Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine #47

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  • B/T: L/L
  • 6' 0" /205

Tom Glavine MLB Career Stats

682 305-203 3.54 4413.1 2607 1.31

Tom Glavine Bio

  • Full Name: Thomas Michael Glavine
  • Born: 3/25/1966 in Concord, MA
  • Draft: 1984, Atlanta Braves, 2nd rd. (47th overall)
  • Debut: 8/17/1987
  • Last Game: 8/14/2008
  • Hall of Fame: 2014
  • Relationship(s): brother of Mike Glavine, father of Peyton Glavine
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MLB Career Stats 305 203 3.54 682 682 0 4413.1 2607 1.31


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Tom Glavine Awards

Hall Of Fame

Year Team
2014 Atlanta

Uniform number retired

Year Team
2010 Atlanta

NL Cy Young

Year Team League
1991 Atlanta NL
1998 Atlanta NL

World Series MVP

Year Team League
1995 Atlanta NL

World Series Championship

Year Team League
1995 Atlanta NL

NL All-Star

Year Team League
1991 Atlanta NL
1992 Atlanta NL
1993 Atlanta NL
1996 Atlanta NL
1997 Atlanta NL
1998 Atlanta NL
2000 Atlanta NL
2002 Atlanta NL
2004 NY Mets NL

NL Silver Slugger

Year Team League
1991 Atlanta NL
1995 Atlanta NL
1996 Atlanta NL
1998 Atlanta NL

Babe Ruth Award

Year Team League
1995 Atlanta NL

NL Player of the Week

Week Team League
05/03/1992 Atlanta NL
06/20/1993 Atlanta NL
04/30/2000 Atlanta NL

Tom Glavine Leaderboards

Earned Run Average

Season ERA Rank
1991 2.55 3rd in NL
1992 2.76 11th in NL
1993 3.20 8th in NL
1994 3.97 23rd in NL
1995 3.08 5th in NL
1996 2.98 5th in NL
1997 2.96 7th in NL
1998 2.47 4th in NL
1999 4.12 20th in NL
2000 3.40 8th in NL
2001 3.57 13th in NL
2002 2.96 3rd in NL
2004 3.60 17th in NL
2005 3.53 14th in NL
2006 3.82 13th in NL
2007 4.45 25th in NL


Season W Rank
1989 14 15th in NL
1991 20 1st in NL
1992 20 1st in NL
1993 22 1st in NL
1994 13 5th in NL
1995 16 4th in NL
1996 15 9th in NL
1997 14 12th in NL
1998 20 1st in NL
1999 14 17th in NL
2000 21 1st in NL
2001 16 7th in NL
2002 18 4th in NL
2005 13 19th in NL
2006 15 7th in NL
2007 13 19th in NL

Winning Percentage

Season WPCT Rank
1989 .636 8th in NL
1990 .455 25th in NL
1991 .645 7th in NL
1992 .714 2nd in NL
1993 .786 3rd in NL
1994 .591 13th in NL
1995 .696 6th in NL
1996 .600 12th in NL
1997 .667 7th in NL
1998 .769 2nd in NL
1999 .560 22nd in NL
2000 .700 4th in NL
2001 .696 5th in NL
2002 .621 12th in NL
2006 .682 3rd in NL
2007 .619 10th in NL


Season SO Rank
1990 129 18th in NL
1991 192 3rd in NL
1992 129 22nd in NL
1994 140 6th in NL
1995 127 19th in NL
1996 181 11th in NL
1997 152 19th in NL
1998 157 22nd in NL
2000 152 22nd in NL


Season WHIP Rank
1989 1.14 12th in NL
1991 1.09 3rd in NL
1992 1.19 14th in NL
1995 1.25 14th in NL
1996 1.30 21st in NL
1997 1.15 8th in NL
1998 1.20 11th in NL
2000 1.19 7th in NL
2002 1.28 18th in NL
2004 1.29 19th in NL
2006 1.33 21st in NL

Batting Average Against

Season AVG Rank
1989 .243 20th in NL
1991 .222 3rd in NL
1992 .235 12th in NL
1993 .259 23rd in NL
1995 .246 9th in NL
1996 .249 14th in NL
1997 .226 6th in NL
1998 .238 9th in NL
2000 .244 13th in NL
2001 .261 22nd in NL
2002 .252 18th in NL
2004 .252 17th in NL
2006 .267 21st in NL

Games Started

Season GS Rank
1988 34 4th in NL
1990 33 7th in NL
1991 34 9th in NL
1992 33 10th in NL
1993 36 1st in NL
1994 25 2nd in NL
1995 29 14th in NL
1996 36 1st in NL
1997 33 7th in NL
1998 33 15th in NL
1999 35 2nd in NL
2000 35 1st in NL
2001 35 1st in NL
2002 36 1st in NL
2003 32 15th in NL
2004 33 13th in NL
2005 33 13th in NL
2006 32 20th in NL
2007 34 2nd in NL

Complete Games

Season CG Rank
1989 6 11th in NL
1991 9 1st in NL
1992 7 6th in NL
1993 4 9th in NL
1994 2 10th in NL
1995 3 9th in NL
1997 5 8th in NL
1998 4 8th in NL
1999 2 16th in NL
2000 4 8th in NL
2001 1 24th in NL
2002 2 15th in NL
2004 1 17th in NL
2005 2 15th in NL
2007 1 11th in NL


Season SHO Rank
1989 4 3rd in NL
1991 1 13th in NL
1992 5 1st in NL
1993 2 3rd in NL
1995 1 13th in NL
1997 2 5th in NL
1998 3 3rd in NL
2000 2 3rd in NL
2001 1 7th in NL
2002 1 10th in NL
2004 1 9th in NL
2005 1 8th in NL
2007 1 2nd in NL

