Royals unable to challenge Hosmer's foul ball

Royals unable to challenge Hosmer's foul ball

Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer was forced to settle for a walk in a crucial situation in Tuesday night's American League Wild Card Game against the A's, despite believing he had connected for an extra-base hit earlier in the at-bat.

With one out, a runner at first base and the Royals trailing, 7-4, Hosmer hit a shot down the first-base line that glanced off A's first baseman Stephen Vogt as he made a diving attempt toward the line. First-base umpire Gerry Davis immediately called the play dead, ruling Vogt was in foul territory when he made contact with the ball.

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Royals manager Ned Yost came out to briefly discuss the call, though he was unable to challenge it due to the rules of instant replay. Although fair/foul ball calls are on the list of reviewable plays, it only applies to balls that are hit beyond the first or third-base umpire. Calls are not reviewable if the ball initially lands in front of the umpire or is fielded by an infielder.

The full rule reads as follows:

"Calls involving a decision regarding whether a batted ball was "A FOUL BALL," within the meaning of Official Baseball Rule 2.00, but only with respect to balls that first land at or beyond the set positions of the first or third base Umpire. (In the case of a three-man crew, the home plate Umpire has the discretion to determine where the first or third base Umpire would have been set for the purpose of determining whether a fair/foul ball call is reviewable.) Line drives fielded by a defensive player in the infield and balls that first land in front of the set positions of the first or third base Umpire shall not be subject to review. The Umpire shall determine whether a purported foul ball landed in front of his position and thus is not subject to review. Such a determination by the Umpire is not reviewable."

Hosmer eventually came around to score as part of a three-run eighth inning that pulled the Royals to within one run, heading into the ninth inning.

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