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  • 6' 4" /235

Roger Clemens MLB Career Stats

709 354-184 3.12 4916.2 4672 1.17

Roger Clemens Bio

  • Full Name: William Roger Clemens
  • Nickname: Rocket
  • Born: 8/4/1962 in Dayton, OH
  • Draft: 1983, Boston Red Sox, 1st rd. (19th overall)
  • College: Texas
  • Debut: 5/15/1984
  • Last Game: 9/16/2007
  • Relationship(s): father of Koby Clemens, father of Kacy Clemens, father of Kody Clemens
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MLB Career Stats 354 184 3.12 709 707 0 4916.2 4672 1.17


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Roger Clemens Awards


Year Team League
1986 Boston AL

NL Cy Young

Year Team League
2004 Houston NL

AL Cy Young

Year Team League
1986 Boston AL
1987 Boston AL
1991 Boston AL
1997 Toronto AL
1998 Toronto AL
2001 NY Yankees AL

World Series Championship

Year Team League
1999 NY Yankees AL
2000 NY Yankees AL

All-Star MVP

Year Team League
1986 Boston AL

NL All-Star

Year Team League
2004 Houston NL
2005 Houston NL

AL All-Star

Year Team League
1986 Boston AL
1988 Boston AL
1990 Boston AL
1991 Boston AL
1992 Boston AL
1997 Toronto AL
1998 Toronto AL
2001 NY Yankees AL
2003 NY Yankees AL

AL Player of the Week

Week Team League
09/01/1991 Boston AL
09/22/1996 Boston AL
05/11/1997 Toronto AL
08/30/1998 Toronto AL
05/19/2002 NY Yankees AL
06/15/2003 NY Yankees AL

MLB Players Choice AL Outstanding Pitcher

Year Team League
1997 Toronto AL
1998 Toronto AL
2001 NY Yankees AL

Thomas A. Yawkey Red Sox MVP

Year Team League
1986 Boston AL
1990 Boston AL
1991 Boston AL
1992 Boston AL

Red Sox Pitcher of the Year

Year Team League
1990 Boston AL
1991 Boston AL
1992 Boston AL
1994 Boston AL
1996 Boston AL

Bosox Club Man of the Year Award

Year Team League
1992 Boston AL

Roger Clemens Leaderboards

Earned Run Average

Season ERA Rank
1986 2.48 1st in AL
1987 2.97 3rd in AL
1988 2.93 5th in AL
1989 3.13 11th in AL
1990 1.93 1st in AL
1991 2.62 1st in AL
1992 2.41 1st in AL
1994 2.85 2nd in AL
1996 3.63 7th in AL
1997 2.05 1st in AL
1998 2.65 1st in AL
1999 4.60 19th in AL
2000 3.70 2nd in AL
2001 3.51 9th in AL
2003 3.91 15th in AL
2004 2.98 5th in NL
2005 1.87 1st in NL


Season W Rank
1986 24 1st in AL
1987 20 1st in AL
1988 18 4th in AL
1989 17 6th in AL
1990 21 3rd in AL
1991 18 4th in AL
1992 18 4th in AL
1994 9 24th in AL
1995 10 24th in AL
1997 21 1st in AL
1998 20 1st in AL
1999 14 13th in AL
2000 13 16th in AL
2001 20 2nd in AL
2002 13 19th in AL
2003 17 5th in AL
2004 18 2nd in NL
2005 13 19th in NL

Winning Percentage

Season WPCT Rank
1986 .857 1st in AL
1987 .690 1st in AL
1988 .600 12th in AL
1989 .607 16th in AL
1990 .778 2nd in AL
1991 .643 10th in AL
1992 .621 11th in AL
1994 .563 21st in AL
1997 .750 3rd in AL
1998 .769 2nd in AL
1999 .583 13th in AL
2000 .619 10th in AL
2001 .870 1st in AL
2002 .684 9th in AL
2003 .654 10th in AL
2004 .818 1st in NL
2005 .619 12th in NL


Season SO Rank
1984 126 24th in AL
1986 238 2nd in AL
1987 256 2nd in AL
1988 291 1st in AL
1989 230 2nd in AL
1990 209 4th in AL
1991 241 1st in AL
1992 208 3rd in AL
1993 160 12th in AL
1994 168 2nd in AL
1995 132 16th in AL
1996 257 1st in AL
1997 292 1st in AL
1998 271 1st in AL
1999 163 9th in AL
2000 188 5th in AL
2001 213 3rd in AL
2002 192 2nd in AL
2003 190 5th in AL
2004 218 5th in NL
2005 185 10th in NL


Season WHIP Rank
1986 0.97 1st in AL
1987 1.18 5th in AL
1988 1.06 2nd in AL
1989 1.22 12th in AL
1990 1.08 2nd in AL
1991 1.05 2nd in AL
1992 1.07 1st in AL
1993 1.26 14th in AL
1994 1.14 3rd in AL
1996 1.33 7th in AL
1997 1.03 1st in AL
1998 1.10 3rd in AL
2000 1.31 8th in AL
2001 1.26 12th in AL
2002 1.31 24th in AL
2003 1.21 10th in AL
2004 1.16 8th in NL
2005 1.01 2nd in NL

Batting Average Against

Season AVG Rank
1986 .195 1st in AL
1987 .235 6th in AL
1988 .220 5th in AL
1989 .231 6th in AL
1990 .228 3rd in AL
1991 .221 4th in AL
1992 .224 4th in AL
1993 .244 12th in AL
1994 .203 1st in AL
1996 .237 2nd in AL
1997 .213 2nd in AL
1998 .197 1st in AL
1999 .261 9th in AL
2000 .236 4th in AL
2001 .246 12th in AL
2002 .250 11th in AL
2003 .247 12th in AL
2004 .217 4th in NL
2005 .198 1st in NL

Games Started

Season GS Rank
1986 33 15th in AL
1987 36 5th in AL
1988 35 3rd in AL
1989 35 4th in AL
1990 31 22nd in AL
1991 35 1st in AL
1992 32 22nd in AL
1994 24 11th in AL
1996 34 13th in AL
1997 34 5th in AL
1998 33 7th in AL
2000 32 11th in AL
2001 33 12th in AL
2003 33 8th in AL
2004 33 13th in NL
2005 32 24th in NL

Complete Games

Season CG Rank
1986 10 8th in AL
1987 18 1st in AL
1988 14 1st in AL
1989 8 4th in AL
1990 7 3rd in AL
1991 13 2nd in AL
1992 11 2nd in AL
1994 3 19th in AL
1996 6 4th in AL
1997 9 1st in AL
1998 5 7th in AL
1999 1 25th in AL


Season SHO Rank
1984 1 21st in AL
1985 1 18th in AL
1986 1 22nd in AL
1987 7 1st in AL
1988 8 1st in AL
1989 3 4th in AL
1990 4 1st in AL
1991 4 1st in AL
1992 5 1st in AL
1993 1 10th in AL
1994 1 11th in AL
1996 2 4th in AL
1997 3 1st in AL
1998 3 2nd in AL
1999 1 6th in AL
2003 1 6th in AL

Innings Pitched

Season IP Rank
1986 254.0 5th in AL
1987 281.2 2nd in AL
1988 264.0 3rd in AL
1989 253.1 4th in AL
1990 228.1 6th in AL
1991 271.1 1st in AL
1992 246.2 6th in AL
1994 170.2 9th in AL
1996 242.2 5th in AL
1997 264.0 1st in AL
1998 234.2 3rd in AL
2000 204.1 12th in AL
2001 220.1 12th in AL
2003 211.2 13th in AL
2004 214.1 8th in NL
2005 211.1 20th in NL

Strikeouts per Nine Innings

Season K/9 Rank
1986 8.43 3rd in AL
1987 8.18 3rd in AL
1988 9.92 1st in AL
1989 8.17 3rd in AL
1990 8.24 3rd in AL
1991 7.99 3rd in AL
1992 7.59 4th in AL
1993 7.51 4th in AL
1994 8.86 2nd in AL
1996 9.53 1st in AL
1997 9.95 3rd in AL
1998 10.39 1st in AL
1999 7.82 5th in AL
2000 8.28 5th in AL
2001 8.70 2nd in AL
2002 9.60 2nd in AL
2003 8.08 4th in AL
2004 9.15 7th in NL
2005 7.88 13th in NL

Strikeout/Walk Ratio

Season K/BB Rank
1986 3.55 3rd in AL
1987 3.08 1st in AL
1988 4.69 1st in AL
1989 2.47 10th in AL
1990 3.87 1st in AL
1991 3.71 3rd in AL
1992 3.35 1st in AL
1993 2.39 9th in AL
1994 2.37 8th in AL
1996 2.42 8th in AL
1997 4.29 2nd in AL
1998 3.08 8th in AL
1999 1.81 21st in AL
2000 2.24 11th in AL
2001 2.96 5th in AL
2002 3.05 6th in AL
2003 3.28 8th in AL
2004 2.76 13th in NL
2005 2.98 18th in NL