Innings Pitched

Season IP Rank
1990 214.1 12th in NL
1991 246.2 2nd in NL
1992 225.0 12th in NL
1993 239.1 4th in NL
1994 165.1 7th in NL
1995 198.2 6th in NL
1996 235.1 5th in NL
1997 240.0 5th in NL
1998 229.1 10th in NL
1999 234.0 5th in NL
2000 241.0 4th in NL
2001 219.1 10th in NL
2002 224.2 5th in NL
2004 212.1 10th in NL
2005 211.1 20th in NL
2006 198.0 25th in NL
2007 200.1 18th in NL

Strikeouts per Nine Innings

Season K/9 Rank
1990 5.42 19th in NL
1991 7.01 5th in NL
1994 7.62 7th in NL
1996 6.92 16th in NL
2006 5.95 25th in NL

Strikeout/Walk Ratio

Season K/BB Rank
1989 2.25 17th in NL
1991 2.78 8th in NL
1994 2.00 23rd in NL
1996 2.13 24th in NL
2000 2.34 16th in NL
2006 2.11 22nd in NL

Bases on Balls

Season BB Rank
1988 63 21st in NL
1990 78 5th in NL
1991 69 14th in NL
1992 70 11th in NL
1993 90 3rd in NL
1994 70 2nd in NL
1995 66 10th in NL
1996 85 9th in NL
1997 79 5th in NL
1998 74 15th in NL
1999 83 12th in NL
2001 97 3rd in NL
2002 78 12th in NL
2003 66 25th in NL
2004 70 17th in NL


Season H Rank
1988 201 16th in NL
1990 232 3rd in NL
1991 201 12th in NL
1992 197 15th in NL
1993 236 4th in NL
1994 173 6th in NL
1995 182 15th in NL
1996 222 8th in NL
1997 197 21st in NL
1998 202 24th in NL
1999 259 1st in NL
2000 222 11th in NL
2001 213 14th in NL
2002 210 11th in NL
2003 205 11th in NL
2004 204 15th in NL
2005 227 7th in NL
2006 202 24th in NL
2007 219 12th in NL

Home Runs

Season HR Rank
1989 20 10th in NL
1990 18 16th in NL
1991 17 15th in NL
1997 20 24th in NL
2001 24 23rd in NL
2006 22 22nd in NL
2007 23 19th in NL

Tom Glavine Latest Transactions

Team Date Transaction
June 3, 2009 Atlanta Braves released LHP Tom Glavine.
May 31, 2009 Gwinnett Braves sent LHP Tom Glavine on a rehab assignment to Rome Braves.
May 23, 2009 Atlanta Braves sent LHP Tom Glavine on a rehab assignment to Gwinnett Braves.
April 12, 2009 Atlanta Braves sent LHP Tom Glavine on a rehab assignment to Mississippi Braves.
April 2, 2009 Atlanta Braves placed LHP Tom Glavine on the 15-day disabled list.

