Pena, Davis combine for amazing catch

Pena, Davis combine for amazing catch

ST. PETERSBURG -- As much attention as Carlos Pena's catch that sent him head over heels drew, pitcher Wade Davis' defense in the dugout was almost as impressive.

Pena ran into the dugout railing while reeling in David DeJesus' foul ball to make the second out of the fourth inning in the Rays' 3-2 loss to the Royals on Friday night, and Davis was there to catch the 2008 American League Gold Glove first baseman. Pena was unscathed, but Davis wasn't quite so lucky. Davis said Saturday he felt great physically, adding that it might be the best he's felt in a long time, but Pena said the collision did more harm to his teammate than to him.

"I'm fine. I had some teammates backing me up, so they saved my life," Pena said. "I stepped on his leg and tore his uniform, made him bleed and everything. I made sure he was fine, and he's doing OK."

Pena said he thought he had more room on the play than he actually did and checked to make sure he had adequate space to hustle down the ball. He just forgot about the railing.

"Once you make that commitment, it's kind of hard to stop, and of course I did have room, it's just that my momentum took me over the fence," Pena said. "So I'm glad I had my teammates there to pick me up, because I went in there very violently.

"If it weren't for my teammates, that would have hurt."

-- Adam Berry