Bases on Balls

Season BB Rank
1987 83 20th in AL
1989 93 4th in AL
1994 71 9th in AL
1996 106 2nd in AL
1998 88 6th in AL
1999 90 5th in AL
2000 84 10th in AL
2001 72 14th in AL
2002 63 19th in AL
2003 58 23rd in AL
2004 79 11th in NL
2005 62 25th in NL


Season H Rank
1987 248 5th in AL
1988 217 18th in AL
1989 215 13th in AL
1990 193 20th in AL
1991 219 12th in AL
1992 203 25th in AL
1996 216 24th in AL
1997 204 22nd in AL
2001 205 18th in AL
2003 199 22nd in AL

Home Runs

Season HR Rank
1989 20 13th in AL
2000 26 13th in AL
2003 24 19th in AL

William Roger Clemens Bio Info

He and his wife, Debbie, make their home in Houston with their four sons: Koby (Dec. 4, 1986), Kory (May 31, 1988), Kacy (July 27, 1994), and Kody (May 15, 1996)...graduated from Spring Woods H.S. (TX) in 1980...played first base and pitched in high school and American Legion ball...was All-State in baseball while in high school...helped Legion team win the State Championship in 1979...won three letters as a football defensive end and two more as a basketball center...made All-District in football...received All-American honors at San Jacinto Junior College (TX) in 1981...went 25-7 in two years (1982-83) at the University of Texas with 241 strikeouts in 275.0 innings...received All-American honors in both years at Texas...was the winning pitcher in the final game of the 1983 College World Series as Texas beat Alabama, 4-3 for the NCAA February 1993, he became the first University of Texas baseball alumnus to have his number (21) retired...began a ticket purchase program in 1987 for youngsters under the direction of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston...was very active in the Red Sox charitable programs, including the Jimmy Fund (cancer research for children) and homeless projects...established the Roger Clemens Foundation with his wife Debbie in 1992 to support educational, charitable, literary, scientific and religious activities for children, with a special emphasis on underprivileged and at-risk children and children with special needs...was named 2001 Sportsman of the Year by the March of Dimes. 2007 Was 6-6 with a 4.18 ERA in 17 starts (18 appearances) in 2007...the Yankees were 8-9 in games he started...Opponents batted .261 (99-for-379, 9HR); LH .233 (38-for-163, 5HR), RH .282 (61-for-216, 4HR)...Owns a career record of 354-184, ranking eighth on baseball's all-time wins list...his .658 career winning percentage is third-best among baseball's 300-game winners, trailing only Lefty Grove (.680) and Christy Mathewson (.665)...his 4,672 career strikeouts are second only to Nolan Ryan (5,714) all-time...Is baseball's active career leader in wins (354), games started (707), complete games (118), shutouts (46), innings pitched (4,916.2) and strikeouts (4,672)...Has made 707 career starts, sixth most on baseball's all-time list (Steve Carlton ranks fifth with 709 GS) one of 21 active Major League pitchers with 700 or more appearances...Is one of nine pitchers in Major League history to strike out 1,000 batters with two different teams (1,014K w/NYY; 2,590K w/Boston)...Has posted a winning record in 21 of his 24 seasons, joining Grover Cleveland Alexander and Cy Young as the only pitchers to have as many winning seasons while starting at least 15 games in each of those years...has posted a .500 or better record for 11 consecutive seasons...had his last sub-.500 season in 1996, when he was 10-13 for Boston...Is one of only four pitchers in Major League history to win Cy Young Awards in both leagues (also Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and Gaylord Perry) one of nine players to win the Cy Young Award and the Most Valuable Player Award in the same season, accomplishing the feat in 1986 with Boston (24-4, 2.48 ERA)...has won seven career Cy Young Awards (six AL, one NL), more than other pitcher in Major League history...According to the Elias Sports Bureau, is one of nine players in Major League history to pitch in as many as 24 seasons, joining Nolan Ryan (27 years), Tommy John (26), Charlie Hough (25), Jim Kaat (25), Steve Carlton (25), Dennis Eckersley (25), Phil Niekro (24) and Jesse Orosco (24)...Allowed two or fewer earned runs in nine of his 17 starts this season (5-1, three no-decisions), and three or fewer earned runs in 11 starts (6-1, four no-decisions)...Was signed by the Yankees as a free agent to a minor league contract on 5/6/07...announced his signing the same day, during the seventh-inning stretch of the Yankees' game vs. Seattle...Made his first Major League start of the season on 6/9 vs. Pittsburgh, recording the win and improving to 6-1 in nine career starts vs. Pittsburgh...was his first regular season start as a Yankee since 9/27/03 vs. Baltimore...missed his first scheduled start with a fatigued right groin...On 6/21 at Colorado, surrendered two home runs for the first time since 8/15/06 (w/ Houston) vs. the Cubs, breaking a streak of 10 starts over two seasons of allowing one home run or less...his fifth-inning single off Rodrigo Lopez was his first base hit as a Yankee since 6/20/02 at Colorado...also became the oldest Yankee to collect a base hit (44 years, 321 days), eclipsing the mark of outfielder Johnny Cooney, who recorded his only career hit 63 years ago to the day on 6/21/44 vs. Washington (G1) at 43 years, 95 days old (credit: Elias Sports Bureau)...Made just his second career relief appearance on 6/24 at San Francisco (1.0IP, 1H, 1ER, 1BB, 1K), snapping a streak of 681 consecutive starts without a relief appearance...previously pitched out of the bullpen in his rookie season on 7/18/84 (w/Boston) at Oakland...the gap between relief appearances-22 years, 341 days-is the longest in Major League history, eclipsing the record formerly held by Steve Carlton, who made relief appearances on 5/11/71 (w/ St. Louis) at Montreal and on 4/9/87 (w/ Cleveland) at Toronto, 15 years, 343 days apart (credit: Elias Sports Bureau)...Tossed 6.0 innings without recording a strikeout on 6/27 at Baltimore, failing to strike out at least one hitter for the first time since 6/14/00 vs. Boston, when a groin injury limited him to just 1.0IP...according to the Elias Sports Bureau, his streak of 200 consecutive games with at least one strikeout was the third-longest in the Majors among active players at the time, trailing only those of Pedro Martinez (293) and Javier Vasquez (237)...Clemens had not had a start of at least 6.0 innings without a strikeout since throwing a five-hit shutout on 7/21/87 (w/ Boston) vs. California, a span of 604 starts...Recorded his 350th career win on 7/2 vs. Minnesota, becoming only the eighth player in Major League history to reach the mark and the first since Warren Spahn on 9/29/63 (with Milwaukee) vs. the Chicago Cubs...Joe Torre was Spahn's catcher in that game...Pitched 8.0 innings in consecutive starts on 7/2 vs. Minnesota and 7/7 vs. the Angels, his first back-to-back outings of 8.0 or more innings since 6/7/01 vs. Baltimore (8.0IP) and 6/13/01 vs. Montreal (8.0IP)...Allowed 8R (3ER) in 1.2IP on 8/2 vs. Chicago (AL)...was his shortest start since 6/14/00 (w/ NYY) vs. Boston (1.0IP, 0R-left due to injury)...was his shortest non-injury-shortened start since 7/23/95 (w/ Boston) vs. Minnesota (1.1 IP, 8R, 8ER)...the 8R allowed were his most since 8/26/03 (w/ NYY) vs. Chicago (AL) when he allowed 9R (9ER)...was the second time in his career he has allowed 8R in an inning (last on 6/26/87 with Boston at the Yankees-3rd inning)...Recorded the win on 8/7 at Toronto despite being ejected in the seventh inning by Angel Hernandez after hitting Alex Rios with a pitch...served a 5-game suspension imposed by Major League Baseball (8/10-14)...Became the 10th pitcher in franchise history to record 1,000 strikeouts in 8/18 win vs. Detroit...Suffered the loss on 9/3 vs. Seattle, facing 21-year-old Felix Hernandez...according to the Elias Sports Bureau, the age difference of 23 years, 247 days was the largest between opposing starters since 4/16/94, when Florida's Charlie Hough faced San Francisco's Salomon Torres with a difference of 24 years, 66 the time Hernandez was born on 4/8/86, Clemens owned 16 Major League victories and 200 strikeouts...Recorded a no-decision on 9/16 at Boston in a 4-3 Yankees victory, his final start of the season...remained undefeated (5-0) with a 2.84 ERA (63.1IP, 20ER) in 10 career regular season starts as an opponent at Fenway Park...had missed his previously scheduled start with right elbow inflammation...Was sidelined for the final two weeks of the regular season with a strained left hamstring...Made three minor league starts before joining the Yankees, going 1-0 with a 2.38 ERA with Single-A Tampa, Double-A Trenton and Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (15.1IP, 11H, 4ER, 6BB, 13K, 1HR)...Made his first minor league start on 5/18 (w/ Tampa) vs. Fort Myers...threw 58 pitches (42 strikes) in 4.0 IP...surrendered a solo home run to his third batter faced (Erik Lis)...was the only homer surrendered by Clemens in 15.1IP with Tampa, Trenton and Scranton/WB...In his second minor league start on 5/23 (w/ Trenton) vs. Portland, threw 102 pitches in 5.1 innings, recording a no-decision (3ER, 6H, 4BB, 6K)...Threw 6.0 scoreless innings on 5/28 (w/ Scranton/WB) vs. Toledo in his third and final minor league start, allowing just 2H and 2BB while recording 5K. 2006 In his third season with