Oct 6 Yusmeiro Petit Interview

Q. How many innings are you good for today?
YUSMEIRO PETIT: I think I'm ready for three.

Q. Okay. The other real question I had, too, was you're not a pitcher who has gotten a lot of notoriety but people are talking about your name, even on a baseball game last night. They had a long thing about your six innings. How does it feel? Have you gotten a lot of messages, anything different today after that performance the other night?
YUSMEIRO PETIT: I know a lot of people here but also in Venezuela, a lot of people had been talking about what I did, and I think my hometown in Venezuela is very excited about what I've been doing lately.

Q. Your experience as a reliever and as a starter, how did that translate or how did that help you in your last start in Washington?
YUSMEIRO PETIT: I think it varies. I know that if I have to be a reliever, I just get in that frame of mind that I'm going to be a reliever. If I have to start, then I also get ready to start. I think that I'm here to do what the team asks me to do. If they want me to start, I'll start. If they want me to be a reliever, I'll be a reliever. But the bottom line is I know what I can do; I can do both jobs.

Q. They have used you in both of those roles but how about physically being able to go an inning or sometimes going six innings or sometimes go a start, what is it that you have that you think makes that work?
YUSMEIRO PETIT: Well, first of all, I have to understand that my job is not easy, but I work with the trainers. I work every day on just staying in shape. I lift weights. And that's what keeps me ready to do this job.

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about just what the plane ride home was like, how exhausted everyone was, what the mood of the team was after going through such an historic game?
YUSMEIRO PETIT: Well, I think at that game we were able to relax. We were able to concentrate on what's ahead of us. We have the job two thirds completed. And once we're done, then we can just relax and concentrate on what's next for us.

Q. Some of your teammates talked about how mentally hard it is to be pitching inning after inning when one run means the game is over. When you were sitting in the dugout between the innings, did you have to tell yourself anything just to sort of mentally keep yourself in the game, and was it mentally taxing for you, even when you were out on the mound knowing that one mistake and the team loses?
YUSMEIRO PETIT: You have to be mentally strong. This is a work in progress that you do at the beginning of the year. You have to be mentally strong to know that one pitch can mean win or loss. That's what you have to do, just sit there and just make sure that you execute and that you make your pitch.

Q. I was just wondering when you look back on your breakout this year, if there was a mechanical change or working on the cutter or something that led to it, or was it the Giants just sort of giving you the longest shot and the belief that you could do it?
YUSMEIRO PETIT: I think one of the things that helped me all year was to be consistent in the strike zone, working the corners, just to know that in this ballpark, you just have to keep the ball down.