Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds #25

  • LF
  • B/T: L/L
  • 6' 2" /240

Barry Bonds MLB Career Stats

9847 .298 762 1996 514 1.051

Barry Bonds Bio

  • Full Name: Barry Lamar Bonds
  • Born: 7/24/1964 in Riverside, CA
  • Draft: 1985, Pittsburgh Pirates, 1st rd. (6th overall)
  • College: Arizona State
  • Debut: 5/30/1986
  • Last Game: 9/26/2007
  • Relationship(s): son of Bobby Bonds
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MLB Career Stats 9847 2227 2935 762 1996 514 .298 .444 1.051


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Uniform number retired

Year Team
2018 San Francisco


Year Team League
1990 Pittsburgh NL
1992 Pittsburgh NL
1993 San Francisco NL
2001 San Francisco NL
2002 San Francisco NL
2003 San Francisco NL
2004 San Francisco NL

NL All-Star

Year Team League
1990 Pittsburgh NL
1992 Pittsburgh NL
1993 San Francisco NL
1994 San Francisco NL
1995 San Francisco NL
1996 San Francisco NL
1997 San Francisco NL
1998 San Francisco NL
2000 San Francisco NL
2001 San Francisco NL
2002 San Francisco NL
2003 San Francisco NL
2004 San Francisco NL
2007 San Francisco NL

NL Silver Slugger

Year Team League
1990 Pittsburgh NL
1991 Pittsburgh NL
1992 Pittsburgh NL
1993 San Francisco NL
1994 San Francisco NL
1996 San Francisco NL
1997 San Francisco NL
2000 San Francisco NL
2001 San Francisco NL
2002 San Francisco NL
2003 San Francisco NL
2004 San Francisco NL

Rawlings NL Gold Glove

Year Team League
1990 Pittsburgh NL
1991 Pittsburgh NL
1992 Pittsburgh NL
1993 San Francisco NL
1994 San Francisco NL
1996 San Francisco NL
1997 San Francisco NL
1998 San Francisco NL

Home Run Derby Winner

Year Team League
1996 San Francisco NL

Home Run Derby Participant

Year Team League
1992 Pittsburgh NL
1993 San Francisco NL
1996 San Francisco NL
2001 San Francisco NL
2002 San Francisco NL
2004 San Francisco NL

NL Hank Aaron Award

Year Team League
2001 San Francisco NL
2002 San Francisco NL
2004 San Francisco NL

NL Player of the Month

Month Team League
07/1990 Pittsburgh NL
07/1991 Pittsburgh NL
04/1992 Pittsburgh NL
09/1992 Pittsburgh NL
04/1993 San Francisco NL
04/1996 San Francisco NL
07/1997 San Francisco NL
05/2001 San Francisco NL
09/2001 San Francisco NL
08/2002 San Francisco NL
07/2003 San Francisco NL
04/2004 San Francisco NL
08/2004 San Francisco NL

NL Player of the Week

Week Team League
04/29/1990 Pittsburgh NL
07/14/1991 Pittsburgh NL
09/06/1992 Pittsburgh NL
04/18/1993 San Francisco NL
09/26/1993 San Francisco NL
09/06/1998 San Francisco NL
05/28/2000 San Francisco NL
05/20/2001 San Francisco NL
10/07/2001 San Francisco NL
04/07/2002 San Francisco NL
05/19/2002 San Francisco NL
04/18/2004 San Francisco NL
08/22/2004 San Francisco NL

Baseball America Major League Player of the Year

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2001 San Francisco NL
2003 San Francisco NL
2004 San Francisco NL

MLB Players Choice Player of the Year

Year Team League
2001 San Francisco NL
2004 San Francisco NL

MLB Players Choice NL Outstanding Player

Year Team League
1992 Pittsburgh NL
1993 Pittsburgh NL
2001 San Francisco NL
2002 San Francisco NL
2004 San Francisco NL

Barry Bonds Leaderboards

Batting Average

Season AVG Rank
1988 .283 15th in NL
1990 .301 14th in NL
1991 .292 15th in NL
1992 .311 7th in NL
1993 .336 4th in NL
1994 .312 17th in NL
1995 .294 23rd in NL
1996 .308 15th in NL
1997 .291 25th in NL
1998 .303 25th in NL
2000 .306 21st in NL
2001 .328 7th in NL
2002 .370 1st in NL
2003 .341 3rd in NL
2004 .362 1st in NL

Home Runs

Season HR Rank
1986 16 24th in NL
1987 25 19th in NL
1988 24 9th in NL
1989 19 18th in NL
1990 33 4th in NL
1991 25 12th in NL
1992 34 2nd in NL
1993 46 1st in NL
1994 37 3rd in NL
1995 33 4th in NL
1996 42 2nd in NL
1997 40 4th in NL
1998 37 9th in NL
1999 34 13th in NL
2000 49 2nd in NL
2001 73 1st in NL
2002 46 2nd in NL
2003 45 2nd in NL
2004 45 4th in NL
2006 26 23rd in NL
2007 28 23rd in NL

Runs Batted In

Season RBI Rank
1990 114 4th in NL
1991 116 2nd in NL
1992 103 4th in NL
1993 123 1st in NL
1994 81 9th in NL
1995 104 6th in NL
1996 129 4th in NL
1997 101 15th in NL
1998 122 7th in NL
2000 106 18th in NL
2001 137 4th in NL
2002 110 6th in NL
2003 90 24th in NL
2004 101 17th in NL

Stolen Bases

Season SB Rank
1986 36 10th in NL
1987 32 16th in NL
1989 32 9th in NL
1990 52 3rd in NL
1991 43 5th in NL
1992 39 9th in NL
1993 29 15th in NL
1994 29 6th in NL
1995 31 11th in NL
1996 40 4th in NL
1997 37 6th in NL
1998 28 5th in NL

On-base Plus Slugging

Season OPS Rank
1987 .821 20th in NL
1988 .859 6th in NL
1989 .777 16th in NL
1990 .970 1st in NL
1991 .924 1st in NL
1992 1.080 1st in NL
1993 1.136 1st in NL
1994 1.073 3rd in NL
1995 1.009 1st in NL
1996 1.076 2nd in NL
1997 1.031 3rd in NL
1998 1.047 3rd in NL
2000 1.127 2nd in NL
2001 1.379 1st in NL
2002 1.381 1st in NL
2003 1.278 1st in NL
2004 1.422 1st in NL

On-base Percentage

Season OBP Rank
1988 .368 7th in NL
1989 .351 17th in NL
1990 .406 4th in NL
1991 .410 1st in NL
1992 .456 1st in NL
1993 .458 1st in NL
1994 .426 5th in NL
1995 .431 1st in NL
1996 .461 2nd in NL
1997 .446 2nd in NL
1998 .438 4th in NL
2000 .440 2nd in NL
2001 .515 1st in NL
2002 .582 1st in NL
2003 .529 1st in NL
2004 .609 1st in NL
2006 .454 1st in NL
2007 .480 1st in NL

Slugging Percentage

Season SLG Rank
1987 .492 16th in NL
1988 .491 7th in NL
1989 .426 16th in NL
1990 .565 1st in NL
1991 .514 4th in NL
1992 .624 1st in NL
1993 .677 1st in NL
1994 .647 3rd in NL
1995 .577 5th in NL
1996 .615 4th in NL
1997 .585 6th in NL
1998 .609 4th in NL
2000 .688 2nd in NL
2001 .863 1st in NL
2002 .799 1st in NL
2003 .749 1st in NL
2004 .812 1st in NL

Runs Scored

Season R Rank
1986 72 23rd in NL
1987 99 10th in NL
1988 97 7th in NL
1989 96 6th in NL
1990 104 6th in NL
1991 95 8th in NL
1992 109 1st in NL
1993 129 2nd in NL
1994 89 3rd in NL
1995 109 2nd in NL
1996 122 3rd in NL
1997 123 3rd in NL
1998 120 6th in NL
2000 129 3rd in NL
2001 129 3rd in NL
2002 117 3rd in NL
2003 111 5th in NL
2004 129 2nd in NL


Season BB Rank
1986 65 18th in NL
1988 72 12th in NL
1989 93 3rd in NL
1990 93 2nd in NL
1991 107 2nd in NL
1992 127 1st in NL
1993 126 2nd in NL
1994 74 1st in NL
1995 120 1st in NL
1996 151 1st in NL
1997 145 1st in NL
1998 130 2nd in NL
1999 73 25th in NL
2000 117 1st in NL
2001 177 1st in NL
2002 198 1st in NL
2003 148 1st in NL
2004 232 1st in NL
2006 115 1st in NL
2007 132 1st in NL


Season H Rank
1988 152 24th in NL
1990 156 18th in NL
1993 181 7th in NL
1994 122 20th in NL
1995 149 18th in NL
1998 167 23rd in NL


Season 2B Rank
1987 34 13th in NL
1988 30 13th in NL
1989 34 7th in NL
1990 32 10th in NL
1991 28 19th in NL
1992 36 9th in NL
1993 38 8th in NL
1995 30 17th in NL
1998 44 7th in NL


