Red Sox to hold the line on ticket prices for 2015

The Boston Red Sox today announced that the average price of tickets available to the general public in 2015 will remain at 2014 levels. While the average price across all 81 home games will remain unchanged, the club has made adjustments to the variable pricing structure that was introduced last season. In addition, the popular $9 tickets for high school and college students will return in 2015. 

"Given the challenges we experienced on the field this year, and the steadfast support of Red Sox Nation through those challenges, we are holding the line overall," said Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino. "We are adjusting some of the variable pricing categories to better correspond to demand and to improve the ability of families to visit Fenway Park." 

Of the 64 games in which prices will change, half will go up and half will go down. Tickets to 17 games will remain the same. After the 2013 season, the club introduced variable pricing for 2014, creating five categories of games according to anticipated demand. The average ticket price increased by 4.8% last year; there will be no increase for 2015.

"We are grateful for the loyalty and sustained support of our fans, and we are determined to reward their faith with another competitive team that will play October Baseball," Lucchino said. "Make no mistake, our commitment to winning, and our hunger for another World Series championship, are as strong as ever.

"Over the last two years, we will have dropped the prices, for example, of Infield Grandstand seats by $17 for certain games. That helps us improve the affordability and accessibility of Fenway Park for families and children. That improvement is important to us."

Infield Grandstand tickets that were $55 in 2013 and fell to $43 on those 16 games in 2014, will fall further to $38 on those 16 games in 2015.

Those weeknight games in April will also start at 6:10 p.m., an hour earlier than usual.

The tickets to the 16 games in greatest demand and the 16 games in lowest demand will be adjusted by an average of $5. Bleachers and Standing Room prices will stay the same in those categories. 

Games most affected by the increase include Opening Day and Yankees games; games which will have the most dramatic decrease include most weeknights in the spring and fall. 

The 16 games dubbed "Tier 2" and the 16 dubbed "Tier 4" will rise and fall by an average of approximately $2, respectively. The 17 games categorized as "Tier 3" will not change.

The club will again offer $9 standing room tickets for high school and college students in 2015. The club introduced the program in 2014 and it was well received.

Also, longtime discounted programs for clergy and military members will continue.

The Red Sox froze prices in 2012 and 2013. A full list of categories and prices for 2015 is attached.

Average Ticket Price Increase


% Increase