Actress Spreitler joins 'Express Written Consent'

Actress Spreitler joins 'Express Written Consent'

For someone who is about to turn 21 years old, Taylor Spreitler has built quite a nice resume. She's most recognizable as Lennox Scanlon in the family sitcom "Melissa & Joey," on which she has starred since 2010. But her first acting job dates back to 2005, when she was just 12 years old, playing a messed up younger sister in an episode of "Law and Order: SVU."

Seven years later, she returned to the show, to play largely the same character -- sort of.

"In both, I played a horrible sister," she said. "First one, the horrible younger sister. Two years ago, horrible older sister."

These are things we can only uncover during "Express Written Consent," our cheeky venture that gives celebrities a chance to hang out in our booth at a Major League ballpark -- in this case, Dodger Stadium -- watch a game, and talk about whatever comes down the pike.

The affable Spreitler seemed at ease with Jeremy Brisiel, who first peppered her with questions about how, ahem ... awful it must be to work with Melissa Joan Hart, star of "Melissa and Joey."

No, not really. Hart has a reputation as one of the nicest actresses in Hollywood, to which Spreitler can attest. Just consider what Hart did for her co-star around graduation time a couple of years ago. Spreitler, who was home-schooled, wasn't going to have the experience of a typical graduation with caps and gowns and speeches and parties. So, Hart created one on the set one day, unbenownst to Spreitler.

"We were filming a scene where I had to jump out of a window and land in a dumpster," Spreitler recalled. "And while I was in the dumpster, she had them pull away these curtains and I had a podium and I had a diploma from 'Melissa & Joey High School.'"

Hart went as far as to give the commencement speech, which was, Spreitler remembered, "pretty awesome."

Spreitler, born and raised in Hattiesburg, Miss., ended up in Hollywood by way of beauty pageants. Calling it the "typical southern thing to do growing up," Spreitler's pageant participation eventually snowballed into child modeling gigs, which necessitated a move to New York. There, she did a few commercials and, "one thing led to another, and I moved to L.A," she said.

Commercial life was fun, especially when she shot spots for Chuck E. Cheese on location.

"I got to play in Chuck E. Cheese all day long," Spreitler said.

Spreitler's years on "Days of Our Lives" were more taxing.

"It was difficult," Spreitler said. "It's not brutal hours -- you're not there that many hours during the day -- but you do a lot. Like 60 pages in a day where you're crying about these absurd switching babies and these crazy storylines and you go home and you feel so messed up in the head."

Spreitler's latest project, the horror film "Amityville: The Awakening," is due for release sometime in 2015. Starring in a horror movie, Spreitler said, was one of the most fun times of her career.

"It's something I've always wanted to do," Spreitler said. "Sometime in my life, I wanted to do it, and now I'm doing it."

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