Parmelee gets start in center

Parmelee gets start in center

ARLINGTON -- Though typically a right fielder, Twins outfielder Chris Parmelee got the start in center Sunday against the Rangers despite never starting there before.

Sam Fuld is typically in center, but because of how productive Parmelee has been offensively, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire wanted to find a spot in the lineup for him Sunday, and on Sunday, that place was in center.

"We've had Parmelee out there taking all kind of fly balls in center field and everywhere else. He's swinging great," Gardenhire said. "Hopefully we'll score some runs. We have to score ... we've got to take a little pressure off our pitchers."

Parmelee was 2-for-3 in the three-game series against Texas and had an eight-game hitting streak heading into Sunday's game.

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