Worth noting

Cubs pitchers have recorded 65 quality starts in 123 games this season. Renteria said the strong outings have presented opportunities to shift his managerial approach for both starters and relievers.

"We're able to, depending on how it's set up … we can push guys back, we can push them up, just depends on how much we've used them," Renteria said. "We've had some young arms here that we still have to continue to look at. As we move forward, depending on how we proceed, we're going to hopefully have more arms to be seen."

Loretta Dolan of Chciago celebrated her 100th birthday Tuesday by throwing out the first pitch. She was accompanied by nearly 80 guests, she said.

"This is the best way I could celebrate," Dolan said. "I enjoy coming here so much."

Daniel Kramer is an associate reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.