Breaking News: Derek Jeter is Afraid of Cats

The Captain's kryptonite.

Today, Derek Jeter launched a new website, The Players' Tribune, that will offer fans an "unfiltered" look at the lives and perspectives of professional athletes. As part of the launch, Jeter took the reins of the site's Twitter handle to answer some fans' questions. We learned some very interesting stuff, including The Captain's favorite pizza spot, but perhaps most importantly, he revealed his fear of felines.

.@nicolette128 I'm going to miss my teammates and Yankee fans. I hope to be an owner one day. - DJ

- The Players' Tribune (@PlayersTribune) October 1, 2014

Jeter's always kept his private life close to the vest, but to be able to hid a fear of cats from the New York media for 20 years? Amazing.