Royals Help Fan Win Bet, Get Puppy

A win with meaning.

There was a lot at stake in last night's Wild Card Game between the Royals and Athletics. The Royals, for example, hadn't been to the Postseason since 1985. But nothing was more important for Katie Castan, a Royals fan whose boyfriend had promised her a puppy if the Royals won the Wild Card Game.

Castan, who is now forever indebted to Salvador Perez and the Royals, told Yahoo!:

"My boyfriend Joe made the bet with me in the middle of the summer - we were sitting on the couch and I think I was frustrated with the Royals (they were struggling around the end of June) and wanted to change the channel," Castan said in an email to Yahoo Sports. "He basically said if we won the division or made it past the wild card game, and if I paid attention to the games when we watched and could name at least 10 players on the team by the end of the year, he'd get me a puppy. I think it was his way of keeping me watching the games … but I just really wanted that puppy!"

Hey, whatever it takes.