Rangers mum on contract talk

Rangers mum on contract talk

FRISCO, Texas -- Scott Feldman is the only Rangers player who is going to get a contract extension at this time.

General manager Jon Daniels acknowledged that there are others who are possibly worthy of consideration, but the Rangers aren't going to address their situations at this time.

"There are certainly guys that fit the mold who we would consider," Daniels said. "But we are having no active discussions right now. Let's get the season rolling and we'll address them at the appropriate time."

The appropriate time is unlikely to be during the regular season.

"Generally speaking, we don't like doing it during the season," Daniels said. "But if there is a compelling reason, we won't rule it out."

The Rangers announced a two-year contract extension with Feldman on Friday. He is now under contract through 2012 with an option for 2013.