Pacific Northwest roots firmly planted in Snider

Pirates outfielder starred on hometown teams from Little League to high school

Travis Snider, OF, Pirates
Hometown: Everett, Wash.

Travis Snider has been playing meaningful baseball games for quite some time. He was part of a Mill Creek, Wash., Little League team which won a state championship and played for the Western Regional title in 1999.

Snider continued as a standout player on both the baseball diamond and gridiron through his days at Henry M. Jackson High School. He was named to USA Today's All-USA High School baseball team in 2006, before he was drafted in the first round of the First-Year Player Draft by the Blue Jays later that year.

Snider said he enjoys crabhunting in his spare time.

"In the Northwest, we have an abundance of Dungeness crab," he told last year. "And when the season's right, when the tides are right, we go across the water, we go out there in waders, headlamps at 2 in the morning when the tide is all the way out, and we'll go and we'll hunt crab with rakes."

Snider still represents his Pacific Northwest upbringing by making his support for the Seattle Seahawks known in the Pirates' clubhouse.

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