Season 3B Rank
1987 9 6th in NL
1988 5 23rd in NL
1989 6 13th in NL
1991 5 19th in NL
1992 5 21st in NL
1995 7 6th in NL
1997 5 19th in NL
1998 7 8th in NL

Games Played

Season G Rank
1987 150 25th in NL
1989 159 8th in NL
1990 151 23rd in NL
1991 153 13th in NL
1993 159 5th in NL
1994 112 9th in NL
1995 144 1st in NL
1996 158 11th in NL
1997 159 6th in NL
1998 156 22nd in NL

At Bats

Season AB Rank
1987 551 24th in NL
1989 580 13th in NL
1995 506 25th in NL

Plate Appearances

Season PA Rank
1989 679 5th in NL
1990 621 22nd in NL
1991 634 20th in NL
1992 612 18th in NL
1993 674 12th in NL
1994 474 18th in NL
1995 635 3rd in NL
1996 675 17th in NL
1997 690 7th in NL
1998 697 10th in NL
2001 664 24th in NL

Total Bases

Season TB Rank
1987 271 15th in NL
1988 264 9th in NL
1989 247 13th in NL
1990 293 6th in NL
1991 262 10th in NL
1992 295 5th in NL
1993 365 1st in NL
1994 253 5th in NL
1995 292 5th in NL
1996 318 12th in NL
1997 311 8th in NL
1998 336 8th in NL
2000 330 10th in NL
2001 411 3rd in NL
2002 322 7th in NL
2003 292 15th in NL
2004 303 16th in NL


Season SO Rank
1986 102 10th in NL
1989 93 20th in NL

Caught Stealing

Season CS Rank
1987 10 14th in NL
1988 11 11th in NL
1989 10 12th in NL
1990 13 8th in NL
1991 13 11th in NL
1992 8 20th in NL
1993 12 11th in NL
1994 9 8th in NL
1995 10 10th in NL
1998 12 5th in NL

Hit by Pitch

Season HBP Rank
1991 4 22nd in NL
1992 5 15th in NL
1994 6 14th in NL
1997 8 17th in NL
1998 8 17th in NL
2001 9 22nd in NL
2002 9 18th in NL
2003 10 14th in NL
2004 9 19th in NL
2006 10 20th in NL

Barry Lamar Bonds Bio Info

7-time MVP is 2nd in Major League history with National League-record 734 career home runs, most ever for left-handed 1 of 3 members of baseball's hallowed 700 Home Run club, trails only Hank Aaron (755) in game's pantheon of power...has established San Francisco-era records with .314 avg. and 558 clouts in Giants uniform, while he ranks 2nd in club's West Coast annals with 1,374 RBI...owns baseball's single-season records for home runs (73 in 2001), walks (232 in '04), intentional walks (120 in '04), on-base pct. (.609 in '04), slugging pct. (.863 in '01), HR ratio (6.52 in '01) and HR pct. (12.06 in '04)...has Major League career records with 13-consecutive 30-HR seasons, 13 campaigns with 100-or-more walks (tied with Ruth), 2,426 lifetime bases on balls and 645 intentional walks...has also matched his late father, Bobby, for ML record with 5 different 30 HR/30 SB 1 of 4 players (joining Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez and Alfonso Soriano), to reach 40-40 plateau with his 1996 output...has posted NL-record 12 seasons with at least 100 RBI, and has matched Aaron with 8 different 40-HR campaigns...2006 marked his 18th season with at least 20 clouts, passing Willie Mays and Frank Robinson for 2nd-most all-time...only Aaron (20) reached 20-HR plateau more 1 of 7 players in Major League history to reach base 5,000 times, reaching safely 5,370 times via hit, walk and hit-by-pitch...joins Pete Rose (5,929 times), Ty Cobb (5,532), Rickey Henderson (5,343), Carl Yastrzemski (5,304), Stan Musial (5,282) and Aaron (5,205)...13-time All-Star and lone member of baseball's 500 homer/500 steal club, ranks 2nd all-time for extra-base hits (1,398), 5th for RBI (1,930), 6th for slugging pct. (.608), 6th for total bases (5,784), 6th for runs (2,152), 14th for doubles (587) and 33rd for steals (509)...has also homered off ML-record 433 different pitchers, while ranking 2nd with 69 multi-clout contests... is oldest player to ever to win MVP award (40 years old in 2004), capture batting title (40 in 2004) and hit 20 HRs in season (42 in 2006)... dominates Giants franchise and San Francisco-era record books...ranks 9th in franchise history with .314 avg. (1st in SF annals), 4th with 1,850 games (3rd SF), 8th with 5,923 at-bats (3rd SF), 3rd with 1,480 runs (T1st- SF), 6th with 1,857 hits (3rd SF), 4th with 367 2Bs (2nd with SF), 2nd with 558 HRs (1st SF), 4th with 1,374 RBI (2nd SF), 1st with 1,815 walks, 10th with 258 stolen bases (2nd SF) and 3rd with 3,980 total bases (2nd SF).

Graduated from Serra (San Mateo, CA) High School in 1982...starred in baseball, basketball and football at Serra, school that has also produced Lynn Swann, Jim Fregosi, Gregg Jefferies and Tom Brady...hit .404 over 3 varsity seasons, including .467 average as prep All- America his senior year...played 3 years for Arizona State University, hitting .347 with 45 home runs and 175 RBI...named All-Pac 10 all 3 years, and chosen to The Sporting News All-America Team as junior in 1985...tied NCAA record with 7 consecutive hits in College World Series as sophomore...was named to All-Time College World Series Team in 1996...born in Riverside, CA, where his father and former Giants manager Dusty Baker were also born and raised...his aunt, Rosie Bonds, once held U.S. women's record in 80-meter hurdles and was on '64 U.S. Olympic Team...Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Tony Dorsett were his childhood heroes...hobbies include weightlifting, martial arts and dancing...10-handicap golfer...married (Liz Watson, Jan. 10, 1998)...has son (Nikolai) and 2 daughters (Shikari and Aisha Lynn).

Has won unprecedented 7 National League Most Valuable Player Awards (1990, '92, '93, 2001, '02, '03 and '04), with no player winning more than 1 of only 2 athletes in 4 major professional sports (baseball, basketball, football and hockey) to win 7 MVP Awards, joining NHL's Wayne Gretzky (9)...only NBA's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and hockey's Gordie Howe have won as many as 6 in their respective 1st player in Major League history to win 4 consecutive MVPs (2001-2004) and no player has won more than 2 in a also 1st baseball player to win 2-straight years at 2 different times in his career (1992-93 and 2001-04)...was already 5th National Leaguer and 11th player overall to win MVP awards in successive seasons (previous player: Frank Thomas in 1993-94)...was unanimous choice in 2002, as he was listed 1st on all 32 ballots submitted to score perfect 448 1st Giants player to win award 5 times, as Carl Hubbell (1933 and '36) and Willie Mays (1954 and '65) were only players in franchise history to garner MVP twice...with 2004 award, became oldest MVP at age 40 years, 4 months, surpassing Willie Stargell who was 39 years, 7 months when winning in 1979...seized his place in ML record book in 1993 by becoming 1st player ever to win league Most Valuable Player Award (BBWAA) for 3rd time in 4 seasons when he garnered 24 1st-place votes and 372 points en route to NL trophy...joined Jimmie Foxx ('32, '33 and '38), Joe DiMaggio ('39, '41 and '47), Stan Musial ('43, '46 and '48), Roy Campanella ('51, '53 and '55), Yogi Berra ('51, '54 and '55), Mickey Mantle ('56, '57 and '62) and Mike Schmidt ('80, '81 and '86) as 1 of only 8 players in baseball history to win MVP award 3 times...previously named MVP with Pittsburgh in 1990 and 1992, barely losing out to Terry Pendleton in '91 (274-259)...if 2 voters had reversed their votes for 1st and 2nd that year, Bonds would have won 4 awards in a row.

Has made 7 post season appearances, including 4 with Giants (1997, 2000, '02 and '03)...also reached October baseball with Pittsburgh from 1990-92...led SF to NL pennant and his 1st World Series appearance in 2002 with awe-inspiring playoff performance, hitting .356 (16-for-45) with 18 runs, 2 2Bs, 3B, 8 HRs, 16 RBI, 27 walks, .978 slugging pct. and .581 on-base mark...shares all-time record for home runs in single post season with 8 roundtrippers (3 in LDS, 1 in LCS and 4 in WS) with Carlos Beltran (2004)...shattered single post season walk mark with 27 in 2002, eclipsing Gary Sheffield's 1997 total of 20...with 4 HRs against Anaheim, became 9th player to have at least 4 clouts in single Fall Classic... only Reggie Jackson had more, clubbing 5 HRs in 1977...homered in each of 1st 3 WS games to become just 2nd player in ML history to accomplish feat (NYY's Hank Bauer in 1958)...became just 26th player to homer in 1st World Series at-bat when he drilled 2nd inning shot off Jarrod Washburn in Game 1 vs. Angels...13 walks in Fall Classic also established new record, as Babe Ruth (1926) and Gene Tenace (1973) shared previous mark with 11 free passes each...was catalyst in deciding Game 5 of NLDS at Atlanta, finishing 2-for-3 with 2 runs, solo HR (off Kevin Millwood) and walk in SF's 3-1 28 playoff games with Giants, has hit at .289 clip (24-for-83) with 23 runs, 6 2Bs, 2 3Bs, 8 HRs and 38 walks (20 intentional) 11-for-30 (.367) with 4 2Bs, 3 HRs and 11 RBI in 12 post season contests at AT&T Park...owns ML record for most walks in single series for all 3 rounds, drawing 8 free passes in 2003 NLDS vs. Florida, 10 in 2002 NLCS vs. St. Louis (tied with Frank Thomas' 1993 mark) and 13 in 2002 World Series vs. Anaheim...also set big league marks with 6 intentional walks in '03 LDS and 7 in '02 Fall Classic.

