Oct. 12 Wei-Yin Chen workout day interview

Oct. 12 Wei-Yin Chen workout day interview

Q: Given the circumstances, ALCS and club being down 0 2 here at KC, where would you rate this start as far as importance in your career?

Wei-Yin Chen: For me, I want to keep it simple. It doesn't matter to me if we're ahead or behind. For me my job is to go out and pitch a good game. It doesn't change whether it's 0 2 or 2 0, I just want to go out and pitch a good game.

Q: You pitched particularly well here, what works for you in this ballpark?

Wei-Yin Chen: For me, I don't know particularly what's different in this ballpark. For me my focus is the hitter. So I just want to try to get hitters out. I'm thinking about hitters. So during the past two times I had good performance here, but this time I can guarantee that I will have the same performance, but I'll try to mentally and physically the same.

Q: You struggled against Detroit's lineup. There was a lot of right handed hitters in this lineup. Going into tomorrow what, if any, adjustments will you make that you took away from that last start?

Wei-Yin Chen: Well, apparently Tigers have a lot of great right handers, so they hit left pitchers real well. But this time, of course, Kansas City has some left hitters in the lineup, but it doesn't guarantee I'll have a good performance out there. So I still have to concentrate, and they have great speed, so I hope I can do well. It helps me to go through the lineup.

Q: In watching the first two games in the dugout, has Kansas City done anything that you haven't seen them do before or have you been surprised by anything that they've done?

Wei-Yin Chen: I don't see that much different from what I have done during the season. They got great speed. They try to mess up your rhythm on the mound. For me, the last two games they faced right handed pitchers and I'm a lefty, so I hope that will give them something different to deal with. So I hope I can do better this time.

Q: Are you a guy who gets real serious going into a big start or do you do better when you kind of stay loose and relaxed?

Wei-Yin Chen: As I have said, it doesn't really matter for me if we are ahead or behind. As a starting pitcher all you want to do is go out and pitch a good game and win the game. Even if we're 2 0 and ahead, it doesn't mean I can be relaxed and go out and pitch. Still I try to stay the same for every game, because a game is a game, you have to stay the same mentally and physically.