Oct. 22 Ned Yost postgame interview

Oct. 22 Ned Yost postgame interview

Q. Other than the little lapse by Herrera in that one inning, it seemed like the long layoff didn't affect your bullpen trio?

NED YOST:  No, it didn't affect them. It helped them. Yeah, it gave them some extra days. They all came in. You know, Kel came in in the sixth inning, throwing fastballs up to 101 miles an hour. Went back out in the 7th, and the first hitter, he threw the ball extremely well, and then kind of lost his slot from that point, but he battled and got it back and got us through that inning.

Q. Would you talk about just the environment out there and how loud it was and how long these fans have been waiting for this.

NED YOST:  It's crazy out there, man. Our fans were just rabid. They were into the game from the first pitch. You look up there, and I think there's half the crowd that doesn't sit down for the entire game. I don't know how they keep their energy going, but they sure do. It's a fun atmosphere.

It's going to be a fun atmosphere in San Francisco, too, because they've got some great fans down there, too.

Q. Talk about Yordano giving up that leadoff home run and then really buckling down after that.

NED YOST:  Yeah, a lot of times with all pitchers for me, the first inning is kind of a time when you go out, get your rhythm, get your timing, get yourself settled into the ballgame. I think Blanco fouled off a couple of really good pitches and then centered one up. That was one of those things where as a manager, that doesn't really bother you. Just hold the fort from that point on, get your rhythm going, get yourself established, and then from the second inning roll. And that's exactly what he did.

They got a changeup up to Belt for the second run, but he did his job. For me, in this type of series, if you can get us into the 6th inning tied or with the lead, you've done your job. I felt very strongly going into the 6th inning that the next run scored by either team was probably going to be the winning run. So we made a defensive change there in the 6th and put Dyson in centerfield. And when those two guys got on, brought in Kel to get us through that inning.

Q. When you see the other team try to mix and match and go through five pitchers in an inning, how much of a luxury is it to be able to bring Kelvin in and have him take care of that whole inning and that whole situation?

NED YOST:  It's a huge luxury for me. After the sixth inning, my thinking is done. I don't have to mix and match. My concern innings, if you will, before the game, are the 5th and the 6th inning, if I've got to mix and match that. But once we get past the 6th inning, my guesswork is done. We've got a pretty good recipe for success with Herrera, Davis and Holland.

Q. As productive as you guys were earlier in the postseason manufacturing runs, it had been a while since you got a big hit. Did the one by Butler in the first inning kind of do anything to get your guys relaxed a little bit?

NED YOST:  I don't think so. I think our guys were relaxed. I don't see any tenseness in our game at all. I tell you what, Billy, the hit off Machi to put us ahead 3 2 at that point was a monster hit for us. Because, again, I felt really strongly that whoever scored that third run was probably going to win the game.

Q. Congrats on the win. What can you tell us about the confrontation between Strickland and Perez Infante? What happened there?

NED YOST:  I really can't tell you anything, because I don't know what happened. I was watching Omar's home run hit, and was high fiving with the guys and turned around, and Salvy was standing at the plate. And I don't really know what happened, to be honest with you.

Q. Did you speak to them?

NED YOST:  I'm managing the game. I'm trying to calm them down. That's what I'm doing. I'm trying to get them calmed down, back in the dugout and get them refocused. I'm not really trying to interrogate anybody to ask exactly what happened.

Q. With your bullpen late with the big lead, you still used Davis and Holland. Was that just to make sure you're getting through that? Was that to get them work?

NED YOST:  Well, they hadn't thrown in six days, one. And we used our other guys all last night with the exception of Finnegan. When you get in that situation, and you've got an off day tomorrow, you're not giving them any opportunity to get back in that game. At least I'm not.

Q. You've been with Billy for a long time. What is it you think about him that even though maybe times this year in September he struggled a little bit that would allow him to come through in two such huge spots tonight against two right handers?

NED YOST:  Well, he is such a force in our lineup, and he has been for years. He's a guy that is tremendously intelligent when it comes to hitting. He knows the opposing pitchers as well as anybody, and he's got a great eye at the plate. Anytime Billy gets up in those situations, I feel great. I feel like he's going to get the job done, and, again, he did it. He came up big for us twice tonight.

Q. You got a chance to manage Blanco a few years ago. What are your impressions of that guy and how far he's come since you had him?

NED YOST:  He's come a long way. He's a tough little out. He plays great in the outfield. He can run the bases. He's very athletic. He can bunt, he can slap bunt. He's been tough against us this series. Every time he comes up, you've got that little concern in the back of your mind, how are we going to get this guy out? But he's had a great series so far.

Q. You were talking about Billy's value, have you decided how to use him in San Francisco? Big spot? Starting against Bumgarner? Any certainty on that?

NED YOST:  We haven't gotten that far yet. We'll start    having a guy like Billy's bat on the bench is extremely valuable late in the game. You don't have to start the game to win the game. Billy provides that threat off the bench late in the ballgame that we could use to help us win a game.