Baseball Bloodline:
Late Giants' great and hitting coach Bobby Bonds was his father...he and his father hold all-time father-son record for HRs with 1,066 (Bobby 332/Barry 734), RBI with 2,954 (Bobby 1,024/Barry 1,930) and stolen bases with 970 (Bobby 461/Barry 509)... Bobby played 14 years in majors, including 7 with Giants (1968-74)...Barry and Bobby are 2 of only 9 players in ML history to enjoy multiple 30-HR, 30-steal seasons...senior and junior Bonds are only players ever to hit 30 HRs and steal 30 bases 5 times during a career...2 have also accounted for 11 Gold Glove awards (Barry 8, Bobby 3) age of 4, Barry was regular visitor to Candlestick Park, as his mother, Pat, would drive him and his brother, Rickey, to stadium on game days and they would play catch with Barry's godfather, future Hall-of- Famer Willie Mays...Bonds' children would also shag flies and run around clubhouse...his father attended Barry's games at San Carlos (CA) Little League and later at Serra High, but he seldom sat in stands for fear of stealing crowd's attention, instead parking his car behind some trees.

A Giant in the Community:
In association with The United Way of the Bay Area, has formed Bonds Family Foundation with the goal to encourage, promote and fund programs designed to improve educational achievements, standard of living and quality of life conditions for African-American youth within Bay Area community, with an emphasis on programs that use interactive technology-based solutions...continued his quest to help children as Family Foundation began "Link 'n Learn" program to connect parents, children, schools and neighborhoods with tutoring services and interactive educational technology...Link 'n Learn program benefits over 1,500 children from grades 1-4 in selected low-income communities in San Francisco Bay Area by using interactive educational technology and high quality tutoring programs to enhance school-parent involvement and increase the learning experience of an at-risk conjunction with Junior Giants program, helped build "Barry Bonds Junior Giants Field" located across McCovey Cove from AT&T Park...Junior Giants dedicated "Bobby Bonds Memorial Field" in Daly City during summer of 2004 to honor his father...attended Juan Marichal Golf Tournament in Dominican Republic in 2006 and 2007, playing integral part in raising money for Heartcare International, organization which funds medical procedures for children with life threatening heart diseases...funds were raised to provide surgeries to children in conjunction with USO, visited injured and recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC in 2006...was honored by Professional Scouts Foundation in 2005, when he received "Willie Mays Award" for oustanding achievement in baseball history...hosts 25 guests to each home game at AT&T Park as part of his "Bonds Squad" program, with seats in left field bleachers that are donated to charities throughout Bay Area...visits with critically ill children through auspices of Make-A-Wish Foundation...met with group of 50 children from Major League Baseball's "Buses for Baseball" program in dugout at AT&T Park each of last 2 seasons...also lent his support to Tsunami victims by donating "experience" package for Giants online auction to benefit victims...participated and taped PSA for "Hearts in San Francisco" program, which benefited San Francisco General Hospital in 2005...visited patients at 2 hospitals in Puerto Rico, when Giants played Expos there in 2004...was honored at 2004 Celebrity Fight Night, benefiting Mohammed Ali Parkinson Research Center with Muhammad Ali Sports Legend Award...has been honored by Cedars-Sinai Hospital Sports Spectacular and helped raise money for Medical Genetics Birth-Defects Center at hospital... taped public service announcement for RADD (Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving) for their 2002 campaign...participated in Kyle Petty Charity Ride, which raises money for outdoor camps for children with life-threatening or chronic illnesses...donated $100,000 to United Way for families of victims from Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, giving $10,000 per HR following tragedy...along with Cal Ripken, Jr. and Alex Rodriguez, served as national spokesperson for Baseball Tomorrow Fund...appeared in public service announcements designed to promote and enhance growth of youth baseball...under auspices of Bonds Family Foundation, he spearheaded bone marrow campaign, 6-year drive to register African Americans and raise funds for families whose loved ones have leukemia or related blood board member of San Francisco United Way, has done public service announcement about campaign, featuring his special friend, late Anthony "Lee" Franklin, a near straight-A student and star shortstop/pitcher on Oakland's 1996 Babe Ruth League national championship team, who was diagnosed with 1999 established scholarship fund at alma mater Serra (San Mateo, CA) High School for an African American student based on academic and athletic achievement as well as community service...participated in 1998 Christmas in April which renovated home for autistic children, providing security system and digitial satellite system...beginning in 1997, Family Foundation started "Bridge to the Future" campaign which equipped 350 after-school centers and 7,000 family homes with Sony CD ROM Play Stations featuring Lightspan Learning Software...has appeared on billboard for California Police Activities League's "Stop Youth Violence" campaign...was honored at special tribute dinner in November 1996 by the Adopt-A-Special Kid organization after having donated $100,000 to AASK since 1993...San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown also proclaimed that day as "Barry Bonds Day" in San Francisco...has pledged $10,000 each year to AASK and $100 for each home run, stolen base and RBI each season... was honored in 1995 by Cardiac Arrhythmias Research and Education Foundation for his work with young athletes and his interest in combating sudden cardiac deaths...also in 1994, helped raise another $12,500 for AASK by co-hosting celebrity baseball game ("Field of Dreams") with singer Michael 1993, also co-hosted Thanksgiving special on Prime Network to help raise funds for fire victims of Southern California...autographed baseballs and bats which were donated to United Way to further help fire victims.
2006 After missing nearly all of 2005 campaign following trio of knee surgeries, returned to hit .270 with 26 HRs and 77 RBI in 130 games (120 starts)...ended season on torrid pace, hitting at .368 clip (35-for-95) with 23 runs, 7 2Bs, 10 HRs and 26 RBI over his last 30 games...posted .758 slugging pct. and .487 on-base mark over span (drawing 20 walks, with 2 HBPs) stretch run raised season avg. 35 points (from .235)...was clutch throughout season, leading majors with robust .423 avg. (33-for-78) with RISP...ranked 3rd in big leagues with 115 walks, while pacing majors with 38 intentional bases on balls... would have led majors with .454 on-base pct. if he had accumulated enough plate appearances to qualify (fell 6 short)...reached base safely in 115 of his 130 contests, while scoring or driving in run in 74 efforts...SF was even .500 (60-60) when he was in starting lineup... surpassed Babe Ruth for 2nd on all-time list, and established ML record for most HRs by left-handed hitter, May 28 at AT&T Park with 2-run clout off Colorado right-hander Byung- Hyun Kim...historic homer came on 3-2 pitch at 2:14 p.m. PDT, and travelled estimated 445 feet to center-field bleachers...prior to May 28, Ruth had held either 1st or 2nd place on alltime homer chart (alone or tied) for 84 years, 348 days (courtesy: Bill Arnold/Sports Features Group)...had tied Ruth May 20 at Oakland's McAfee Coliseum, hammering solo clout off Athletics' left-hander Brad Halsey to lead off 2nd inning...moved past Hank Aaron and established National League record with his 734th career HR Sept. 23 at Milwuakee, belting solo clout off Brewers' Chris Capuano...collected 69th career multi-HR game Aug. 29 at Atlanta, connecting twice off Braves' Tim Hudson...drove in 6 runs Sept. 22 at Milwaukee, 6th career game with at least 6 RBI. 2005 Future Hall-of-Famer made impact felt in minimal time, returning to lineup Sept. 12 and fueling SF's late surge that kept club in playoff contention until final week...Giants were 9-4 when he was in starting lineup, and 10-6 in 16 contests overall following his activation to time of being eliminated...belted 5 home runs in just 42 at-bats, for HR ratio (1 per 8.4 at-bats) that bettered his career mark (1 for every 12.91 ABs)...missed 1st 142 games of season on Disabled List, while recovering from trio of arthroscopic surgeries on right knee (Jan. 31, March 17 and May 2)...was on 15-day DL to open campaign, and was transferred to 60-day DL May 20...was starting left fielder, batting cleanup, for Giants' Sept. 12 contest vs. San 1st at-bat since Oct. 3, 2004, engaged Padres' Adam Eaton in 