Oct. 10: Yordano Ventura interview

Oct. 10: Yordano Ventura interview

Q. What do you remember most about your game here back in April?

YORDANO VENTURA:  I don't remember too much, but I'm just happy to be back here, especially in the playoffs and try and focus on my pitches and executing those.

Q. I know the appearance in the Wild Card game was a bit of a struggle for you. What did you learn from that going forward that you applied in the Division Series?

YORDANO VENTURA:  That was a game that obviously was a pressure filled game, a different situation than I was accustomed to. But I'm always ready to take the ball. I'll always be as prepared as I can and be aggressive whenever they give me the ball, whether it's a relief appearance or a start, which I'm more accustomed to.

Q. Do the dimensions or the size of the ballpark have an impact on the way you pitch?

YORDANO VENTURA: No, I'll always try to execute the pitches that I have, above all throw strikes and be aggressive. But the size of the stadium or the shape of it never impacts the way I approach it.

Q. You mentioned the pressure that came with the last start. How much did you have to balance kind of harnessing that and using it to your advantage, the pressure and adrenaline that comes in games like these?

YORDANO VENTURA: The first outing for me there was a little bit more pressure, but after that one, when I made my start in the LDS, I felt very comfortable, back to business as usual, where I just want to go out and help my team and be an effective pitcher.

Q. What does Sal Perez mean to you as a catcher and also as a friend? I know he keeps the mood in the clubhouse very positive, very light.

YORDANO VENTURA: Thank goodness I have Sal Perez, I'm able to communicate with him very well. When I'm tense, Sal will calm me down. In the clubhouse we're able to joke around and be very relaxed, which helps me going into each one of my starts.

Above all, it's the communication side and being able to joke and mess around, which really helps me.