personalities share World Series predictions personalities share World Series predictions

The World Series has arrived. But who will win? staff members shared their predictions for the results of the Giants-Royals matchup.

Mike Bauman columnist

Giants in six
They know how to do this.

Hal Bodley columnist

Giants in six
Experience and Bruce Bochy make the difference.

Lindsay Berra reporter

Royals in seven
Bochy's smarts slow down the Royals' buzz saw, but Cinderella prevails.

Jim Callis columnist

Royals in seven
Their bullpen and defense will continue to make the difference.

Anthony Castrovince columnist

Giants in six
Love the Royals, but I'm basically done counting out the Giants, especially given the Madison Bumgarner factor.

Alyson Footer reporter

Giants in seven
This thing goes the distance. Two relentless teams with a flair for the dramatic.

Richard Justice columnist

Royals in six
Defense and 98-mph fastballs get it done.

Jonathan Mayo columnist

Royals in six
Sweeptober ends, but KC still figures out a way to finish it off.

Tracy Ringolsby columnist

Royals in five
Speed and bullpen that creates a six-inning game.

Carlton Thompson VP, executive editor

Giants in six
Dynasty over destiny.