the Astros, Clemens posted a 7-6 record with a 2.30 ERA in 19 starts...Has posted a winning record in 21 of his 23 seasons, joining Grover Cleveland Alexander and Cy Young as the only pitchers to have as many winning seasons while starting at least 15 games in each of those seasons...has posted a winning record in 10 consecutive seasons, since he was 10-13 for Boston in 1996...his 2.30 ERA led the Majors from June 22 through the end of the season...led all Major League pitchers with a 2.02 ERA from 2005-06...earned his 343rd career win with six scoreless innings on 7/19 against the Cubs...won four consecutive decisions from 8/5-25, going 4-0 with a 2.54 ERA to tie him for the second-most wins in August in the National League...owns a 1.50 ERA in 24 road starts from 2005-06, the lowest road ERA among all Major League pitchers during that span...was one of two National League pitchers with at least four wins without a loss in August (Trachsel, 5-0)...captured his first career win at PNC Park on 8/25, the 34th different ballpark in which he has notched a win...recorded career strikeout No. 4,600 on 9/29 at Atlanta in his last start of the season...Went 3-3 with a 2.63 ERA in 11 home starts...was 6-4 with a 2.18 ERA in 15 starts after the All-Star Break...has allowed two or fewer earned runs in 33 of his last 39 starts, dating back to 6/11/05...the Astros were 7-4 in his last 11 starts, and he allowed one earned run or less in eight of those 11 starts...Was signed by the Astros on May 31 and made three Minor League starts in his first Minor League start at Class-A Lexington, he pitched three innings, allowing one run on three hits while surrendering one home run and hitting a batter...his son, Koby, started at third base while he was on the mound for Lexington...started for Double-A Corpus Christi on 6/11 vs. San Antonio and pitched six shutout innings, allowing two hits while walking none and striking out his final Minor League outing on 6/18 with Triple-A Round Rock, he earned the win in round Rock's 7-4 win over New Orleans...Began the season 0-2 for the first time since he was 0-4 in his first six starts with Boston in 1996...his only other 0-2 start was in 1987...the Astros did not score in his first 11 1/3 innings he pitched...allowed two runs in five innings and lost in his season debut on 6/22 vs. Minnesota...the Astros did not score while he was on the mound...surrendered two runs (one earned) in 6 1/3 innings, but fell to 0-2 on the season as the Astros were shutout on 6/27 at Detroit...earned his first win of the season in his third start on 7/3 vs. Chicago...struck out seven batters on 7/8 vs. the Cardinals ...surrendered only two earned runs but suffered a 3-1 loss on 7/14 at Florida...did not allow an earned run (one run) in seven innings, but received a no-decision on 7-30 vs. Arizona, as he struck out a season-high nine batters...was 2-2 with a 2.00 ERA in six July starts...Recorded the win on 8/5 at Arizona, allowing three runs over seven innings...The Astros scored nine runs in the game, the most by the club in any of his 2006 starts...notched his second consecutive win, his first back-to-back victories in 2006 on 8/10 against the Pirates...surrendered only one run over six innings...received a no-decision in the Astros 18-inning loss on 8/15 vs. the Cubs...left after six innings with a lead...Did not record a decision on 9/4 at Philadelphia with one earned run over five innings and six strikeouts...left the game early with a strained right groin and missed one start...had his four-game winning streak snapped in the Astros' loss on 9/15 vs. Philadelphia, walking a season-high five batters over five innings...allowed one run in five innings while pitching on three days rest on 9/24 vs. St. Louis, recording a no-decision...was 1-2 with a 2.33 ERA in five September starts. 2005
  • Finished the season 13-8 with a 1.87 ERA (44ER/211.1IP)...led the Majors and the National League in ERA and posted the second-lowest ERA in franchise history (Nolan Ryan, 1.69 in 1981)...2005 marked the seventh time he led his league in ERA and the first since 1998 with TOR...was also the second time in his career that he led the Majors in ERA (1.93 in 1990 with BOS)...he is one of three active pitchers with an ERA below 2.00 in two different seasons in which they tossed a minimum 200 innings (also Greg Maddux and Pedro Martinez), but he is the only pitcher since 1912 with two such seasons that spanned a 16-year gap...the Astros were 15-17 in his 32 starts.
  • has 341 career wins and ranks ninth all-time, two behind Tim Keefe (343)...has more wins than any other living pitcher...passed Steve Carlton to move into sole possession of ninth place on 5/9 at FLA.
  • his 1.89 ERA is the lowest of his career, eclipsing the previous-best 1.93 in 1990 for the Red Sox...his ERA was the 10th individual season with an ERA lower than 2.00 since 1980.
  • is the first Astro to lead the Majors in ERA outright since 1986 (Mike Scott, 2.22, Clemens ranks 2nd at 2.48 for BOS in '86)...Nolan Ryan's 2.76 tied Jimmy Key (TOR) for 1st in also the first Astro to lead the NL in ERA since Danny Darwin in 1990 (2.21, Clemens led MLB in ERA with a 1.93 for Boston that season).
  • struck out 185 hitters and walked 62...ranks second all-time with 4,502 strikeouts...became the second player in Major League to strike out as many as 4,500 hitters (also Nolan Ryan)...crossed the 4,500-strikeout plateau and earned the win in his final start, allowing six hits and one run in 7.0 innings on 10/1 vs. CHI.
  • led the Majors with a 1.33 ERA in day games and a .198 opponent batting average against...ranked second with a 2.33 home ERA, trailing teammate Andy Pettitte (2.12).
  • did not allow an earned run for 27.1 innings from 8/2-8/18, the 11th-longest streak for an Astros pitcher since 1980.
  • had no-decisions in 11 of his starts...posted an 0.99 ERA (8ER/37IP) in those games.
  • his 6.39 hits allowed per nine innings were the second-lowest ratio of his career (6.34 in 1986)...his 9.12 baserunners per nine innings were also his second-lowest (8.86).
  • the Astros lost seven of the last nine games Clemens started and the Astros were shut out four times during that span.
  • led MLB with a 1.32 road ERA, the lowest since Greg Maddux posted a 1.12 road ERA in 1995 (ATL)...has allowed 14 earned runs in 95.2 road innings this year...pitched 35.0 consecutive scoreless innings on the road to start the 2005 season, the most in the Majors since Hal Schumacher (also 35.0) in 1935 for the N.Y. Giants.
  • had his consecutive scoreless inning streak of 25.0 innings snapped on 8/18 vs. MIL...was the 9th-longest scoreless streak by a Houston pitcher since 1980.
  • named an All-Star for the 11th time in his career and his second as a National Leaguer...pitched in the Midsummer Classic for the 10th time and threw a scoreless fifth inning.
  • allowed more than two earned runs only five times in 32 starts, and allowed two or fewer earned run in 16 of his last 20 (one or fewer ER in 13 of his last 20)...allowed four or fewer hits in 16 starts and five or fewer hits in 25.
  • allowed a total of 11 home runs this season, tied for the second-fewest allowed by a pitcher who has threw at least 175.0 innings (Willis, 10)...11 homers allowed is his lowest total since giving up 11 in 1998 with Toronto (234.2 IP)...did not allow a home run in the month of July.
  • recorded no-decision on 8/28 at LA after tossing 6.0 scoreless innings with two hits...the 1-0 loss marked the eighth time this season the Astros have been shut out in a game started by was the first team one pitcher has shut out in eight starts in one season since San Diego's Randy Jones in 1974, and the second time by an Astros pitcher (Bob Bruce, 1965)...the five 1-0 losses by Houston in a Clemens start was the first since Ferguson Jenkins started six 1-0 losses for the Cubs in 1968.
  • 11 of his 32 starts were decided by one run...began the season with a string of nine consecutive quality starts and had a total of 26 in 32 starts and ranked 3rd in MLB (Pettitte/Carpenter, 27)...pitched 7.0 innings in each of his first seven starts and has tossed 6.0 innings or more in 27 of his 32 outings.
  • tossed 24 consecutive scoreless innings from the sixth inning on 4/8 vs. CIN to the second inning on 4/29 vs. CHI...pitched 7.0 scoreless innings on 4/13 at NYM, 4/18 vs. ATL, and 4/23 at STL, receiving no-decisions in the second pitcher in MLB history to start three consecutive games that were scoreless after nine innings (Brooklyn's Doc Scanlan in 1910; Elias Sports Bureau).
  • one of six pitchers all-time to make at least 20 starts in 20 consecutive seasons.
  • missed his scheduled start on 9/24 at CHI (strained left hamstring).
  • allowed a season-high 11 hits and received his eighth loss with six runs (four earned) over 5.1 innings on 9/19 at PIT...snapped a six-start winless streak with his 12th win of the season on 9/14 vs. FLA...made his shortest start of the season and allowed a season-high tying five runs over 3.0 frames on 9/9 at MIL...did not record a decision on 9/8 vs. STL over a season-low tying 5.0 innings.
  • did not record a decision on 8/28 at LA with 6.0 scoreless frames...threw his first complete game in over two years (7/ 30/03 at ANA) in a 2-0 loss at San Diego...allowed two hits over 8.0 shutout innings on 8/13 vs. PIT...received a nodecision in a 1-0 loss...earned his 11th win on 8/7 at SF...notched his third consecutive win 8/2 vs. ARI with one run over seven innings...another win in August would tie for his most wins in any month (has 63 in May).
