Ohioan Matheny became a Michigan Man

Cardinals manager grew up in Reynoldsburg, but played for Wolverines

Mike Matheny, manager, Cardinals
Hometown: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

There may be some bad blood between parent and daughter in the Matheny household because of the Big Ten's fiercest rivalry.

Mike Matheny grew up in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and was the captain of both the baseball and football teams as a senior. Reynoldsburg is just outside Columbus, so Matheny supported Ohio State throughout his youth.

But he received little attention from the Buckeyes on the recruiting trail. Instead, it was the Michigan Wolverines who came calling with a scholarship offer in baseball, and Matheny jumped at the chance. In Ann Arbor, he met his wife, Kristin, who played field hockey. They now have five children.

Last year, Katie Matheny, the couple's second-oldest child, decided to play ice hockey at Ohio State. And while Matheny grew up supporting the Buckeyes, he became, and still is, a Michigan Man.

"With both my parents being Michigan alumni, Ohio State would not have been their top choice for me," Katie said in 2013. "But they support me no matter what. My dad just said that he refuses to wear any type of Ohio State clothing."

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