11-pitch duel before doubling to wall in deep left-center field (ruled ground-rule double due to fan interference)...belted 1st HR of season Sept. 16 vs. LA, clubbing solo shot off Brad Penny...visited McCovey Cove for 1st time and added HR victim number 415 Sept. 18, hammering 3-2 offering from Dodgers' Hong-Chih 1st regular season appearance in nation's capitol, blasted mammoth, upper deck clout at RFK Stadium Sept. 20 (off WSH's Livan Hernandez)...marked 35th ballpark in which he's homered...added 4th roundtripper in 4 games in which he played (2 off his career best 6-game HR streak) Sept. 21, taking WSH's John Patterson deep...marked 416th pitcher to yield clout...delivered 3rd inning sacrifice fly Sept. 18 vs. Dodgers for career RBI 1,845, moving him past Carl Yastrzemski and into sole possession of 9th place on all-time list. 2004 Sculpted yet another phenomenal season, winning unprecedented 7th National League MVP Award...won 2nd NL batting title with .362 avg., outdistancing COL's Todd Helton (.347)...dueled with SEA's Ichiro Suzuki for Major League crown beginning in mid-June, with Ichiro winning out with .372 mark en route to single-season hit record...set 3 ML single-season records, shattering his old marks by large margins...became 1st player ever to record on-base pct. of at least .600 with .609 mark, besting his .582 pct. in 2002...drew 232 walks and 120 intentional free passes, obliterating his former standards of 198 bases on balls (68 intentional), both in 2002...reached base safely 276 times (135 hits, 232 walks, 9 HBPs), just 3 shy of ML mark set by Ruth in 1923 (279 times on base - 205 hits, 170 walks, 4 HBP)...led majors in walks, intentional walks, slugging pct. (.812), on-base pct. and batting with RISP (.394), while ranking 2nd with 129 runs (4 behind STL's Albert Pujols, 133) and 4th with 45 homers (3 shy of LA's Adrian Beltre, 48)...tied Hank Aaron's NL record for most career 40-homer seasons with 8...established ML standard with his 13th consecutive 30-homer campaign (since 1992), besting 12-year run of Jimmie Foxx (1929-40)...became only 5th player in Major League history with at least 40 home runs to strike out less than he's homered, whiffing only 41 marked only 10th time feat has been accomplished...Mel Ott (1929), Lou Gehrig (1934, '36), Joe DiMaggio (1937), Johnny Mize (1947, '48) and Ted Kluszewski (1953, '54 and '55) are other sluggers who've homered more than they've struck out in season with at least 40 clouts...ranked 17th in NL with 101 RBI, as he established NL record with his 12th career 100-RBI campaign...became just 3rd player in history to post 100 RBI in season in which he had less than 100 at-bats (373), joining Rudy York (1937 Tigers) and Frank Thomas (1994 White Sox)...became 3rd member of exclusive 700 Home Run Club, joining Aaron (755) and Ruth (714)...joined hallowed trinity with his 700th career clout Sept. 17, solo homer off San Diego's Jake Peavy at SBC Park...finished season with 703 lifetime roundtrippers...matched his godfather, Willie Mays, for 3rd place on chart with 660th roundtripper in SF home opener April 12 vs. Milwaukee, then passed Hall-of-Famer with solo clout next night...belted 500th homer as Giant June 13 in Baltimore (2-run clout off Sidney Ponson), making Giants franchise 1st in baseball history to have 3 players hammer 500 roundtrippers with club...broke Rickey Henderson's all-time walk record with his 2,191st career free pass July 4 vs. Oakland (off Chad Bradford)...received at least 1 free pass (either intentional or not) in 121 of his 147 contests, including 76 multiple-walk games and 6 contests with at least 4 bases on balls...was issued at least 1 intentional walk in 80 contests, while his 120 intentional free passes were nearly twice as many as any other ML team (St. Louis ranked 2nd with 64)...drew 5 walks (3 intentional) Sept. 25 vs. LA, matching ML record for 9-inning game and marking 3rd time in career he was issued 5 walks in contest...established all-time record for 9-inning game with 4 intentional walks May 1 vs. Florida, then equalled mark Sept. 22 vs. Houston...was also issued 4 intentional free passes in extra-inning affairs April 23 at LA and June 12 at Baltimore (2nd game)...ML record for intentional walks in extra-inning game is 5, established by Andre Dawson, May 23, 1990...captured pair of NL Player of Month awards, winning honors in both April and August...batted .472 (25-for-53) in season's opening month, highest April avg. in history...established NL record with 8 homers in 7-game span in which he homered in each contest (April 12-20), surpassing Dale Long's 1956 mark of 7 HRs...7-consecutive contests with homer established career best, and was 1 shy of ML record 8...August award was 13th of his career...with glove, tied for 6th in NL with 11 outfield assists, his highest total since throwing out 12 runners in 1995. 2003 Perservered through most difficult season on personal level to win unprecedented 6th MVP award, while pacing majors with .529 on-base pct., .749 slugging pct., 148 walks and 61 intentional walks... during season when his father Bobby passed away after lengthy battle with cancer, became 1st player in history to win MVP award 3 consecutive seasons...also shared Negro League Hall of Fame Player of Year honors with St. Louis' Albert Pujols...hammered 45 homers to tie for 2nd in NL, while placing 3rd in senior circuit with .341 batting avg. and tying for 5th with 111 runs...made his 12th All-Star appearance, being elected as starter for 10th time...finished 3rd in NL with 1,919,616 votes, behind only STL's Pujols (2,030,702) and Scott Rolen (1,979,936)...overcame incredible personal turmoil to hit nearly .400 over last 2 1/2 months, hitting safely in 41 of his last 56 games while going 61-for-153 (.399) with 51 runs, 12 2Bs, 20 HRs, 38 RBI and 68 walks...delivered 4-game deciding hits in personal 5-game span just before and shortly after Aug. 23 passing of his father, Bobby...was on Bereavement List Aug. 14-18, then returned to hit 10th-inning, "walk-off" solo homers to defeat Atlanta Aug. 19 and 21...was again away from club following passing of father, returning to belt solo HR off Randy Johnson in 2-1 victory at Arizona Aug. 30...delivered 2-run single off lefty Mike Myers to give SF 2-0 triumph over D-backs Sept. 1...missed 10 games total while on Bereavement List, while missing Aug. 31 game in Phoenix while suffering from exhaustion and irregular heartbeat...reached base safely in 124 of 130 games in which he played overall (95.4%), including 58-game streak June 27-Sept. 20 that matched NL record which he already shared (via skien in 2001-02) with BKN's Duke Snider (1954) result of his 148 walks overall, came around to score 38 times (25.7%)...drew pair of free passes Sept. 15 vs. San Diego to move past Babe Ruth (2,062) and into 2nd place on all-time list, ending season with 2,070...reached 100-run plateau for 4th-straight year and 11th time in career, becoming only 12th player to do so...45-homer output marked franchise-record 7th 40-clout campaign, passing Willie Mays' 6 seasons...passed Willie McCovey (469) and established SF record with his 470th homer in Giants uniform in impressive fasion, hammering walk-off solo clout to defeat Arizona on his July 24 birthday...posted 3rd multi-HR game of year Aug. 12 at New York and 64th such effort of career to claim sole possession of 3rd all-time, trailing only Ruth (72) and Mark McGwire (67)...collected his 1,700th career RBI July 1 at St. Louis with 1st inning double...drew his 2,000th career walk July 4. 2002 Authored 5th MVP campaign, winning 1st batting title (.370) while establishing ML single-season records for on-base pct. (.582), walks (198) and intentional walks (68)...perhaps, more importantly, led Giants to National League pennant and his 1st World Series appearance...had amazing post season, hitting .356 (16-for-45) with 18 runs, 2 2Bs, 3B, 8 HRs, 16 RBI, 27 walks, .978 slugging mark and .581 on-base pct....established all-time record for home runs in single post season with 8 roundtrippers (3 in LDS, 1 in LCS and 4 in WS)...shattered single post season walk mark with 27, eclipsing Gary Sheffield's 1997 total of 20...with 4 HRs against Anaheim, became 9th player to have at least 4 clouts in single Fall Classic...only Reggie Jackson had more, clubbing 5 in 1977...homered in each of 1st 3 World Series games vs. Anaheim to become just 2nd player in ML history to accomplish feat (NYY's Hank Bauer in 1958)...became just 26th player to homer in 1st World Series at-bat when he drilled 2nd inning shot (off Jarrod Washburn) in Game 1 vs. Angels...13 walks in World Series also established new record, as Babe Ruth (1926) and Gene Tenace (1973) shared previous mark with 11 free passes each...was catalyst in deciding Game 5 of NLDS vs. Atlanta, finishing 2-for-3 with 2 runs, solo HR (off Kevin Millwood) and walk in SF's 3-1 triumph...led majors in hitting with .370 mark, outdistancing BOS's Manny Ramirez (.349), KC's Mark Sweeney (.340) and COL's Larry Walker (.338) SF Giant had ever won batting crown (with last Giant being Willie Mays in 1954 with NY club)...previous on-base pct. mark of .551 was established by Ted Williams in 1941...eclipsed own season walk record of 177, which he established in 2001...shattered Willie McCovey's intentional free pass mark of 45, which was set in 1969...also captured 10th Silver Slugger and 2nd Hank Aaron awards...finished 2nd in NL with 46 home runs (3 back of CHI's Sammy Sosa) and marked his 11th consecutive season with 30 HRs to extend his league record...had nearly as many home runs (46) as he did strikeouts (47)...last player to have more HRs (minimum of 10) than Ks in season was KC's George Brett in 1980 (24 HRs, 22 strikeouts)...other offensive departments he ranked among NL leaders were: runs (117 - 3rd), RBI (110 - T6th), slugging pct. (.799 - 1st), extra-base hits (79 - T3rd), RBI-ratio (1 every 3.7 at-bats - 1st) and HR-ratio (1 every 8.8 at-bats - 1st)...was issued at least 1 walk in each of his last 18 games (34 walks total during span which began Sept. 9), which set NL record (former senior circuit mark of 16 straight games with walk was established by STL's Jack Clark in 1987 and ATL's Chipper Jones in 1999)...ML standard is 22 straight contests with walk set by DET's Roy Cullenbine in 1947...was walked career-high 5 times Sept. 12 in SD (1 intentional), falling 1 shy of ML record for most free passes received in extra-inning game (set by CLE's Andre Thornton May 2, 1984 and HOU's Jeff Bagwell Aug. 20, 1999)...suffered strained right hamstring July 19 at LA, chasing drive in gap in 11th inning...slugged 600th career home run Aug. 9 vs. Pirates, solo clout to centerfield off Kip Wells in 6th inning (estimated 421 feet)...with monumental homer, became only 4th player in ML history to reach 600-homer plateau, joining Hall-of-Famers Hank Aaron (756), Babe Ruth (714) and Willie Mays (660)...was named as NL Player of Month for August, marking his 10th player of month award in career...since award was established in 1958, no other player has won more than 6 August, hit .447 (34-for-76) with 24 runs, 6 2Bs, 11 HRs, 25 RBI, 37 walks (11 int.), 1 stolen base, .961 slugging pct. and .621 on-base pct...slugged 43rd clout of year Sept. 9 vs. Dodgers (off Odalis Perez), blast that went estimated 491 feet to straight-away centerfield at Pacific Bell Park...clout was longest recorded at new Giants' home and 2nd longest of his career (earlier in campaign blasted 492-foot clout in Denver)...produced his 4th 3-homer game of career and 24th 4-hit game Aug. 27 in Denver, finishing 4-for-4 with 2B, 3 HRs, 3 RBI, walk and 4 runs...marked 2nd 3-homer game at Coors Field, also accomplishing feat Sept. 9, 2001...was voted NL starter in All-Star Game for 9th time in career, finishing 2nd in senior circuit voting to Sammy Sosa...was his 11th overall Mid-Summer Classic and drilled 2nd All-Star HR (off Toronto's Roy Halladay)...clubbed 589th career homer June 12 in Toronto (in 9th inning off Cliff Politte), marking 28th Major League ballpark he has hit roundtripper in during regular season...his 588th career blast June 8 was his 1st-ever at Yankee Stadium, 3-run shot in 1st off Ted Lilly that landed half-way up 2nd deck in right field...drilled 11th career grand slam June 5 at San Diego, shot off Dennis Tankersley that traveled estimated 482 feet...drilled 400th HR as Giant May 4 off CIN's Jimmy Haynes, which makes him only 4th player in franchise history to accomplish feat...others are Mays (646), Mel Ott (511) and McCovey (469)...became just 7th Giant to start at least 10 season openers with club, joining Mays (19 openers), Ott (18), McCovey (15), Robby Thompson (11), Bill Terry (10) and Juan Marichal (10)...became just 5th player to start at least 10 consecutive openers for Giants, joining Mays (19, 1954-72), Ott (18, 1929-46) and McCovey (11, 1963-73)...started season with bang, becoming just 25th player in ML history to hit 2 home runs on Opening Day (April 2 at LA)...MIN's Jacque Jones was 24th with 2 clouts April 1 at Kansas City...followed it by becoming just 2nd player in ML annals to have multi-homer games in each of his club's 1st 2 contests of season (also hitting 2 April 3 in LA)...Eddie Mathews accomplished feat in 1958 for Milwaukee Braves...was twice named NL Player of the Week, including opening week of season and week of May 13-19...participated in MLB-Japan All-Star Series following season, hitting .367 (11-for-30) with 6 runs, 2 2Bs, 5 HRs and 12 RBI in 8 games. 2001 Single-season home run king had one of greatest all-around campaigns in Major League history...season's work propelled him to unprecedented 4th MVP award...hit 73 home runs to break Mark McGwire's single season record of 70, which was established in 1998...led majors with 122 homers over last 2 years (8 more than Sammy Sosa), marking most by left-handed hitter over consecutive seasons in ML history (former mark was held by Babe Ruth, 114 in 1927-28)...joined Jeff Kent (2000) to become 1st NL teammates to win successive MVP awards since Pittsburgh's Dave Parker and Willie Stargell (co-MVP) in 1978-79...was named recipient of NL Hank Aaron Award, which recognizes best overall hitter in league...was tabbed ML Player of Year by Associated Press, The Sporting News, Baseball America and Baseball Digest as well as also earning 9th Silver Slugger Award...of his 73 roundtrippers, 47 either gave SF lead (24), tied game (7), extended 1-run lead (10) or brought club within 1 run of lead (6)...with 36 HRs on road, broke ML record for road HRs in season of 32, which was shared by Babe Ruth (1927) and Mark McGwire (1998)...set 5 new ML single-season marks in 2001 with 73 home runs, 177 walks, .863 slugging pct., 15.34 home run pct. (HR per 100 at-bats) and 6.52 home run ratio (HR per at-bat)...with 177 walks, eclipsed Babe Ruth's 1923 total of 170...his .863 slugging pct. outdistanced Ruth's .847 mark from 1920...15.34 home run pct. bypassed Mark McGwire's 13.75 figure, established in 1998...with HR every 6.52 at-bats in 2001, Bonds set new mark, besting McGwire's 7.27 rate from 1998...his .515 on-base pct. was 8th best in Major League history, and best in NL during modern era...Ted Williams owns record with .551 in 1941, while John McGraw's .547 mark in 1899 is only higher figure in NL history... posted 107 extra-base hits for 3rd highest total in history, tying Chuck Klein's NL mark set in 1930 for Philadelphia...Babe Ruth owns ML record with 119 in 1921, followed by Lou Gehrig (117, 1927) and addition to record-breaking performances, also paced big leagues with 107 extra-base hits and .515 on-base pct., while ranking 4th in NL for RBI (137)...was 68-for-173 (.393) with 56 runs, 11 2Bs, 3B, 31 HRs and 59 RBI in his last 56 games...with 137 RBI, had most by Giant since Willie Mays drove in 141 in 1962...136 runs driven in as left fielder established franchise record for most RBI by left fielder, breaking Irish Bob Muesel's standard (132) established in 1922...hit at least 1 homer in 61 of 153 games played (39.9%)...homered at least once in each of last 9 series and 18 of last 19 (beginning with July 26-29 set in Arizona)...only series he didn't homer in over last 19 was Aug. 28-30 matchup at Arizona...drilled 73rd clout off LA's Dennis Springer, solo blast in 1st inning of season finale Oct. 7 at Pac Bell Park...established himself as most prolific single-season home run hitter in ML history with his 71st and 72nd homers Oct. 5 vs. Dodgers, drilling solo clouts in 1st and 3rd innings (both off Chan Ho Park)...his blasts travelled 424 and 407 feet, respectively...his 2-homer effort Oct. 5 vs. LA marked 56th multi-homer game of career (10th of 2001), moving him past Jimmie Foxx (55) for sole possession of 5th place on all-time ML list...hammered his 70th homer of season Oct. 4 in 9th inning at Houston (off Wilfredo Rodriguez), historic blast that tied him with Mark McGwire (1998) for previous home run record...1-1 pitch (at 9:21 CDT) went to right-center field, travelling estimated 454 feet...had record breaking evening Oct. 3 at Enron Field, passing Babe Ruth (170 in 1923) to establish ML walk record for season...posted his 3rd career (2nd this year) 3-homer game Sept. 9 at Colorado, increasing his league-leading total to 63 on season...previous 3-homer game came May 19 at Atlanta...became just 5th player in ML history to reach 60-homer plateau with solo clout in 2nd inning Sept. 6 off AZ's Albie Lopez at Pac Bell Park...only other players to hit 60 homers in year were McGwire (70 in 1998 and 65 in '99), Sammy Sosa (66 in '98, 64 in '01 and 63 in '99), Roger Maris (61 in '61) and Ruth (60 in '27)...became oldest player in ML history to reach 50-homer plateau with blast Aug. 11 at Chicago (off Joe Borowski), as he was 37 years and 18 days...Mark McGwire held previous standard at 35 years and 326 days when he hit his 50th in 1999...became just 3rd Giant to reach 50 homers, joining Willie Mays (twice, 51 in 1955 and 52 in '65) and