  • ranked 4th in MLB with a 1.32 ERA in July (Pettitte 0.90, Duke 0.92, Carpenter 1.11)...overcame back spasms to toss 7.0 innings with two runs for the win on 7/27 vs. PHI...earned the win with 6.0 shutout innings on 7/22 at WSH...snapped a personal four-game winning streak with a loss at STL 7/17.
  • gave up his first run on the road in Astros loss at COL on 6/28...left with a 5-1 lead and was the victim of a blown save in a 6-5 loss...allowed one ER and won for the 3rd time in a row on 6/22 vs. COL...tossed six shutout innings and earned the win on 6/17 at KC...
  • left his start on 5/24 at CHI after 5.0 innings with tightness in his right groin...recorded career win No. 331 on 5/14 vs. SF, pitching 8.0 innings and allowed one run on five hits while fanning 10...claimed sole possession of 9th place on the all-time wins list with his 330th career victory on 5/9 at FLA...
  • suffered his first loss of the season on 4/29 vs. CHI, snapping a seven-game winning streak that spanned from 8/23/ 04-4/23/05 (included five no-decisions)...the Astros went 22 consecutive innings without scoring a run while Clemens was on the mound from the sixth inning on April 8 to the seventh on April 23 (four starts).
  • earned the win in his first start, on 4/8 vs. CIN, allowing one run and five hits in 7.0 innings.
  • leads all active pitchers in wins, starts, strikeouts, complete games, shutouts, walks, and innings pitched.
  • leads the Majors in winning percentage since 2001 at .730 (81-30).
  • has the 2nd-highest career winning percentage (.665) among pitchers with 300 wins, trailing only Lefty Grove (.680)...has the highest winning percentage all-time among right-handers with at least 300 decisions...ranks 3rd in winning pct. among active pitchers (.665), trailing Pedro Martinez (.701) and Tim Hudson (.688).
  • is 31-12 with a 2.43 ERA (115ER/425.2IP) in 65 starts during his Astros career...the club is 38-27 in his 65 starts...ranks 6th with 93 wins in the 2000s...3rd in the Majors with 152 wins during the 1990s...ranks 5th over the last 10 seasons since 1996 with 159 wins. 2004 Earned his 10th career All-Star nod...42-year-old right-hander and seven-time Cy Young Award winner made 33 starts in his 20th Major League season and first with Houston...finished with a 2.98 ERA which ranked sixth in the Majors and fifth in the National League...won his seventh Cy Young Award - the most all-time - and became the oldest pitcher to win the award...marked the first time he won the award in the National League, and he becomes only the fourth player all-time to win the award in both leagues (also: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and Gaylord Perry) the only player to win a BBWAA postseason award with four different teams...his eight career postseason awards, including his 1986 AL MVP trophy, are the most all-time for any player or manager...was the only pitcher named on all 32 ballots, and finished with 23 first-place votes, eight seconds and one third for 140 total points...named Astros Pitcher of the Year by the Houston Chapter of the BBWAA...finished tied for second in the National League with 18 wins (along with Carl Pavano, FLA)...won his final six decisions and eight of nine after the All-Star break...Houston won his final nine starts of the season...he posted a 4-0 mark and a 2.57 ERA over six starts in September...18 wins were his most since he won 20 in 2001 and the 2.98 ERA was his lowest since a 2.65 mark in 1998...allowed 169 hits, which tied his 1998 season for fewest hits allowed in a year when he started 30-or-more games...led the Majors with an .818 (18-4) winning percentage, the best single-season winning percentage by a pitcher age 40 or over (minimum 20 decisions; second on the list is Phil Niekro: 17-4 in 1982)...ranks second in winning percentage among active pitchers, trailing only Pedro Martinez (.705)...leads the Majors in winning pct. since 2001 at .756 (68-22)...marked his 19th season with a winning record, becoming one of three pitchers all-time with at least 19 winning seasons in which they started 15 or more games (also Grover Cleveland and Cy Young) the Majors' active career leader with 328 wins and ranks 10th on the MLB career list, one win shy of ninth place and Steve Carlton (329)...also leads all active pitchers in starts (639), innings (4493.0), strikeouts (4317), complete games (117), and shutouts (46)...has twice as many career wins as he has losses (328-164)...only two other pitchers with 250-or-more career wins have had at least twice as many wins as losses at any point after recording their 250th win: Christy Mathewson and Lefty Grove...has the second-highest career winning percentage (.667) among pitchers with 300 wins, trailing only Lefty Grove (.680)...has the highest winning percentage all-time among right-handers with at least 300 decisions...finished with 218 strikeouts on the year, marking his 12th career 200-K season, tying for second-most all-time with Randy Johnson (behind Nolan Ryan, 15)...marks his highest single-season strikeout total since 1998 (271 with TOR)...struck out 150 or more hitters in a season 18 times, tied with Steve Carlton and trailing only Nolan Ryan (20) for the most in that category...tossed 214.1 innings, marking the 14th time he has tossed 200+ innings in a season...teammate Roy Oswalt pitched 237 innings during the season, making 2004 the first time the Astros have two pitchers who have thrown at least 200 innings since 1999 (Jose Lima, 246.1; Mike Hampton, 239; Shane Reynolds, 239.1) 42 years old, he became the oldest player ever to win a postseason game with the win in Game 1 of the NLDS vs. Atlanta -- walked a postseason career-high six batters and struck out seven...won his fifth consecutive postseason start in Game 3 of the NLCS vs. St. Louis...suffered the loss in the deciding Game 7 of the NLCS and fourth start of the 2004 postseason...ranks second all-time in postseason strikeouts with 164, trailing John Smoltz (189)...has allowed three or fewer runs in 23 of 30 career playoff starts...finished with no decicions in his last two regular season starts...tossed 7.1 shutout innings on Sept. 24 at Milwaukee in the Astros 1-0 win and struck out a season-high 12 batters...allowed four runs over 6.0 innings on Sept. 29 vs. St. Louis in Houston's 6-4 win...collected his 18th win on Sept. 19 vs. Milwaukee...tossed a season-high eight shutout innings, allowed two hits and struck out was the 20th time in his career during which he had allowed two-or-fewer hits and pitched eight-or-more innings...also was his 107th game with 10-or-more strikeouts...recorded win No. 17 on Sept. 14 at St. Louis, extending his winning streak to five games...collected his 15th win of the season on Sept. 3 vs. Pittsburgh, marking his 12th season with 15 or more wins...allowed six runs over 6.2 innings...added an RBI single at the plate...posted his 14th win of the season on Aug. 28 at the Chicago Cubs, allowing five runs on eight hits over six innings in the 7-6 Astros victory...marked his 60th career win in 60-24 (.714) during his career in August - the second-highest percentage since 1919 (Lefty Grove, .736, 39-14)...allowed four runs on five hits in three innings on Aug. 18 at Philadelphia...received a no-decision and left the game with a strained right calf after hitting a two-run single in the fourth inning...moved into 13th place all-time with his 626th career start on July 23 vs. Milwaukee...did not record a decision after allowing five runs over 5.2 innings...suffered the loss in the All-Star Game on July 13...allowed five hits and six runs in one inning, including two home runs, in the American League's 9-4 win...was his 10th All-Star selection and his first with the NL...became the Majors first 10-game winner of the season on June 24 vs. Pittsburgh and recorded his 4,200th career strikeout...allowed one earned run over 7.0 innings to snap a two-game losing streak...snapped a nine-game winning streak to start the season with a loss on June 14 vs. the Cubs...surrendered a season-high 10 hits...also snapped a 13-game winning streak, dating back to Sept. 11, 2003...won his first nine decisions for the third time...posted his ninth win, tossing 6.2 scoreless innings with three hits on June 8 at SEA...walked a season-high five, 14-0 start came in 1986...became the oldest pitcher to win his first nine starts...9-0 mark was the second-best start in club history (behind Juan Agosto, 10-0 in 1988)...received a no-decision on May 16 vs. the New York Mets despite pitching seven shutout innings, allowing two hits while walking one and striking out 10...the no-decision kept him from becoming the first pitcher since Pedro Martinez in 1997 to win his first eight starts...was his 106th career game with 10-or-more strikeouts and the 29th time he has fanned 10-plus in consecutive starts...won his seventh consecutive start on May 11 vs. Florida...gave him the record for the most consecutive wins to begin a tenure with Houston, breaking Roy Oswalt's record (6, 2001)... 