The Season of Orbit

Mascot status: elite.

2014 has been a memorable season in Major League Baseball with many wonderful storylines. One of our personal favorites is the rise of Astros mascot Orbit, who would be the favorite for AL Mascot MVP if the award existed. Here are 11 reasons why.

1. His trolling skills are off the charts.

2. Customized for each visiting player target.

3. With special props for his Adrian Beltre sign.

4. And he's not afraid to go after the biggest names in baseball.

5. Or rappers.

6. Through it all, though, he can find common ground with the fiercest of frenemies.

7. And he's always down for a game of Twister when others aren't.

8. Or a doll fight.

9. Did somebody say dance-off with a security guard?

10. Even when he falls, he brings the laughs.

11. And always gets right back up.

Hats off to a great year, Orbit. Keep it up!