Hahn wants to see White Sox contend in '15, beyond

Hahn wants to see White Sox contend in '15, beyond

CHICAGO -- Playoff contention stands as the prime target for White Sox general manager Rick Hahn and his staff as they work to improve a fourth-place squad during the offseason. That's contention in 2015 and contention long-term.

With only $46 million committed to the '15 payroll, before arbitration, White Sox fans would like to see Hahn get the top player at every position that needs an upgrade through this financial flexibility. Hahn joked Sunday that he would like the White Sox to do the same, but understands that hope does not always become reality.

"The board in my office has more than two names at each position, and that's for a reason," Hahn said. "Our intent is to convert on the No. 1 target at every spot and address every need with the ideal fit. Realistically there are 29 other clubs, some of which have similar needs to ours and similar resources, whether it be from a player to trade standpoint or an economic standpoint.

"So, we're realistic and know that we're not going to be able to necessarily convert on every top guy. At the same time, our scouts and our analytics people are fairly well-versed and skilled at being able to target, perhaps, I don't want to say second-tier, perhaps less notable targets who we've been able to develop into integral parts of championship clubs here. The list is long. It continues to be vetted. It'll continue to be vetted over the next few weeks. We go through our process both internally and begin the conversations with other clubs, but I agree. It'd be great to get every top guy."

Hahn labeled potential acquisitions in two categories of moves: short-term fixes that are going to improve the club and slightly move the chains, and long-term fits. Jose Abreu, Adam Eaton, top prospect Carlos Rodon and Avisail Garcia stand as long-term examples.

"We're never going to move our eye from those long-term targets being a priority," Hahn said. "At the same time, we may be in a position where some shorter-term deals with some veteran-type players might make some sense in order to get this team closer to where we want to be."

Worth noting

• Hahn said position switches for spots where the White Sox have an abundance of talent have been debated within the organization. But no changes have been made.

"We've tried to keep an open mind," Hahn said. "But at this point, we're not entering the offseason with any guys all of a sudden taking fly balls that you're going to be surprised seeing taking fly balls."

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