Thomas Michael Glavine Bio Info

He and his wife Christine have a one daughter, Amber Nicole, and three sons, Jonathan, Peyton Thomas and Mason Riley...They reside in Alpharetta, GA...Graduated from Billerica (MA) Memorial High School in 1984, where he played baseball and hockey...Was a four-time league All-Star and All- Conference honoree in baseball and was named to All-Star and All-Conference teams three times in hockey... Earned the Boston Globe's All-Scholastic and Player of the Year honors in both baseball and hockey...Was drafted by two professional sports teams: in the second round by the Atlanta Braves and in the fourth round by the Los Angeles Kings (NHL)...Has volunteered his time as a member of the National Sports Committee of the Leukemia Society of America...Served as honorary chairman of the Georgia Council on Child Abuse...For the 16th straight year, hosted the Georgia Transplant Foundation's Annual Spring Training on 2/8/08...The foundation is focused on providing both financial and educational assistance to families of those undergoing or awaiting a transplant...Was the recipient of the Good Guy Award from the New Jersey Sportswriters on 1/25/04...Received the Joan Payson Award for humanitarian service from the New York Chapter of the Baseball Writers of America on 1/25/04...Donated $5,000 along with then teammates Al Leiter, Mike Piazza and John Franco to Tuesday's Children...The amount was matched by the Mets for a total of $40,000...The money was used to create a Mets Scholarship Fund for Tuesday's Children...Tuesday's Children is a nonprofit family services organization that offers an 18-year commitment to children who lost a parent on September 11th...As part of the Commissioner's Initiative for Kids, honored kids from CureSearch on Children's Cancer Awareness Day, 8/26/04...Ameriquest Mortgage Company, an official sponsor of MLB, made a contribution of $1 million with the proceeds going to several different charitable causes, including CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation...Was the 2005 Mets honoree of the Roberto Clemente Award for civic involvement, community endeavors, and in general caring about his fellow man...Received the Bart Giamatti Award from the Baseball Assistance Team on 1/24/06 for his community service...Was honored by the New York Chapter of BBWAA with the Good Guy Award on 1/28/07...Signed by Tony DeMacio (Braves). 2008 Tom made his return to the Braves after five seasons with the Mets only to see his first three career trips to the disabled list derail his season. ...Was on the disabled list for the first time in his 22-year career from 4/14-28 with a strained right hamstring. ...Was activated off the disabled list on 8/14 vs. CHC after being placed on 6/11 with a left elbow strain. Made two rehabilitation appearances, one with Myrtle Beach (A) on 8/4 (ND: 4.0 IP/1 ER) and one with Mississippi (AA) on 8/9 (L: 5.0 IP/2 ER). Tom's DL stint was his second of the season and just the second in his career. ...Went on the disabled list for the third and final time on 8/15 through the end of the season with a left elbow strain. He had surgery by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., to repair a torn flexor tendon on 8/21. ...Got off to a quick start, posting a 2.60 ERA (5 ER/17.1 IP) over his first four starts. ...Did better on the road, posting a 4.24 ERA in seven road starts and posting a 7.06 ERA in six home starts. ...Passed Bob Feller (2,581) and Braves legend Warren Spahn (2,583) for 24th on the all-time strikeout list with three strikeouts on 5/9/08 at PIT. He stands at 2,607. ...Left 6/10 start at CHI down 4-3 after 3.0 innings (3.0 IP/4 ER) with a sore left elbow and suffered his third loss of the season. ...Exited 6/4 vs. FLA with a 3-2 lead after allowing two runs in 5.0 IP, but the bullpen failed to hold the lead and allowed four runs in the ninth inning for a 6-4 Florida win. Tom fanned five batters to pass the 2,600 career strikeout mark. ...Allowed two runs on five hits in 6.0 IP at CIN on 5/30 and left with the game tied at 2-2 but he got a ND in the Reds 3-2 win in 11 innings. ...Was touched for six runs on seven hits, including two home runs and one grand slam, and a season-high six walks in 4.2 innings in a 9-3 Braves loss to ARI on 5/25. The fifth-inning, Eric Byrnes' grand slam was the second allowed of Glavine's 22-year career and his first as a Brave. ...Defeated the Mets in game one on 5/20, allowing just a solo home run in the first inning and just three hits in 6.0 IP. ...Won his first game of the season on 5/14 at PHI. It was his first win as a Brave since 9/19/02 vs. PHI. It was his 243rd with Atlanta and it marked the most starts into a season before picking up a win in his career. Tom only allowed one hit through five innings before allowing four runs in the sixth of an 8-6 Braves win. ...Picked up another ND on 5/9 at PIT despite allowing just two runs, both in the seventh inning, on five hits in 7.0 IP in a 3-2 loss. He fanned four batters, moving him past Hall of Famers Bob Feller (2,581) and Warren Spahn (2,583) into 24th on the all-time strikeout list. ...Got a ND after he fired two scoreless innings before allowing six runs, including a four-run fourth inning, in the 5/4 14-7 win over CIN. He walked a season-high five batters in his 4.2 IP. ...Received a no-decision on 4/29 at WSH in his first start since coming off the 15-day disabled list with a strained right hamstring (went on 4/14). Allowed two runs on six hits over 6.0 innings. ...Tied his shortest outing (5/16/98) of his career when he did not record an out in a 5-4 loss to WSH on 4/13. Two of the four batters Tom faced scored and he managed only 16 pitches before exiting with a hamstring injury. ...Threw 6.1 scoreless innings at Coors Field on 4/7 and left the game with a 1-0 lead, but had ND when the bullpen allowed a two-run Matt Holliday homer in the bottom of the 8th inning of a 2-1 Rockies win. ...Started the home opener on 3/31 vs. PIT, making his first start with Atlanta since 9/28/02, and got a ND when he allowed two runs (one earned) in 5.0 IP in a 12-11 PIT win in 12 innings. 