to The AP ML All-Star. 1993 Established club records in runs (113, since broken), total bases (359, since broken), home runs (45, since broken), intentional walks (25), and slugging percentage (.617, since broken) ... ranked among the AL leaders in 11 categories, including first in total bases and extra base hits (86) second in HR, IBB, and slugging, sixth in runs, doubles, and on-base percentage (.408); eighth in hits and walks; and 14th in average ... became sixth-youngest player ever to hit 100 career home runs on June 15 vs. KCs Billy Brewer ... homered in eight straight games to tie ML record ... went 2-for-4 with a double off the right-center wall in his attempt for nine straight on July 29 ... hit 40th HR on Sept. 1 vs. Detroit's Mike Moore, becoming the first Seattle player to hit 40 in a season and the 10th-youngest in history ... hit 41st HR on Sept. 13 at California (off John Farrell) and drove in his 100th RBI, becoming the fourth-youngest player ever to have three 100 RBI seasons ... hit 45th HR at Minnesota (off Larry Casian) on October 1 and broke Ruppert Jones 1979 club record for runs scored ... became first player ever to hit B&O warehouse at Baltimore's Camden Yards during HR-hitting contest on July 13 with a 460-foot shot; finished second to Gonzalez in the contest ... established new AL record for outfielders with 542nd consecutive errorless chance on July 18 at Boston ... broke record set earlier in the year by Milwaukee's Darryl Hamilton (541) ... the streak, which began April 16, 1992, ended on August 8 at Texas at 573 consecutive errorless chances over 240 games ... wore #30 in honor of his father on Turn Back the Clock Day at Kansas City on May 21 ... made first career appearance at first base October 2 at Minnesota in ninth inning. 1992 Among AL leaders in a number of categories, finishing third in extra-base hits (70), fourth in slugging (.535), fifth in doubles and multi-hit games (tied at 52), sixth in total bases (302), and eighth in batting average and HR ... also finished second among AL outfielders in fielding (.997) ... on June 8 at Texas, dove for fifth-inning single off bat of Al Newman and suffered sprained right wrist; was placed on D.L. the next day ... was activated on June 25 and homered in first at bat that night vs. California (off Julio Valera) ... was named MVP of the Mid-Summer Classic in San Diego, after going 3-for-3 with a HR off Cubs' Greg Maddux (it was first round-tripper by a Mariner in All-Star history); Griffeys also became first father-son combination to hit HR and receive MVP honors in an All-Star Game, as Ken Sr. accomplished both feats in 1980 ... on Sept. 30 vs. Milwaukee, hit three-run HR (off Chris Bosio) to give him 100 RBI; became first Mariner ever to reach century mark in back-to-back seasons. 1991 Established club marks for batting average (.327, since broken), doubles (42, since broken), slugging percentage (.527, since broken), intentional walks (21, since broken), and grand slam HR (tied at 3) ... also led the AL in grand slam HR, ranked fourth in average and doubles, sixth in slugging pct., eighth in on-base pct. (.399) and RBI, and tenth in total bases (289) ... hit the first grand slam HR of his career July 23 at New York (off Lee Guetterman) ... collected his 100th RBI Sept. 30 (game 1) at Texas, becoming the 12th-youngest ML player to reach that milestone and the youngest AL player to do it since Al Kaline in 1956 ... was named to APs post-season All-Star. 1990 Finished fourth in the AL in total bases (287), fifth in hits, seventh in batting average, tied for eighth in triples, and ninth in slugging percentage (.481) ... hit three-run HR (off Bert Blyleven) in season opener at California April 9 ... on April 26 at New York, robbed Jesse Barfield of his 200th career HR with an over-the-wall catch in the fourth inning ... hit an inside-the-park HR at Kansas City on June 20 to give Mariners 3-2 win ... became first Mariner ever elected to the starting lineup of the All-Star Game when he received 2,159,700 votes, second-most in the AL (behind Jose Canseco) ... at 20 years old became the second-youngest player to ever start in an All-Star Game (Al Kaline in 1955) ... was batting .331 with 12 HR and 40 RBI at the All-Star break ... on Aug. 31 vs. Kansas City, played with his father for first time hit back-to-back home runs with Ken Sr. in first inning at California on Sept. 14 (off Kirk McCaskill); Jr.'s came on a 3-0 count ... earned his first Gold Glove award, becoming the second-youngest player to receive the honor (Johnny Bench in 1968). 1989 Made the Mariners club out of spring training as a non-roster player by hitting .359 with 2 HR and 21 RBI in 26 spring games ... set new club spring records with 33 hits, 21 RBI, and a 15-game hitting streak ... on April 3 at Oakland, doubled in his first ML at bat (off Dave Stewart) ... hit first ML home run on first pitch he saw at the Kingdome vs. Chicago (off Eric King) on April 10 ... tied Seattle record with eight consecutive hits April 23-26 and set club record by reaching base safely 11 straight times (April 23-27) ... hit a game-winning two-run HR off Milwaukees Bill Wegman in his first ML pinch-hit at-bat on May 16 ... hit an inside-the-park home run vs. New York on May 21 (off Clay Parker) ... received 79,051 votes for the All-Star Game as a write-in candidate ... was on the disabled list July 25-Aug. 20 after breaking a bone in the little finger of his right hand ... was leading all ML rookies with a .287 average, 13 HR, and 45 RBI at the time of his injury ... hit just .214 (31x145) with 3 HR and 16 RBI in 39 games after his injury ... led all AL outfielders with six double plays and was fifth with 12 assists ... at age 19, was the youngest player in the major leagues. 1988 Split the season between San Bernardino and Vermont...finished 3rd on San Bernardino club in home runs (11) and 4th in stolen bases (32), despite playing in only 58 games...placed on the disabled list with a strained lower back on June the time of his injury, was leading the California League in home runs, total bases (126) and stolen bases, and was 2nd in average...came off DL on Aug. 15 and was promoted to Vermont... hit .444 (8x18) with a club-high 7 RBI vs. Pittsfield in the Eastern League playoffs...named the top prospect in the California League by Baseball America and was also selected as an outfielder on the league's All-Star team. 1987 Began pro at age 17 after being selected first overall in the 1987 June draft...appeared in 54 games for the Bellingham Mariners...first hit was a home run at Everett on June 17...named Northwest League Player of the Week, June 16- 22 ( 3 HR, 8 RBI, 4 SB)...collided with center field wall on July 4, injuring his right shoulder...came back to hit in 14 of 16 games, July 12-Aug. 13, for an average of .453 (24x53, 7 HR, 16 RBI)... finished 6th in the league batting race with a .313 average...led baby Mariners in average, home runs and RBI...named All-League outfielder and the league's top prospect by Baseball America.