Jeter aspires to be a baseball owner

Jeter aspires to be a baseball owner

Derek Jeter owns five World Series rings and the New York Yankees' hits record, but he'd also like to someday own a team.

The Yankees shortstop and captain told The Associated Press on Thursday that he's interested in owning a sports team in the vein of basketball legend Michael Jordan, who is the majority owner of the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats and whose Jordan Brand product Jeter helps endorse.

"The only interest I have in ownership is to be able to call the shots," said Jeter, who was interviewed by The AP while at a Tampa event honoring the launch of his new shoe, the Jordan Jeter Throwback. "I've said that time and time again."

Jeter has known Jordan for more than a decade and said that he would pick Jordan's brain on what it's like to be an owner.

"I'm happy for him," Jeter said. "I know it's something he's wanted to do for quite some time. ... Not too many former players get an opportunity to be an owner. It's something I'd like to do as well."

That said, Jeter, 35, said he's not planning on quitting baseball in the near future.

"I'm going to play as long as I'm enjoying myself," he said. "I don't really put limitations on too many things. I think when you start putting limitations out there, you're in trouble.

"I'm having a blast right now playing, and I'm going to play for a long time. That's the plan. ... I like competing. I've always been that way. When you're playing a sport, the bottom line is to try to win. There's a lot of people who've won more, so I'm trying to catch them."

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