Crew chiefs West, Davis head LCS umpires

Crew chiefs West, Davis head LCS umpires

Major League Baseball has announced the umpire crews for the upcoming League Championship Series, with veterans Joe West and Gerry Davis to serve as crew chief for the American and National League games, respectively.

West, who leads all umpires with 37 years of service, will lead a crew of Brian Gorman, Marvin Hudson, Dan Iassogna, Ron Kulpa, Tim Timmons and Mark Wegner in the Royals-Orioles series.

Davis, whose 123 career playoff games are the most in MLB history, has a crew of Mark Carlson, Phil Cuzzi, Paul Emmel, Greg Gibson, Bill Miller and Bill Welke for the Giants-Cardinals showdown.

It's the second year in a row Davis and West have served as crew chiefs for the LCS.

The ALCS replay officials will be Iassogna and Timmons. The NLCS replay officials will be Emmel and Cuzzi. Todd Tichenor will assist the replay officials from the MLB Replay Operations Center in New York.

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