Oct. 4 Matt Williams pregame interview

Q. What are your plans for Gio?

MATT WILLIAMS:  We haven't made that decision yet. Today's game is most important. We know we have Jordan going today. We'll deal with that first and foremost.

Q. Desmond's wife is supposed to be having a baby soon. Is there a chance he could miss a game?

MATT WILLIAMS:  There is a chance. With those things, you certainly never know. There are off days as well. She is very close. Desi is keeping us well informed of the events going on. We don't know that. We will see how it goes. And as it sits right now, all indications are that she is perfectly fine, baby is perfectly fine. They are just awaiting the arrival. We will see how that plays out.

Q. In the sixth inning there, when LaRoche came up, did you give any thought of using Zim to hit against Lopez, or in your mind is that too early to use Zim in that spot?

MATT WILLIAMS:  Zim is available for us off the bench in any situation that would present itself during the game. Adam has been our four hitter all year long. It was important for us for him to have a good at bat. He did.

We were able to load the bases and were one swing away from making it a different ballgame.

To tell you the truth, it wasn't the thought at the time that we were going to pinch hit Zimmerman for LaRoche, no.

Q. A logistical question in regard to Ian: There is the paternity list in the regular season, does that apply in the postseason? Could you add an extra player if he has to miss a game for you?

MATT WILLIAMS:  We would have to consult the League office to see what could be done. It is a different situation with off days and things like that, within a series like this.

We don't know what is going to happen.

With the birth of children, often times you can induce, you can do things that would allow them to have that off day. They are not at that point yet. We would have to consult everybody involved and find out what could and couldn't be done.

Q. Tim Hudson has had success against everybody in his career, specifically this franchise, especially the last couple of years; particularly good. What is the key to success against him? And what about the makeup of your guys' lineup, do you like your chances against him?

MATT WILLIAMS:  For us, it is important to be patient with him. For the team, if the ball is down, he throws strikes down. Then he induces a lot of swings at balls down. The ball sinks, the fastball sinks. He throws split, slider down in the zone. For us, the key for today's game would be to elevate his ball in the strike zone. Be patient. Use a big part of the field and give good pitches to hit. His success will come when he is throwing the ball down in the strike zone out of it. He induces a lot of grounders, a lot of swings and misses down.

It is patience, and it is middle of the diamond approach for us, if we are going to have success against him.

Q. Would you manage today's game any differently if you had won yesterday as opposed to being down 0 1?

MATT WILLIAMS:  No, you can't. Regardless of result yesterday doesn't mean that you do anything differently today. Our objective is to score one more run then they do.

That is all we focus on every day.

So, no, there is no difference in today's game as opposed to today's, win, lose, draw. It doesn't matter for us. We need to win today's game. If we were able to win yesterday's game, it would be the same approach.

Q. What is the biggest thing you have seen in Jordan's maturation all year long to this point, too?

MATT WILLIAMS:  Early on in the season, he was having a little bit of trouble with the slider. We talked about it a lot. It was not where he wanted to throw it. I think that has gotten better. The ability to throw a change up has gotten better. You know, I think that for him, he is an aggressive guy. He will go after hitters. That is the way he pitches. If he can get ahead, he does really well. So, over the last month and a half, that is what he has done really well. He has gotten to the point where he is getting ahead, he is able to use all of his other pitches, too.

Outside of the no hitter, he has been really good in his other outings, too. We hope for the same today. Not necessarily a no hitter, but a competitive outing that gives us a chance to win.