Derek Jeter All-Star Game postgame interview

THE MODERATOR:  Okay, I know everybody has a question for Derek Jeter, let's get started.

Q. Derek, 2‑2 you scored a run against best players in the world. Are you sure you don't have another one or five years left new?

DEREK JETER:  I told you guys before, I'm not retiring at the end of the year because I don't think I can play; it's just the time is right. So today I was fortunate, I enjoy playing these All‑Star Games and competing against the best and today I was fortunate to get a couple of hits. But I still feel as though I can play.

Q. Derek, what did you think of the way that John Farrell removed you from the game and the minutes that happened after that with all of the hugs and the "New York, New York" and the whole scene?

DEREK JETER:  I thought it was great. I didn't know what was going to happen. My back was turned and I heard Cano yelling ‑‑ usually when he yells I ignore him. (Laughter.) And then I saw Ramirez come out. So it was a wonderful moment that I am always going to remember.

I appreciate John doing that for me. But it was a special moment and it was unscripted and like I said, I was unaware of it. But the way the fans treated me, you know, these are fans from all different teams and fans have always been respectful of me my entire career, both at home and on the road. And to have them in the All‑Star Game especially.

Q. As far as the introduction at the start of the game as well and the ovation and the way both teams reacted.

DEREK JETER:  Yeah, that ‑‑ you know, Adam had his glove on the mound, I tried to tell him to pick it up, let's go. But he took a moment and let the fans give me an ovation which I will always remember. I have never faced Adam before. I haven't really talked to him. And for him to do that, you know, he's one of the best pitchers in all of baseball and for him to do that during tonight's game is ‑‑ it says a lot about him and how much of a class act he is.

Q. It looked as though you and Jonathan Lucroy had a bit of an exchange before the at‑bat with Adam Wainwright right when the game was beginning. Do you remember what you and Jonathan were talking about?

DEREK JETER:  Yeah, I asked him what he throws because I had not faced him. So I was hoping he would give me a little something, but he didn't say anything. So he didn't help me out. So I was asking him what his pitches were.

Q. It seemed like tonight could have turned into a big party all about you. The league could have done stuff, the Twins could have done stuff and it was really left to the players what would be done. How do you feel about that?

DEREK JETER:  It makes me feel good. This All‑Star Game is about everybody that's here, it's not about one particular person. And, you know, I've always been uncomfortable, so to speak, when the focus is on me. And I felt as though the focus should be on everyone that's in this game.

And for them to ‑‑ players to do what they did. When you play this game, you try to have respect for the game, you have respect for your players, both your teammates and your opponents. And for them to do that, that would be much better than if there was something that was scripted.

Q. Hello. What's the difference between the first All‑Star Game that you played and today? How do you feel about that?

DEREK JETER:  Well, the first All‑Star Game I went to I was scared to death. You know, I was intimidated. You have a sense sometimes when you're there that, What am I doing here? You're on the field with guys that you grew up watching. And now I have people telling me they grew up watching me, so it's completely different.

But they're all fun. Every All‑Star Game that I have had an opportunity to go to has been enjoyable. They're all unique to the cities that they are being held in.

I've said it time and time again, I have never taken any All‑Star Games for granted. And any player that says that they don't want to go to an All‑Star Game is lying to you, because this is something that everyone wants to be a part of. And I have been fortunate to be a part of a few of them, and I'm happy that I had a chance to do it one last time.

Q. How do you maintain focus through all of the adoration you are getting? Hearing you talk before the games against the Twins a couple of weeks ago, you are getting that everywhere. How do you maintain your focus through all of this?

DEREK JETER:  It is much easier to maintain focus through adoration as opposed to anger and hatred. I play on the Yankees, we've gotten the other side of the spectrum as well on the road. So this is a lot easier than the other side of it.

But, you know, like I said before, I don't ever expect anything and I appreciate everything that I have gotten in my career, especially this year up and to this point. But I do try to focus on play. I always try to focus on the game, and that's the way I have been able to handle playing all this time.

Q. Derek, Adam said he grooved the first two fastballs to you. How do you feel about that?

DEREK JETER:  He grooved them? The first was a little cutter he threw down and away. He probably assumed I was swinging, so he didn't groove the first one.

The second one was about 98 two‑seamer that stayed on really good ‑‑ I don't know, man. (Laughter.)

If he grooved it, thank you. You still have to hit it. I appreciate if that's what he did, thank you.

Q. People point to Mike Trout as perhaps the guy that will follow you as one of the ambassadors and the big stars of the game. What are your thoughts about tonight playing with him and the fact that he was the M.V.P. of this game?

DEREK JETER:  Mike, I mean he's had a great few years here at the Major League level. He's fun, he's exciting to watch. I have enjoyed competing against him, getting to know him a little bit this particular All‑Star Game and two years ago, because I missed last year.

I think let Mike be Mike. I don't think people have to necessarily appoint someone to a particular position. You know, if he continues to do the things that he's done, he has his head on right, he plays the game the right way, he plays hard, the challenge for him is going to be like the challenge for most people, to be consistent year in, year out.

But Mike's going to be in a lot of All‑Star Games. He already has the respect from players around the league, but he's got a bright future ahead of him. I don't know how much better he can get, but if he consistently does what he's doing, then he will be here for a long time.

THE MODERATOR:  Thank you very much.