Bonderman's adjustment period goes on

Bonderman's adjustment period goes on

CLEVELAND -- Tigers right-hander Jeremy Bonderman's stat line got a break from the rain Friday night.

Bonderman, trying to make it uninjured through a season for the first time since 2007, gave up six runs on seven hits in 2 2/3 innings, but because the Tigers and Indians did not get in five innings, the rained-out game will not count and will be played from the beginning when it is made up.

Bonderman's undoing Friday came in the third, when he gave up six straight hits.

"I think I threw nine pitches and gave up five runs," Bonderman said of the stretch. "It's kind of frustrating."

In 2008, Bonderman went to the disabled list on June 7 with thoracic outlet compression syndrome. He spent much of last year on the DL recovering from the same injury, going 0-1 with an 8.71 ERA in eight appearances, including one start.

This season, Bonderman is 1-1 with a 5.74 ERA. The Tigers led, 7-6, when Friday's game was suspended, so Bonderman's record would not have been affected by the game, but had the stats counted, his ERA would have soared to 7.14.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland said that Bonderman didn't have his best stuff vs. the Tribe.

"The days that he's gone out and made good pitches, he's gotten people out," Leyland said. "When he makes pitches like he made last night, he's not going to get people out."

Friday night's struggles paralleled Bonderman's problem this season. He can mow down the order the first time through, but when guys come back later in the game, they have him figured out.

"I don't have the answer right now," Bonderman said. "It seems to be that way this year."

Leyland said that Bonderman is still trying to adjust to his new repertoire, including his splitter. Travis Hafner's home run off Bonderman on Friday came on a splitter, which Bonderman said, "didn't do anything."

"He's had to adjust his pitching style a little bit," Leyland said. "He's not the overpowering guy he was. He's adjusting to the pitching style, throwing a split now. That's just a process he's going through."