Oct. 5 Hyun-Jin Ryu workout day interview

Oct. 5 Hyun-Jin Ryu workout day interview

Q. Obviously you're used to having plenty of rest and not a guy that throws bullpen sessions between starts. Having to go with the shoulder irritation, any last tweaks before you take the hill tomorrow?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: Overall I feel really good. Compared to the last time I had this injury, I actually took the mound a few more times. I tried to make sure I didn't do too much or too little. I feel very confident right now. My arm feels really good. My shoulder feels really strong. And I have a pretty good feeling I'll be able to put in a good game tomorrow.

Q. After the simulation game you said that you probably wouldn't take the mound or throw a bullpen, but the next day you did. Was there a reason why you changed your plans or your preparation?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: It wasn't really a full bullpen session, I just wanted to get a better feel of the mound. Obviously I had more time than usual. And I did want to make sure that I was fully comfortable taking the mound, so that's why I took that.

Q. If it does start to bother you through the game, what is it that you'll feel, what are the things that will tip you off that it's starting to give you trouble?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: I'm thinking that there's very little, almost zero percent chance that the injury is going to come back tomorrow. I'm not even thinking about it. I don't think it's good for my psyche to think that way.

I threw a few bullpen sessions and I went 100 percent, I felt great in all those sessions, I don't foresee a reason why I would feel anything tomorrow.

Q. Considering the amount of experience that you've had this season and the success you've had on the hill this season, how much more prepared do you feel to take the ball tomorrow than you may have in the past?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: Surprisingly it feels exactly like it did a year ago. I know that I've been pitching a lot more and I should be more confident, but the anxiety and the excitement is still the same. I'm sure tomorrow morning it will probably kick into another gear. But I'm prepared and just like I did last year, I should be okay.

Q. Is there any concern with the fact that you've only pitched three times in the last six weeks that you won't be in any sort of pattern to be able to get out there on the mound and do what you're used to doing?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: I'm pitching tomorrow to win the game. I don't think Donny and the coaches would have made any decisions based on what I did in the past couple of weeks recovering to put me on the mound if they didn't feel I could compete to win tomorrow's game.

In the same way I'm fully confident that I have the full capacity to get out there and pitch the same way I did before I was injured.

Q. Did you learn anything last year pitching in the playoffs about sort of slowing the game down and controlling your nerves? Do you think it will be different pitching on the road this year?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: It's the same thing as the regular season to me the way I prepare. You're anxious every start and you're nervous every start.

But to compare to last year, I think this is the first time pitching away from Dodger Stadium. However, I had a pretty good record on the road this year. So I'm just going to keep thinking about the success I had on the road and just try to apply that.

Q. Your teammates and coaches have talked a lot about your ability to command your pitches even after long layoffs. Why do you think that you're able to do that? When did you first realize that you were able to do something like that?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: I'm not sure anything about that, but it is one area, controlling my pitches is one area that I focused on going back to my early days of my career until now. It's just something that I've had good control over and good command over.

And again, it's not like I'm just going out there and throwing after a month; the simulation game and the bullpen sessions, we all do exercises and make sure that we're on top of our game while we're practicing.

Q. I think this move shows great confidence in you on behalf of the manager and the teammates to put you out there in a very crucial game after a long break. How do you feel about that?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: I'm very grateful. It's an honor for them to trust me with this tomorrow. I don't want to let them down. I'm going to do the best I can to go out there and give our team a chance to win. In this situation there's not that many games left to play in the season. I missed a lot of games in the regular season, so I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that every time I take the mound it's going to be a win.