Oct. 6 Don Mattingly pregame interview

Oct. 6 Don Mattingly pregame interview

Q. Prior to this series we were asking you a lot about the running game, Yadier Molina, pitcher's delivery and all that. Only one stolen base in the first two games. What's your read on that? Is it just the situations haven't presented themselves or more to it than that?

DON MATTINGLY: The right guys have to get on, too. We only had a few guys that run for us, so we talked about it before, too, the pitchers are going to dictate if we run or not. And then the right guys have to be on.

It sounds good to go steal bases, but you've got to get people on and you've got to get the right guys on that actually steal bases.

Q. Do you have any clarification for your Game 4 start?

DON MATTINGLY: Game 4, Clayton Kershaw; Game 5 will be Greinke.

Q. When did you come to that decision?

DON MATTINGLY: I think we pretty much knew at the beginning of the series. But we didn't really we couldn't really make that decision until after Game 1, and then seeing how Clayton came out of that. And so really, once we got past all that, then it was a matter of just the timing of Ryu and all that stuff.

But we didn't feel like it was worth messing with, trying to have to wait and everything else and get down to the last second.

Q. Is Dan Haren still ready to pitch today? If he doesn't pitch today will we see him in this series out of the bullpen?

A. There's a chance. He'll definitely be ready to pitch today. He'll be ready to pitch in all the games. The game tells us how to use Dan or where to use him.

Q. You talked about this a little bit yesterday, but given the long layoff for Ryu, do you look for anything differently or what do you look for, because you haven't seen him in so long?

DON MATTINGLY: With him, I guess the main thing is velocity. We see a range where he's in a certain range. But you look for finish to his pitches. If he's locating, if he's not sharp at all, then we would it's kind of a red flag.

But, again, I think he expects to pitch well. We expect him to pitch well. We don't expect any issues with him other than having to deal with the Cardinals.


DON MATTINGLY: Not really. The same way when he came back before. He's thrown plenty in between. It's not like a guy coming out of Spring Training. He's already been built up. A guy that is ready to go.

Q. You talked that Clayton was down after Game 1.

DON MATTINGLY: He's back to business. He'll be able to tell you. But it's Clayton Kershaw. I hate to say it like that. These kind of guys don't curl up and go away. You don't get to where you are, you don't win 4 ERA titles and end up going to win three out of the last four Cy Youngs, could have won all four of them, just by anything goes bad, you just curl up and go away. These guys go to work, they come back. They keep working and they keep going. So this is a different cat.

Q. From the decision to start Clayton, why do you think that's the right move?

DON MATTINGLY: He's our best guy.

Q. Last year he did well on three days rest in the postseason. Is that a bit of evidence that helped you make the decision?

DON MATTINGLY: Yeah, we felt like last year he did good against Atlanta, and then he bounced back the next game against the Cardinals. He got beat 1 0. He didn't have any problems.

Obviously it's not something we would even think about doing over the course of the season, really. But this is a different time.

Thinking about the decision that Clayton would want to do it. But we couldn't make that decision, just say you're going to do it. He had to be part it. Him feeling like he could, come out of the game physically fine.

And obviously when we get to that tomorrow's game, you're paying more attention on that day, paid more attention in the Atlanta game with what's going on, everything that's going on with him.