Johnny Mize (51 in 1947)...had greatest 1st half power numbers in Major League history, blasting record 39 homers before break...old mark of 37 clouts was established by Reggie Jackson in 1969 and Mark McGwire in '98...his previous personal high was 28 in 2000...connected for ML-leading 39th HR of campaign June 23 at St. Louis, 2-run shot off Darryl Kile in 1st...was NL's leading vote-getter for All-Star Game...marked 10th time on squad, including 8th time as elected receiving 2,140,315 votes (2nd in majors to SEA's Ichiro Suzuki), marked 3rd time he led NL ballotting (also in 1993 and '95)...hit 500th career homer April 17 vs. LA, 2-run game-winning shot in 8th inning (off Terry Adams) which landed in McCovey Cove to give SF 3-2 win...slugged pair of HRs May 29th against Arizona to pass both Ted Williams and Giants Hall of Famer Willie McCovey (both 521) for 11th on list (522)...established career-high with 15-game hitting streak May 11-27, hitting .440 (22-for-50) with 18 runs scored, 5 2Bs, 12 HRs and 20 RBI...homered in 6-straight games May 17-22, marking 2nd time accomplished feat on year (also April 12-18) and left him just 2 games shy of ML record...only PIT's Dale Long (1956), NYY's Don Mattingly (1987) and SEA's Ken Griffey, Jr. (1993) have had longer homer streaks (8)...during stretch, established NL record with 9 home runs over 6 consecutive games (homering in each game)...previous record was 7 home runs by George Kelly (1924 Giants), Walker Cooper (1947 Giants) and Willie Mays (1955 Giants)...WAS's Frank Howard with 10 HRs over 6 games in 1968 holds ML mark...was named NL Player of Month for May, marking 8th time he's been honored as Player of Month, most in NL history (since award was established in 1958, no player has won more than 6)...clubbed 17 homers in May to set new ML record for that month, passing 15 hit by NYY's Mickey Mantle in 1956 and STL's Mark McGwire in 1998...17 roundtrippers also tied ML mark for most by left-handed hitter in any month (NYY's Babe Ruth, September, 1927)...also matched Mays (Aug. 1965) for franchise record for roundtrippers in any month...finished month hitting .369 (31-for-84) with 31 runs, 5 2Bs, 17 HRs, 30 RBI and 31 walks...was also named NL Player of Week for his efforts May 15-20, finishing 6-game stretch 10-for-21 (.476) with 2 2Bs, 7 HRs, 9 RBI, 8 runs, 5 walks and 1.571 slugging pct...slugged combined 5 home runs in 2 games May 19 & 20 in Atlanta to become just 23rd player to accomplish feat in ML history...delivered his 2nd career 3-homer game May 19 at Atlanta, matching feat earlier accomplished Aug. 2, 1994 vs. Cincinnati...finished evening 4-for-5 with 2B, also matching career-best for hits in contest (23rd time, 1st in 2001). 2000 In one of finest seasons of certain Hall-of-Fame career, All-Star left fielder finished 2nd in MVP voting to teammate Jeff Kent...earned Silver Slugger while being named to both Associated Press and Baseball America's All-Star Teams...slugged career-high 49 HRs, surpassing previous best of 46 hit during MVP campaign of 1993...ranked 2nd in NL for homers (1 back of CHI's Sammy Sosa), 2nd in slugging pct. (.688), 1st in walks (117), tied for 3rd in runs (129), 2nd in on-base pct. (.440), 10th in total bases (330) and tied for 6th in extra base hits (81)...49 clouts equal 4th highest total in franchise (SF and NY) history, matching Willie Mays' 49 HR effort in 1962...only Mays (52 in 1965, 51 in 1955) and Johnny Mize (51 in 1947) have hit more...slugged 49th HR Sept. 28 at LA, giving him 494 career clouts and moving past Lou Gehrig (493) for sole possession of 17th place on All-Time home run only Giant to homer into McCovey Cove behind right field wall at Pacific Bell Park, as he has hit water 6 times (including 1st-ever May 1 vs. Mets, off Rich Rodriguez)...LA's Todd Hundley (June 30) and AZ's Luis Gonzalez (Sept. 23 1st game) are only opposing players to reach water...had career-best 14-game hitting streak Sept. 4-20, going 20-for-47 (.426) with 9 HRs and 22 RBI...his previous long streak was 12 straight games in 1990...once again, elevated game during September stretch drive, hitting .315 (28-for-89) with 10 HRs and 26 RBI...belted homers in 4 straight games June 3-6 (5 HRs total), marking longest such streak of his career...last Giants player to homer in 4 consecutive games was current 1st base coach Robby Thompson, who homered in 5 straight contests Aug. 20-24, 1993...28-homer 1st Half surpassed highest pre-All-Star Break total of career with previous being 24 pre-break homers in MVP campaign of 1993...led all of baseball in clouts beginning June 3 and held top spot before being surpassed by McGwire June 30...was voted starter on National League All-Star team, marking 9th time he has been on squad (8th time as starter)...however, had to miss contest due to stress fracture in tip of right thumb...was named NL Player of Week for May 22-28, finishing stretch 11-for-22 with 5 2Bs, 3 HRs, 8 runs and 9 RBI...slugged his 11th HR May 1 vs. Mets, 3-run shot in 6th inning (off Rich Rodriguez) which gave SF 9-0 lead...ball landed in McCovey Cove, marking 1st splash landing at Giants new home...equaled SF record (along with Mays) and career high with 5 runs scored April 18 at Cincinnati, originally established Aug. 4, 1993 at San Diego...finished evening 1-for-2 with 5 runs, HR, 2 RBI and career-high tying 4 walks...was also issued 4 free passes Sept. 11 at Houston (11th time in career)...became 1st Giant to homer in regular season game at Pac Bell Park, hammering 3rd clout of year in April 11 opener vs. Dodgers...3rd inning solo blast to right-center field (off Chan Ho Park) gave SF 2-1 lead...stole 1st base of year April 8 in Atlanta, marking 461st of career and tying his father, Bobby, for 43rd place on all-time ML list...surpassed his father with 2nd swipe April 19 at Cincinnati...hit .207 (6-for-29) with 3 2Bs, 3B and 3 RBI in 4 games of NLDS vs. Mets...was named MVP of MLB-Japanese All-Star Series following campaign, hitting .321 (9-for-28) with 2 2Bs, 4 HR and 9 RBI. 1999 Posted exceptional numbers despite playing with numerous injuries that limited him to career-low 102 games...suffered from left elbow injury, groin problem and knee inflammation...despite ailments, hit 34 home runs, marking 7th straight year and 8th overall he has reached 30-HR plateau...also marked 10th straight/ 12th overall with 20-or-more clouts...joined teammates Ellis Burks (31), J.T. Snow (24), Jeff Kent (23) and Rich Aurilia (22) as just 3rd 20-homer quintet in franchise history (also 1953 and 1963)...had 7 multi-homer games on season, matching AZ's Steve Finley for 2nd most in NL (STL's McGwire, 10)...posted 83 RBI, marking just 2nd time in last 10 years that he has not reached century mark (with only other blemish being strike-shortened 1994 campaign when he finished with 81)...however, was 1 of 5 Giants to drive in at least 80 on year, marking 1st time in franchise history that 5 teammates have done so...was joined by Kent (101), Snow (98), Burks (96) and Aurilia (80) in record-setting quintet...collected 2,000th career base hit Sept. 11 vs. Atlanta (4th inning 2B off Tom Glavine)...had season-ending arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Oct. 1, 40-minute procedure performed by Dr. Art Ting to repair medial cartilage and remove inflamed tissue...had 1st surgery of season April 20 (by Dr. Ting) to remove bone spur and repair damaged triceps tendon in left arm...was on DL April 18-June 8...missed majority of 1st half due to injury, as he was on Disabled List for only 2nd time in career after elbow surgery...prior to 1999, had played in 888 of 908 regular season games with Giants from 1993-98...missed 47 games while on DL, with SF going 25-22 during 52-day period...was activated from Disabled List prior to June 9 contest vs. Angels...had magical 16-game run from Aug. 15-31, homering in 10 contests with 4 multi-homer efforts...during hot streak, hit safely in 12 of 16 contests while going 23-for-63 (.365) with 2 2Bs, 14 HRs, 27 RBI and 24 runs scored...hit homers in back-to-back games 4 times during 16-game run, including each of final 3 games...despite not hitting 1st homer of month until Aug. 15, finished with 14 homers in August, most he has hit in any month during career (previous high was 11, 4 times)...Mays holds franchise record with 17 clouts in August of 1965...was issued his 293rd career intentional walk June 27 vs. Los Angeles (by Chan Ho Park), matching Hank Aaron for most in Major League history...earlier in year surpassed Aaron for NL standard, as home run king was issued 289 while in NL...prior to stint on DL, was off to strong start as he ranked among NL leaders in average (.366-8th), HR (4-6th), RBI (12-3rd) and runs (11-5th)...made 7th straight Opening Day start for Giants April 5 at Cincinnati, finishing 0-for-3 with 2 walks and run scored...was issued his 290th career intentional walk in contest (by Brett Tomko), establishing National League record. 