2007 Reached 200-inning plateau on 9/25 vs. WSH. It marked the 14th time he hurled 200+ innings in a season. Collected his 300th career victory in his start against on 8/5 at CHI. Became the 23rd pitcher in major league history to accomplish the feat and just the fifth lefthander. In addition, Glavine became the first pitcher to win his 300th game in a Mets uniform, and the fourth 300- game winner to have spent part of his career with the Mets. Glavine has won 61 games with the Mets since 2003. Tom Seaver won 198 games with the Mets from 1967-1977 and in 1983, Nolan Ryan earned 29 victories with New York from 1966-1971 and Warren Spahn won four games for the 1965 Mets. Now ranks fourth all-time among lefthanders with 303 wins. Warren Spahn is first (363), Steve Carlton is second (329) and Eddie Plank is third (326). His 4,350.0 career innings pitched is third among active pitchers (Clemens, 4,916.2, Maddux, 4814.1) and ranks 30th all-time. Jack Powell is 29th at 4,389.0 IP. Is 26th on the All-Time Strikeout List with 2,570 strikeouts. Passed Don Drysdale, Christy Mathewson, Jerry Koosman and Tim Keefe in 2007. Permitted three earned runs or less in 24 of his 34 starts, and two earned runs or less in 18 of the 34 starts. Earned his 301st career victory on 8/17 at WSH. Moved into sole possession of 21st place on the All-Time Win List, passing Lefty Grove and Early Wynn. Mickey Welch is 20th with 309 victories. Was perfect through the first 5.0 innings of his start on 9/8 vs. HOU. It was the fourth time in his career that he has pitched 5.0 perfect innings to start a game. The others were 5/19/93, with Atlanta vs. MON (perfect through 5.0 innings); 5/23/04, with New York vs. COL (perfect through 6.0 innings); 5/27/06, with New York at FLA (perfect through 5.0 innings). Made his 30th start of the year on 9/8. It was his 17th season of 30 or more starts and his 12th in a row. The only other lefthanded pitchers with as many 30-start seasons as Glavine are Warren Spahn (18) and Steve Carlton (17). His 20 seasons of 25 starts or more ranks second all-time to Greg Maddux's 21. Moved into sole possession of 12th place all-time with his 667th career start on 9/20 at FLA. Passed Walter Johnson (666). Now has made 669 starts. Pud Galvin ranks 11th with 681 career starts. Lasted 0.1 inning on 9/30 vs. FLA. It was his second-shortest major league outing. His shortest outing was on 5/16/89 at CHI, when, he didn't retire any of the four batters he faced, yielding four hits and four runs. The seven runs allowed by Glavine matched the most he's permitted in any one inning, also allowing seven runs on 6/8/96 at COL in the first inning. Collected his 297th career win in his start vs. STL on 6/27 as the Mets won, 2-0, in six innings. He was credited with his 56th career complete game and his 25th shutout. His last shutout was on 9/29/05 vs. COL. In addition, it was Tom's second career one-hitter. He threw a nine-inning, complete game one-hitter on 5/23/04 vs. COL. Is now 20-6 all-time vs. STL. In the expansion era (since 1962), the only other pitchers to win at least 20 games vs. the Cardinals are Steve Carlton (38), Greg Maddux (26) and Tom Seaver (25). Picked up his 296th career victory in his first ever start on 6/22 vs. OAK...Pitched a season-high 8.0 innings...It was the first time he tossed 8.0 innings or more since 9/19/06 vs. FLA when he pitched 8.0 innings in a 3-2 win. Went 6-0 with seven no-decisions from 7/14-9/8. Surrendered nine earned runs in his start on 6/10 at DET. It was just the second time in his career that he allowed nine runs. The first came on 5/24/99 at MIL. Started five of the Mets' first 17 games. The last Met to do so was Ron Darling in 1987. His start on 4/12 was his 60th start against PHI. In the last 60 years, the only other pitchers to make 60 starts against the Phillies are Warren Spahn (83) and Bob Friend (69). Made his eighth Opening Day start (1990, 1992, 1999, 2002-2004, 2006, 2007) on 4/1 at STL. It was his fourth with the Mets (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007). Collected the win, tossing 6.0 innings (6 H, 1 R/ER, 1 BB, 2 K)., Is 5-3 with a 3.70 ERA all-time on Opening Day. Went 3-1 with a 3.74 ERA on Opening Day pitching for New York. Ranks first all-time among pitchers with 213 career sacrifice hits. Greg Maddux is second with 174. Was tied for seventh in the National League with 12 sacrifices in 2007. Recorded a four-game hitting streak from 5/24-6/22, the longest single-season streak of his Mets career. Pinch-hit in the ninth inning on 7/28 [2] vs. WSH. 2006 Won his 290th career game on Sept. 30 at Washington...He ranks 23rd on the All-Time Win List...Lefty Grove and Early Wynn are tied for 21st with 300 victories...Ranks third among active pitchers behind Roger Clemens (348) and Greg Maddux (332)...Moved from 29th to 23rd place on the All-Time Win List this season, passing Jim Kaat, Ferguson Jenkins, Robin Roberts, Tony Mullane, Bert Blyleven and Tommy John...Is fifth on the All-Time Win List among