4,137 STRIKEOUTS: Claimed the No. 2 slot on the all-time strikeout list on May 5 vs. Pittsburgh when he fanned the Pirates Raul Mondesi in the fifth inning for career strikeout 4,137...trails Nolan Ryan (5,714)...notched his sixth win in as many starts, becoming the ninth Astro to start a season 6-0...named NL Pitcher of the Month for April, his 15th such honor and the 18th Astros pitcher to earn the award...during the month he went 5-0 with a 1.95 ERA (7ER/32.1IP) in five starts...became the first Astros pitcher and the 26th pitcher in MLB history to start a season 5-0 with his win on April 30 vs. Cincinnati...became the 20th Astro to start a season 5-0...notched his fourth win of the season on April 24 at Colorado...allowed four runs (three earned) on nine hits over 5.2 innings...surrendered his first home run of the season...marked his second consecutive 4-0 start and the ninth of his career...won his Astros debut on April 7 vs. San Francisco, throwing seven shutout innings and allowing one hit...walked three and struck out nine...has 18 winning seasons, joining Grover Cleveland Alexander and Cy Young as the only pitchers to have as many winning seasons while starting at least 15 games in each of those seasons...Is the only pitcher ever to win seven Cy Young Awards, 1986-87, 1991, 1997-98, 01, 04...Named to the All-Star Team, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2004...American League MVP, 1986...Shares the Major League record (with Kerry Wood) for the most strikeouts in a single game with 20, 1986 and 1998...Shares the AL record for the most consecutive seasons (7) with 200 or more strikeouts, 1986-92...Named Major League Player of the Year by The Sporting News, 1986...Named AL Pitcher of the Year by The Sporting News, 1986, 1991, 1997, 1998, 2001. 2003 Concluded the 2003 season as the active leader in wins (310), games started (607), innings pitched (4,278.2), strikeouts (4,099), complete games (117) and shutouts (46)...with 310 career wins, ranked 16th on the MLB all-time list...his 4,099 strikeouts rank third on the all-time list behind Nolan Ryan (5,714) and Steve Carlton (4,136)...with a .660 career winning percentage (310-160), has the third-highest winning percentage among pitchers with 300 wins, trailing only Lefty Grove (.680, 300-141) and Christy Mathewson (.665, 373-188)...was 17-9 with a 3.91 ERA in 33 starts...the Yankees were 20-13 in games he started and averaged 4.8 runs per start...ranked fourth in the A.L. with 8.1 strikeouts per nine innings, fifth with 190 strikeouts, and tied for fifth with 17 wins...opponents batted .247 (199x806, 24HR); LH .217 (98x452, 12HR), RH .285 (101x354, 12HR)...posted 946 strikeouts as a Yankee, surpassing Dave Righetti (940) for sole possession of 10th place on the club's all-time now 59-20 in 113 regular season starts since being reinstated from the disabled list on July 2, his final start as a Yankee on Oct. 22 vs. the Florida Marlins in Game 4 of the World Series, allowed three runs on eight hits over seven innings, earning a no-decision...started Game 7 of the ALCS against Boston on Oct. 16, leaving in the fourth inning with a 4-0 deficit; did not record a decision as the Yankees rallied for the 6-5 victory (11 innings) 41 years, 61 days, he became the oldest starting pitcher to win a postseason game when he won Game 3 of the 2003 ALDS at Minnesota (on Oct. 4) the ALDS, the Yankees became the first team in Major League history to start two pitchers at least 40 years old in the same postseason (also David Wells-at 40 years, 138 days-in Game 4)...on Sept. 6 vs. the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium-his second straight start vs. Boston-recorded the loss in an 11-0 Red Sox win (3.1, 7H, 7R, 5ER, 2BB, 2K, 1HR)...on Aug. 31 at Boston, he recorded the 306th victory of his career in an 8-4 Yankees win...the win was also the 100th of his career at Fenway Park (is 100- 55)...on Aug. 20 vs. the Kansas City Royals, notched his third straight victory-and the 305th of his career-in an 8-7 Yankees win (6.1IP, 8H, 3R, 3ER, 0BB, 5K)...tied Hall of Famer Eddie Plank for 18th place on the all-time victory list...on July 30 at Anaheim, tossed a complete-game 8-0 shutout (9.0IP, 5H, 0R, 1BB, 5K)...was his first complete game since May 28, 2000 (vs. Boston), snapping a streak of 104 consecutive starts without a complete was the longest such streak in Yankees history...he also recorded his first shutout since June 29, 1999, vs. Detroit, his second as a Yankee and the 46th of his career...on July 24 vs. Baltimore, took the loss in a 5-3 Orioles win...before the Orioles scored two runs (on one hit) in the first inning, had allowed only four hits (and no runs) in the first inning of his previous 10 starts...pitched a perfect third inning with two strikeouts in the All-Star Game on July 13 at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, his eighth All-Star- Game appearance and ninth selection...on June 28 in Game One of a day-night doubleheader vs. the New York Mets at Yankee Stadium, recorded the win, allowing one run in 8.0 innings...with the victory-the 301st of his career-surpassed Hall of Famers Lefty Grove and Early Wynn for sole possession of 19th place on the all-time list...on June 18 vs. Tampa Bay, became the first 300-game winner in franchise history to start a game (Phil Niekro won his 300th game in his final appearance as a Yankee)...held the Devil Rays hitless until a one-out single (by Marlon Anderson) in the eighth was the third time in his career that he took a no-hitter into the eighth inning...left after 8.0IP with score tied 0-0 and recorded no decision in an eventual 1-0, 12-inning Yankees win (8.0IP, 1H, 0R, 2BB, 9K)...300TH WIN, 4,000TH STRIKEOUT: on June 13 vs. St. Louis, recorded the victory-in a 5-2 Yankees win-to become only the 21st pitcher in Major League history to record 300 victories...with his 300th victory, he tied Hall of Famers Lefty Grove and Early Wynn for 19th place on the all-time list...also became only the third pitcher to reach 4,000 strikeouts-joining Nolan Ryan (5,714) and Steve Carlton (4,136)-when he fanned Edgar Renteria for his fourth strikeout of the game in the second inning...recorded 10 strikeouts for the second time on the season, the 104th 10-strikeout performance of his career...ranked third on the all-time list behind only Nolan Ryan (215) and Randy Johnson (188)...on June 7 vs. the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field-the first appearance of his career vs. the Cubs-suffered his second straight loss in a 5-2 Cubs win...left with 1-0 lead and one out in seventh with tying and go-ahead runners on base (Eric Karros then hit three-run HR off Juan Acevedo on first pitch)...on May 21 at Boston, recorded his sixth victory of the season-and the 299th of his career-in a 4-2 Yankees win...with the victory, he improved to 3-0 as a Yankee at Fenway Park (is 4-0 there as an opponent)...on May 10 at Oakland-in his second straight start vs. the A's and Barry Zito-recorded the victory in a 5-2 Yankees win...prior to his victory at Oakland, had lost consecutive starts for the first time since May 23, 2000 (at Chicago) and May 28, 2000 (vs. Boston)...also marked the first time in his career that his team was shut out in consecutive starts...on April 29 vs. Seattle, lost his first game of the season in a 6-0 Mariners win...allowed three home runs for the first time since Aug. 29, 2002 at Toronto...struck out Mark McLemore for the 24th time in the second inning (most among active batters)...on April 23 at Anaheim, recorded his fourth straight win to open the season-and the 297th of his career-in a 9-2 Yankees victory...was 4-0 to start the season for the first time since 2001 and for the eighth time in his career...on March 31 at Toronto-in the 13th Opening Day start of his career-recorded his first win of the season and the 294th of his career in an 8-4 Yankees victory...his 13 Opening Day starts are the most of any active pitcher and most since Jack Morris made 14 starts in season openers (last in 1993 for Toronto)...the Major League record for most Opening Day assignments is 16 by Tom Seaver...Morris and Walter Johnson share the American League record of 14...improved to 6-3 on Opening Day (2-1 as a Yankee). 