Oct. 16 Bumgarner postgame interview

Oct. 16 Bumgarner postgame interview

Q. Tell me about the competition tonight, you and Wainwright going man‑to‑man.

MADISON BUMGARNER:  You know, we knew it was going to be a dogfight tonight. We know what kind of team they have over there and at the same time, we know what kind of team we have. That was as fun a game as you could have, I think all the way around.

We had a lot of contributions, you know, all the way up‑and‑down the lineup. It was awesome.

Q. With the way this team plays, what about picking one guy to be the MVP in the series?

MADISON BUMGARNER:  It's about impossible. I'm truly thankful and honored for that. I don't think you can go wrong. You can pick anybody. We had so many guys to play a big part in every game. Again, I'm thankful and blessed to have the opportunity for this. I don't know that I'm 100 percent deserving of it. There's plenty of guys that deserve it, also. We're just excited to be moving on.

Q. Your feeling when Travis made contact, the feeling when that ball carried over into the arcade, can you describe that?

MADISON BUMGARNER:  I didn't think the ball got high enough to go over the wall. It didn't look like it was as high as the wall the whole way. He crushed it. He backspun it and it snuck over. He hit it as good as he could hit it I think. It was such a low line drive.

We knew some good stuff was going to happen right off the bat, seeing how hard he hit it. But you know, I don't think ‑‑ I certainly didn't think it was going to go out, and it just kept right on going.

I think a lot of us forgot that we had to let him touch home plate. We wanted to run and tackle him around second base. We were excited.

Q. As tough of a game as it was with you and Wainwright, for Morse to deliver when he did ‑‑

MADISON BUMGARNER:  Yeah, that was ‑‑

Q. Just what he means to the team.

MADISON BUMGARNER:  That was huge. It's really nice to have him back and healthy and to have that kind of threat off the bench right now. That's huge for us. Obviously he showed that tonight.

You know, I felt good about his at‑bat right there. That's a tough guy to hit, no matter which side of the plate your hitting from, but especially for right‑handers. And he got a ball that was up and over the plate, and he put a really good swing on it. It's a testament to him.

He had not seen pitching in a long time and had not been in there every day, comes in, and gets a mistake and capitalizes on it.

Q. What about you core guys that have been through, this is your third World Series, how important is that and how much do you feed off each other?

MADISON BUMGARNER:  I think a lot. You don't necessarily have to have that, but it certainly don't hurt when you do have it.

We've got a lot of guys that's been through this, like you said, and you know, they know what to expect and they are not afraid of the moment by no means.

And I think the young guys that we have that have not been through it, they say that and then they feed off of that and they know that they don't have to be afraid either. They are stepping up and making some big plays for us and getting some big hits.

I really like the group of guys that we have here and it's going to be a fun series against Kansas City.