left-handed pitchers...Lefty Grove is fourth...Extended his National League record with 635 consecutive starts...Roger Clemens holds the Major League record with 678 straight starts...Ranks fourth all-time in the National League with 635 career starts, behind Steve Carlton (677), Warren Spahn (685) and Greg Maddux (673)...Made his 626th career start on July 30 at Atlanta to move past Jim Kaat for the fourth-most games started in Major League history among left-handed pitchers...He now has 635 career starts...Steve Carlton is first (709), Tommy John is second (700) and Warren Spahn is third (665)...Made his 25th start of the season against the Nationals on August 11, extending his streak of consecutive seasons with at least 25 starts to 19 (1988-2006), tying him with Cy Young (1891-1909) and Warren Spahn (1947-1965) for second-most all-time...Greg Maddux made his 25th start of the season on Aug. 13, extending his streak to 20 seasons, which is the most in Major League history...Became the fourth left-handed pitcher in Mets history to start 30 or more games in four consecutive seasons...The others were Jerry Koosman (1973-78), Jon Matlack (1972-76) and Al Jackson (1962-65)...Recorded 131 strikeouts giving him 2,481 for his career, which is 30th on the All-Time Strikeout List...Began the season 40th on the list and moved past Robin Roberts, Charlie Hough, Sandy Koufax, Kevin Brown, Dennis Eckersley, Luis Tiant, Sam McDowell, Jim Kaat, Mark Langston and Jack Morris... Eclipsed the 4,000.0 innings pitched mark on May 10 at Philadelphia...Became the 38th pitcher in Major League history to reach that plateau...Is third on the active list with 4,149.2 innings pitched, trailing San Diego's Greg Maddux (4,616.1) and Houston's Roger Clemens (4,817.2)...Ranks 36th on the All-Time Innings Pitched List...Ted Lyons is 35th on the List with 4,161.0 innings pitched...Was tied for seventh in the National League with 15 victories...His .682 winning percentage ranked fifth in the NL, and his 2.88 home ERA was fourth in the league...Won nine consecutive decisions over 14 starts from April 29-July 9...Had a 3.74 ERA (36 earned runs/86.2 innings) with 52 strikeouts during that span...The streak was his longest since 1992 when he won a career-high 13 straight decisions in 16 starts for the Braves from May 27-August 19...Became one of five Mets pitchers to record a nine-game winning streak or longer...The others include Dwight Gooden (14 in 1985), Tom Seaver (twice, 10 in 1969 and nine in 1970), Terry Leach (10 in 1987) and Jesse Orosco (nine in 1983, all in relief appearances)...The nine-game winning streak was tied for the longest in the Majors this season...Chicago's (AL) Jose Contreras had a nine-game winning streak from April 12-July 4 (Contreras had won 17 consecutive decisions from Aug. 21, 2005-July 4, 2006)...The Cubs' Carlos Zambrano had a nine-game winning streak from June 5-July 30...The Angels' Jered Weaver recorded a nine-game winning streak from May 27-Aug. 18, and Minnesota's Johan Santana collected nine consecutive victories from July 15-Sept. 10...Made his seventh Opening Day start on April 3 vs. Washington 1990, 1992, 1999, 2002-2004, 2006)...Was his third with the Mets (2003, 2004, 2006)...Is 4-3 with a 4.01 ERA all-time on Opening Day...Is 2-1 with a 4.62 ERA on Opening Day pitching for New York...Faced off against Curt Schilling on June 29 at Boston...It was the first match-up at Fenway between two pitchers with 200 or more victories since Luis Tiant faced the Orioles' Jim Palmer on Sept. 11, 1978...Was selected to his 10th All-Star Game, but did not pitch after starting the final game before the break...His previous All-Star selections were 1991-1993, 1996-1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004...Glavine became one of only six pitchers to be named to an All-Star team for 10 or more years (excluding seasons in the 1960's when there were two All-Star Games a year)...Tom joins Warren Spahn (14 years), Tom Seaver (12 years), Roger Clemens (11 years), Steve Carlton (10 years) and Randy Johnson (10 years) on that list...Defeated the Nationals twice this season to give him 32 career victories against the Montreal/Washington franchise, the most by any pitcher...Steve Carlton and Rick Reuschel are second with 26 wins...Pitched 6.0 innings or more in 27 consecutive starts from July 15, 2005-June 3, 2006, establishing a new career-high...His previous high was 22 straight starts in 2004...Pitched a season-high 8.0 innings on April 19 against the Braves at Shea, and once more on Sept. 25 vs. the Nationals at New York...The Mets won 21 of the last 27 contests which he started, and were 24-8 overall this season in his games...Allowed three earned runs or fewer in 26 of his 32 starts this season...Pitched 17.0 scoreless innings from April 29-May 10...Had a season-high, 11 strikeouts on April 14 against Milwaukee...The 11 strikeouts also tied the Mets season-high mark for a starter...Pedro Martinez had 11 strikeouts on April 22 at San Diego, and Oliver Perez had 11 on Sept. 12 at Florida...Recorded his 14th career double-digit strikeout performance on May 4 against the Pirates, fanning ten batters over 7.0 innings...Missed his first two starts in August with coldness in his left ring finger...Had two, two-hit games this season: April 3 vs. Washington and May 10 at Philadelphia...His 29 career multi-hit games ranks second among active pitchers...San Diego's Greg Maddux is first with 39...His 201 sacrifices are the most by a pitcher in Major League history...Greg Maddux is second with 164 sacrifices.

