Mike Matheny All-Star Game postgame interview

THE MODERATOR: Okay, who has the first question for Mike Matheny.

Q. Mike, do you want to talk about Wainwright and Neshek.

MIKE MATHENY:  Adam was out there pretty excited and once he really got that curveball working, I think things looked a little different. But you're not going to be able to make many mistakes in a game like this and get away with them. Cabrera got a pretty good pitch, too, a pretty good hitter. Just one of those innings.

Neshek, I can't imagine a guy being more amped to be here. Maybe some guys as amped. But everything considered this was a big, big deal. And tough situation to throw him into. But he has been in those all year and came in, and once again got a little more of the plate.

But both of those guys had tremendous seasons and I can't wait to watch them get back there.

Q. Wainwright indicated he wanted to give Jeter a pitch ahead. What was your thought on that?

MIKE MATHENY:  I am glad you brought that up, because I think, I know that has been completely blown out of proportion and taken out of context. Anybody that knows anything about this guy knows that he's one of the greatest competitors that played this game in a long time.

And it's a shame in this game when people are looking for people with personalities to maybe not be so drab and bland like me, and actually mix in some personality and some humor. And it's taken completely out of context and run all over social media. It is an absolute shame.

Adam Wainwright went out there to compete and he was excited about the opportunity to try to compete against one of the greatest of all times in our game, and one of the greatest ambassadors this game has ever seen in Derek Jeter. And nothing but respect for him. Nothing but respect for this game. And all he wanted to do is go out there and put up his best against Jeter.

And unfortunately, people couldn't pick up the tone, pick up the humor, and ran with it in the exact opposite wrong direction.

Q. How soon did you hear about the way that was trending on social media and so forth?

MIKE MATHENY:  Adam came up to me after the game. And it's a shame that most people that are following this game and following how this happened don't understand or had an opportunity to really know the player and the person that Adam Wainwright is. And he's always going out of the way to do the right thing.

It bothered him immensely, to say the least. Something, such a great experience like this, taken once again the wrong way, ran with it the wrong direction.

Q. Mike, what was your take on the reaction that Derek Jeter got, both at the beginning of the game and then when he was pulled?

MIKE MATHENY:  Yeah, it's ‑‑ it was the right thing. I think the people here in Minneapolis and the fans from all over the world that came here showed the kind of respect that he deserves.

And once again, I can't think of many people who have taken the opportunity and the platform that Derek has and has done as much with it as what he's done. And to be such a great ‑‑ once again, I think the right way to say it is not too many people have done it better. And I think the baseball world is acknowledging that.

And the guys on our side have the utmost respect for him and would like to have been standing out there for a little while longer. I think Derek was the one that was uncomfortable with it. But everybody else knew that as long as we stood there and applauded him, it was right.

Q. I think you got your position players in the game except your own guy. What was your philosophy on, A, not playing him, and B, trying to get as many guys in the game as you could?

MIKE MATHENY:  We were going out to win, first of all, and we made a good effort to come back, get back into that game. And a loop and a blast away from tying that thing up.

The thought process was also trying to get as many guys in as we could and realizing if it got down to the end they would bring in a right‑hander, there was a couple of opportunities to put Matt Carpenter in the game. But he of all people understands that sometimes you do get cut short and left out.

But it was a great honor and a great experience for him once again to be here and fortunately we were able to get most of the guys we thought we would in.

THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you.