Oct. 5 Perez pregame interview

Q. Talk about the team's mindset being at home with two chances here to close out the series.

SALVADOR PEREZ: I don't think about tomorrow, I just think about tonight. I think what we're doing tonight. We feel so happy to win the last two games, and just home, you know, and continue to play hard, and we'll see what happens tonight.

Q. How is your head feeling? Any headaches or anything like that?

SALVADOR PEREZ: A little headache. After I get hit, I just feel no like dizzy, dizzy, a little foggy, a little bit. I talked to Ned about that, and after 30 seconds, I think everything is gone. But now I feel good, no more headache, and ready to go tonight.

Q. How does that compare with the time you got hit in New York last year? Was it worse or not as bad or what?

SALVADOR PEREZ: Not as bad. I think the New York, that one is real bad.

Q. Did you try the big helmet at one point in your career?


Q. What's the differences, and why do you choose the one you do now?

SALVADOR PEREZ: I don't feel comfortable with the hockey mask, the big mask, you know. Nick, my trainer, they put in some padding inside the helmet, and that's what (inaudible) to me a lot.

Q. What do you like about Jeremy Guthrie as a pitcher?

SALVADOR PEREZ: Everything. No, he likes to compete. Every time he's on the mound, he likes to win the game. He's got good stuff with changeups, slider, good sinker, likes to work side to side when we play, and I like pitchers that compete for the team.

Q. What do you expect out of James tonight? He was the guy out there for you guys for the Wild Card -- didn't get to finish what he wanted and got pulled out, but he's got his chance in front of his home crowd. What do you expect from him?

SALVADOR PEREZ: One hundred percent, one hundred percent. Every time he's on the mound, we win the game. We know how he likes to compete, too, how he likes to work, to play hard for the team, to help the team, and I think he will go and do it tonight.

Q. Why do you think Lorenzo gets so annoyed when you shoot videos of him?

SALVADOR PEREZ: That's secret, man. I cannot say that in here. That's a secret. That's me and Lorenzo.

Q. A lot of the so‑called experts didn't think much of the Royals' chances coming into this postseason. What does the way you've played in the last three games say to that?

SALVADOR PEREZ: We're not ready to go home yet. Everything is going to happen. The only thing we can control is play hard and try to win the game. That's it. That's what I think, no matter what other people say, if they believe or not, we're here in the postseason. We'll continue to play hard. We're not ready to go home yet.