POSTSEASON: Made his 35th career postseason start in Game Five of the NLCS at St. Louis...The 35 starts are the most by any pitcher in Major League history...Andy Pettitte is second all-time with 34 playoff starts...Hurled 16.0 straight postseason innings without permitting a run before he allowed two runs in the fourth inning of Game Five of the NLCS...Earned his sixth career League Championship Series win in New York's 2-0 win over St. Louis in Game One of the NLCS...Glavine's six LCS victories are tied for second on the all-time list with Pettitte and John Smoltz...Only Dave Stewart has more (eight)...In addition, it was also Tom's 14th postseason triumph, tying him for second on the all-time list with Pettitte...Smoltz is first on that list with 15 wins...Started his 10th Division Series contest in Game Two vs. the Dodgers to tie Mike Mussina and Greg Maddux for the third most in Division Series history...Only Pettitte (12) and Roger Clemens (11) have started more Division Series games...Tom pitched 6.0 shutout innings in the Mets' 4-1 win over Los Angeles in that game. 2005 Won his 275th career game on September 29th vs. Colorado, becoming the 29th pitcher in major league history to reach that plateau...He ranks 29th on the All-Time Win List...Jim Kaat is in 28th place with 283 victories...Ranks third among active pitchers behind Roger Clemens (341) and Greg Maddux (318)...Is seventh on the All-Time Win List among lefthanded pitchers...Kaat is sixth...Extended his National League record to 603 consecutive starts...Roger Clemens holds the major league record with 659 straight starts...Posted a 2.22 ERA (27 earned runs/109.1 innings) in 15 starts after the All-Star break, the third-lowest ERA among major league starting pitchers in the second half of the season...Only Johan Santana (1.59) and Andy Pettitte (1.69) posted a lower ERA...Since 1990, only two Mets pitching qualifiers have finished with a post-break ERA below 2.50: Al Leiter in 2003 (2.15) and Sid Fernandez in 1992 (2.21)...Allowed only 12 home runs, his lowest total since surrendering nine in 1995...Pitched a two-hit shutout in his final start of the season on September 29th vs. Colorado...Allowed two walks and recorded 11 strikeouts in the 11-0 triumph...It was his 24th career shutout and first since a 4-0 one-hitter on May 23, 2004 vs. the Rockies...It was his seventh career two-hitter, his 55th career complete game and the 12th time in his career that he struck out 10 or more batters, the first since he struck out 10 on July 22, 1998, with Atlanta at Philadelphia...The last time Tom struck out 11 batters in a game was May 13, 1994, with Atlanta at New York...Defeated the Nationals for the third time of the season on September 24th...Has 30 career victories against the Montreal/Washington franchise, the most by any pitcher...Steve Carlton and Rick Reuschel are second with 26 wins...Reached the 200 innings-pitched plateau for the 13th time in his career on September 24th at Washington...Finished with 211.1 innings...Struck out six batters on September 24th at Washington to pass Early Wynn (2,334) and move into 40th place on the All-Time Strikeout List...Now has 2,350 strikeouts...Robin Roberts is in 39th place with 2,357...Tossed his first complete game of the season and the 54th of his career on September 18th vs. Atlanta...Allowed one run on six hits with two walks and two strikeouts in the 4-1 victory...Worked 26.0 innings in his last three starts of the season...The last time he pitched 26.0 innings over a three-start span was June 29-July 14, 1991...Made his 600th career start on September 13th vs. Washington...Now has made 603 career starts...Among active pitchers, only Roger Clemens (671) and Greg Maddux (639) have started more games...He is fourth all-time in games started in the National League behind Steve Carlton (677), Warren Spahn (665) and Maddux...Earned Sharp Pitcher of the Month honors for September...Went 3-2 with a 1.71 ERA (nine earned runs/47.1 innings) with 12 walks and 34 strikeouts in six starts, including two complete games...Went 9-6 with a 2.50 ERA (35 earned runs/126.0 innings) in his last 18 starts dating back to June 25th...The Mets were 10-8 in those games...Became the 11th pitcher in major league history to make 20 or more starts for 18 consecutive years...The only active pitchers with longer streaks are Greg Maddux (19 seasons) and Roger Clemens (20 seasons)...Picked up his first road victory on June 25th at Yankee Stadium...Allowed two runs in 6.0 innings in a 10-3 win...Pitched 7.0 shutout innings in a 2-0 victory on May 13th vs. St. Louis...Allowed four hits, walked none and struck out three...It was the first time he did not walk a batter since September 7, 2004 in a 7-3 loss at Florida...Won his first game of the season on April 22nd against Washington...Pitched 7.0 innings, allowing two hits, one run, earned, walking three and striking out seven...Went 3-3 with a career-high three singles on August 11th at San Diego...Also had three hits on June 19, 1991 with Atlanta at Philadelphia...Tied the club record for hits in a game by a pitcher, last accomplished by Mike Hampton on July 5, 2000 at Florida...Had three multiple-hit games...Hit safely in four of his last five starts...Was 6-14 (.429) with two RBI over that span. 2004 Finished 10th in the National League in innings pitched and seventh with a 2.90 ERA during the day...Passed the 200-innings plateau for the 12th time in his career on September 23rd at Montreal...Finished with 212.1 innings...Moved into 36th place on the All-Time Win List with his 261st victory on September 23rd at Montreal in a 4-2 triumph...Passed Carl Hubbell (253) to move into sole possession of eighth place on the All-Time Win List for lefthanded pitchers...Became the 52nd pitcher in major league history to hurl 3,700 or more career innings on September 1st vs. Florida...Was selected to the NL All-Star team for the ninth time in his career and his first as a Met...Pitched 1.0 inning, allowing one hit and no runs with no walks and no strikeouts in the Mid-Summer Classic at Houston's Minute Maid Park on July 13th...Hurled a one-hit, complete-game shutout to defeat the Colorado Rockies, 4-0, at Shea Stadium on May 23rd...Carried a no-hit performance into the eighth inning before Kit Pellow hit a two-out double to rightfield...Was perfect through 6.0 innings before walking Denny Hocking to lead off the seventh...It was the 27th one-hit performance in Mets history...The 7.2 hitless innings was the longest streak of Glavine's career...His previous best was 6.1 innings on August 12, 1989 with Atlanta vs. San Diego...The one-hitter was also the fewest hits he allowed in a complete-game effort...His previous career low was a two hitter, done six times, last on August 13, 1998 with Atlanta at San Diego...It was also the first complete-game shutout Tom threw as a Met and the 23rd of his career...His last came on May 22, 2002 with Atlanta at Montreal...Outdueled Arizona's Randy Johnson in a 1-0 victory on May 12th at Phoenix...Hurled 7.2 scoreless innings allowing three hits and three strikeouts...It was the first time that two lefthanded pitchers with 230 career wins or more opposed each other...Tossed 5.0 innings on August 21st at San Francisco in his first start after missing 13 days due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident...Awarded the Sharp Pitcher of the Month for April...Was 3-1 with a 1.64 ERA (six earned runs in 33.0 innings) in five starts...Did not allow an earned run from the second inning on April 6th through the fourth inning on April 23rd, a span of 23.0 consecutive innings...Pinch-hit twice: June 15th vs. Cleveland (grounded out) and September 11th vs. Philadelphia (walked)...Collected his 200th career hit, a single, on