Oct. 14: Nori Aoki pregame interview

Oct. 14: Nori Aoki pregame interview

Q. Ned Yost said that maybe there was some adjustments that you had to make as the season went along to get used to a new League. What were the most important adjustments that you made that have allowed you to have such great success here recently?

NORI AOKI: It was just basically facing them for the first time, and that was pretty tough. But I would say that's the adjustment I had to make.

Q. Jason had said that because you guys knew how bad the weather would be yesterday that it wasn't that big a deal, that you sort of got ready to play and you didn't play. Is that how you feel coming in? Do you still have your game faces for today?

NORI AOKI: I feel the same way. Vargas ‑‑ everyone knew that going into yesterday that the weather was going to be pretty bad. It wasn't that hard to really flip the switch.

Q. How would you compare this Royals' offense style approach to that of the Brewers team?

NORI AOKI: We had a good lineup when I was with the Brewers, too. But just the difference in the ballparks, between Kansas City and Milwaukee, I think really plays a part in the difference between the offense.

I mean, Kansas City has a good offense. The Brewers had a good offense. But I think the ballpark played a big factor in determining our style of play.

Q. The way the defense plays, can you actually attempt to guide the ball to certain holes, like between the shortstop and the third baseman?

NORI AOKI: Just depends on the situation. But I always look at where the defense plays me. I know that as long as I hit the ball where they aren't playing me, then I can get a hit. So for the most part I try to do that.

Q. When you got sent back to Double‑A on the injury rehab, did that help you kind of assess where your season was at that point, and help you with a strong finish?

NORI AOKI: Yeah, definitely being away from playing and just getting a different point of view definitely helped me take a look at myself and my play so far. And that was a good opportunity for me to just really assess where I was.