Haren skips postgame interview, leaves note

Ellis poses as batterymate to field reporter's questions

Haren skips postgame interview, leaves note

LOS ANGELES -- After a long 12-inning, 6-5, Dodgers win Saturday night, starter Dan Haren kept his postgame interview rather brief. In fact, Haren's postgame interview was really just a sheet of paper, placed at the top of his locker.

"I felt good," the sheet of paper said, in dark red ink. "I'm ready for the playoffs." The paper paused, skipping a line.

The sheet of paper did not take follow-up questions. But fortunately for reporters, Haren's catcher, A.J. Ellis, did -- as Dan Haren.

"Do I need to be Dan for you?" Ellis asked, as cameras and reporters approached him. "I'll just be Dan for you.

"Uh, My cutter was good. I felt good today with my split. I used my curveball early in counts. I still don't know if I'm coming back next year. We'll see what happens in the future, and I'm just worried about the playoffs right now."

Haren threw five innings in a pitch-count-shortened start Saturday night. In his final tuneup before the postseason, he allowed two runs on six hits and struck out four. As the sheet of paper said, he felt good. He's also ready for the playoffs, the sheet said.

"I'm sharp. My stuff's sharp right now. I'm pitching well,'" said Ellis -- as Haren. "I've got a great catcher behind the plate, putting down the right fingers. He's got a good game plan, and I think the two of us, we're ready to take on any team that comes up."

Haren -- as portrayed by Ellis -- was particularly effusive in his praise for his catcher.

"Well, he looks good, first of all," he said. "He's a very handsome guy. Spends a lot of time keeping me loose."

The sheet of paper had nothing to add.

Michael Lananna is an associate reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.