Oct. 14, Vogelsong pregame interview

Oct. 14, Vogelsong pregame interview

Q: Right after Game 3 of the NLDS, you were in here and said you were excited to start in Game 4. What are your emotions now going into this next?

RYAN VOGELSONG: Yeah, it's the same. I mean, this time of year, I said this the last time, you can't replace the way it feels to pitch in the Playoffs. You know, I said it's what you play your whole life for growing up in the backyard, your whole little league, high school, college, Minor Leagues, to get into these situations.

So they are all exciting. They all bring a little bit different emotion depending on the game and the situation. But they are all exciting and, you know, the fans here are electric all the time. So it's going to be intense.

Q: How do you deal with the layoff and the sort of irregular patterns of pitching in the post season?

RYAN VOGELSONG: You've just got to know yourself, really. You've got to know when to back off a little bit and get some rest. You've got to know when it's time to grind a little bit and get some more work.

Obviously, I said after Game 3 or Game 4 of the DS that there was some stuff I was trying to clean up mechanically, but still been working on that stuff to make sure it's where I want to be.

So just really knowing my body, knowing when it's time to do a little bit more and when it's time to do a little bit less.

Q: What are you doing mechanically?

RYAN VOGELSONG: Just making sure I'm where I want to be. I got a little away from being how I wanted to be at the end of the season and it affected my command and velocity. I felt like there were some things that I really needed to clean up, and took advantage of it on the time off. Just continuing to work.

A guy told me a long time ago, If you're not trying to get better every day, you're falling behind. So just try to take that into account.

Q: The series is split, and you were able to take a game on the road. Is there more of an importance of today's game now that you're at home with Game 3 and the series being tied? What is the importance of today's game?

RYAN VOGELSONG: At this stage of the season, they are all important. You never really like to not win one but obviously we're playing a very good team over there in a very evenly matched series, as we know. So they are all important.

We want to try and win them all here, and finish this thing up. But I don't think you can put any more emphasis on one game than another, really.

Q: In the time you've been working with Posey, how has he evolved as a catcher?

RYAN VOGELSONG: That's a good question. Tough one to answer because he continues to get better. I'm not quite sure what his mindset is, but I know from my standpoint, the first time I threw to him, I was really shocked how poised he was as a young guy at that point in time in 2011, and how good of a game caller he was. And I feel like he's just gotten better, and a little bit of that probably just comes with being in the League longer and seeing guys more. But at the same time, I think his throwing's gotten better and I think his blocking's gotten better, and I think that's really showed up in the post season here.

He's sticking a lot of balls in the dirt, and not that he didn't block good before, but I think he's gotten better at it. It's kind of what I just said about the question you asked me about how you deal with the layoff. I think he's in the same mental aspect where he feels like if he's not trying to do something to get better every day, he's falling behind, and you can see it in his game.

Q: Which of the right handers do you draw more from pitching in front of, Peavy or Hudson?

RYAN VOGELSONG: I'm kind of like in between both of them. A little bit like Huddy, a little bit like Jake. So it definitely helps me that they are going in front of me in this series so I can watch both of their games, and obviously be able to pick their brain when they are done.

I've already talked to Jake about his game the other night, and whether it's tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll talk to Huddy after his game today.

So being able to watch both of them is definitely going to help me. I think I'm kind of right in between both of them to answer your question. I do some things that Huddy does and I do some things that Jake does, that Jake is able to do. But there's things that both of them have in their repertoire that I don't have. So I think I'm kind of right in between both of them.

Q: You guys won Game 4 and you personally were really excited to get Tim Hudson into the NLCS. He's pitching today. Is there any extra special camaraderie or comments that you can share with him that as a team you're excited for?

RYAN VOGELSONG: I don't think we need to. I think Huddy knows what he's doing. He's been around a long time. He's been in playoff games before, even though it's his first time in this round. He's been there before and he knows how to get himself ready, so I don't think it's going to take any comments from us to get him ready to pitch today.

I expect him to be probably a little bit more excited knowing that this is his first NLCS game and, you know, I expect him to go out and have a good one.