Oct. 7 Kenley Jansen pregame interview

Q. Kenley, just talk about the level of confidence that you guys have in the bullpen right now, obviously you being the anchor in that pen.

KENLEY JANSEN:  We have to keep playing. Everybody think we talking about trying to get to their bullpen now. My confidence is I believe in all those guys. We been talking about it, too. And I think we just got to go out there and compete, don't worry about what happened in the past and just know what we're capable of doing and compete.

Q. When you hear people say no, we just got to get to the Dodgers' bullpen, what does that make you think?

KENLEY JANSEN:  I take it really personally. So I think those other guys take it really personal, too. Like I say, we're pretty good. Don't mean right now how the whole year has been. And just got to go out. Today is another day. We've got another chance.

It's not over yet, we've just got to go out there and battle and try to help this team win. This team will go so far if those eight guys in the pen do what we're supposed to do, we can pull this.

Q. Early in the series Mattingly talked about the possibility of maybe you coming in for a four‑out save. The five‑out save, he didn't dismiss that. How many outs do you think you could get?

KENLEY JANSEN:  Like I say, man, to me, I believe in all those guys can come out there and do the job in eighth. But if they want to be there, I pulled two innings before. I don't have no problem with that.

Just got to go out there and whatever they ask me to do, I just got to go out there and help the team at this time.

But like I say, just got to keep our confidence high. Those guys can do the job, too.

Q. What's the feeling in the room right now? Is it at all reminiscent of Game 6 of last year's NLCS, Clayton on the mound, do or die game for you guys?

KENLEY JANSEN:  The mood was good last night, even when we lost a tough game last night. We just start talking, It's not over yet. And everybody confidence is high.

We know that Kershaw takes these games personally. He's one of the best pitcher in the game. And he's going to face these tough guys, too. But we all have our confidence that he's going to go out there and give all he can give for us to win that ballgame.

We've just got to worry about today, especially have our best pitcher going today. And we win today, we think about tomorrow, when we have another good pitcher like Zack Greinke in Game 5.

Q. Just along the lines of what J.P. was asking you, does this team feel any pressure right now? I know you said the mood was good in the clubhouse last night despite the loss. Do you feel there is a bit of the weight of the world on your shoulders right now because it is a must win?

KENLEY JANSEN:  Right now we have nothing to lose. You already are in a hole. What can you do right now to get out of this jam?

We've just got to go out there and do what we do the whole year. We have really good offense, especially go out there and give Kershaw a chance, I feel like. I think we're doing pretty good right now. We just got to worry about today and just try to win this ballgame.

Q. You've known Yasiel a couple of years now. Do you think at times in this series he's let his emotions get him out of his game at times?

KENLEY JANSEN:  He just had a tough game. But Yasiel, he's learned a lot, I feel like. He's been doing much better in the postseason, even though the numbers don't show, probably. But he's one of our best player, too. So just got to let him ride. And I think he going to pull it together.