1998 Produced another outstanding season, garnering his 8th all-star selection...hit 30 HRs in season for 7th straight year and 8th time in his career...his 122 RBI were 3rd highest total of career (129 in 1996, 123 in '93) and marked 8th time he had reached 100-RBI plateau in 9 years (with only blemish being strike-shortened 1994 campaign when he finished with 81)...established new career standard for doubles with 44 on year, surpassing his 1993 total of 38...established National League record by reaching base in 15 consecutive plate appearances Aug. 31-Sept. 4, going 9-for-9 with 2 2Bs, 2 HRs, 5 RBI and 6 walks (2 intentional)...surpassed old mark of 14 set by LA's Pedro Guerrero from July 23-26, 1985...NY's John Olerud subsequently matched mark with effort ending Sept. 22...was selected NL Player of Week for Aug. 31-Sept. 6 after hitting .529 (9-for-17) with 7 runs scored, 2 2Bs, 2 HRs, 5 RBI...reached base safely via hit, walk or hit by pitch in 30 of his last 32 games (93.8%) and 139 of 156 on year (89.1%)...was 50-for-140 (.357) with 16 HRs, 40 RBI in his last 43 games of campaign, 69-for-186 (.371) with 13 2Bs, 5 3Bs, 17 HRs, 54 RBI in his last 52 contests...was elected starter for 1998 All-Star Game (July 7 at Colorado), receiving 4th-most votes among National Leaguers (1,897,156) and 2nd most for N.L outfielders...marked his 6th time elected starter for N.L. and 8th time overall on squad...appeared in his 8th All-Star Game July 7 at Coors Field and clubbed his 1st career HR in Mid-Summer Classic...drilled 3-run, 451-foot bomb off Cleveland's Bartolo Colon...finished evening 1-for-2 with HR, 3 RBI and walk...made his 6th straight Opening Day start for Giants March 31 in Houston, marking most Opening Day starts by leftfielder in SF history...Jeffrey Leonard is only other LFer to make as many as 5 opening assignments (1983-87) since team moved West...slugged his 8th career grand slam April 26 vs. Milwaukee...matched career-high with 4 walks (1 intentional, 0-for-1) April 27 vs. Pittsburgh...received ultimate sign of respect May 28 vs. Arizona, being issued intentional walk with bases loaded...walk forced in run to make score 8-7 with 2 out in 9th, whilee D-Backs claimed victory as next hitter (Brent Mayne) lined out to end contest...returned to lineup June 17 vs. Colorado, having missed previous 2 games due to severe neck spasms...his 2 days off marked only 2nd time as Giant he had missed consecutive contests, having previously sat out 2 straight May 5-6, 1994 (at LA)...later sat out Aug. 14-16 series vs. Florida as he dropped appeal on 3-game suspension...was given suspension by N.L. office for charging mound (after being hit by pitch from Ricky Bottalico) in contest Aug. 2 in Philadelphia. 1997 Had yet another All-Star/MVP-caliber season, finishing with .291 batting average, 40 home runs, 101 RBI, 37 stolen bases, 123 runs scored and 145 walks...logged 2nd 40-30 season and his 5th 30-30 season (SBs/HRs) of career (also 1990, '92, '95 and '96), matching his father Bobby for most in Major League history...was named to 1997 All-Star team, marking 7th year he has made NL squad...started game despite being named as reserve, opening in left field in place of injured Kenny Lofton and going 0-for-2 with walk and stolen base...led NL in walks with 145 (34 intentional), having been issued at least 1 walk in 103 of 159 contests on campaign (64.8%)...also ranked 2nd in NL with .446 on-base percentage...was tied for 4th in NL for homers (40, 9 off lead), while ranking 3rd in runs scored (123) and tied for 4th in slugging pct. (.585)...slugged 32 home runs in his last 102 games (since June 8, 349 at-bats), after hitting just 8 in his initial 57 contests (183 at-bats)...of his 40 homers on year, 6 tied score and 13 gave SF lead...24 of his 40 roundtrippers were hit at Candlestick Park...marked 3rd time in his career he has reached 40-homer plateau (46 in 1993 and 42 in '96) and 3rd straight year/7th time in his career he has accomplished 100-RBI mark...his 123 runs scored marked 3rd straight year and 6th time in career he cleared 100 in season...hit pair of inside-the-park homers, Sept. 21 at San Diego (solo blast off Sterling Hitchcock) and April 23 vs. Atlanta (3-run shot off Tom Glavine)...marked 2nd and 3rd insiders of career, also circling bases as Pirate July 28, 1987 (off Philadelphia's Shane Rawley)...cracked 1,000 RBI barrier April 23, finishing with 3 on afternoon...with pair of stolen bases May 16 in Montreal, moved into 3rd place on all-time SF theft list with 138 as Giant...Darren Lewis also stole 138 in SF career...hammered his lone grand slam of season July 23 vs. Philadelphia (off Mark Leiter), 7th of his career...beginning Sept. 17, homered in 7 of final 11 games...during final 11 contests of year, was 11-for-32 (.344) with 2B, 2 3B, 7 HRs, 13 RBI, 16 walks and 13 runs scored...was also 39-for-125 (.312) with 6 2Bs, 2 3Bs, 12 HRs, 29 RBI and 34 runs scored in last 40 contests (from Aug. 15). 1996 Led National League in walks (151), intentional walks (30), RBI ratio (4.0) and HR ratio (12.3)...was among league's top 5 in home runs (2nd - 42), slugging pct. (2nd - .308), on-base pct. (2nd- .461), runs scored (3rd - 122), RBI (4th - 129), stolen bases (4th - 40), total bases (5th - 159)...became only 2nd member of 40-40 club Sept. 27 in Colorado when he stole his 40th base in 3rd inning off Armando Reynoso and Jeff Reed...set National League mark for most walks in season with 151...broke record Sept. 25 in LA when he drew 149th on intentional free pass in 7th inning...Eddie Stanky and Jimmy Wynn held old NL record, logging 148 in 1945 (with Brooklyn) and 1969 (with Houston), respectively...Babe Ruth holds ML mark with 170 in 1923...Willie McCovey held former SF record with 137 walks in 1970, while Stanky earlier established franchise mark with 144 in 1950...established career-best for RBI with 129, while HR total is 2nd best of career (46 in 1993)...his 42 home runs is tied for 12th highest single season total in franchise history, also accomplished by Mel Ott in 1929...broke record for most RBI by SF leftfielder in season...Kevin Mitchell held old mark with 125 in 1989...franchise record by leftfielder is 132, established by Irish Meusel in 1922...was awarded his 6th Gold Glove in 7 years...was named NL Player of Month for April, marking 5th time he had won award (July 1990 and '91, April '92 and '93)...finished April with 32 RBI, highest monthly total in his career...tied then-ML record for most HRs in April with his 11...Ken Griffey Jr. has since hit 13 in April 1997...11 still stands as NL record, matching 6 other players...reached base safely in 146 of his 158 games on year, while having scored or driven in runs in 92 contests...sat out Aug. 25 contest vs. Expos (due to aggravated lt. hamstring), snapping franchise record 357 consecutive games played streak...previously had not missed game since May 6, 1994 vs. time, was 2nd longest streak in majors behind Cal Ripken...was elected to start his 5th straight All-Star Game...finished 1-for-3 with RBI in July 9 contest...won MLB home run hitting contest day before, besting Mark McGwire in final round...following season, joined group of MLB All-Stars headed by Giants' Manager Dusty Baker on 8-game trip to Japan...hit .292 with 3 2Bs, 1 HR and 3 RBI as MLB All-Stars posted 4-2-2 (won-lost-tied) series victory. 1995 Led National League in walks (120) and on-base pct. (.431) while ranking amongst leaders in runs (2nd - 109), home runs (4th - 33), RBI (6th - 104), total bases (5th - 292), slugging pct. (5th - .577), extra base hits (tied for 3rd - 70) and outfield assists (tied for 4th - 12)...was leading NL vote-getter for All-Star Game, receiving 1,392,130 votes (BAL's Cal Ripken led ML with 1,698,524)...marked 2nd time he was NL's leading vote-getter (also in 1993), 4th consecutive year elected starter (also 1992-94) and 5th time he had made squad (also in 1990)...became 1st Giant to hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases in season since his father Bobby did it in 1973...reached that distinction with 30th theft Sept. 22 vs. Colorado, accomplishing 30-30 feat for 3rd time in his career (also in 1990 and '92 with Pittsburgh)...was major reason Giants remained in playoff hunt until final weeks of season, despite loss of All-Star third baseman Matt Williams for 68 games...when Williams was in lineup, Bonds hit .305 (82-for-269) with 16 home runs and 52 RBI while drawing 53 free passes in 75 68 games Williams was not in starting lineup, clubbed 17 home runs and drove in 52 runs...however, Bonds was not given many opportunities to hit, drawing 67 walks, an average of 0.97 free passes per game...also hit .282 (67-for-237) over that span...slugged his 30th homer of year Sept. 21 vs. Colorado off Joe Grahe, marking 4th straight year and 5th time in his career he had done so...also marked 50th time in franchise history a Giant has reached 30-HR plateau...of his 33 HRs on year, 17 tied game or gave SF lead, 13 came in 7th inning or later, and 6 occurred in 