April 6th at Atlanta off Russ Ortiz...Walked 10 times in 72 plate appearances, for a walk rate of 13.9 percent...This represents the second highest walk rate among pitchers with at least 50 plate appearances since 1990, and ties him with Rick Sutcliffe (1998), Darryl Kile (2000), and Dustin Hermanson (1998) for the most walks by a pitcher since 1983...It was also the highest walk rate for the Mets. 2003 Made his fifth career Opening Day start, and his first as a New York Met, on March 31st...Suffered the loss, in a 15-2 defeat to the Chicago Cubs...Over 3.2 innings, he allowed eight hits, five runs, earned, with four walks and two strikeouts...Won his first game as a member of the Mets with a 3-1 victory over the Montreal Expos, 3-1, on April 5th...Hurled 5.2 innings, permitting five hits, one run, earned, with no walks and five strikeouts...Had a span of 130 errorless games from July 15, 1999-April 27, 2003...Left the game after one inning pitched with inflammation of his left elbow on June 5th vs. Milwaukee...It was his shortest outing since May 16, 1989 at Chicago, when he didn't retire a batter...Missed his first major league start on June 11th, suffering from a bone spur in his left elbow...On June 22nd, he was removed from the game after the sixth inning with a tight abdominal muscle...Was hit in the chest by a ball off the bat of Derek Jeter in the fourth inning...Served as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning on July 12th vs. Philadelphia...Grounded out to shortstop...The last time he pinch-hit was April 7, 2002, vs. the Mets at Turner Field...Pitched on three days rest on July 13th vs. Philadelphia...Received a no-decision in the Mets 4-3 victory...In 6.0 innings of work, he allowed eight hits, two runs, with two walks and two strikeouts...Last pitched on three days rest on September 28, 2002, with Atlanta vs. the Mets at Shea, as the Braves were setting up their rotation for the post-season...Worked 2.0 innings allowing three hits, one run, earned, with two walks and two strikeouts and received a no-decision in the contest...Prior to that, the last time he worked on three days rest was on July 10, 1999, with Atlanta vs. Boston...In that game, he had a no-decision after hurling 9.0 innings, permitting six hits and one run...On August 19th, at San Diego, he pitched on three days rest for the second time of the year...He received a no-decision. 2002 Led the National League in games started...Ranked third in the league in ERA, fifth in innings pitched and tied for fourth in wins...Also ranked fourth in ERA on the road with a 2.69 mark and was tied for third with 13 sacrifice hits...For the third straight season, he did not commit an error...His last error came on July 15, 1999, Atlanta against the Yankees, a span of 121 games...Hurled back-to-back complete games on time he had hurled consecutive complete games since August 7 and August 13, 1998, when he shut out the Giants and Padres on the road...Struck out two batters against the Mets on June 26th to give him 2,000 for his career...Became just the fifth pitcher in NL history to record at least 2,000 strikeouts with one team...Steve Carlton (3,031 with the Phillies), Sandy Koufax (2,396 with the Dodgers), Warren Spahn (2,493 with the Braves) and John Smoltz (2,240 with the Braves) are the other four to have accomplished the feat...Named to the National League All-Star team for the eighth time in his career...Did not pitch. 2001 Ranked sixth in the NL with a .682 winning percentage...Was also tied for seventh in wins and tied for 10th in innings pitched...Was also tied for first in the National League in games started and sacrifice bunts with 17...Defeated the Montreal Expos, 5-0, on September 3rd for his first complete game and shutout since stopping the Expos, 6-0, on September 25, 2000, at Montreal...Blanked the Astros over 8.0 innings to record a 7-4 Game One win at Houston in the NLDS...Beat the Diamondbacks in Game Two, 8-1, Atlanta's lone win in the NLCS...In 7.0 innings, he allowed five hits, one run, earned, with two walks and two strikeouts...Took the loss in the decisive Game Five, going 5.0 innings, permitting three runs, one earned on five hits with three walks and three strikeouts. 2000 Named National League Pitcher of the Year by The Sporting News and finished second in the Cy Young Award voting to Arizona's Randy Johnson...Led the majors with 21 wins, marking the fifth time in his career he has won 20 games in a season...Tied with Roger Clemens among active pitchers for most 20-win seasons...Became the 33rd major league pitcher since 1900 to win at least 20 games in a season five times...His 20 wins marked the 11th time (by five pitchers) in Atlanta's history and the 84th time in Braves franchise history that a pitcher has won 20 or more games...Was selected the National League's Player of the Week for the week of April 24th-April 30th...During that week, he was 2-0 with an 0.53 ERA...In 17.0 innings, he allowed six hits and struck out 15...Picked up his 200th career win on July 30th vs. Houston, beating the Astros, 6-3...Became the 96th pitcher in major league history to reach that plateau...Named to the NL All-Star team...Hurled 1.0 scoreless inning in his hometown of Atlanta...Beat the Expos, 6-0, at Montreal on September 25th for his 20th win of the season and his 20th career shutout...Suffered the loss in Game Two of the NLDS, 10-4...In 2.1 innings, he allowed six hits, seven runs, all earned, with one walk and two strikeouts...Marked the second shortest start of his post-season career (1.0 inning start in Game Six of 1992 NLCS vs. Pittsburgh). 1999 Reached double digits in wins for the 11th consecutive season, missing only in his first full season in 1988 when he won only seven...Allowed a career-high nine earned runs in 2.2 innings on May 24th at Milwaukee in a 10-7 Braves loss...Gave up a team-record 15 hits in a 5-2 loss to the Marlins on July 6th...Pitched on three days rest for the first time in five years in his start against Boston on July 10th, when he allowed just one run in 9.0 innings...Received a no-decision in Game Three of the NLDS against Houston...Departed the contest with a 3-2 lead; Braves won, 5-3, in 12 innings...Remained undefeated (2-0) in five Division Series starts with a 2.48 ERA...Blanked the Mets over 7.0 innings to notch the win in Game Three of the NLCS at New York...Had a no-decision in Game Three of the World Series at Yankee Stadium. 1998 Won his second Cy Young Award after posting 20 wins and a career-low 2.47 ERA...Led the National League in wins, was second with a .769 winning percentage and tied for third in ERA and shutouts...Was also tied for fourth in the NL with 14 sacrifice bunts and ranked eighth with a .238 opponents batting average against...Led the majors with a 1.78 (25 earned runs/126.1 innings) road ERA...Was 12-2 in 17 road starts...Earned his fourth Silver Slugger award to equal Dale Murphy's Braves' record...Became the first Atlanta Brave and the third in modern day franchise history to have four seasons of least 20 wins...Warren Spahn had 13, Johnny Sain had four...Had double digit wins for the 10th consecutive season...Was his third straight and fifth overall season with an ERA under 3.00...Was the NL's Pitcher of the Month for April...Was 4-0 with a 1.06 ERA in five starts...It was the fourth time in his career that he received the honor...Named to the National League's All-Star team...Worked 1.1 innings. 