Morse has his mom to thank for his career

Michael Morse, OF, Giants
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The success the Giants have had with Morse this season is a far cry from how his high school football team fared in his senior season.

Morse was the quarterback on the Nova High School team in Davie, Fla., but his senior year didn't go too well. Not only did the team fail to score a point, it also didn't cross the 50-yard line until the season's final game. 

His mother, Arlene, was a great athlete, playing tennis and running track. She made sure her sons -- Michael has an older brother, TK -- participate in sports year-round in Florida. Morse said his mom taught him how to play baseball.

Arlene is Jamaican, and she sent Mike as an infant to live in Jamaica for a few years with his grandparents, after his biological father abandoned the family. He has a tattoo of the Jamaican flag on his left calf.

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