Dodger start times for remainder of NLDS announced

Major League Baseball today announced the start times for the remainder of the 2014 National League and American League Division Series, scheduled through Thursday, October 9th. FOX Sports 1 and MLB Network will combine to air all National League Division Series games and TBS will exclusively televise all American League Division Series games, while ESPN Radio will provide live national coverage of all 2014 MLB Postseason games. The Dodgers will take on the Cardinals in St. Louis for NLDS Game 3 Monday at 8:37 p.m. CT/6:37 p.m. PT (8:07 p.m. CT/6:07 p.m. PT if LAA/KC over), a potential NLDS Game 4 Tuesday at Busch Stadium is scheduled for 4:07 p.m. CT/2:07 p.m. PT (7:37 p.m. CT/5:37 p.m. PT if WSH/SF over) and a potential NLDS Game 5 Thursday at Dodger Stadium is set for 6:07 p.m. PT (5:37 p.m. PT if WSH/SF over).

The Dodgers' 2014 postseason games will be called by the club's English and Spanish radio broadcast teams featuring Hall of Famers Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrín, Charley Steiner, Rick Monday, Fernando Valenzuela and Pepe Yñiguez. Scully will call the first three innings and the final three innings of each Dodger postseason game on Dodgers Radio AM570.   Steiner and Monday will call the middle three innings. The Dodgers' Spanish-language radio broadcast on Univision America KTNQ 1020 AM will be led by Jarrín along with Valenzuela, color commentator, and Yñiguez who will call all postseason games. "Dodger Talk" on Dodgers Radio AM570 will also continue throughout the postseason and will feature Jorge Jarrín, Kevin Kennedy and David Vassegh.

See below for the remainder of the Division Series schedule:







Oct. 4th

NLDS Game 2, SF @ WSH

5:37 p.m.

FOX Sports 1


NLDS Game 2, STL @ LAD

9:37 p.m./6:37 p.m.

MLB Network


Oct. 5th

ALDS Game 3, BAL @ DET

3:45 p.m.



ALDS Game 3, LAA @ KC

7:37 p.m./6:37 p.m.



Oct. 6th

ALDS Game 4, BAL @ DET

12:07 p.m.*

*(1:37 p.m. if LAA/KC over)




NLDS Game 3, WSH @ SF

3:07 p.m./12:07 p.m.*

MLB Network




*(5:07 p.m./2:07 p.m. if LAA/KC over)




ALDS Game 4, LAA @ KC

6:07 p.m./5:07 p.m.




NLDS Game 3, LAD @ STL

9:37 p.m./8:37 p.m.*

*(9:07 p.m./8:07 p.m. if LAA/KC over)

FOX Sports 1


Oct. 7th

NLDS Game 4, LAD @ STL

5:07 p.m./4:07 p.m.*

FOX Sports 1




*(8:37 p.m./7:37 p.m. if WSH/SF over)




NLDS Game 4, WSH @ SF

9:07 p.m./6:07 p.m.*

*(8:37 p.m./5:37 p.m. if LAD/STL over)

FOX Sports 1


Oct. 8th

ALDS Game 5, DET @ BAL

5:37 p.m.*

*(8:07 p.m. if LAA/KC over)




ALDS Game 5, KC @ LAA

9:07 p.m./6:07 p.m.*

*(8:37 p.m./5:37 p.m. if BAL/DET over)



Oct. 9th

NLDS Game 5, SF @ WSH

5:07 p.m.*

*(8:37 p.m. if LAD/STL over)

FOX Sports 1



NLDS Game 5, STL @ LAD

9:07 p.m./6:07 p.m.*

*(8:37 p.m./5:37 p.m. if WSH/SF over)

FOX Sports 1

* Italics indicate if necessary

* Postseason schedule subject to change based on postponed and/or suspended games