2002 Was 13-8, 3.70 in 32GS...the Yankees were 20-12 in games he started...Is tied for 34th place with Ted Lyons on the all-time win list with 260 (entered the season tied for 40th place)...Ranks eith on all-time strike out list with 3, trails Walter Johnson by 5 for 7th place...With his win vs. KC on 4/14, tied Vic Willis for 39th place on the all-time list with 248...Recorded 9 strikeouts in 4/24 loss vs. Minn. and moved into sole possession of 8th place on the all-time strikeout list with 3,344...Moved into sole possession of 39th place on the all-time wins list with win vs. Toronto on 4/30 (his 249th)...Became the 39th pitcher to reach the 250 win plateau with 3-1 victory vs. Baltimore on 5/6...Recorded his shortest outing of the season in 5/12 loss at Detroit...Tied Bob Gibson for 38th place on the all-time list with 5/17 win vs. Chicago White Sox...On 5/28 vs. Boston Red Sox- and Pedro Martinez- at Yankee Stadium, recorded the complete-gane loss in a 2-0 Red Sox win...allowed two-out, two-run HR to Trot Nixon in 9th inning...recorded season high 13 strikeouts for 95th career 10k game (4th on all-time list)...Was placed on 15 day disabled list on 6/15 with a strained right groin...Moved past Bob Gibson in 7/2 win at Tampa Bay for sole possession of 38th place on all-time list (with 252 career wins)...Tied Carl Hubbell on all-time wins list (253, 37th place) with 7/8 win vs. Mets...Passed Carl Hubbell and tied Red Faber and Jack Morris for 37th place on all-time list with 7/14 win vs. Florida...On 7/19 vs. Detroit recorded the win in 9-1 Yankees victory...the win was his 4th straight, the win was his 255th of his career moving him into sole possession of 35th place on all-time list, also marked 19th time in his career that h recorded double- digit strikeouts without allowing a walk (it was the 96th time in his career he recorded 10 or more strikeouts) leaving him one behind Sandy Koufax who is in third place on the all-time list...Was named American League Pitcher of the Month for July for 12th time in his career...On 8/28 at Seattle recorded the win, his 7th straight, in 9-1 Yankees victory, won 7 straight decisions in one season for the first time since 1998 (with Toronto) when he won 15 straights en route to an AL record 20 straight over 2 seasons...with his 7 strikeouts the 38 year old reached the 150k mark for the 5th straight season (14th time in career) making him the oldest Yankee to fan 150 batters in a season (Allie Reynolds was 37 when he whiffed 160 hitters in 1952) Recorded his first loss since being reinstated from the disabled list (on 7/2) on 9/18 vs. Cleveland in a 2-0 Indians' win his 5 walks equaled a season high (fifth time) had won 9 straight descisions in 1 season for the first time since 1998 (with Toronto) when he won 15 straight en route to AL record 20 straight over 2 seasons...Left the game on 9/23 vs. Detroit with a bruised right hamstring and recorded no decision in a 13-8 Yankees win...His 5th inning strikeout of Dean Palmer was the 3,500th of his career...the grand slam by Billy McMillon in the 5th inning was the 2nd allowed by Clemens in 2000 (also Mets Mike Piazza on 6/9) but only the third of his career (also KC's Gary Gaetti on 9/5/93 at Boston) 2001 Won his unprecedented sixth Cy Young, going 20-3 with a 3.51 ERA in 33 games started...the Yankees were 27-5-1 in games he age 39, became the third oldest pitcher to win a Cy Young...his .870 winning percentage was tied for sixth all-time among 20-game winners (with David Cone, also 20-3 in 1988)...named The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year and the March of Dimes Sportsman of the Year...opponents batted .246 (205x833, 19 HR); LH .235 (104x442, 10 HR), RH .258 (101x391, 9 HR)...recorded his sixth 20-win season and first since 1998 (20-6 with Toronto) 2001, surpassed Walter Johnson (3,508), Gaylord Perry (3,534), Don Sutton (3,574), Tom Seaver (3,640) and Bert Blyleven (3,701) to move from eighth place to third place on the all-time strikeout list (3,717)...posted a 16-game winning streak, the longest in the Majors on the season and second longest of his career (won 20 straight in 1998-99)...was the longest winning streak in Yankees history, surpassing the previous record of 14 by RHP Jack Chesbro (1904) and LHP Whitey Ford (1961)...became the first pitcher in Major League history to record two separate streaks of at least 16 wins...also became the oldest pitcher in Major League history to win as many as 15 straight games...the Yankees won each of 20-straight starts by Clemens (from May 26-Sept. 19), the longest such streak 2000 Emerged as the Yankees most dominant starting pitcher in the second half of the season, going 13-8 with a 3.70 ERA in 32 starts...ranked second in the AL in ERA, fourth in opponents batting average (.236), fifth in strikeouts (188), and fifth in strikeouts per nine innings (8.3) 18 starts following his return from the D.L. on July 2, was 9-2 with a 3.00 ERA (41ER/123.0 IP) his first 14 starts, was 4-6 with a 4.76 ERA (43ER/81.1 IP)...became the 39th pitcher to reach the 250-win plateau with 3-1 win vs. Baltimore on May 6 (7.0IP, 4H, 1ER, 2BB, 5K) his only appearance of the World Series, pitched eight shutout innings in Game 2 vs. the Mets (2H, 0BB, 9K)...was his longest outing and most strikeouts in his four career World Series his final two starts of the 2000 post-season, pitched 17 shutout innings, allowing just three hits while registering 24 strikeouts...on Oct. 14 1999 In his first season in pinstripes was 14-10 with a 4.60 ERA in 30 starts...ranked ninth in the A.L., holding opponents to a .261 average (185-for-708)...made his Yankee debut on 4/5 at Oakland--the 10th Opening Day start of his career--and received a no-decision in the Yankees 5-3 win (6.1 IP, 3 ER, 8 K), remaining 4-2 on Opening Day in his career...made his first start at Yankee Stadium as a Yankee in a 5-0 victory on 4/10 vs. Detroit and allowed just three hits in 7.2 innings of shutout ball...tied the American-League record with his 17th consecutive victory--in 26 starts--in a 4-2 win on 4/21 vs. Texas...on 4/27 at Texas, left game after two innings due to tightness in his left hamstring (allowed five first-inning runs)...was placed on the 15-day disabled list on 4/29 (retroactive to 4/28) with a strained left hamstring...broke the American-League record with his 18th consecutive victory in a 10-2 win on 5/22 at Chicago (Game 1) in his first start since returning from the D.L....made his first start vs. Boston as a Yankee in a 4-1 win on 5/27 at Yankee Stadium...held his former team to one run on two hits in seven innings...the win extended his A.L. record for consecutive victories to an 11-5 victory on 6/1 vs. Cleveland, joined Carl Hubbell (24), ElRoy Face (22) and Rube Marquard (20) as the only pitchers in Major-League history to win 20 consecutive decisions...saw his 20-game winning streak snapped in a 7-2 loss on 6/6 vs. the Mets...lasted only 2.2 innings, allowing seven runs and eight hits in his shortest outing--not including injury-related departures--since 7/23/95 vs. Minnesota (1.1 IP)...struck out a season-high 13 batters in a 4-2 loss vs. was his only 10- plus strikeout game on the season and the 94th of his career...tossed his first complete game and shutout as a Yankee in a 3-0 win on 6/29 vs. Detroit (8 H, 1 BB, 8 K)...lost two consecutive starts on 7/9 at New York (NL) and 7/15 vs. was the first time that he had lost consecutive starts since 5/13/98 vs. Oakland and 5/18/98 vs. Seattle...prior to his 7/25 start vs. Cleveland, changed his number from 12 to 22 at the suggestion of his family (his 12-year-old son, Koby, wore number 22 on his Little League team)...made his first start at Fenway Park as a Yankee on 7/ 31 and recorded a no-decision in a 6-5 loss (5.0 IP, 5 H, 4 ER, 3 BB, 2 K)...had his 13-game winning streak in the month of August snapped in a 6-1 loss on 8/10 at Oakland (6.1 IP, 9 H, 5 ER, 5 BB, 4 K)...tossed 8.2 shutout innings in a 2-0 win on 8/16 vs. Minnesota (4 H, 1 BB, 2 K)...on 9/12 vs. Boston suffered his third straight loss in a 4-1 Red Sox' win...he had previously lost three straight decisions from 7/16-8/1/96 and three straight starts from 8/31-9/10/ 93...the loss was the first of his career vs. Boston after three straight wins...was 2-1 with a 3.24 ERA (16.2 IP, 6 ER) in three games started in the postseason...pitched seven shutout innings (3 H, 2 BB, 2 K) and won the clinching game of the Division Series 3-0 on 10/9 at Texas...allowed one run in 7.2 innings (4 H, 2 BB, 4 K) and was winning pitcher in the clinching game of the World Series vs. Atlanta on 10/ 37 years, two months became the oldest starter to win the deciding game of a World Series since the Yankees' Allie Reynolds defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers on 10/5/53 (Game 6) at the age of 38...his first World Series victory came after 247 career wins, which is tied for ninth most in history among pitchers without a World Series victory. 1998 Won his second straight Cy Young Award, going 20-6 with a 2.65 ERA in 33 starts with Toronto...was the unanimous winner for the second time in his career, making history by becoming the first pitcher to capture the Cy Young Award five times (Steve Carlton and Greg Maddux did it four times)...led the American League in wins, ERA and strikeouts (271) for the second straight year, becoming the fourth pitcher ever to win the Triple Crown for pitching in two straight years...only Grover Cleveland Alexander (1915-16), Lefty Grove (1930-31) and Sandy Koufax (1965-66) had accomplished the feat before Clemens...the ERA title was his sixth, ranking him second behind Lefty Grove (9) on the all-time list...became the first American-League pitcher to win consecutive ERA titles since he also did it in 1991 and 1992...also led the American League in opponents' batting average (.198), batting average by lefties (.197) and righties (.198), hits per nine innings (6.48), fewest home runs per nine innings (0.42) and strikeouts per nine innings (10.39)...after going 5-6 with a 3.50 ERA in 11 starts through May, Clemens finished the season with a 15-game winning streak, establishing a Blue Jays' record and career best...the streak, which began on 6/3, was the longest in the Majors--in a single season--since Gaylord Perry also won 15 straight with Cleveland in 1974...went 15-0 with a 2.29 ERA in 22 starts after his last loss on 5/29 vs. Cleveland...had 11 10- plus strikeout games to increase his career total to 93, trailing only Nolan Ryan (215), Randy Johnson (102) and Sandy Koufax (97)...became just the 11th pitcher in Major-League history to record 3,000 career strikeouts, fanning Randy