'Baseball Everywhere' in 2010 with MLB.TV

'Baseball Everywhere' in 2010 with MLB.TV

A new Major League Baseball season is under way, meaning a full year of MLB.TV Premium and access to live out-of-market games from now into October. Signups are under way, as well, so you can experience Opening Day on more electronic devices than ever before -- from your computer to your HDTV to your iPhone to that brand-new iPad.

Whether you are renewing or just starting out, it's easy to subscribe. Just click here and sign up for either MLB.TV Premium at $119.95 or for basic MLB.TV at $99.95 per year. Then start watching live baseball, easily clicking back-and-forth through the seven games on Tuesday night to see as much as possible. That includes the Opening Day game between the Orioles and Rays at Tropicana Field. That will be a 7:10 start, featuring the last two teams to get started this season.

Portability is one of the biggest 2010 features for MLB.TV Premium, as you will be able to enjoy convenient options optimized for numerous screens, from home and office computers to laptops and large monitors. Watch it with the MLB.com At Bat 2010 app from the Apple App Store, using an iPhoneT or iPod Touch device. Watch it on Apple's new iPad device. MLB.TV has something for everybody everywhere there's an Internet or mobile connection. "Baseball Everywhere" is the theme this season for obvious reasons.

The 2010 MLB.TV media player delivers a fleet of enhancements in a convenient, cutting-edge Adobe Flash format, offering an unparalleled live viewing experience for all regular season action. Most of those games are delivered in HD quality (where available, which is generally the case). Maybe you got a good look at those free previews over the last three days of Spring Training to see just how clearly that picture comes in. MLB.com's proprietary speed detection allows high-speed users to receive crisp, best-in-class streaming video on any size monitor.

Sign up and you will have real-time highlights and stats; on-demand access to full-game archives for viewing of any inning from the whole season; MLB.com condensed games featuring a quick, detailed journey from first pitch through the final out; access to MLB.com Gameday Audio and a new, interactive, proprietary pitch-by-pitch display; clickable linescores that take visitors straight to any half-inning of a game; and a fantasy player tracker consisting of ballplayers customized by subscribers and integrated with participating league rosters.

MLB.TV Premium subscribers have a choice of home or away broadcast feeds, so favorite announcers are always a simple click away; DVR for pausing, rewinding and jumping back to live action; and a multi-game view (Quad Mode, Picture in Picture and Split Screen).

As always, the best way to get to know more about MLB.TV is to simply ask any of the masses who consume the National Pastime this way. A few of them e-mailed MLB.com to report their giddiness over 2010 access.

"Not living in my team's viewing area, my MLB.TV Premium subscription has proven itself indispensable," said Megan Marshall, a displaced Yankees fan living in Philadelphia who wonders if anything can top 2009. "Whether I watch at home, or from my laptop on the road when I'm traveling, I can always catch the game. And if I miss it live? I go to the archives and watch on my own free time. And it's much more than game viewing. I will be using the Fantasy Player Tracker to catch all the at-bats of my players. And the Twitter feature is great. Live games. Real time stats. I'm a lifelong subscriber now."

Patrick Winters, an Amazon employee originally from Lowell, Mass., said: "I am a diehard Cubs fan and season ticket holder living in Seattle. I use my MLB.TV Premium subscription so I don't have to miss a pitch. On Monday, 40 or so Seattlites at Amazon will be cramming into a conference room to see that first pitch!"

Asked if he feels this might be The Year for Cubs fans, Winters added: "I'm realistic enough to guess it's probably not the year, but romantic enough to hope as I have for as long as I've known what that word means."

Chris Ahlers e-mailed: "I live in Portland, but I was born in Anaheim. I love watching my Angels with my MLB.TV Premium subscription. By hooking my laptop up to my HDTV, I never miss any of the Angels' games. It makes it very convenient for me to catch all of the Angels action no matter where I am -- I only need the Internet."

Millions have subscribed to MLB.TV since its inception with a Rangers-Yankees streaming broadcast in 2002, and it is back better than ever for its eighth season as a bar-raising technology in pro sports. There still is nothing like it.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of MLB.com. Follow him @MLB on Twitter. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.