You can't take the New York out of Panik

Joe Panik, 2B, Giants
Hometown: New York

Being across the country in a new city with no friends, Panik's rookie season got off to a slow start. A trip home helped change that.

"Let's say you have a bad game and want to talk to your girlfriend, or your dad, someone you've always talked to after games," Panik explained. "It's 1:30, 2 a.m. back home, so they're sleeping. It's hard to communicate, especially when you're used to certain things like seeing them a lot. You don't have that sense of comfort because you're alone out here."

The finale of the Giants' four-game set in August in New York against the Mets proved to Panik that he belonged. After being reunited with old faces in familiar places, he went 3-for-4 with a double. Not since the 2000 Subway Series has a trip to Queens felt so fulfilling for someone who grew up as a Yankees fan.

"It brought a little extra out in me. Something clicked, and that was something I'd lacked for a month or so," Panik said. "There wasn't one exact moment. I just had a good game that last one against the Mets, and I've kept building the momentum.

"Going back home really got the ball rolling."

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