Winn on 7/5 vs. Tampa Bay...was named to his seventh All-Star Team and allowed two runs in one inning of work (1 BB, 1 K)...recorded the shortest start of his career on 4/7 at Minnesota, leaving in the first inning after suffering a strained right groin (0.0 IP, 2 ER, 2 BB)...allowed a career-high nine runs (for the fourth time) on 5/18 vs. Seattle...set a club and personal best with three consecutive shutouts on 8/20 at Seattle, 8/25 vs. Kansas City and 8/30 vs. Minnesota...combined to allow just eight hits in those three shutouts...tossed a club and personal-best 33.0 consecutive scoreless innings from 8/20-9/5...struck out a season-high 18 on 8/ 25 vs. Kansas City, breaking his own club record of 16 set in 1997...was named the American League's Player-of-the-Month for August, going 4-0 with a 0.90 ERA in six starts...held opponents homerless from 7/12-9/16, pitching 97.0 innings between home runs...moved into 10th place on the all-time strikeout list on 9/16 at Detroit, surpassing Bob Gibson...was named the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Year by The Sporting News. 1997 In his first season with Toronto, Clemens won his fourth career Cy Young Award, going 21-7 with a 2.05 ERA in 34 starts...became the first American-League pitcher since Detroit's Hal Newhouser (1945) to lead the league in wins, ERA and strikeouts (292)...also led the league in innings pitched (264.0)...had 14 games with 10 or more strikeouts...was 21-4 vs. the American League and 0-3 vs. the National League...began the season 11-0, tying the club record for wins to start a season and setting the club mark for was Clemens' longest streak to start a season since going 14-0 to begin 1986...made his debut with Toronto on 4/2 vs. Chicago, tossing a six-hit complete game in a 6-1 victory...was named A.L. Player-of- the-Week from 5/6-11, going 2-0 with a 2.51 ERA in two starts...recorded his 200th career victory in a 4-1 win on 5/21 at New York (AL), allowing one run on four hits in eight innings (3 BB, 12 K)...was named the American League's Player-of-the-Month for May, going 6-0 with a 1.96 ERA in six starts...was selected to his sixth All-Star Team and pitched one scoreless inning...made his return to Fenway Park on 7/12 and established a Blue Jay record with 16 strikeouts in a 3-1 victory...won his 20th game on 8/22 at Kansas City, his fourth career 20-win season and first since 1990...was named the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Month for August, going 4-0 with a 2.47 ERA in six starts...went 63.1 innings without allowing a home run from 8/7-9/12...was named the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Year by The Sporting News. 1996 Pitched his last year in Boston and suffered his second career losing season, going 10-13 with a 3.63 ERA in 34 starts...led the American League with 257 strikeouts, including eight 10-plus strikeout games...entered the season ranked 29th on the all-time strikeout list and moved to 15th by season's end...began the season 0-4 with a 4.17 ERA in his first six starts...rebounded to go 3-0 with a 3.32 ERA in his next five starts...struggled in his following 13 starts, going 1-7 with a 4.93 ERA...finished strong, going 6-2 with a 2.09 ERA over his last 10 starts...recorded his first Major- League hit on 5/23 vs. Seattle, singling off Norm was the first hit by a Red Sox pitcher in the regular season since Luis Tiant singled off Woody Fryman on 10/3/72 at Detroit...tied his career high with seven walks (done five times) in a 2-0 loss on 7/1 at New York...pitched 66.2 consecutive innings without allowing a home run from 7/11-9/7...had a 28.0-inning scoreless streak from 8/ 1-22, the longest in the Majors in 1996...struck out 20 batters in a 4-0 win on 9/18 at Detroit, tying his own Major-League record set on 4/29/86 vs. Seattle. 1995 Was 10-5 with a 4.18 ERA in 23 starts...began the season on the disabled list with a strained muscle behind the right shoulder...made two rehab appearances with Class-A Sarasota and Triple-A Pawtucket, allowing only one hit in nine innings (5 BB, 12 K)...did not make his first start until 6/2 vs. Seattle, receiving a no-decision in a 6-5 Red Sox victory...won his first game of the season on 6/7 vs. California, tossing five shutout innings (8 K) in a 5-1 victory...was 3-4 with a 5.56 ERA in his first 12 starts...went 5-0 with a 1.95 ERA in his next seven starts from 8/7- 9/6...had a season-high 10 strikeouts in an 8-2 win on 9/6 vs. Oakland...1995 was his only season without a complete game...he twice pitched 8.0 innings (7/18 vs. Kansas City and 9/6 vs. Oakland)...led the American League with 14 HBP, including 10 in his first 11 starts...made one start in the Division Series vs. Cleveland...received a no-decision in the Red Sox' 5-4, 13-inning loss in Game One...retired the first nine batters and 15 of the first 17 before leaving with the score tied 3-3 in the eighth inning. 1994 Was 9-7 with a 2.85 ERA in 24 starts...ranked second in the American League in ERA, strikeouts (168) and innings pitched (170.2)...opponents batted just .204, best in the Majors...recorded five 10-plus strikeout games...allowed two runs or less in 16 of his 24 starts and one run or less in 10 starts...took a no-hitter into the seventh inning on 7/14 at Oakland before Ruben Sierra led off with a single (won 2-1). 1993 Endured his first losing season, going 11-14 with a career-worst 4.46 ERA in 29 starts...started strong, going 5-2 with a 1.73 ERA in his first eight starts...struck out a season-high 13 in a 4-0 win on 5/11 at Baltimore...had three 10-plus strikeout games on the season, all in a six-game span in May...was 7-6 with a 3.63 ERA in 15 starts before going on the disabled list...was on the D.L. from 6/19-7/16 with a strained right groin muscle and sore right elbow...returned to the rotation and picked up consecutive wins on 7/16 vs. Seattle and 7/21 vs. California before a no decision on 7/26 at Milwaukee...allowed just three runs (21.2 IP) in his first three starts back from injury, improving to 9-6 with a 3.22 ERA after 18 starts...struggled over his last 11 starts, going 2-8 with a 6.82 ERA...allowed his first Major-League grand slam in a 5-2 loss on 9/5 vs. Kansas City (Gary Gaetti)...was 0-4 with a 10.90 ERA in four starts vs. Toronto, marking the only time that Clemens has lost four times to an opponent in a single season. 1992 Was 18-11 with a league-leading 2.41 ERA in 32 starts...won his third consecutive ERA title, becoming only the fourth player in Major-League history to accomplish that feat...also led the the American League in shutouts (5) for the third straight season, becoming the first player to lead his league in ERA and shutouts for three straight years since Grover Cleveland Alexander (1915- 17)...was third in the American League in strikeouts (208), including three 10-plus strikeout performances (12 on 4/12 at Cleveland)...recorded 200 or more strikeouts for the seventh straight season, tying Rube Waddell (1902-08) and Walter Johnson (1910-16) for the American-League record (Tom Seaver holds the Major-League record with nine from 1968-76)...was also among the American-League leaders in complete games (11, T2nd), wins (18, T4th) and opponents' batting average (.224, T4th)...began the season 3-3 with a 2.25 ERA after six starts...followed with wins in six consecutive starts from 5/9-6/6, posting a 0.90 ERA (50.0 IP, 5 ER)...did not win again until 7/18 at Minnesota, going 0-3 with a 4.07 ERA and 3 ND in six starts from 6/11-7/10...was named the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Month for May (5-1, 1.76) and August (5-1, 1.90)...was selected to his fifth All-Star Team, tossing one scoreless inning...was 18-8 before losing his last three starts of the season at Fenway...finished third in the American- League Cy Young Award voting (behind Dennis Eckersley and Jack McDowell)...was the recipient of the Thomas A. Yawkey Award (team MVP), given by the Boston Writers Association, for the third consecutive year and fourth time overall...was named the "Man of the Year" by the BoSox Club...was named Pitcher-of-the-Year by the Boston Writers Association...was selected as the right-handed pitcher on The Sporting News' American League All-Star Team. 1991 Was 18-10 with a league-leading 2.62 ERA in 35 starts, winning his third career Cy Young Award...led the American League in ERA, strikeouts (241), innings pitched (271.1) and shutouts (4) and was tied for first with his 35 starts...was also among the league leaders in complete games (13, 2nd), wins (18, T3rd) and opponents' batting average (.221, 4th)...recorded seven 10-plus strikeout games...began the season on a tear, winning all of his first six starts and posting a 0.73 ERA (49.0 IP, 4 ER)...had a stretch of 30.2 scoreless innings over five starts from 4/8-5/3, the most by a Red Sox pitcher since Luis Tiant tossed 42.0 scoreless in 1972...was suspended for five games due to his ejection in Game Four of the 1990 ALCS at Oakland, serving from 4/26-5/3...was named the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Month for April, going 4-0 with a 0.28 ERA in four starts...was selected to his fourth All-Star Team, allowing a solo homer to Chicago's Andre Dawson in the fourth inning...was just 12-8 after 26 starts before winning his next six decisions from 8/26-9/26...was named the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Month for September, going 4-0 with a 1.67 ERA in five starts...retired the first 19 batters in a 4-0 win on 9/10 at Detroit before a Lou Whitaker walk and an Alan Trammell single broke it up in the seventh inning (finished with a two-hit shutout)...was 18-8 before losing his last two starts of the season...allowed 12 runs (11 earned) in 14.0 innings in those two starts, raising his ERA from 2.38 to a season-ending 2.62...was selected as the right-handed pitcher on the AP, UPI and The Sporting News American League All-Star teams...was also named the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Year by The Sporting News...was the recipient of the Thomas A. Yawkey Award (team MVP), given by the Boston Writers Association. 