Oct. 15: Jeremy Guthrie pregame interview

Oct. 15: Jeremy Guthrie pregame interview

JEREMY GUTHRIE: Yesterday, I wanted to make a comment on the shirt that I wore. It said -- you guys know what it said.

I came in here with no intention of inciting anything. It's a shirt that I received yesterday. We get a number of things from the fans. Unfortunately for me I used a lack of judgment in putting that shirt on after the game. Never changed, came in here and wore it.

And what ensued was not what I intended. There was no intention to call the attention to the other team, friends, and former teammates, certainly not the organization and most definitely not their fans.

Also, there's been a comment on what it refers to, which for the most part I'm pretty unaware. I know there's a rhyme and that's where the shirt came from. That's what looked to me, quote, unquote, "clever." And unfortunately, clever is not a good situation here.

So I wanted to apologize. I've already apologized to a number of people, because there's no intention on my part ever to offend. If you know me, I'm not a person that likes confrontation. I'm not a person that wants to go out there and get anybody angry with me or my squad.

This is totally on my shoulders. I take that. That's why I wanted to call you here together and to apologize to everybody.

Anyone and everyone that was offended, you'll never see the shirt again. The shirt was sent to me, and it will be sent to the garbage, because that's probably where it belongs at this point. And I am willing to accept that. And any reaction that's come my way, I understand it. I've accepted it. And I'll move on.

I'd love to answer any questions.

Q. So you didn't get the reference to the Chris Brown song at all?

JEREMY GUTHRIE: I don't know the entire song. Unfortunately for us in this culture we are exposed to a number of songs. And for me, if I heard that song 38 times, which I haven't, I've probably heard it 3. The only part I ever get is the part that rhymes with what the shirt said. Unfortunately, I didn't even put it together that that would be perceived or interpreted the way it was.

That's my fault. Like I said, people have already told me on social media sites or face to face, how can you not know that? Well, when you win a ballgame and when you're in an exciting atmosphere, and you have a shirt hanging, sometimes you put it on. That's no excuse, but that's what happened. That's my fault. I take full responsibility.

Q. You have quite a wardrobe of pretty clever --

JEREMY GUTHRIE: I do. I really feel like the people who know me would look at that and say: That's Jeremy being Jeremy. But in this case if it goes beyond just being entertaining, I understand that. And I see where the line has been extended to in this circumstance. And so that's why I apologized for it.

Yes, I wear every shirt imaginable that I think are fun and entertaining for the fans. And quite frankly, that's where I thought that shirt would fall, is entertaining and fun.

The fans were very upset, Orioles fans particularly were very upset. They thought that I was slighting the city and an organization that showed me nothing but respect, and gave me an opportunity. And I still don't think the shirt, what it said, disrespected the Orioles organization, but if that's the way they feel, I need to apologize.

Q. What about the timing of it? I think that's also what probably irked a lot of people is that you win a game, put them down 3 0, and then wear a T shirt that could be viewed as rubbing things in people's faces. Secondly, you apologized to some people in the organization, can you be a little bit more specific?

JEREMY GUTHRIE: Friends of mine who reached out. I have very good friends on the Orioles. Those who said, Well, I thought that was pretty low, a low blow or inappropriate. I don't want to give names, but if you know, you cover the Orioles, you know who my friends are, and a few of those who I was closest with. They expressed that. I apologized and they accepted. They said, I understand, and go from there.

But the first portion --

Q. The timing.

JEREMY GUTHRIE: Yeah, I guess the only time I've had an interview was yesterday, for the most part. And if you see a Jeremy Guthrie interview, I'm always wearing some shirt, whether it's the "Hunt for blue October," a Facebook thumbs up, Stark Industries, a number of shirts that are just sent to us. I find them fun, and yesterday I was blinded to the fact that what I thought was fun was going to be offensive.

I appreciate everything. The honest feedback as well. It's helpful for me to receive that and understand it and apologize and take the proper steps. You can only do so much. You can't take it back, but you can apologize and never do it again.