Fan Gets Nasty Bruise Trying to Catch Stanton Homer: UPDATE

Just get out of the way.

When Jordan Jacobson went to this year's Gillette Home Run Derby, he hoped he might catch a homer. But he wasn't expecting to be on the receiving end of a Giancarlo Stanton missile. On top of the nasty bruise and swelling, Jordan didn't even get the ball. Ouch.

Stanton put on a show in the first round of the Derby.

UPDATE: The story has a happy ending! Stanton responded to Jordan tonight and is sending him a glove and ball. Classy move from the Marlins slugger.

UPDATE 2: We swung and missed on this story big time, as according to Jordan, the original tweet was meant to be a joke with friends and took off from there. We sincerely apologize for the error in reporting.