1990 Had one of his finest seasons, going 21-6 with a league-leading 1.93 ERA in 31 starts...finished second in the American-League Cy Young Award voting behind Bob Welch...became the first pitcher to lead the American League with an ERA under 2.00 since the Yankees' Ron Guidry sported a 1.74 ERA in 1978...also tied for the American-League lead in shutouts (4)...allowed three earned runs or less in 29 of his 31 starts...was second in the American League in winning percentage (.778) and was third in wins and opponents' batting average (.228)...also ranked among the league leaders in complete games (7, T3rd) and strikeouts (209, 4th)...had three 10-plus strikeout games...was selected to his third All-Star Team, but did not play...won eight straight starts from 7/25-8/30, posting a 0.80 ERA (67.1 IP, 6 ER)...was named the American League's Pitcher-of-the- Month for August, going 6-0 with a 0.73 ERA six starts...three of his six losses on the season were to Oakland's Dave Stewart...became the Red Sox all-time strikeout leader, surpassing Cy Young (1,341)...also became the fourth Red Sox hurler to record 20 or more wins in a single season three times, joining Cy Young (6), Bill Dinneen (3) and Luis Tiant (3)...made two starts in the ALCS vs. Oakland, going 0-1 with a 3.52 ERA...started Game One and left with a 1-0 lead after six innings...Oakland scored nine runs off the bullpen for a 9-1 victory...was ejected from Game Four in the second inning by home-plate umpire Terry Cooney for arguing balls and strikes...left trailing 1-0 and the A's went on to a 3-1 victory...was the recipient of the Thomas A. Yawkey Award (team MVP), given by the Boston Writers Association. 1989 Was 17-11 with a 3.13 ERA in 35 starts...was second in the American League in strikeouts (230)...also ranked among the league leaders in complete games (8, T4th), starts (35, T4th), opponents' batting average (.231, 5th) and wins (17, 6th)...had five 10-plus strikeout games...began the season 5-1 with a 2.18 ERA in his first eight starts...followed with a three-start losing streak, bringing his record to 5-4 on 5/26...recorded his 1,000th career strikeout on 4/ 13 vs. Cleveland (Brook Jacoby)...missed an 8/2 start vs. Baltimore and left an 8/6 start vs. Cleveland in the first inning with tightness in his right forearm and elbow...recorded a season-high 13 strikeouts in a 5-2 win on 8/31 vs. California...was the recipient of the 1988 American Legion Graduate of the Year Award, becoming the fourth Red Sox player to be honored (also Ted Williams, 1960; Carl Yastrzemski, 1967 and Carlton Fisk, 1975). 1988 Was 18-12 with a 2.93 ERA in 35 starts...led the Majors with 291 strikeouts, the most by ever by a Red Sox pitcher...led the American League in shutouts (8), the most by a Red Sox hurler since Babe Ruth had nine in 1916...also ranked among the league leaders in complete games (14, T1st), innings pitched (264.0, 3rd), ERA (2.93, 5th) and opponents' batting average (.220, 5th)...had 12 10-plus strikeout games, including six performances of 13 or more strikeouts...began the season by going 4-0 with a 1.75 ERA in six April starts...struck out 10 or more in six of his first nine starts...had his first 16- strikeout performance of the season in a 2-0 win on 5/9 at Kansas City...tossed five consecutive complete games from 5/9-30...finished May with an 8-2 record and 1.82 ERA after 12 starts...went just 3-3 with a 4.04 ERA in six June starts before having his best month of the season in July...struck out 15 batters in a no decision on 7/9 at Chicago (Red Sox won 8-2)...followed with his second 16-strikeout performance of the season in a 3-1 win on 7/15 vs. Kansas City (Joe Morgan's debut as manager)...was named the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Month for July, going 4-0 with a 1.64 ERA in six starts...was selected to his second All-Star Team, tossing one scoreless inning (2K)...was 15-5 with a 2.24 ERA in 24 starts through July...had his worst month of the season in August, losing all five of his starts and posting a 7.33 ERA (27.0 IP, 22 ER)...tossed his first--and only--career one-hitter in a 6-0 victory on 9/10 vs. Cleveland (1 BB, 5 K)...Dave Clark was the only batter to reach base, walking in the fifth inning and singling with one out in the eighth...started Game Two of the ALCS vs. Oakland, failing to hold a 2-0 lead into the seventh...the A's won 4-3 and Clemens received a no-decision (7.0 IP, 6H, 3R, 3ER, 0BB, 8K)...was selected as the right-handed pitcher on the UPI and The Sporting News American League All-Star teams. 1987 Won his second straight Cy Young Award, going 20-9 with a 2.97 ERA in 36 starts...missed most of spring training after leaving camp on 3/6 with a contract dispute (returned on 4/4) off to a slow start, going 4-6 with a 3.51 ERA in his first 13 starts through 6/ 12...followed with a 16-3 record in his last 23 starts, posting a 2.68 ERA...led the American League with seven shutouts and a career- high 18 complete games...was also among the American-League leaders in wins (20, T1st), strikeouts (256, 2nd), innings pitched (281.2, 2nd), ERA (2.97, 3rd) and winning percentage (.690, 4th)...had nine 10-plus strikeout games...recorded two complete-game wins without a strikeout (7/1 vs. Baltimore and 7/21 vs. California)...had a season-high 14 strikeouts in an 11-1 win on 7/26 vs. Seattle...tossed four straight complete games to finish the season, including consecutive shutouts in his final two starts...posted 10 or more strikeouts in five of his last seven starts, including three straight to close the season. 1986 Enjoyed his finest season in the Majors, going 24-4 with a 2.48 ERA in 33 starts with the American-League Champion Boston Red Sox...was unanimously selected as the American-League Cy Young Award winner...was also voted the American-League MVP...recorded the most wins by a Red Sox pitcher since Mel Parnell went 25-7 in 1949...led the American League in wins, ERA, winning percentage (.857) and opponents' batting average (.195)...was also among the league leaders in strikeouts (238, 2nd) and innings pitched (254.0, 5th)...recorded eight 10-plus strikeout games...tossed three two- hitters (5/25 at Texas, 7/25 at California and 8/20 at Minnesota)...began the season 14-0 after 15 starts, the fifth-best start in Major-League history (matched by John Smoltz in 1996)...was the American League's Pitcher-of-the-Month for April, going 4-0 with a 1.62 ERA in four starts...had four straight 10-plus strikeout performances from 4/22-5/9, including a Major-League record of 20 in a 3-1 win on 4/29 vs. Seattle (allowed just three hits and walked none in the effort)...tied the American-League record with eight straight strikeouts in that game...took a no-hitter into the eighth inning in a 7-1 win on 5/25 at Texas before Oddibe McDowell broke it up with a two-out single...was the American League's Pitcher-of-the- Month for June, going 6-0 with a 1.44 ERA in six starts...tossed his only shutout of the season in a 3-0 victory on 6/6 at Milwaukee...did not lose until a 4-2 setback on 7/2 vs. Toronto (had a 2-1 lead in the eighth)...started and won his first All-Star Game appearance, tossing three perfect innings (2K)...his only loss on the road came in a 7-2 defeat on 7/30 at that game, Clemens was ejected by Greg Kosc in the fifth inning, when a call at first base led to the go-ahead run...notched his 20th win of the season in a 7-3 victory on 8/30 vs. Cleveland...won his last seven decisions after a 3-4 stretch from 7/2-8/4...went 1-1 with a 4.37 ERA in three starts vs. California in the ALCS...lost his first career post-season start to Mike Witt, 8-1, in Game One (7.1 IP, 10H, 8R, 7ER, 3BB, 5K)...picked up a no decision in Game Four despite leading 3-1 when he left in the ninth inning (Angels won 4-3 in 11 innings)...earned his first career post-season victory in Game Seven despite being weakened by the flu (7.0 IP, 4H, 1R, 1ER, 1BB, 3K)...was 0-0 with a 3.18 ERA in two starts vs. New York in the World Series...made his first World Series start in Game Two, receiving a no decision in a 9-3 victory...left Game Six with a 3-2 lead before the Mets rallied for the win (7.0 IP, 4H, 2R, 1ER, 2BB, 8K)...was the recipient of the Thomas A. Yawkey Award (team MVP), given by the Boston Writers Association...was named American-League Player- and Pitcher-of-the-Year by The Sporting News. 1985 Made 15 starts in second Major League season, posting 7-5 record and 3.29 ERA. 1984 Made Major League debut...Won nine games against four losses, accumulating a 4.32 ERA...Struck out 126 against just 29 walks...Threw first Major League shutout...Made only career relief appearance.