Oct. 10 Madison Bumgarner workout day interview

Oct. 10 Madison Bumgarner workout day interview

Q. Madison, when Wainwright was in here, I asked him if he has to sort of treat you as another hitter, and he was able to rattle your stats off down to the number, batting average, home runs, RBIs, everything like that. Do you get a kick out of the fact that pitchers have to pay attention to you and not just, hey, he's going to bunt?

MADISON BUMGARNER: You know what? I don't know. I don't feel like I deserve that much credit. It is nice to know that you can help your team out a little bit. He's no different. I know he's got a few hits off me. I know he's got an RBI, too. So no different. You gotta be careful with him, too.

Q. Madison, this is your third time in five years in your career that you've gone this far, and, obviously, you guys won the World Series a couple of times. What do you take out of all of that, the experiences that you have to be where you are right now, and obviously you had a great season? What do you learn from the playoff experience that you bring to something like this?

MADISON BUMGARNER: For me, just learn how to ‑‑ what kind of mental preparation I need to go out there. I just like to slow everything down and just treat it like another game and focus on making pitches. That's really it.

Q. One of the keys for the Cardinals against the Dodgers was how well their left‑handed hitters did against their left‑handed pitchers, any ideas about that and what their approach will be against you?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, I faced them a couple of times this year. It's not the typical left‑on‑left match‑up. They'll stay in there, pull the ball. They seem pretty comfortable facing left‑handed pitching, so, you know, that's just telling you how good of hitters they are.

I just have to be careful and make pitches to them. Hopefully the ball bounces our way.

Q. Do you draw anything at all about what happened with you against the Cardinals two years ago in the NLCS?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I know it wasn't very good. But at the time, I wasn't going very good. I don't think it would have mattered who I was facing. I could have been facing an AA team and probably got hit around a little bit.

It was a bad point for me, just wasn't making good pitches, didn't have good stuff.

There is no reason for me to look back on that start and try to take anything from it.

Q. So you haven't drawn anything from that experience?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Pretty much, except for the exception of the World Series game, turned out pretty good. The whole month of September that year, pretty much was ‑‑ it wasn't very good.

There is no reason for me to try to take anything from that leading up to this next game.

Q. Madison, I've seen the house where you grew up described as a "log cabin." Kind of has an "Abe Lincoln" feel to it. How would you characterize it? What was it like?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Normal life for me. I don't think Abraham Lincoln lived there, but...

Q. Standard‑issue house, just made by hand as opposed to tract housing?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Just a log house, I don't know. It's not the only one out there.

Q. On the hitting front, I don't know your numbers as well as Wainwright did, but they seem to have gone up markedly. Did you do anything different this year?

MADISON BUMGARNER: Yeah, we all talked about not taking it more series, because we did take it serious, but just trying to get better.

For me, the only thing was my approach changed. That's really all I did any different. We didn't practice differently or anything like that.

Q. Bochy said the other day that during Game 4, you were behind him the whole time saying, "I can get this guy out. I can get this guy out." Did you want to get in that game, and do you feel that way every game?

MADISON BUMGARNER: He might have been playing it up a little bit, but I just wanted him to know I could be available if needed, if we used all our leftys. Because we wanted to win that game. We didn't want to let it go to five games. If we needed a lefty down the road in that game, I wanted him to know I felt good enough to go pitch.

Q. Ryan was saying that we see Jake screaming and Ryan's intensity on the mound. He said you're as intense as either one of those guys, you just don't show it as much. What do you think your "mound" demeanor is and what is burning underneath there?

MADISON BUMGARNER: I don't like anybody to be able to tell how I'm feeling. Sometimes, especially this time of year, if a play happened behind you, you get a big out, you're going to get excited. There is no way around it.

I try to stay even keel, and I don't want you guys or the other team or the fans or anyone knowing where my head is at at that time, even though sometimes it's probably in some bad places. I like to just try to keep the same demeanor no matter what's happening. It's obviously easier said than done sometimes.

Q. As a follow‑up to that, do you think that maybe the events in Fresno that were captured on videotape -- no, seriously -- might have made you this way?

MADISON BUMGARNER: No, no. I feel like I've kind of always been that way, but not saying something is not going to happen every once in a while. Obviously, there has been some stuff that happened this year, but, you know, just have to try to ‑‑ I like to try to avoid that best I can.

Not to say it won't happen. It could happen anytime. You're out there competing and the guys that care like we do, stuff is going to happen.