Oct 6 Gio Gonzalez Pregame Interview

Q. What's the last couple days in preparation for you, what have you done to stay fresh and sharp?

GIO GONZALEZ: Keep practicing. Keep doing what I can to get ready. Still stretch, stay with the same routine. Know that it's not over yet, so for me, I've still got to prepare myself. I still have to get ready. It was kind of different seeing it from that other perspective, also, going in the pen in that 18 inning game.

So it was just trying to be ready as much as possible, especially with a team like this, they are battlers and we are going to do our best just to keep doing the same things, try to stay toe to toe with them.

Q. If there's a fourth game, you will be pitching in a place where you always have been very liked. Of course, you pitched in Oakland but you also did very well here and a lot of people are going to be here remembering you from those days in the Bay Area. Are you going to use this as an extra motivation to try to do well if the series goes to a fourth game?

GIO GONZALEZ: This place does has spent half of my career here. I've pitched here quite a few times especially wearing the green and gold, so it was very cool today at Starbucks, I had a fan come up to me and say, "I'm an A's fan and I remember you. Just want to wish you luck."

Definitely get a lot of support from the Bay Area and the green and gold, but we definitely need our Nats fans to step up and give us support today with Doug Fister on the mound, just to watch him go out there and at least give us a chance.

Q. When did Matt tell you that they wanted you to go down there, and what was your expectation of how and when you might be used?

GIO GONZALEZ: I mean, I think I saw, maybe in the 15th inning, I saw Bumgarner talking to Bochy, I don't know what the situation was, but I saw it where maybe he might have prepared him, go into the bullpen if they needed an extra pitcher.

We used up all our lefties, and Tanner Roark was our last pitcher. If that game would have continued to maybe 30 innings, I probably would have made an appearance.

It's definitely nice to have just to be ready as a left handed pitcher to give them something. We needed that game. Tried our best to go out there and compete, but we came up short.

But you know, at the same time, there was a lot of life. And Tanner Roark, 93, 94, very impressive. There's a reason why he's definitely a starter in our eyes, and he's done this before. I've done this before and just want to piggyback, and especially with Oakland, but again, it's old memory.

Q. After the World Baseball Classic, I think you said that Maddux said something to help calm you down, things you use in pressure situations, is that something that you can draw on tomorrow? How did you feel like you are in terms of handling your emotions in big situations?

GIO GONZALEZ: That's definitely a situation where you've got to control it, and I think we have such a great group of starting pitchers and professionals out there on the mound, and behind us, that they try not to let the emotions carry over. Been watching a lot of the series that's been going on.

Definitely going to be some emotion. There's going to be some excitement. You get a double play, obviously there's going to be some emotion to that but it's also staying professional as much as possible.

In my career and my time playing, I definitely want to stay as much composed and relaxed as possible. Picking up from other pitchers, that's the beauty about being a pitcher on the side, watching other people's emotions and the way they go about it, the way they compete, and just staying low key and professional as much as possible.

Q. That was a pretty draining loss, long plane flight, early game, change in your time clocks. Have you guys talked as a team about how you put that behind you, and come out fresh today?

GIO GONZALEZ: Obviously we all want to win. That's the same game plan we all came to the situation in. It's a tough loss. But we can't dwell on the past. We have to continue to move forward, and obviously we're looking positive now with Doug Fister on the mound and feeling very confident in today's game. Especially with the excitement and the energy that he brings, not only on the mound but to the other players; that they want to play hard for him.

That's the great thing about having Doug Fister on this team is that he contributes so much, and now to have him pitch today, especially against Bumgarner, this is the matchup we definitely want to have right now, especially trying to go into Game 4.