1997 Ranked seventh in the National League in ERA and tied for eighth in winning percentage (.667)...Was also tied for fifth in the NL in shutouts and innings pitched and sixth with a .226 opponents' batting average against...Was second in the majors with 17 sacrifice bunts...Recorded double digits in wins for the ninth consecutive year...It was also the fourth year he had posted an ERA under 3.00 (2.96)...Named the NL Pitcher of the Month for April after going 4-0 with a 1.64 ERA...Selected to his second consecutive and fifth overall All-Star Game, did not pitch...Underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on both knees to correct a meniscus cartilage problem on October 21st, and also had a bone spur removed from his right ankle...Procedures were performed by Atlanta's team orthopedist Dr. Joe Chandler...Was the winning pitcher in the Braves' 13-3 win over the Astros in Game Two of the NLDS...Beat the Marlins in the NLCS in Game Two, 7-1, not allowing a run until the eighth inning...Took the loss in Game Six of the NLCS, 7-4. 1996 Finished fifth in the National League in ERA and innings pitched...His 15 wins marked the sixth straight season he has been in the top eight in the National League in wins and the eighth year in a row he has reached double digits in wins...Selected to the NL's All-Star team for the fourth time in his career...Won his second straight and third overall Silver Slugger award setting career-highs with 22 hits (in 76 at-bats) and a .289 batting average...Won Game Three of the Division Series, 5-2, as the Braves completed a sweep of Los Angeles...Doubled to spark a four-run fourth inning after the first two Braves' batters in the inning were retired...Went 1-1 with a 2.08 ERA in two starts in the NLCS...Lost Game Three, 3-2, but was victorious in the Braves' 15-0 Game Seven clincher over the Cardinals...Hit a two-out, threerun triple to cap a six-run first inning...Was the first triple by a pitcher in LCS history, and the first three-run triple by any player in NLCS history...Took the loss, 5-2, in Game Three of the World Series. 1995 Ranked fourth in the National League in wins...Finished seventh in the NL in winning percentage (.696), tied for fifth in ERA, sixth in innings pitched and tied for ninth in opponents batting average against (.246) and complete games...Hit his first major league home run off the Reds' John Smiley on August 10th in a Braves 2-1 win at Atlanta...The home run came in his 536th big league at-bat...Collected his 1,000th career strikeout on August 21st at Houston, fanning the Astros' Doug Drabek in the third inning...Won his second Silver Slugger Award and had a career-high eight RBI...Received a no-decision in Game Two of the Division Series and also in Game Two of the NLCS...Named World Series MVP after going 2-0 with a 1.29 ERA vs. the Cleveland Indians...Won Game Two, 4-3...In 6.0 innings, he gave up three hits, two runs, earned, with three walks and three strikeouts...Followed that outing with one of the best pitched games in World Series history when he shut down the Indians on one hit over 8.0 innings in the Braves' 1-0 Game Six clincher. 1994 Reached double digits in victories for the sixth straight season...Recorded his 100th career victory with a 3-1 Braves win at Cincinnati on May 18th. 1993 Finished the season tied for the league lead with 22 wins, third in winning percentage (.786), fourth in innings pitched, eighth in ERA and tied for ninth in complete games...Won at least 20 games for the third consecutive year, becoming the first NL pitcher to do so since Ferguson Jenkins did it in six straight years from 1967-1972...Became the first Braves pitcher to post three consecutive 20-plus win seasons since Warren Spahn did it six years in a row from 1956-1961...Finished third in the Cy Young voting behind teammate Greg Maddux and San Francisco's Bill Swift...Started the season by winning his first seven games...Was named NL's Co-Player of the Week with Los Angeles' Mike Piazza for the week of June 14th-June 20th...Was selected to his third straight All-Star Game, but did not play...In his only appearance, he recorded his first career NLCS win in four tries in Game Three...In 7.0 innings, he gave up six hits, two runs, earned, with no walks and five strikeouts. 1992 Was the Cy Young runner-up to Greg Maddux, going 20-8 with a 2.76 ERA...Finished the year tied for first in the National League in wins...Ranked second with a .714 winning percentage, was tied for first in shutouts and tied for sixth in complete games...Was honored as the NL's Co-Player of the Week, along with the Mets' David Cone for the week of April 27th-May 3rd...Was 2-0 with two shutouts and 10 strikeouts that week...Became the first NL pitcher to start in consecutive All-Star Games since Robin Roberts of the Phillies received the assignment in 1954 and 1955 (LA's Don Drysdale started both ends of a two-day All-Star doubleheader for the NL in 1959, the games were played on July 7th and August 3rd)...Received the NL Pitcher of the Month award for July after going 5-0 with a 1.42 ERA...Tossed a career-high five shutouts in his first 18 starts on the way to a 19-3 mark through August 19th...Went 13-0 with a 2.13 ERA over 16 starts from May 27th to August 19th...His 13-game winning streak was a Braves' modern day record until John Smoltz won 14 straight in 1996...Lost Game Three of the NLCS vs. Pittsburgh, 3-2...In gave up seven hits, three runs, earned, with three walks and two strikeouts...Gave up eight runs in the second inning of Game Six of the NLCS to suffer the loss...Hurled a complete game in Game One of World Series over Toronto's Jack Morris...Allowed one run, earned, on four hits over 9.0 innings of work, with no walks and six strikeouts...Received credit for another complete game in a 2-1 loss in Game Four, where he went 8.0 innings surrendering six hits, two runs, earned, with four walks and two strikeouts...Became the first southpaw to post two complete games in a World Series since Mickey Lolich hurled three for the Detroit Tigers in 1968. 1991 Won the Cy Young Award...Was 20-11 with a 2.55 ERA...Became the first Atlanta pitcher and only the second pitcher in franchise history (Warren Spahn in 1957) to receive the honor...Was also named 1991 National League Pitcher of the Year by The Sporting News...Led the National League in complete games and finished third in strikeouts...Went 6-0 over the month of May with a 1.76 ERA, which earned him NL Pitcher of the Month honors...Set a career-high with 12 strikeouts on June 19th at Philadelphia...Named as the NL's starting pitcher in the All-Star Game, holding the AL scoreless in 2.0 innings of work in Toronto...Was selected to the Silver Slugger team after collecting 17 hits in 74 at-bats for a .230 batting average...Started and lost Game One of the NLCS at Pittsburgh on October 8th...Was defeated in Game Five at Atlanta, when the Pirates took a 1-0 decision...Received credit for a complete game in a 3-2 loss to Twins in Game Two of the World Series at Minnesota...Won Game Five of the World Series, in a 14-5 victory over the Twins. 1990 Turned in 19 quality starts, including seven in a row, April 22nd-May 25th...Over that seven-game span, he went 2-0 with a 1.42 ERA, allowing eight earned runs in 50.2 innings pitched. 1989 Was tied for first in the National League in shutouts for lefthanders with Montreal's Mark Langston...Notched his first major league shutout on April 12th at San Diego, allowing six hits in a Braves' 5-0 win. 1988 Recorded his first complete game on September 7th at San Francisco, beating the Giants, 4-1...Allowed three hits, one run, earned, with two walks and five strikeouts...Lost seven straight games from June 15th-August 7th, but the Braves scored just 18 runs during that span. 1987 Began the season at Richmond (AAA) of the International League...Promoted to Atlanta on August 14th and made his major league debut on August 17th at Houston...Gained his first major league win on August 22nd vs. Pittsburgh, tossing 7.1 innings and allowing three runs on seven hits in a 10-3 victory.