9th...posted his 5th 100-RBI campaign in 6 years...led NL in intentional walks for 4th straight year, drawing 22...was amongst senior circuit's top run producers, ranking 5th in home run ratio with a HR every 15.3 at-bats (33 HR, 506 AB)...produced RBI every 4.9 at-bats (104 RBI), good enough for 6th in National League...once again proved to be Giants' top hitter in clutch, batting at .325 clip (38-for-117) with 7 doubles, 3 triples, 4 home runs and 46 RBI with runners in scoring position...with his steal of 2nd June 28 vs. Colorado, Barry and his father, Bobby, established ML record of 783 stolen bases by a father-son combination, held previously by Maury (586) and Bump (196) Wills...slugged 9th HR of year June 8 vs. New York off Dave Mlicki, marking 600th combined HR for Barry and his father Bobby (332)...went 0-for-3 for victorious NL club at All-Star Game. 1994 Despite playing with bone spur in right elbow suffered in early May, was projected to post power numbers greater than 1993's MVP season before players' strike wiped out final 7 weeks of '94 campaign...after 113 games, was on pace to hit 52 HRs and drive in 114 runs (had NL-high 46 HRs and 123 RBI in '93)...finished 4th in NL MVP ballotting...named to The Sporting News, Associated Press and Baseball America Post Season All-Star squads...earned NL Silver Slugger Award, representative of one of NL's top outfielders...was voted to his 3rd straight start (4th overall appearance) in All-Star Game...earned his 5th straight Gold Glove...NL managers ranked him 2nd-best hitter and defensive outfielder in Baseball America's 1994 midseason poll...ranked among NL's top 10 in 11 individual categories, including 1st in walks (74) and intentional walks (18); 3rd in HRs (37), slugging pct. (.647) and outfield assists (10, tied); 4th in runs scored (89); 5th in total bases (253); 6th in stolen bases (29) and 9th in RBI (81)...batted .408 (40-for-98) with 14 HRs, 27 RBI, 29 runs scored, 16 walks and 11 stolen bases (14 att.) over 26 games after All-Star Break...slugged 37th and final HR of season Aug. 7 at Houston, giving him 6 HRs in his final 10 contests...finished with flurry, hitting .347 (60-for-173) with 22 HRs and 43 RBI over his last 45 games...homered in 10 of his last 25 games (14 HRs total) and 17 of his last 45 contests (22 HRs total)...clubbed 3 HRs in game for 1st time in ML career Aug. 2 vs. Cincinnati, going 4-for-5 with single and 4 RBI...was 1st Giant to hit 3 HRs in game since Kevin Mitchell turned trick at Pittsburgh May 25, 1990...last Giant to belt 3 at 'Stick was Darrell Evans vs. Houston, June 15, 1983...he and Matt Williams (43), despite strike-shortened season, were 3rd-most prolific HR tandem in SF history, combining for 79 HRs to trail 91 by Willie Mays (52) and Willie McCovey (39) in '65 and 86 by Orlando Cepeda (46) and Mays (40) in '61...also batted .388 (40-for-103) with 14 HRs and 28 RBI in 27 contests with Darryl Strawberry batting 2 slots behind him in 5th hole...with 29 SBs, joined Darren Lewis (30) and Royce Clayton (23) in the 20-SB club, marking 1st time Giants have featured trio of 20-SB men since 1919 (George Burns 40, Ross Youngs 24, Benny Kauff 21)...HR off Shawn Boskie at Philadelphia July 18 was his 28th of year and 250th of ML career...underwent successful surgery to remove bone chip Sept. 23 at Menlo Park's Recovery Inn, with team physician Warren King performing operation...suffered injury May 4 on pitch by NY's Eric Hillman that struck him under protective guard. 1993 Named Associated Press Major League Player of Year and also voted to UPI and The Sporting News NL All-Star teams and Associated Press Major League All-Star team...his .336 average was higher than any of the other 27 NL players who have won the homer and RBI titles in same season since 1937...won 4th straight Gold Glove...average, HRs and runs scored (129) were all career highs...became 1st player to lead NL in both slugging and on-base percentage since Mike Schmidt in 1981...Elias Sports Bureau's computer rankings, which are used to determine compensation to teams for free agents, ranked Bonds No. 1 in majors with 98.765 rating (on a scale of 100) based over 2 years ('93 and '92) highest were Atlanta's Greg Maddux (97.679) and Chicago's Frank Thomas (96.667)...won prestigious 1993 S. Rae Hickok Award as nation's top professional athlete...hit .333 over his final 16 pressurized games of season with 6 homers, 7 doubles, 21 RBI and .860 slugging percentage...was 1993's leading vote-getter in fan balloting (3,074,603 votes) for 64th All-Star Game, becoming only 2nd Giants player to accomplish that feat (Will Clark also led in 1989)...joined Joe Medwick, Al Simmons, Ted Kluszewski and Ernie Banks as only players ever to hit 2 doubles in an All-Star Game...was among league leaders in almost every offensive category, including 4th in average (.336), 1st in home runs (46), 1st in RBI (123), 1st in slugging pct. (.677), 1st in on-base pct. (.458) and 2nd in runs scored (129)...his average, home run and RBI totals would have been good enough to capture NL Triple Crown in 5 of previous 7 years (1992, '91, '90, '87 and '86) hasn't had triple crown winner since Carl Yastrzemski in '67 and the NL hasn't had one since Joe "Ducky" Medwick in '37...his .677 slugging percentage was highest in franchise history...slugged his 40th HR of season Sept. 2 in Atlanta, becoming only 14th player in franchise history to accomplish that feat (Kevin Mitchell had been last with 47 in 1989)...his 123 RBI marked 4th straight year with 100 RBI-or-more and established new career-high (previous high was 116, set in 1991)...his 46 HRs also surpassed his previous career-high of 34, set in 1992 with Pittsburgh...also became 1st player in franchise history to hit over 30 HRs in his 1st season as a Giant...21 of his 46 HRs either tied game or gave SF lead (8 tied/13 the lead)...was walked intentionally ML-leading 43 times in season, 2nd-highest total for season in ML history...all-time mark is 45, set by ex-Giant Willie McCovey in 1969...failed to reach base in game only 16 times in his 156 starts on year...scored 5 runs on Aug. 4 at San Diego, tying SF franchise mark set by Willie Mays twice in 1964...stole 3 bases Aug. 20 vs. Florida, marking 1st Giant to steal 3 bases in game since Darren Lewis Sept. 16, 1991...earned NL Player of Month honors for April (.431, 7 HRs, 25 RBI). 1992 Won 2nd NL MVP award in 3 years...ranked among NL leaders in average (T6th), home runs (2nd with career-high 34), RBI (4th), walks (1st), intentional walks (1st with 32, breaking Roberto Clemente's Pirates club mark), runs (1st), doubles (T9th), stolen bases (9th with 39), on-base pct. (1st), slugging pct. (1st), extra base hits (1st) and home run ratio (1st, 1 every 13.9 at-bats)...named NL Player of Month for April (.317, 7 HRs, 17 RBI in 18 games)...was member of NL All-Star team for 2nd time and elected a starter for 1st time...went 7-for-14 with 13 walks, 4 homers, 7 RBI and 10 runs scored during 1st week of September to grab NL Player of Week honors...was placed on DL for 1st time June 15 after straining muscle in his right side...reinstated July 3 after missing 18 games...appeared in 1,000th career game Sept. 22 at St. Louis...drove in 500th run July 12 vs. Cincinnati...hit .473 during career-high 15-game hitting streak from Sept. 12-26...won his 3rd straight Rawlings Gold Glove Award...hit .261 with HR in 7 games in NLCS vs. Atlanta. 1991 Finished 2nd to ATL's Terry Pendleton in NL MVP voting...ranked 3rd in NL with 13 outfield assists...shared NL Player of the Week honors with Will Clark for week ending July 14...2nd in NL in sacrifice flies and intentional walks...RBI ratio of 1 every 4.4 at-bats was best in majors. 1990 Won National League Most Valuable Player Award from BBWAA, also Major League Player of Year Award from The Sporting News...named to NL All-Star team for 1st time...became 2nd player in ML history to hit 30 home runs and steal 50 bases in same season (Eric Davis of Cincinnati in 1987 was other)...led NL with .565 slugging percentage, ranked 2nd in walks and 3rd in stolen bases...tied for lead in outfield assists with 14...was named NL Player of Week for April 23-29 and Player of Month for July. 1989 Finished 2nd in NL with 14 outfield assists. 1988 Was 42-for-121 (.347) leading off 1st inning with 8 home runs...named NL Player of Week April 11-17...injured his left knee June 17 at St. Louis, undergoing arthroscopic surgery Sept. 28. 1987 Opened year in center field but switched to left on May 30...homered in 4 straight games (total of 5 HRs) Aug. 18-21. 1986 Hit .311 in 44 games at Hawaii before his contract was purchased by Pirates May 30...led NL rookies in homers, RBI, stolen bases and walks...1st ML hit was double May 31 off Rick Honeycutt of Dodgers...hit 1st ML home run June 4 off Craig McMurtry at Atlanta. 1985 Began pro career at Prince William after being chosen in 1st round (6th overall pick) of draft by Pittsburgh...named Carolina League Player of Month for July.