Out call at plate on Donaldson stands in fourth

Umpires review play, determine Angels catcher Iannetta did not violate Rule 7.13

Out call at plate on Donaldson stands in fourth

OAKLAND -- Oakland third baseman Josh Donaldson made a nifty move at home plate to try to score from third base on a Derek Norris fly ball in the fourth inning of the Angels' 5-4 win over the A's on Wednesday, but a crew chief review confirmed the original call: out.

That's the way it's gone these days for the A's, who had Donaldson on third with no outs but did not score.

The review was based on Rule 7.13, which defines how a catcher is allowed to position himself on a play at the plate. Donaldson initially jumped in an attempt to avoid the tag by Angels catcher Chris Iannetta, and then, standing behind the batter's box, Donaldson slid into the plate.

Gerry Davis called him out on Iannetta's initial tag attempt, and the replay crew in New York agreed that Iannetta had not violated Rule 7.13. They also reviewed whether the tag was applied, and the call stood because there was insufficient evidence to overturn it.

"[Davis] said to me, 'Let's look at 7.13,' to where they look at the whole play, whether it's blocking the plate or out or safe," said A's manager Bob Melvin. "It looked like he didn't tag him to me."

"There's really not a great angle for you to see space, but I was the runner and I know he didn't tag me," Donaldson said. "But the whole replay system, there has to be evidence. I wouldn't say that there was evidence to overturn it, although I know that he didn't touch me."

The A's had better luck on a challenge by Angels manager Mike Scioscia in the eighth, as a safe call on Billy Burns' steal of second base stood. Oakland, however, could not bring Burns home.

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