Oct. 15: Chris Tillman pregame interview

Q. How difficult has it been to watch the past couple of games that have been so close for you guys?

CHRIS TILLMAN: It's not really difficult. At the end of the day you want to win, but every game has been right there, I think. You're one hit away, one pitch away from being 3 0, instead of 0 3, it's really that close.

So just I think looking back on it it just comes down to execution in certain situations.

Q. People ask about what the mentality is in the clubhouse now, down 3 0. From our point of view we certainly can make assessments. From your point of view, does it seem much different? Can you tell anything is going on, your backs are against the wall, or is it business as usual?

CHRIS TILLMAN: From what I noticed it's business as usual. We can win three games just as fast as we can lose three games. I think we've shown that all year long. Being down 3 0 means nothing to us.

It's the time of year we've got to win and I think we know that. We're up for the challenge. We've had challenges all year, it's nothing new. Like I said, just execute here and there, get a big hit when we need it, make a big pitch when we have to.

Q. Have you had any conversations with Buck or with Dave Wallace about being available out of the bullpen today and how do you prepare yourself to be ready out of the bullpen if that's the case?

CHRIS TILLMAN: No, I haven't. I'm sure if that is the case they'll talk to me before we start the game, just in case, have your cleats ready or something like that, to get down there.

But we haven't talked about it. And I think getting ready is the same thing. I've been in the bullpen before. Never pitched out of the bullpen. But I think you have to mentally prepare yourself more than physically. Mental preparation for me is more important.

Q. I know you guys have been even keel all year, but the past week fans have gone from way up there to -- from an all time high to a pretty low. You don't feel any emotional swing, not necessarily being discouraged, but as far as the team overall? You don't feel anything like that?

CHRIS TILLMAN: Not really. I think we've had it before. It's the time of year where it can happen. But I think everyone in the clubhouse is on the same page, and we know, like I said, three games is just as easy for us to win as losing.

Anything can happen in this game. And if we go out and execute today it's a big momentum game. And I think we've done a good job of keeping the momentum throughout the season, you just ride it out.

Q. Dyson made some comments about not going back to Baltimore and then Jeremy Guthrie went up with a T shirt on the podium that kind of took a shot at you guys. Is that providing any extra fuel talking about it? Are you guys talking about it?

CHRIS TILLMAN: I have heard about it. I didn't really see the Dyson comments. I saw the pictures of last night.

As far as I'm concerned, I think our clubhouse is concerned, we can only control what happens in our clubhouse and our dugout. That's all we're worried about. We've got more important things to worry about than fashion of the other team. I think we've got to focus on winning, and that's first and foremost right now.

Q. What did you make of the way you pitched in Game 1 and what would you do differently if you get the chance to pitch again tomorrow?

CHRIS TILLMAN: Like I said, I was a few pitches away from getting out of some big innings. And I think they were able to capitalize on some mistakes. And I think the biggest thing to me is execution. You execute a few pitches here, a few pitches there and we're right in the ballgame. It's a different game. And I think that goes for all three of the games, really. It's just when a team is going as good as they are, you've got to execute and take advantage of mistakes. And they're doing that, too.

Q. You and Guthrie were teammates for a little bit, and you're one of eight guys or so that were teammates of his. Did you or any of your teammates let him know that that was unappreciated?

CHRIS TILLMAN: I haven't, no. I'm sure someone has. I'm not a hundred percent sure. But he sent me a text apologizing this morning. And I haven't had a chance to text him back. I've got to focus on the start tomorrow. We might have time to worry about that later, just not right now.