Oct. 4 Brandon Finnegan Lorenzo Cain workout day interview

Q. Could you guys both talk about the defense, Lorenzo, being a part of it, what it's meant to the team? Brandon, I love the way the pitchers salute these guys. It's like you really appreciate what's going on out there.

LORENZO CAIN: It's definitely one of our strengths. Like you said, we just try to take full advantage of it, work hard each and every day with Rusty Kuntz, and as a whole I think we're pretty good. Pitching, defense and speed is definitely helping us win ballgames.

BRANDON FINNEGAN: Being a pitcher after the last two games you can definitely tell how much defense has saved the games for sure after the plays that Cain and Salvy have made in the outfield and Gordo. It's definitely a relief when you have a guy like that behind you to make the plays so you can let the guys put it in play and they'll make it.

Q. Brandon, what's the biggest challenge in going back to back days? You've been a starter, I imagine, for most of your life. Did you talk to any of the guys, any of the relievers for advice, or how do you handle an assignment like that I guess?

BRANDON FINNEGAN: Really I just take it how it comes and don't get nervous. I just catch my routine, and if something is wrong with my arm, if it's sore, I'll let them know, but usually it's not and I'm good to go. I haven't thrown many pitches lately thank God, so it hasn't been hard to come in back to back. They'll give me advice if I need it, but really it's going out there and just testing my routine.

Q. Brandon, I know you've pitched in front of some pretty big crowds in college at the College World Series, but it can't be anything to compare with what you've been going through this last week, or is it? Did that help you prepare at all for coming in last Tuesday night?

BRANDON FINNEGAN: It definitely helped me prepare for sure. We had 30,000 fans at the World Series. But the atmosphere is definitely different here and in Angels Stadium, so it's a lot louder. But it definitely helped me prepare for this. It got my mind right, but really when I'm on the mound I can't really hear anything. That's just when I'm in the zone.

Q. How do you get in that zone? Is it just something that happens naturally?

BRANDON FINNEGAN: That's my routine. Like the big breaths I take on the mound, that's what helps me being in the moment. It just helps me forget about what's around me and just focus on the batter.

Q. How much fun have you having right now? People in the community haven't experienced this in 29 years. It hasn't been that long for you guys but just looking at you in the dugout and on the mound, it seems like you're enjoying it as much as everyone else is.

LORENZO CAIN: Most definitely. We're definitely having a blast. It's definitely the first time I've been a part of something like this and pretty much our entire team. We're enjoying it, enjoying the moment, enjoying the wins, and the fans, you see the excitement on their faces, and just trying to make this thing last as long as possible. We're just going out there, playing our hearts out, and just leaving it all on the field.

BRANDON FINNEGAN: It's been a lot of fun. You've got guys like Cain and Dyson and Hosmer that brings that energy and it keeps everybody loose. It's definitely fun to sit back and watch them play especially when you don't pitch all nine innings or you don't play every game, so it's definitely fun to watch how much fun they're having when you're not playing. Especially how hard they've been playing, the fans that are behind us, it just makes everything a lot of fun.

Q. Brandon, when you were drafted last spring, did you have any thought at all that you would get up here this quickly and possibly be pitching in situations like this?

BRANDON FINNEGAN: God no. I mean, they talked about it kind of, but I still had to perform. Luckily I got the job done and had been playing long enough, so I got the call. I didn't think I was actually going to pitch, I thought it was just going to be for just to get ready for next year or years to come. But I got lucky and they put me in the game, and luckily I performed well.

Q. When you got drafted were your thoughts that you'd pay your dues and go through Double‑A and Triple‑A? Is that kind of the way you were projecting it for yourself?

BRANDON FINNEGAN: Oh, yeah. I think that's how anybody projects it. I wasn't expecting to be up here in a month or just starting up here. I had to pay my dues just like everybody else did. It's definitely a shock to me. I'm sure it's a shock to everybody else. It's been a whirlwind, but it's been a blessing and a lot of fun.

Q. Lorenzo, you talked about making the experience last as long as possible, but what would it mean to you if you could close out the Angels in three games and maybe even in nine innings?

LORENZO CAIN: Yeah, nine innings would be nice for a change. I feel like we've got the momentum on our side right now. Going into LA and taking two from those guys was huge for our team. Moose came up with a big homer, Hosmer, as well. Hopefully we just got it done tomorrow. We're going to go out and play the best we can, leave it on the field, and hopefully we get the victory.